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First the penny then the bucket drops – why Twitter is a search engine

I have to admit, I don’t like being wrong. But when I am wrong I do admit it. This is the case with my thoughts on search and Twitter.
I originally wrote in length that Twitter wasn’t a competitor to Google and they were complimentary. But recently as I did deeper in GoMo News stats and [...]

The elders save while the young play: comScore looks at how age affects mobile Internet usage

Mobile analytics company comScore today revealed results from a study into how age and gender affect how people use the mobile web. It found that older users are far more likely to use mobile financial services, while teenagers tend to use their devices for social networking and entertainment. These younger user also access mobile Web [...]

GoMo Buzzwatch: rumours abound that Apple might cut Verizon in on the iPhone

Apparently Verizon and Apple are in talks about creating an iPhone that would work on the Verizon mobile network. Reports indicate that a Verizon iPhone could be market-ready by as early as next year. Talks between the two giants began several months ago, under Steve Jobs. Despite his recent ill health, the two companies are [...]

GoMo Buzzwatch: T-Mobile sells 1 million G1 mobile devices, but iPhone still rules the roost

Two news stories doing the rounds today have put the smartphone market into sharp perspective. First spotted by telephonyunfiltered, T-Mobile revealed that it has sold over 1 million Android G1 devices since the October 2008 launch. While that’s an extremely respectable number, T-Mobile didn’t make much noise about it – perhaps because it already knew [...]

Mobile and online Search pondering: The power of now with Twittter and Google

Having been in mobile search for a long time, I fail to get excited and miss a heartbeat when the term mobile search is touted. Mobile search has vast potential but we are not there yet. No. Let me start again.

Incumbent based mobile search platforms for operators are there. But effective new start-up search engines [...]

NeoMedia wins patent for indirect mobile barcode so what now?

NeoMedia hasn’t had an easy ride in the mobile  space. The once mighty giant commanded a high price on the stock market but in the past few years the empire seems to have broken down. The impetus has changed to one of pure mobile technology where mobile barcodes become the main asset.

Why barcodes?
Well to cut [...]

Google stops print ads and the curtain closes for the mobile barcode initiative too

I read about Google rethinking its print ad and mobile barcode print advertising services with great interest. Other commentary suggested that mobile barcodes were “toast” and this showed that mobile barcodes would never happen etc. Etc.

After considerable deliberation, I have taken a look at Google Print ads and the whole mobile barcode initiative and am [...]

The retail MVNO market will soar says Strand Consult

Retailers – the next wave of mobile suppliers says Strand Consult – highlights below and a great early morning read with a killer graph! But I do think that reatiler Schlecker in Germany is spelt with a c and not a KK.
Many retail players have already been quick to launch on the mobile market as [...]

Price wars looming globally as India and Middle East slash prepaid rates – but opportunity for mobile barcodes and mobile advertising exists

A price war is looming in India with Rcom slashing prepaid rates and a new all time low.  The same is similar in Qatar -but could this be opportunity knocking?

The Reliance Mobile GSM plan offers Rs 900-minutes of talktime on local calls and SMS to any network that can be accrued by Reliance mobile GSM [...]

Cookery Course and Dinner with Thomas Husson Senior Analyst Jupiter Research and Mo Hamza Senior Reporter Informa

I always get nervous when I meet other people in the industry (news and analysis)  – especially those that have strong reputations.
Before I went to the Mobixell conference in Spain, I knew Jupiter’s Thomas Husson (briefly) from my old days at Current Analysis – I remember we spoke in depth about the scoop – way [...]

Mobile Barcodes NeoReader on the iPhone vs Nokia N95 Barcode Scanner

Last week a release went out that NeoMedia had released the NeoReaderfor the iPhone. I decided to check it out. Because I also have a Nokia N95; with the Nokia Barcode Scanner on it I decided to do a face-off between both the products.
Well, I chose the same sets of barcodes and I took a [...]

Just call me President!

OK. Finally after weeks of wanting to burst into tears and pretend I was at the Oscars – I can announce that I have my foot back in the corporate world.
What does that mean?

Well basically, I have been in Mobile Search since 2004. I founded GoMo News in 2007. But have continued to work design, [...]

Some thoughts on Mobile advertising buisiness models

Banner ads, pay per call, pay per click, organic links or sponsored links are only the tip of the iceberg. Vendors need to shift their focus away from copying Internet business models to creating new ones for mobile and, in particular, to cash in on the apparently insatiable appetite for and the viral spread of [...]

First interview with Iain McCready CEO NeoMedia

I was slightly late for my call to Iain McCready the new CEO of NeoMedia as I had a tennis lesson that ran on a bit. So, in fear of missing it I ran drove at 200km per hour to get back to the house, parked in the street and then jumped over the sofa [...]