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Bluetooth chip boost for LBS

Rating: Adds GPS to handsets for just $1
I’ve just come across an unexpected boost for location based services. I was chatting away to John Halksworth from chip maker, CSR. He revealed that the company’s latest Bluetooth chip virtually throws in support for GPS virtually free.
Actually it would put about another $1 on the cost of [...]

NeoMedia – what is going on?

So, last week I got the impression that CEO Chip Hoffman was on the way out of NeoMedia – but asked “not to mention it”. Then yesterday, I am promised an exclusive – didn’t get one.  Then today I read Brewskih’s comments and then see on the Neom site that indeed Chip Hoffman (who I [...]

Yahoo! Mobile Search Patterns – not quite there yet

There was a post on about Yahoo with a link to a paper from Yahoo! on its Mobile Search Patterns called “A Study of Yahoo” Mobile Search Queries”.

I read this over the weekend with great interest. For the first time, I missed BKI Media and writing pages of analysis as I think that [...]

Service providers are mobile’s piggies-in-the-middle

Rating: All the liability for the least revenue

The service providers are stuck in the middle, getting all the stick and not much of the profit is the message I came away with after chatting with  Sally Weatherall, a spokesperson for AIM (Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment), the industry trade body.
Those getting off lightly include the [...]

Bango Analytics – is that it?

I have seen lots of hype on Bango Analytics and I finally found the time to set it up and test it. I got my starter pack and am going to set it up on my site.

Then I took a look around the Bango site and services. I saw the Mobile Search Optimisation button [...]

Colibria YouGov report 80% of mobile users LOVE MIM

Colibria mobile IM company conducted a report with YouGov on mobile instant messaging behaviour and presence services.

I have the whole article so if you want it email me; but here are the highlights.
·         80% of mobile users interested in mobile instant messaging (MIM) would be more likely to chat to contacts if they could see [...]

Dinner with Stephen Burke SVP Mobile Search Company MCN

At the close of play at the MEF, MCN’s Stephen Burke and I headed off to a delightful chic Cannes restaurant.  What followed was a very interested evening and delightful conversation centred around mobile search.

Now the weight of BKI Media and analysis is behind me, I can relax more with mobile search companies and my [...]

M:Metrics vs GFK vs Nielsen Mobile

So, I spoke to everyone and watched the presentations from the big three metric companies. There is a lot of hype about metrics. Without blowing my own trumpet – I think that my own mobile advertising metrics done using my campaigns are pretty damn good.

I found the mobile advertising average CPM, CPC, CTR – but [...]

First impressions MEM08 – warm – but not hot

The mood here in Cannes is upbeat there are lot of people here in the conference. But the shape of mobile entertainment is changing. I have been to all the MEM’s since launch. The ringtone providers and music services are being replaced with bigger brands, metric companies and content is transcending to search and advertising [...]

Vodafone says YES to the iPhone

Vodafone today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in ten of its markets around the  globe. Later this year, Vodafone customers in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey will be able to purchase the iPhone for use on the Vodafone [...]

UK regulator, PhonePayPlus, toughens regime

Rating: New Panel, new Sanctions Guide
As one of PhonePayPlus‘s harshest critics, I was impressed by moves announced today which would move the body towards that panacea – “A more transparent, proportionate and accountable approach to regulation.”One of the benefits from a content provider’s viewpoint is the publication of  an updated ‘Sanctions Guide’.
For example, “It identifies [...]

Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Apple lose global Handset Market share in Q1 2008

Strategy Analytics have released a report on cellphone sales for Q1 2008. According to them “282 million cellphones were shipped worldwide in Q1 2008, up a healthy 14% year-over-year. Demand remained strong in emerging markets, particularly Africa and Asia. Korean vendors LG and Samsung were the star performers, growing 2 to 4 times faster [...]

WDS & MX Telecom are fast profit growers

Rating: Two top wireless profit makers in Sunday Times survey
Interesting to see which innovative wireless companies made it into the ‘Britain’s 100 fastest profit-growth firms’ survey. Easy winner was WDS Global at No: 15 with MX Telecom coming in at 80.
Both provide services which are well-targeted for consumers.
That said, WDS’s clients are actually the network operators [...]

Mobile web behind France Telecom’s interest in TeliaSonera

Rating: More about mobile surfers than African subscribers
It seems that reports which first surfaced in Le Figaro that France Telecom is looking to acquire TeliaSonera are true. What other observers may have got wrong is the motivation behind the move.
Some suggest it is TeliaSonera’s interests in emerging markets. I think it has more to do [...]

MTRs cause Vodafone a serious headache

Rating: Mobile broadband can come to its aid
It appears that Nick Delfas‘ name will be mud with Vodafone after his comments about Mobile Termination Rates caused the company’s share price to slide not just once but twice in a week.
Somewhat ironically, comments made recently by 3 UK‘s Kevin Russell over MTRs might just point [...]