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Is China wise to launch TD-SCDMA @ the Beijing games?

Rating: the stars don’t look too good

The dangers of relying on untried and tested new technology have been brought home to us Brits by the present debacle at Heathrow Terminal 5. What if the same thing were to happen at the Beijing Olympics [2008]? It looks like the Chinese government will forge ahead with providing a 3G service in the Olympic cities via the home-grown standard TD-SCDMA. That move could either establish TD-SCDMA on par with the likes of W-CDMA and CDMA2000. Or the whole thing could backfire terribly. Continue reading

Yahoo! steals another win from white label mobile search providers in Germany

I reported a few months ago that Yahoo! had teamed up with German player simyo for oneSearch.

But I also knew that three other very small white label providers were trialling services for simyo. But Yahoo! has just announced that it has extended its relationship with simyo and oneSearch will now also become the exclusive search [...]

Understanding Federated Mobile Search

Since writing about Kimia federated mobile search yesterday a few media agencies have asked me about the implications of federated mobile search. One newspaper also wanted to discuss the potential it had for creating spin-off news services via RSS feeds purely for mobile.  In order to provide more feedback on this area, I thought I would publish a report I published [...]

Sprint’s Carrot and Stick – US Carrier Price War

One week ago Verizon Wireless threw down the gauntlet by announcing a $99 unlimited voice plan for post paid subscribers to kick off the battle. AT&T followed within hours to up the ante by extending the unlimited plan to month-to-month customers and combining data unlimited plans. The next announcement came from T-mobile USA [...]

Mobile Barcodes 101: Understanding Mobile Barcodes

Mobile Barcodes 101: Understanding Mobile Barcodes (sponsored by NeoMedia Technologies)  
Mobile barcodes are on the verge of becoming a global phenomenon, but what exactly are they, what do they do, and for whom? We became familiar with the original, linear barcodes (or 1D), from our supermarket shopping in the 1980’s (although the technology was patented [...]

Media commentators to have scrap in San Fran

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BKI Media: Analysis 2.0

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Action Engine raises USD20m to on-device portal apps

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