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Cloudtag-Logo British PM’s fitness guru launches app firm on Aim

Monitor software could keep Cameron from bursting a blood vessel

Makers of a fitness app will be floating their company on London’s junior Aim market later this week in an IPO that has an initial public offering of £29 million. Their app, Cloud Tag, works in tandem with a body patch that monitors users’ heart rates and breathing as they exercise and then sends the data to their smartphone or tablet. It was designed in part by Matt Roberts, a fitness expert who boasts among his clients prime minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha. Continue reading

Imagination puts $100m on table for MIPS in poker game with rival

UK chip maker Imagination Technologies has upped its takeover offer for MIPS, trumping yet again bidding rival Ceva.
Only last week Ceva looked set to win after putting $90 million on the table, but today [17th December 2012] it was revealed that Imagination might be back in the running by increasing its offer to $100 million.
But the revised offer, if accepted, is likely to drag down Imagination’s cash position though at stake is MIPS vast library of patents in the mobile field. Continue reading

Amazon-screen Initial reaction to Amazon’s industry shakedown

Rating: Online store makes plethora of announcements

Amazon made so many announcements at yesterday’s [September 6th 2012] press conference, that observers are only just beginning to digest all of the implications. Giving you some idea of how much information was revealed by Amazon, GoMobile News estimates that the press release which we have reproduced here is somewhere in the region of eight times the normal length of a typical Press release. Although the company’s devices are tablets, for example, some of the technologies built into them are relevant to smartphones as well. The deal the company has sealed with US mobile phone operator for 4G is also significant for the entire cellular industry. Below are the views of two leading industry anlaysts: – Francisco Jeronimo with IDC and Andy Castonguay, Principal Analyst at Informa Telecoms. Continue reading

BCS-awards-2012-banner BCS searches for the Innovative Mobile App of The Year

Rating: Ernest institution wakes up to power of the mobile app

The BCS ( formerly the British Computer Society), which is the Chartered Institute for IT, has begun its search for the most Innovative Mobile App of 2012 as it launches this year’s UK IT Industry Awards, in conjunction with Incisive’s Computing magazine. You’d better huryy, however, because the closing date for entries is 5pm on Friday July 6th [2012]. Judges are looking for mobile apps that run on mobile phones or other devices with built-in 3G or 4G capability. These apps should show an innovative use of the technology in the phones, and possibly of on-line services. They should be publically available – they can be either free or paid-for. Continue reading

GetMo-logo Google’s GetMo initiative garners industry-wide support

Rating: Wapple & Boost amongst those to step forward

Once again it seems that brands and agencies in the UK have not kept pace with consumers’ embrace of mobile web. Hence a whole bunch of mobile industry players have decided to join in with Google’s recently launched initiative – GetMo.There’s a whole list of which companies have stepped in and our offering their services to British businesses here. Amongst those who have contacted GoMobile News about their contribution are Wapple and Boost/Madmaker. This initiative has thrown up some interesting stats showing just how much opportunity there is in this area. Continue reading

Amazing Velti and Diffusion Blender – full of mobile operators!

We had an amazing GoMo News blender last night at Marmalade in Barcelona.  For the first time ever, we had more mobile operators arrive than brands and agencies and start-ups!
This has never happened before!  We represented nearly every country with the Telefonica global team, DoCoMo, Orange, Everything Everywhere, T-Mobile, T-Ventures and O2.
I was happy – [...]

Great GoMo News Lumata Lounge

Incognito Bar in Barcelona totally rocked last night. The Lumata Lounge was excellent and we had 16 different mobile advertising agencies there and 21 brands…. plus some developers…. and journalists

My highlight (because I am sad) was when the big mobile guys at Coca Cola walked in and I asked them what Coke was… it took them a few seconds to realise I was joking!

Anyway, it was a great party. Huge thanks to Lumata for sponsoring the event and to Andrew Durkin from Mustard PR. He was with me at my first ever blender five years ago and we have come full circle with the lounge. Continue reading

See you in Barcelona! Plus Sponsor – Velti, Mach, Lumata, Smart Ad Server, Diffusion PR and Aspire Mobile thank-you

I would like to thank our AMAZING Sponsors – Velti, MACH, Lumata, Diffusion PR, Aspire-Mobile and Smart Ad Server. Continue reading

vuclip_logo_final_bigger Mobile Indians prefer Pepsi to Coke

Ahead of ad:tech New Delhi 2012, a digital marketing event, independent mobile video service, Vuclip, has revealed the findings of its mobile survey on favorite cola brands in India and globally. Continue reading

velti-blender GoMo News Blender at Marmalade DIRECTIONS!

The GoMo News Blender sponsored by Velti and Diffusion PR will take place on Tuesday 28th February 2012 from 6pm at Marmalade.

Incase there is a strike in Barcelona next week – here are walking instructions on how to get there. In a cab its 5 minutes (1.8KM) on foot its 23 minutes.

Größere Kartenansicht

If you are walking here are the instructions from the website:

Located in the wonderful Raval area. Take Carme street from Los Ramblas and continue 5 minutes until you see a pink building in front of you. Marmalade will be on your right on Riera Alta in a triangular open area.


RIera Alta 4-6

08001 Barcelona
Continue reading

Founder and Editor Bena Roberts to leave GoMo News on March 1 2012

I started GoMo News five years ago from my kitchen table and after some time in Ireland in lavish offices or GoMo News Towers (as we called them) …. I end it here back on my kitchen table.

I have learnt so much these past five years and I wouldn’t change them one bit. Even though it was awful, I wouldn’t even change the bit about having breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation. Having a start-up, living social media, fighting cancer, throwing amazing parties, meeting amazing people and travelling the world – has just made me stronger. Continue reading

DJ Shelby Grey to rock the Incognito Bar in Barcelona for the GoMo News Lounge sponsored by Lumata

Our name is new and the way we approach things, but we’ve been around for nearly 10 years working with operators like Orange and brands like Nestle. Take a look at our website: or follow us on twitter: @lumatagroup and if you have an invite to our party we’ll see you on Sunday @the Lumata lounge.

Listen to a Shelby Grey Disco Mix below:

If you don’t have an invite yet…. If you in mobile marketing ONLY – email me!
Continue reading

GSMA statement on Public Transport Strike set to hit Mobile World Congress

GSMA Statement on Planned Barcelona Public Transport Strike

The metro and bus workers from TMB, the main public transport operator in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, have announced plans to strike during the GSMA Mobile World Congress taking place 27 February – 1 March 2012. This planned strike could potentially impact public transportation in Barcelona, including buses and metro, across the four days of the event. Continue reading

RIM-logo-2 Beanz counters means Heins for RIM

Rating: Lazaridis & Balsillie take back seat at Blackberry maker

It was inevitable really. The two former co-CEOs at RIM (which makes the BlackBerry) have stepped back to let Thorsten Heins become CEO. As Lazaridis commented, “There comes a time in the growth of every successful company when the founders recognise the need to pass the baton to new leadership.” With both revenue and share prices sliding, such a move was necessary to placate the markets’ bean counters. But – unlike many industry pundits – GoMo News hasn’t written off RIM at all. As RIM itself says, “BlackBerry 7 is now out, PlayBook 2.0 shipping in February and BlackBerry 10 expected to ship later this year.” Compare that to what we know is definitely coming from Apple in the near future which is, um, nothing actually. Continue reading

Jim Fixed it for us – Comments working again

Rating: Actually it was Marcus but Brits will get the reference

We’re happy to say that the  Comments facility is up and running again. So if you have seen a story which you wanted to comment on before but couldn’t – now you can. We love reader feedback here at GoMo News. Continue reading