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Another visibility mobile logo

If you would like to see the new brand logo for the company visibility mobile please click here!

Visibility Mobile logos start arriving

First of all thank-you the distinguished Ajit for the lovely post:

Above is the logo for Go Mobile SEO it is one of the two brands of Visibility Mobile.  The Visibility Mobile logo should be live by tomorrow or early next week. More information on the company will come -but we are in stealth [...]

WIN plc – from sponsoring GoMo News to potential sale!

OK, OK. I might be exaggerating slightly.  But WIN plc our headline sponsor.  The blazing gun company that beat all records ever to sign up for six months as a sponsor for GoMo News – has published a financial press release.
But it does sound good – from sponsoring GoMo News to potential sale!  (Bena grins to [...]

Publicis Groupe buys Performics

I can’t say too much on this as I don’t know Performics (sorry). But Publicis Group has purchased the company from Google.  I am not sure if this is mobile either –but metrics are vital in the mobile space and essential to twist the arm of advertisers.

From the press release
Chicago-based Performics,
one of the leading search [...]

Amobee raises equity capital from Motorola and Cisco – what type of strategy is this?

Yikes – is it me or is Amobee like the tart of the mobile advertising space?  I don’t want to sound rude so maybe I should make that pimp or something. But, first  Vodafone (Richard Saggers comments here) and then Telefonica and now Motorola and Cisco.

What on earth.  Is this a normal strategy to get [...]

Welcome Netbiscuits and thank-you GoMo News sponsors

I am delighted to welcome professional moible site creation company to GoMo News. The German based Netbiscuits is our latest sponsor. For more information please click on the banner to the left (or here).
At the same time, I am delighted to welcome Smaato back as a sponsor for its Mobile Awards (another German based company) and [...]

Mobile News Feeds

I got back the results of a survey that we did here at GoMo. It went out to 1500 registered, 1000 newsletter readers and 3000 contacts of mine who know GoMo and read it occasionally but not daily.

I wanted to know what would make GoMo stickier. The results were very interesting.
Everyone agreed that GoMo was [...]

GoMo News Media Partner with the 2008 Mobile Excellence Awards

The 2008 Mobile Excellence Awards
What is it?

The 2008 Mobile Excellence Awards profiles the latest in mobile entertainment, including media, marketing and technology.  The MEA is looking forward to recognizing companies  – big and small in mobile technology, consumer services, experiences, content creation, marketing devices, revenue generators and the ability to accelerate growth of the [...]

Orange The Music Show

Orange today extends its music offering with the launch of its new weekly online music round up, ‘The Music Show’. The new service has become a permanent fixture on the music section of the Orange website and on Orange customers’ handsets through Orange World following the success of recent trials from Glastonbury festival where one [...]

Waterford Institute of Technology

Link love back and a thank-you to Barry Downes and team at the TSSG for setting up Visibility Mobile. This is the link to a post written today on the TSSG blog. I am so excited about this opportunity and the interest that we have had from brands even before the Alpha is made public is amazing.

One [...]

Eric Chan on GoMo News at SMX this week

I just want to welcome Eric Chan to GoMo News.  Eric also writes for his own blog Mobile Slate.
I have known him for over a year now. I was introduced to him by the brilliant Michael Crane (now at GoldenGate Solutions). Eric is based in San Francisco and is an industry consultant – he knows [...]

Workshops, meetings and holiday

It might be a bit quiet next week on GoMo. Hopefully Rob and Darla will keep things ticking over -but I was going to be officially on holiday.
The holiday bit: We are having a day in London (Big Ben, Bus tour), a day at Thorpe Park and shopping plus cinema and more shopping. But then [...]

Kick off Visibility Mobile Video

OK. This is not brilliant  I made it in a couple of minutes – but it just documents my time at Waterford with the new team. Cheesy – yes -but I can’t help it! Sorry!
But much better corporate video coming soon!