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shara force india made @ silverstone GoMo goes all analogue @ British F1 Grand Prix

Lucky we’d brought out BlackBerry Q5 with us

This weekend [July 6th 2014), GoMo News found itself standing in fields in England’s Northamptonshire to watch the British Formula One (F1) Grand Prix motor race. Given there were around 120,000 other there, needless to say there little or no cellular or Wi-fi coverage. So we had to resort to analogue. Knowing about Silverstone Radio (which broadcasts on 87.7 FM) and how it makes it easy to follow races from the trackside, we took along our little Nokia N73 to utilise its built-in FM radio. We’d also packed our Nokia supplied waterproof jacket (which came in very useful) and which has an inside pocket to keep the handset dry in. We’d forgotten our Nokia connector ear-buds, however, Luckily we remembered our BlackBerry Q5 BB10 device has recently acquired an FM radio capability. Continue reading

the passport keyboard Promised Passport from BlackBerry could stem customer loss

Making it easier to put Android apps on BB10 too

There have been some pretty comprehensive leaks about BlackBerry’s next BB10 based device – the Passport. Michael Clewley, director of software product management at BlackBerry says it will deliver “a step change in productivity”. He was writing in an official BlackBerry log which has been removed. So, thanks to mobilesyrup, you can read his blog here. Why does it increase productivity? Because this promised BB10 smartphone has a touch-enabled keyboard. Simultaneously BlackBerry has been making it easier for Android developers to port their apps to BB10 devices (including Passport). This might stem the diminishing loyalty of BlackBerry consumers in 2014 recently discovered by British comparison site Cashforphonescomparison. Continue reading

bbm protected is ideal for bankers - oezdemir BlackBerry delivers on eBBM Suite

Company launches BBM Protected for secure enterprise messaging

Press release

June 16th 2014. Blackberry Limited, a global leader in mobile communications, has announced the availability of BBM Protected, the first solution in the eBBM Suite for secure enterprise-class messaging. The eBBM Suite is a new family of BBM products and services built for business that bring together the convenience and usability of BBM with the additional security and compliance required by enterprise customers. The eBBM Suite will include new services designed to enable mobile workers to be more productive on the go, while meeting enterprises’ needs for security, manageability and control. The first product in the eBBM Suite which was announced earlier this year [2014], BBM Protected, is being delivered ahead of schedule. Continue reading

that's definitely a street map of Jakarta Upstream says Nokia is aiming X2 @ India

We say Nokia is competing vs Blackberry over Indonesia

Even though the original Nokia X is barely six months old, last week [June 24th 2014] the handset division of Microsoft launched the Nokia X2. It’s running what most observers refer to as a ‘forked’ version of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) but this time it has a more Nokia/Microsoft style UI. It’s also avoiding Google’s Play app store as far as technically possible. If users aren’t content with the Nokia Store, then the handset vendor recommends other stores such as 1Mobile Market, Aptoide, SlideME, Mobango and Yandex. Now Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream reckons that Nokia is definitely targeting India with this device. Given that it should be priced sub INR 8,000 (€99) that seems a fair assumption. However, GoMo News thinks it has spotted a deliberate attempt to competing in Blackberry’s favourite market – Indonesia. Continue reading

BBM for Windows Phone will def be out in July says Chen

Canadian company’s CEO tells financial analysts the latest tidbits

It appears that current Blackberry CEO, John Chen, favours leaking out information about the struggling Canadian smartphone supplier’s fortunes during cozy chats with financial analysts. His audience is concerned mainly with figures but lots of little snippets have emerged from the session. Such as the fact that the Windows Phone version of BBM will finally emerge in July [2014]. Plus there is something called BBM Meetings set to emerge soon afterwards. Not quite sure what Meetings provides but it will be followed by a new BlackBerry phablet which was previously codenamed Windermere and is now revealed as the Passport. That device should be launched during September in London [UK]. Continue reading

source: Android Calls BBM spotted on Lumia 630 leaked screenshot

So BBM for Windows Phone can’t be that far away

Although BlackBerry itself promised back in February [2014] that a version of BBM [BlackBerry Messenger] for the Windows Phone OS would become available “as a free download for Windows Phone users this summer,” it’s now June. And no sign of it quite yet. But there’s good news. A teaser for Nokia’s Lumia 630 has leaked out. And guess what? One of the screen shots clearly shows that BBM will be pre-loaded in the ‘Social’ sector of the smartphone’s UI. The important bit here is that the Lumia 630 is very definitely a Windows Phone 8.1 (WP8) handset so existing WP7/8 users shouldn’t have too long to wait for a generic version of the app. Especially since all the indications are that the Nokia 630 will ship very soon. Continue reading

best placed for mobile money opportunity - buse Monitise makes a surprise new appointment

Mobile money appoints three new females inc Elizabeth Buse

Mobile money transfer specialist, Monitise, has surprised its investors by recruiting a former Visa executive in the shape of Elizabeth Buse. She becomes co-CEO to work alongside Monitise co-founder Alastair Lukies. As soon as the news came out, shares in Monetise rose 4.3 per cent. GoMo News can’t understand why this news was such a surprise when Buse was previously a member of the Monitise board from July 2010 to October 2012. Buse was most recently the executive vp of Visa’s global solutions group, a role she took in August 2013. Continue reading

stroppa - hands currently tied OnMobile to promote sport event themed RBTs

GoMo invents the British F1 ringback tone

We’ve just had a very interesting discussion with Florent Stroppa, who is a senior vp for products with OnMobile, an Indian company specialising in value-added services for the telecommunications industry. Florent is particularly keen to promote ringback tones (RBTs) and was telling us about an impending campaign the company will be running shortly to promote the forthcoming World Cup soccer tournament. Apparently, Onmobile is aiming to entice consumers to utilise ringback tones through sports based events. Naturally, GoMo News suggested Formula One (F1). Continue reading

GoMo discovers hidden benefit of BB10 upgrade for Q5

BlackBerry handset has FM radio capability hidden away

Previously, her at GoMo Towers we revealed that whilst updating the installed apps (including BBM incidentally) on our BlackBerry Q5 we noticed that one of the improvements was to the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app. Again, by sheer accident we’ve just discovered that there is another hidden benefit of BB10 upgrade for Q5. Bizarrely, it turns out that this smartphone has had a built-in radio capability all along. It’s just that BlackBerry hadn’t got around to implementing it. Until now. Make sure your device is now running at the very least. Continue reading

pic courtesy of UTB blogs BlackBerry Z3 ships in Indonesia on May 15th

No pics of the limited Jakarta version yet?

So the the Blackberry Z3 will finally ship in Indonesia tomorrow [May 15th 2013] and the Jakarta version will only be available in that country for the meantime. Strangely, although there’s supposed to be a limited edition of the smartphone with Jakarta emblazoned on its back, GoMo News can’t find a pic of it. However, UTB blogs here boasts a pic of a BlackBerry with John Chen’s signature on the back. Perhaps that’s it? Anyway, according to Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream, the Z3 is not an innovative handset but reveals a lot about BlackBerry’s approach to emerging markets. Continue reading

Z3_released BlackBerry officially unveils BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition

First BlackBerry ‘Built for Indonesia’ will be stores from May 15th

Press release

May 13th, 2014 BlackBerry, a global leader in mobile communications, has introduced the new BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition at a launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia. The BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition, will be available to customers from May 15th [2014]. The device is expected to retail through authorised partners at a price of IDR 2,199,000 ($192). The BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition is built exclusively for Indonesia and provides BlackBerry users more ways to connect and share, with an experience built on reliable, secure communications. Continue reading

iPhone owners more risqué - Spencer Skewed survey says iPhone users send more sexts

We’re not quite sure how these figures were put together

The practice of sending explicit, sexual text messages to other people is known as ‘sexting’. Last month [April 2014] GoMo News reported on a survey carried out by which claimed that Samsung handsets knocked Apple’s iconic iPhone into second place when it comes to sexting here. Now a new survey carried out on behalf of UK based we site, insurance2go, found that more than 30 per cent of iPhone users had sent an explicit message. Even those with a BlackBerry (21 per cent) sent more sexts than the 17 per cent who used a Samsung device. GoMo News wonders why all the leading brands of Android handsets aren’t grouped together – why just Samsung? Continue reading

Z3_camera Z3 Jakarta Edition pre-order available in Indonesia

Thanks a bunch BlackBerry marketing for not telling us

Here at GoMo Towers, we’d always known that the BB10 powered BlackBerry Z3 would come out first in Indonesia. And it has done so as the Jakarta Edition on pre-order. We noticed whilst updating the installed apps (including BBM incidentally) on our Q5 that amongst the improvements to the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app was supported for the Z3. So we Googled the Z3 immediately and found that in the very last days of April [2014], the Z3 had suddenly become available for pre-order here but only in Indonesia. We wouldn’t have minded so much but this publication had gone to all the trouble of registering our interest in the handset – in Indonesia. Has BlackBerry’s marketing department bothered to contact us? Nope. What was the point? Continue reading

Z3_released BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition full Tech Specs

Headlines Specs: 5″ all-touch screen; 15.5 hrs talk time; 8GB storage; 5mp camera

Size: Height 140 mm / 5.51 in
Width 72.8 mm / 2.87 in
Depth 9.26 mm / 0.36 in
Weight 164g / 5.78 oz
Navigation All-touch screen, with intuitive gesture based navigation keyboard
Onscreen BlackBerry keyboard (portrait/landscape), featuring contextual auto-correction, next-word prediction, and a personalized learning engine that gets to know the way you type
Dedicated keys Volume Up/Down, Mute, Lock (for Power On/Off)
Display 540 x 960 qHD resolution 24-bit colour depth
Screen size 5″ diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio
Operating system BlackBerry 10 OS
Desktop software BlackBerry Link software for your computer to enable synchronisation of data and media
Learn more about BlackBerry Link
Performance Dual Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8230 processor
Memory 1.5GB RAM 8GB Flash Continue reading

Pin_finder2 Latest BBM update for Android fails to excite

Still great deal of negative feedback

As Microsoft made it very clear this week when it finalised the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices & Services division, the way to make money out of mobile currently is out of services. The demon of Redmond will be pushing the likes of OneDrive to Asha and Nokia X owners rather than desperately trying to get consumers to buy WP8. And BlackBerry ought to be doing exacgtly the same thing with its BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) IM offering. So when we saw there was a new update for BBM for Android, we got quite excited here at GoMo Towers. To no avail because all the latest versions claims to offer is bug fixes. Which prompted a whole host of reviewers to say the bugs weren’t fixed. Worse still there is no sign of the BBM for Windows Phone yet. Continue reading