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Important GoMo News Update

It was about 11pm at night one July evening in 2006 when I came up with the idea of GoMo News. I wanted to be a blog that made companies afraid…. VERY AFRAID!

I wanted to only report the truth be factual and provide real news and analysis on mobile. I am not sure if I achieved this – but I damn nearly died trying!
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Mobile India: Airtel Introduces Voice-Blogs

Review: “Twitter with voices” another example of India’s competitive advantage in creating voice-based VAS for the developing world and its own enormous customer base Continue reading

80% of GoMo News Readers attended the Mobile World Congress

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Smaato Headline Sponsor of GoMo News Blender at Mobile World Congress 2010


The GoMo News Blender is back…. at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year… in a bigger venue!

Huge thanks to the wonderful Smaato for being the main headline sponsor and captain of the bar. This is the sixth time that Smaatohas sponsored GoMo News and our joint events are always extremely successful as we know the vendors and publishers that rock!

Everyone in the mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile search, mobile barcode and mobile application or web space is invited.

Our blenders are networking events. We want you to meet, chat do business and connect. Drinks are free, food is free and we don’t care if you leave your tie on or off -but have your business cards ready. In the past two years we know of several big sales being concluded at our blender!

Thanks to Diffusion Pr for sponsoring pizza and Tapas.


When? February 16th at Incognito Bar Barcelona.
Calle Fusina 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

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Sponsor Thank-You Post – NeoMedia, Win, Skyhook, MyFrame, Webmoblink

Without sponsors there would be no GoMo News! So a shout out to our great sponsors.




Skyhook Wireless

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The Mobile Premier Awards 2010 opens its competition today

The Mobile Premier Awards recognize the year’s best in Mobile Startup Innovation and are the largest open, global startup competition in the mobile industry. The awards are the point of reference in startup premiers during the Mobile World Congress on February 15, 2010 in Barcelona and are organized in collaboration with some of the main networks in the industry. Continue reading

Bena Roberts out of action but new reporters on GoMo News

feel your boobiesYikes. There is no fun way to say it but I have to have an operation next week and its not minor. I will spare readers the yucky details. Fingers crossed I will back on my feet in about 8 days.

Good news is that:

Super reporter Cian O’ Sullivan will run the show from the USA.

Tony Dennis will continue to track down and investigate the UK market (

Andrew McMob – our new writer will cover me on search, barcodes etc.

Please send all emails to or if you are not sure our business development guru Niamh Owens will help you out: Continue reading

Opera mobile the truth says Wap Review


Tony Dennis our UK guru journalist wrote a FANTASTIC article yesterday on : Continue reading

Apologies we are back

I am very sorry for the lack of news on GoMo -but we have had an armoury of problems.

Thank-you for all your emails and the press release submissions will all get a discount as we have been late (but the news is still important).

I think that most of them are solved now -but our guru team of developers have promised me a brand new site, look and everything to apologise.

Sorry to everyone and I will be catching up with Cian through the course of the day. Continue reading

GoMo News Blender at CTIA San Diego!

gomo news blenderblender1

We threw a GoMo News Blender at CTIA in San Diego tonight, kindly assisted by Jeb Brilliant of A Brilliant Blog. We had drinks and (extremely inappropriate) chat with representatives from mobile manufacturers, developers, operating systems and bloggers! Continue reading

Open vs Closed

I have said, time and time again that “openness” or the concept of being open is based on stupidity and is in fact a waste of time. Continue reading

Interesting Mobile Reading: Mobile Giving, Mobile Youth, Orange

Giving to Charitiy via SMA

Eight ways to reach teens

Blyk users move to Orange

RadioShack T-Mobile

AT&T Netbooks Continue reading

GoMo News website update

The are some errors on the home page of GoMo News and on some versions of IE the whole page is not rendering. Continue reading

RIP Michael Jackson

I woke up and the breaking news on my iPhone was that Michael Jackson had died.  The news is a shock to everyone and then I read here that interest has lead to a Twitter Search failure. 
I listen to Michael Jackson everyday in my car and this week my son was learning the Thriller dance.  Our [...]

GoMo News Update June 2009

This is just a short update to tell you what we are up to here at GoMo News. It has been an amazing few months since the Irish technology powerhouse the TSSG came on board to help us grow. Continue reading