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bye-bye e-plus germany? European MNOs show more signs of consolidation

This time it is in Germany with KPN

Another commonly perceived wisdom in the cellular industry is that there are just too many MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] in Europe. Which is why Europe has lost out in the 4G/LTE stakes to the USA and Asian countries (like South Korea). This realisation is probably the reason behind a new deal just announced between the Dutch KPN group and Spain’s Telefonica. Apparently, KPN is selling its German unit to Telefonica Deutschland for around €8.1 billion (£7.1 billion). This would give Germany three roughly equal MNOs (Telefonica Deutschland, Vodafone and T-Mobile). Which looks a pretty healthy situation for what is Europe’s biggest mobile market. Continue reading

Simyo launches the Nokia X6 light Blue for 481,99 EUR

From today Simyo will sell the Nokia X6 in Light Blue for EUR 481,99
see: and the Nokia X6 Dark Red for EUR 489,98 see:

The phone is being pushed as the ultimate social media device and sold with a special 1GB data package for as little as EUR 5 per month.
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Simyo slashes iPhone price by EUR 100

I got this tit-bit in German. In brief is slashing the price of iPhone (without SIM-Lock) by EUR 100 to EUR 699.
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Android phone Motorola Milestone comes to Simyo Germany

Simyo has just announced the Motorola Milestone slider phone for its customers. The Droid phone will retail at EUR 464,99 and will be available in etronixx phone shops. Continue reading

UK operator Orange buys UK digital ad network Unanimis


Orange has been a leader pushing online advertising on its own web pages and on mobile. It has also recently agreed to work with Blyk for a mobile advertising partnership for the youth market. Today, we find out that it has purchased the boutique (yet very successful) digital ad network Unanimis. Continue reading

Why the Turkish community has favoured MVNO Ay Yildiz


There have been some significant developments in the MVNO business in Germany. Continue reading

Are mobile operators taking social networking and FANISM a bit too far?


German mobile discounter Simyo has created a Facebook fan page in a weird move to connect with consumers. The page, which can be viewed here:, is an attempt by the company to further embrace social media and enable consumers to rate, slate, sing and dance about the mobile discounter. Continue reading

E-Plus says 56% of consumers enjoy mobile advertising

E-Plus mobile web

Interesting overview of the mobile web and services from E-Plus Continue reading

HTC Hero first Android device comes to E-Plus, BASE and vybemobile in Germany

HTC Hero

From August 1 2009, the first Android OS device the HTC Hero will hit E-Plus, BASE stores and vybemobile online shop in Germany. Continue reading

E-Plus Germany 18.2 million customers


I remember when Germany mobile operator E-Plus was struggling to get over the 10 million mark and now it has 18.2 million customers. I have to say that this is a huge achievement and all down to the segmented discounting strategy. Continue reading

Vodafone Germany foot-stamps it way into self-service mobile advertising with myCampaign

[caption id="attachment_10999" align="alignnone" width="267" caption="Vodafone D2 myCampaign"]Vodafone D2 myCampaign[/caption]

Besides news of the recession and a tumble in mobile advertising uptake and sales – something remarkable is happening. Over the past two months two of Germany’s mobile operators have launched mobile advertising self-service offerings. Continue reading

Simyo launches a petition to FREE the new iPhone 3GS –


Rebel discount provider in Germany simyo has launched a new website called Continue reading

Mobile Advertsing: Velti revenue up on Telefonica deal


An interesting article in Reuters today about Velti made me take a closer look at the company and create a quick SWOT analysis (see below). Continue reading

VIVA Mobile re-launch in Germany with 6 cents per SMS and the Nokia 5520 XpressMusic

VIVA Mobile

From today VIVA Mobile has re-launched itself with a new funky website and new tariffs. Continue reading

E-Plus becomes a mobile advertising network via Gettings

gettings E-Plus mobile advertising solution

After writing about the new Alcatel-Lucent service on E-Plus, I was contacted by Alcatel-Lucent and pointed to some press releases from E-Plus on the issue. I think they thought I was sceptical and the information on E-Plus portal might resolve some of my inhibitions. I am not sure why I missed them before as I am on the E-Plus mailing list. But I took another look, and what they had to say was very very interesting. Continue reading