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janrain_social Google’s single logon pays off in social logins share

Google continues to steal market share from Facebook

Google has increased its share of social logins according to a new report from Janrain. The company says this is likely the result of unifying all of services under a single Google login identity. Now that there’s a a single login for Gmail, Android, and the Play Store, this is helping Google+, YouTube and Drive. Curiously, Yahoo! has moved to stop consumers logging into its services using a Google (or Facebook) identity. Continue reading

Pieter_Streicher Guest Post: Text messaging – it’s so last century

by Pieter Streicher, md with

What’s the hot new messaging app that all the kids are using? Can WhatsApp keep its credibility after its multi-billion dollar acquisition by Facebook? Has Snapchat reached its popularity peak? What’s the buzz on Telegram? If you’re over the age of twenty-five, you can be forgiven for feeling lost and adrift on a sea of instant messaging platforms. With so many competing services to choose from – each with their own functionalities, communities, etiquettes and more – how can businesses choose the right messaging platform for their needs? Continue reading

made sense for us to bring the app to iOS - harter New computer screen sharing app is now available for iOS

PC screen sharing app for Facebook friends

deskhop, the recently released computer screen sharing Facebook application from RealVNC, is now available as a free app for iPhone and iPad. originally aunched back in September [2013], deskhop has already picked up tens of thousands of users worldwide. It is designed to be used by anyone with a Facebook account (of which there are about a billion people). The app is an effective tool for any technical guru [geek] who supports his or her friends and family with IT issues. deskhop fans are finding more uses every day, including collaboration, training, gaming and sharing information. Continue reading

optimising facebook proves most lucrative - palli Fiksu boosts success for SimplePrints app via/on Facebook

SimplePrints experiences 70% growth in first five months

Press release

April 3, 2014 – Fiksu, developer of award-winning app marketing technologies, has shared its success with SimplePrints, an app that provides a fast and easy way to turn your photos into a printed photo book. By using Fiksu’s programmatic technology and Facebook’s mobile app install ads, SimplePrints saw significant growth, acquiring large volumes of high quality users during the busy holiday periods. Continue reading

bbm on an android phone BlackBerry updates BBM for Android

Positioning BBM to rival Line, Facebook & even Snapchat

Another sign that BlackBerry really is learning how to monetise its software assets – not just its smartphones, is provided by the latest update to BBM for Android. A key feature is the addition of ‘stickers’ and the fact that there is now a BBM shop where you can actually purchase stickers to send to other BBM users. That’s taking rival social media sites such as Facebook and Line head on. Plus there’s now an improved picture (photo) sharing facility. GoMo reckons this is a reaction to analysts who claim Facebook is losing traffic to photo sharing apps such as Snapchat. Continue reading

mikel_steadman Guest Post: Customer support & the speed of now

by Mikel Steadman, manager of sales engineering & implementation services with Dyn

Currently, we are in the era of user experience and it is imperative that businesses understand that the experience does not end with their products or services. It also includes the post-sale support they provide. The way in which companies are providing that support is changing rapidly and should they fail to keep up, their business could be left behind, too. Of course, throughout history customers have received those experiences differently. Before the advent of telephone support (1890-1960), consumers would purchase from their local supplier/vendor/shop in a face-to-face engagement. Why? Because that was the best way to assure to know your supplier, product, and support team. People walked away with an expectation that they knew their path of support and new purchasing opportunities. Continue reading

Facebook-Skype Facebook could earn $800m from a Skype copy says Strand

If Facebook/WhatsApp get into VoIP it’s bad news for MNOs

Without even mentioning the recent WhatsApp announcement, John Strand of Denmark’s Strand Consult argues that if it should decide to introduce cheap voice calls (via VoIP), Facebook could potentially blow Microsoft’s Skype right out of the water. As he says, “f you can talk to friends in Facebook, why would you need to use Skype?” Look at the facts. Facebook is already the world’s largest communications provider with over 1 billion users. It’s a platform where people communicate by voice, text and data. At $175 billion it has a larger market cap that any mobile network operator [MNO], save for China Mobile or Vodafone. And logically, Skype could be one of the first victims of Facebook’s entry to the VoIP market. Continue reading

LINE_mark WhatApp’s rival claims benefits from Facebook linkup

LINE added 2m extra users last weekend

Two events appear to have conspired together to boost interest in the LINE IM [Instant Messaging] system which originally sprung up in Japan. The LINE service added two million extra users during the weekend [February 21-22 2014] during WhatApp’s outage. With Facebook very definitely losing its popularity – especially amongst younger users, WhatsApp might definitely feel the fallout from its linkup with the social networking giant. Continue reading

chen- 2 new handsets @ MWC BlackBerry shares surge again on news of super encrypted messaging platform

Up by nearly a fifth in just a week

BlackBerry’s, CEO John Chen, has given the firm’s investors further cheer after revealing its messaging system would be made more bullet-proof for corporate customers. The news, coming in the wake of Facebook’s $19 billion (£11.4 billion) planned purchase of WhatsApp – which alone made analysts reappraise the value of BlackBerry’s messaging system, sent shares in the Toronto phone maker up another 8 per cent at close last night [25th February 2014]. This resulted in an overall 18 per cent leap in the manufacturer’s stock in less than a week. It ended the day at $10.60 on Nasdaq. Continue reading

whatsapp may get into voice - koum MWC: WhatsApp in new voice threat to mobile operators’ revenues

Plans to add near-free, voice capability to platform soon

Mobile operators could lose hundreds of billions of dollars in revenues over the next five years, say analysts, following revelations by WhatsApp that it will soon be adding voice capability to its service. WhatsApp, bought last week by social networking site Facebook for £19 billion, has already made serious inroads into the text messaging revenues of mobile operators with its own instant messaging facility. Now WhatsApp co founder and CEO Jan Koum says that by the second quarter of this year [2014] users will be offered an almost free voice call service, using the networks of the companies whose revenues are being directly hit, though he added his company would work with the mobile industry on encouraging people to move to data plans. Continue reading

BBM-new_logo MWC: BlackBerry leaps into bed with Nokia over BBM

Not only does it run on Nokia X but Windows Phone 8 (WP8)

Showing just how the newly-confident BlackBerry views its software services (rather than its proprietary hardware) as key to its survival, the Canadian smartphone pioneer has jumped straight into bed with Nokia. And therefore, Microsoft. So it is hardly surprising to discover that besides announcing that whilst BBM is already installed on the latest Nokia X (Android Project) handset, it will soon run on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handsets, too. And not just a subset of BBM, it seems. Continue reading

matt_cross MWC: The most talked about brands in MWC 2014 run-up

Are punters expecting some big Nokia announcement @ MWC?

It seems that Hotwire and 33 Digital have been running a little analysis of the #MWC14 hashtag in the run up to MWC Barcelona 2014. They’ve worked out the Top Five brands being talked about and in @ No.1 is none other than Nokia with 7,584 mentions. Which is very interesting. We’re far less surprised that Samsung is second 5,869 mentions. In at third with 5,036 mentions is LG (which we wouldn’t have anticpiated whilst at four is Blackberry with 1,072 mentions. Facebook is fifth with 905 mentions. Continue reading

2 strong social messaging players on the same team - zoller Industry reactions to the Facebook/WhatsApp deal

GoMo decides to publish the whole lot

The acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook has had such an impact on the mobile & cellular industry, everybody wamted to comment. It seemed unfair to just pick a few people so below is the full content of comments from Eden Zoller, principal analyst, consumer telecoms with Ovum, Stephen Sale, from Analysys Mason, Vanessa Barnett, technology & media partner with law firm Charles Russell, StJohn Deakins, founder with citizenme, Pamela Clark-Dickson, senior analyst for messaging with Informa Telecoms & Media, and Victor Basta, managing director of Magister Advisors, Thorsten Trapp CTO with Tyntec. Continue reading

john chen Market thinks again about BlackBerry’s worth after Facebook swoop on WhatsApp

Maybe BBM is worth a lot more than previously reckoned

Shares in struggling Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry surged last night [19th February 2014] in the wake of Facebook’s $19 billion takeover of mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp, and which in turn made analysts rethink BlackBerry’s own worth. Though Blackberry was an early pioneer of mobile messaging, its stubborn refusal to open up BBM to users of other platforms – aligned with competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung on the hardware front – meant it fell into the doldrums. Its stock price has similarly suffered, slumping from a high of around 83 pence in 2009 to less than a tenth of that in recent months. Its failure to woo any takeover suitors has also kept in investors at bay. Continue reading

any excuse ... gaye advert Candy Crush’s King is more than 1 hit wonder

IPO is apparently on hold, though

It’s been downloaded directly onto mobile phones over 500 million times (as of December 2014). Yes, we are talking about the game Candy Crush Saga which has been created by a British firm – King. Now back in September [2013], it secretly filed its pre-IPO documents but the Daily Telegraph here has reported that the company has backed off form a potential NASDAQ IPO. The blame for this is laid at the doors of Zynga which IPO’d in 2011 but has gone pear shaped since. GoMo News isn’t quite sure we’re comparing like with like. Continue reading