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Secret_screenshot Sshhh! It’s Secret Inc Secret app for iPhone

Social networking – only for those in USA

Here’s a new twist on social networking – an iPhone App called Secret which really does keep your identity secret. The idea appears to be to start wicked rumours with this app and then keep everyone guessing who actually let the cat out of the bag [started it]. The app is apparently the work of two former Google employees (calling themselves Secret Inc)– which makes it all the more puzzling that there’s currently no Android version of this app yet. There is an Android app called secret which is very similar but it isn’t the work of the same developer. The app is all the buzz in Silicon Valley but there’s a catch – at present you can only download this app if you’re based in the USA. Continue reading

BlackBerry_playbook BlackBerry issues an new Playbook OS update for PlayBook

Users will need it to continue using BlackBerry World

Although most observers are doing a very good job of trying to write off Blackberry’s tablet offering – the PlayBook, the brave little device won’t lie down and die. Today [April 1st 2014] BlackBerry has issued an OTA [Over-The-Air] update which takes webOS to We had previously. The whole point about this upgrade is it modifies the payment processing system. So those PlayBook owners who want to continue purchasing apps and agmes or making in-app purchases will have to install the upgrade by April 3rd [2014]. Is this a sign that BlackBerry might do more in the tablet space, GoMo wonders? Continue reading

direct route into emerging markets - tziokas Guest Post: Is the Nokia X seeing stars?

by Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager, Upstream

Nokia’s attempts to break into emerging markets bore fruit in the shapely form of the X. The device combines what Nokia considers to be the best of Android with what makes Nokia the third most desired brand in India – great style, great heritage and a simple UI. In fact, 17 per cent of Indian consumers polled in our [Upstream's] latest consumer attitudes report said they would like to buy a Nokia as their next phone. Compare that to China where only 4 per cent of consumers lust after a Nokia handset, and you would imagine that the Nokia X would sell much more easily in India than it would in China. Continue reading

- malachard Adfonic rebrands to byyd to emphasise its mobile DSP

Announces 12 customer wins including Weve

Leading mobile advertising company, Adfonic, has rebranded itself as byyd. The move is designed to reflect the company’s evolution to a mobile Demand-side Platform (DSP). The aim therefore is to focus exclusively on the buy side. At the same time, the new company byyd has unveile 12 customer contracts based on its technology platform, called Madison. As part of the rebrand, the company has structured its areas of business around two offerings: – byyd pro and byyd media. Strangely there’s no sign of the byyd logo as yet. And the URL for byyd points at a Chinese web site. Continue reading

offical_f1_app New official Formula One app wins plaudits

Still really being developed by Softpauer

Being big Formula One (F1) fans here at GoMo Towers (our tickets for the British Grand Prix are in the post), we were delighted to see that a review of 2014′s version of the F1 timing app became a tweet of the week. Now some blogs suggested that the app is no longer the work of app developer, Softpauer. However, that’s untrue. There’s just been a subtle realignment of branding. Oh, and there’s an F1 game for those who like such things from Red Bull Media House
and Bongfish. Continue reading

lumia 1520 costs $700 Microsoft trying to catch up on Dual SIM market with Windows Phone 8.1

Lava & Karbonn to launch dual-boot Windows/Android phones

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

According to latest (Q4 2013) IDC numbers, Android had a majority 78.1 per cent share of smartphone shipments worldwide, while iOS stood still on 15.2 per cent whilst Windows Phone stood at a distant 3 per cent. Hence Microsoft is doing everything possible to push its market share towards double digit numbers and eat into its more successful competitors namely iOS and Android. In its latest attempt, the company is trying to target the lower end of the smartphone market, especially in the developing BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Continue reading

nico rosberg GoMo revives its trusty BlackBerry PlayBook from restart failure

BlackBerry revives its own fortunes with Rosberg’s F1 win

Here at GoMo Towers our trusty BlackBerry tablet – the PlayBook, mysteriously went into a continuous loop. It kept trying to restart but never offered us the Login screen (so we could enter the password). We discounted the usual ‘water damage’ explanation for mobile devices suddenly deciding to malfunction and decided it was ‘software rot’. The obvious solution, therefore, was to try to update the tablet’s mobile OS. The easiest way (and probably only way) to do so was to plug the tablet into a Windows based PC via a USB cable. And it worked. Oh & Nico Rosberg won the first F1 2014 race. Continue reading

mylovefilmobile Brits angered by loss of indie Lovefilm Windows Phone app

Strangely co-incides with WP8 handset bug

Furious Brit users of the Lovefilm service are threatening to cease using it after their favourite app stopped working at the end of last month [February 25th 2014]. The problem stems from the fact that US giant, Amazon, recently acquired the British based service. The company has subsequently moved to integrate the Lovefilm service with its existing systems. The real problem, of course, is that the app in question – which works on Windows Phone 7-8 (WP8) handsets, was not officially sanctioned. Co-incidentally, one of our informants tells us his WP8 based Nokia Lumia smartphone appears to have developed a version of the insufficient storage available error which afflicts entry level Android phones. Continue reading

Nancy Griffin Guest Post: 8 Things you didn’t know an Android phone can do

by Nancy Griffin, a tech writer who occasionally works with Xicom Technologies

In my opinion, Android is probably the best mobile OS available on the market. Many GoMo News readers already own at least one Android device. The trouble is that being busy with the regular features (such as voice calling and texting), we can easily forget about the not-so-common features. Well, my article is for those guys & gals who want to know how to take full advantage of their Android device. So, here is my list of 8 things you didn’t know an Android phone can do (and were afraid to admit so)! Continue reading

spot the onedrive icon The difference between Microsoft’s OneDrive & SkyDrive

by our Microsoft specialist

GoMo News noticed the obvious discrepancy here between the branding Nokia is using with its latest X range over cloud storage and existing branding. We asked our resident Microsoft specialist, Rajveer Rathore, which was correct? SkyDrive or OneDrive? His answer was … Microsoft rebranded cloud storage services (available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android users) as OneDrive as of 19th February, 2014. The company was forced to do so as it lost a trademark battle over the name ‘Sky’ with the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Continue reading

nokia x range is aosp based Full tech specs – Nokia X AOSP smartphone

Nokia’s first Android based handset

Given that Nokia has finally caved in and produced a handset which is Android based – but not using the full Google suite of apps, there is a great deal of interest in the full technical specifications of this handset. So we’ve published the full details below. Note: This is a dual SIM handset.

Full tech specs: Nokia X

Continue reading

icrosoft has to build synergy -fogg MWC: 2014 is the year of dual SIM support

Microsoft adds dual SIM support to WP8

A day a head of the official opening of the MWC, it seems that the Redmond software giant – Microsoft, has decided to acknowledge a blazing hole in its mobile OS – lack of dual SIM support. This is a crucial requirement for developing and emerging markets particular India and Africa. In addition, the move to dual SIM support for Windows Phone (WP8) was in conjunction with its new emerging market partners partners. The list includes:- Foxconn, Gionee, JSR, Karbonn, Lava, LG, Longcheer, Micromax and ZTE. As GoMo News readers are well aware – Karbonn and Micromax are key smartphone makers in India. Nokia has, of course, just released the dual SIM X model, too. Continue reading

webOS - probably the easiest to close apps in How to switch off background apps

Another blinding tip from ST’s Tony Smith

There have long been concerns amongst GoMo News readers from those who want to preserve their smartphone/tablet’s battery life for longer usage times. Obviously turning off non-essential connectivity such as Bluetooth; Wi-fi and especially GPS (satellite) is always a good move. But what about all those apps running in the background? Surely you can save power. The Sunday Times‘ Tony Smith appears to agree here.* He provides instructions for closing down iOS 7; Android and WP8 apps. We’ve added BlackBerry and webOS. Continue reading

pozitron reinforces our leading position - lukies Monitise to acquire Middle East access through Pozitron

Turkey important financial market in both Europe & Mid East

The growing importance of Turkey as a financial market – and in particular as a gateway to payments made in the Middle East has been recognised by mobile money specialist, Monitise. It has just struck a deal to acquire Turkey’s Pozitron Yazilim. [See here). Pozitron’s brand swap over to Monitise if the deal succeeds. Not a lot of people know this – but Turkey represents a significant electronic payments market. It has the second largest credit card base in Europe, the third highest debit card base, and the largest number of POS terminals in Europe. Continue reading

moto g twice as fast & cheaper than iphone 4 Re-launching the iPhone 4 in India is a bad move by Apple

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Last week [January 2014], Apple relaunched the 8GB variant of iPhone 4 in India at a price of INR 22,900. There is also a buy back scheme through which consumers can exchange their existing smartphone with a brand new iPhone 4 at a reduced price of INR 15,000. Even though Apple devices generally have longer life, selling a three year old phone to consumers is really asking too much of them. This move from Apple is being heavily criticised by many industry observers as unethical. Continue reading