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break thru tough-to-crack mobile trivia games - ostrov QuizUp is fastest growing iPhone game in history says Fiksu

Ireland’s mobile games specialist Plain Vanilla is breaking records

Interestingly, app marketing technology specialist, Fiksu, claims that QuizUp trivia game is the fastest growing iPhone game in history. The app created by Plain Vanilla app has created quite a stir with the success of its app scoring 10 million downloads since itslaunch in November 2013. As a direct result of deploying Fiksu’s platform, Plain Vanilla – a mobile games industry leader based in Iceland has also become the fastest growing app game developer in history, Fiksu reckons. Continue reading

any excuse ... gaye advert Candy Crush’s King is more than 1 hit wonder

IPO is apparently on hold, though

It’s been downloaded directly onto mobile phones over 500 million times (as of December 2014). Yes, we are talking about the game Candy Crush Saga which has been created by a British firm – King. Now back in September [2013], it secretly filed its pre-IPO documents but the Daily Telegraph here has reported that the company has backed off form a potential NASDAQ IPO. The blame for this is laid at the doors of Zynga which IPO’d in 2011 but has gone pear shaped since. GoMo News isn’t quite sure we’re comparing like with like. Continue reading

kapoor - most prominent female indie 100 indie game developers participate in the Indie Prize awards

Winners announced at Casual Connect Europe 2014

The Casual Games Association (which hosts to the Casual Connect Europe show and exhibition) has announced the winners of Casual Connect Europe showcase’s Indie Prize Awards. The games were judged by Nick Berry, Facebook; Arseny Lebedev, Signus Labs; Oscar Clark, Applifier; Ilja Goossens, Chartboost; Colin Behr, Vungle; George Bain, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe; Shailesh Prabhu, Yellow Monkey Studios; Massimo Caporale, Marmalade; and Philipp Rogmann, Gameradar. Plus a number of selected journalists but none from GoMo News. Yulia Vakhrusheva, director of Indie Prize, commented, “Indie Showcase served well to the participating developers in terms of growing their businesses and learning about the hottest trends in the industry.” Continue reading

appeal sto indie developers - goossens Spil Games launches new ad revenue platform

Spil games platform – a way for game developers to make substantial revenue through free-to-play

Press release

February 11th 2014. Spil Games has unveiled the Spil Games Platform, a new solution to help indie game developers drive revenue and engagement. The Spil Games Platform will share revenue generated from mid-roll video ads. These ads, capitalising on the global surge in 30-second video advertisements, are strategically placed at ‘cliffhanger moments’ within games to drive optimum engagement. Continue reading

everplay_game Everyplay replay sharing launches for android 4.1 and up, expands on iOS social gameplay video sharing success

Android game developers can now enable over 60 per cent of global android users to share game replays to increase discoverability and engagement for free

Press release

February 11th 2014. Applifier has launched the Android version of Everyplay, the mobile gaming network designed to help game developers attract and engage players with social sharing of game replays. Everyplay is the only game replay service in the market capable of supporting Android 4.1 and up, and the most popular Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, S4, Galaxy Note devices, LG Optimus devices, Nexus devices from Google, and many more. Continue reading

casual_connect Casual Connect Europe 2014

[ February 11, 2014 8:00 am to February 13, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Casual Games Association
Venue: Beurs Van Berlage
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Registration: here

The premiere event for the casual games industry with over 6,500 professionals attending Casual Connect each year. Continue reading

winter_nights Winter Nights 2014 Mobile Games conference

[ February 7, 2014 8:00 am to February 8, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Nevosoft
Venue: Park Inn Pulkovskaya Hotel
Location: St Petersburg, Russia

Registration: here

Brings together the most professional game developers; the most famous publishers; and service providers from all over the world – altogether about 800 attendees. Continue reading

Christopher_Austin Guest Post: Apps and games we can’t live without

by Christopher Austin, a freelance writer who sometimes works with Army Games 365

Who doesn’t love a good app on their smartphone? Those beautiful, colourful squares have become vital tools to our daily existence. Shazam, MyFitnessPal, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous others, are keeping our lives in motion. Social media is now more powerful than ever, and with the advent of technology there’s no better way to stay connected with your friends than through a good app. Games should not be overlooked either because they’re just as valuable and engaging as the most popular apps out there. Continue reading

Msoft_solitaire Microsoft seems to have released Solitaire free for WP8

We suspect this is an Xmas gift to Windows Phone users

We can’t actually find a direct reference to why Microsoft Studios has suddenly released a bunch of popular games including Solitaire for Windows Phone (WP8) users on December 27th [2013]. But who wouldn’t suspect it’s been done as an Xmas present to loyal customers? It’s tough luck for WP 7.8 users, though. Anyway, as they have been designed by Microsoft Studios itself, they fall in the Xbox games category. So you can earn points and achievements, plus your scores will show up on leaderboards. The apps also let users track their game stats easily. Now that these games have effectively gone social, layers can compete with their friends, too. Besides Solitaire, there’s also Mahjong and Minesweeper. Continue reading

Eugene_Rudenko Guest Post: The what, when and how of developing app

by Eugene Rudenko, a senior online marketing manager with Apptraction

Business people really need smartphones or tablets because they help them to solve a lot of problems on the go and out of office. That’s why almost one third out of ten incoming requests for the mobile app development repeat the same old story: – “I want to get a working mobile app in a week.” After that a lot of time is spent in order to find out what type of mobile app the customer wants and how long will it take to develop it. In this article, I’ll try to give you the overview of the development process that is required for building a mobile app. Continue reading

andrew_schneider Guest Post: What the gaming world can learn from mobile

by Andrew Schneider, co-Founder & president of Live Gamer

Mobile is shaking up the games industry. Since the last major console launch, a whole industry (and player base) has grown up around mobile gaming that has independent and established gaming studios alike clamouring for mobile success. Although the two markets drastically differ, consoles are learning from, and sometimes even incorporating, mobile methodologies that offer similar experiences. There are two key aspects of the mobile equation that consoles could learn from: – The democratisation of game developers; and a better business model. Continue reading

Michal_Pilawski2 Guest Post: 5 steps to choosing the best mobile ad network for games publishers

Follow the SMART (Styling, Mix of offers, Ad formats, Robustness & Targeting) framework

by Michal Pilawski, mobile product management team lead at NativeX

Last weekend, I sat down for a coffee with a friend responsible for game monetisation at one of the largest mobile game publishers. Four months earlier, his company released a major title with a well-known ad network. To ensure steady advertising revenue, he negotiated a minimum revenue guarantee for a period of three months. Visibly angry, he told me how exactly three months after the launch his advertising revenue dropped to one-third of what it was earlier. Emails and calls to that ad network were unreturned. Continue reading

tott-turfies Brit soccer club picks HTML5 for kiddies game

Tottenham Turfies designed to be future proof

GoMo News trekked up to London’s EC1 (near the Silicon Roundabout) for the launch of a new game aimed at young children. The distinctive feature about the game is that it is entirely browser based (HTML5) rather than using dedicated apps. The game has been built for the Tottenham Hotspur Football (soccer) club by content creators, Hanger Seven. Entitled Tottenham Turfies, a Hanger Seven spokeswoman told GoMo News that the decision to go down the HTML5 route was to ensure that the game was futureproof. Continue reading

Candy Crush has a lot to answer for GoMo discovers

Social game wreaks havoc on our BlackBerry

It must be the epitome of social gaming – Candy Crush. As a craze, playing this game is certainly taken over in the UK. However, King – which produces the game, has made a very clever ploy by providing interoperability with Facebook. Candy Crush has hooked probably millions as they try to obtain ‘free lives’ from other people on the Facebook social network. The game also wreaked havoc here at GoMo Towers as we tried desperately to install it on a BlackBerry. In a nutshell, you can’t do it. Continue reading