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Paym-hsbc GoMo discovers HSBC bank Paym service by accident

Through update to old app announcement sent by letter

How quaint! We’ve become accustomed to receiving mostly junk mail through the traditional postal service. So it was a bit of a surprise to discover that GoMo News‘ existing bank – HSBC [UK], had decided to communicate with us about its latest banking app through a non-digital media. A letter. Anyway, it turned out to be good news because we also learnt about HSBC’s Paym service by mistake. It will be launching live in the UK on April 29th [2014]. Those who pre-register get the chance to win an HTC One. Continue reading

HTC One Once mighty HTC sees losses grow as phone sales lose traction

Next quarter will be better, it insists

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has suffered a deeper-than-expected first quarter loss, as its market share continues to slide – with it now standing at around 2 per cent. Despite rave reviews for its flagship smartphones, HTC sales remain modest and in the three months to April 2014 it posted a 22.6 per cent drop in revenues to 33.12 billion Taiwanese dollars (£659 million). But it insists it is likely to return to profit in Q2 following the late-March release of its upgraded flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8. In recent months it has also slashed costs dramatically in a bid to bolster its share price which has lost nearly 90 per cent since its April 2011 peak. Continue reading

dual SIM 4500 Duo prime candidate for instant online Dual SIM handsets need instant online

GoMo News reckons Prestigio is prime candidate

Regular GoMo News readers will know that this publication has already named 2014 as ‘The Year of the dual SIM support‘. Our prediction has already come true with Nokia not just launching a handset capable of running Android apps but it is also dual SIM too. What’s happening is that handset manufacturers are now selling dual SIM handsets into developed as well as emerging markets. The HTC One is a case in point. However, if vendors really want to promote dual SIM, the handsets must work first time. Which is where ‘instant online’ comes in. Continue reading

apple's dominance not guaranteed - o'sullivan Apple devices dominate global web browsing while Android gains ground

New dotMobi research reveals which devices are used to browse the web across the world

Press release

March 25th 2014. Despite the growing popularity of Android devices and low-cost smartphones, Apple’s global grip on mobile device browsing remains impressive in many major global markets. New data from dotMobi reveals that Apple’s iOS is the dominant platform for web browsing on mobile devices in many countries, particularly in first world nations. The findings revealed in dotMobi’s Global Device Traffic Index, show that Apple’s iOS-based devices are most used by mobile browsers in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and many parts of Europe including France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Continue reading

Nancy Griffin Guest Post: 8 Things you didn’t know an Android phone can do

by Nancy Griffin, a tech writer who occasionally works with Xicom Technologies

In my opinion, Android is probably the best mobile OS available on the market. Many GoMo News readers already own at least one Android device. The trouble is that being busy with the regular features (such as voice calling and texting), we can easily forget about the not-so-common features. Well, my article is for those guys & gals who want to know how to take full advantage of their Android device. So, here is my list of 8 things you didn’t know an Android phone can do (and were afraid to admit so)! Continue reading

dual Sim coming to WP8 picture source:@evleaks Dual SIM smartphone usage on the rise in India

As International vendors weigh, local producers redouble their efforts

Even just a year ago, dual SIM devices were exclusively manufactured by relatively unknown manufacturers seeking to gain a foothold in their home markets. That isn’t the case any longer. With a decline in the growth of the high-end market, it is the entry-level and mid-tier segments that handset manufacturers are now targeting. And they’re getting into dual SIM handsets big time as we saw during MWC week. Continue reading

samsung &htc aren't bothered - hanna Nokia is only real player in WP8 market

HTC & Samsung’s WP8 phones account for >5% of sales says Tamoggemon

Microsoft’s buy-up of Nokia turned quite a few heads in the mobile industry. Consequently, pundits expected rival manufacturers Samsung and HTC to both be ired by this announcement. This can not be father from the truth because their Windows Phones simply don’t sell in meaningful numbers, according to Tamoggemon Holding‘s CEO, Tam Hanna. So they aren’t bothered. These shocking stats were obtained by analysing the purchasers of Tamoggemon’s scientific calculator -TouchCalc. Even more reason for Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, to ditch the manufacturing bits of Nokia like Google has done with Motorola Mobility. Continue reading

quality budget phone can disrupt a market - Sunnebo Nearly a fifth of Europeans now own an iPhone

Sales of iPhones continue to increase month-on-month, latest figures for the quarter to November 2013 show, with the Apple handsets now accounting for 18.1 per cent of smartphones sold in Europe’s five biggest markets. During October Apple’s share was 15.8 per cent, but the following month increased sharply. According to researchers at Kantar Worldpanel, this was because of high levels of customer satisfaction with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, despite the fact that some analysts thought the cheaper 5C handset might prove to be a flop. Continue reading

iPhone 5c - a surprise UK top seller HTC One & Xperia Z1 only non-Samsungs/Apples in Dec mobile chart

But iPhone 5c does surprisingly well in UK’s Mobile Tracker

Data from the December [2013] Mobile Tracker, which is derived from Omio‘s network of comparison sites (including uSwitch) showed that only the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z1 represented other phone makers in the Top Ten. Apple and Samsung had four handset each taking up the remaining eight places. However, “The surprise success for the last third of 2013 has been the iPhone 5C. Touted as an inexpensive iPhone, with a cheaper plastic body, it was widely slammed as being too expensive to earn budget status,” explained Ernest Doku, telecoms expert with Continue reading

BlackBerry_Q5 BlackBerry waking up to its Qwerty USP at last

Actually puts the keypad sporting Q5 ahead of the Z10

As BlackBerry might have sung in ‘Money for Nothing’ – “We’ve got to move these colour BBs”. At least the Canadian smartphone maker appears to be waking up to the fact that its USP (Unique Selling Point) is the Qwerty keypads it offers on specific models. So GoMo News was heartened to see that when BlackBerry contacted us directly with its ‘Look ahead to your next BlackBerry’ over the festive season promotion, at least prominence was given to the keypad enabled Q5. The Z10 was lurking in the background. When surfers click through on the ‘Shop now’ they are taken to the company’s online shop. Which model gets prominence though? You’ve guessed it – the Z10. Continue reading Consumers being driven crazy by Samsung’s product release cycle

37 smartphones during 2013 with 15 different screen sizes
>by our Indian correspondent,  Asif Shaik

As of 2013, globally Samsung still has the largest market share for smartphones (31.4 per cent), according to IDC . The Korean manufacturer also stands behind Apple as the second largest tablet PC vendor (20.4 per cent), IDC says. A major part of Samsung’s success can be put down to Android; marketing; and its secret motto to have a smartphone/tablet offering at every price point and at every common screen size. However, Samsung’s product releases are now getting out of control – gone are the days when spending more on a smartphone translated to a meaningful upgrades in terms of overall hardware and/or software. Continue reading

Influx of local smartphones is troubling Big Brands in emerging markets

Spice mobile brands curry favour with Indian consumers
by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Since the inception of Android, we have seen dozens of new smartphone brands emerge. Some of the most popular new brands are Xiaomi in China, Micromax in India, Smartfren in Indonesia, Ninetology in Malaysia and Tecno Mobiles in African countries. Combined, all these local brands, are providing tough competition to established international players like Samsung and Apple – especially in emerging markets. Neglecting the importance of dual SIM smartphones has cost international brands a huge chunks of their emerging markets share. In India we’ve also seen the dominance of the ‘spice mobile’ phone makers. Continue reading

um, puss - where did I leave my boots? Shad Thames? HTC decides to paint the Town gold rather than red

Celebrates the gold version of the HTC by painting London’s Shad Thames’ streets

In the UK, there a Xmas tradition of taking children to the theatre to see a special genre of play called ‘pantomime’. And one of the most famous of such pantomimes is the legend Dick Whittington. He eventually became Major of London but in his youth believed that the streets of London really were paved with gold. To celebrate the gold makeover of the HTC One, the Taiwanese smartphone maker decided to paint the town gold. Hence, residents on the iconic cobbled streets of Shad Thames in the heart of historic London awoke today [December 20th 2013] to find themselves the lucky recipients of a festive makeover. All to promote what HTC claims is the most awarded smartphone in the UK – the HTC One. Continue reading

Katerina Merzlova Guest Post: Android is conquering the tech world

by Kate Merzlova, a frequent GoMo guest blogger now with Nasty Creatures

By 2020, there should be around 75 billion devices connected to the Internet. And in my opinion, it is highly probable that Android will be installed on most of them. Moreover, these devices will be not only smartphones and tablets but also various non-mobile devices such as gadgets; cars; robot assistants; and automated home control systems. Created back in 2003, Android has outgrown itself smartphones and tablets, and become the most popular operating system on the planet over ten years. Thanks to Google’s efforts, more than one billion devices are working using it now. By 2011, Google had launched Android@Home and the operating system [OS] gradually – by trial and error started to penetrate into new areas and connect independent gadgets. And this trend is unlikely to change. Continue reading

HTC’s One Mini poised to be banned from Britain

Taiwan’s HTC looks set to be banned from selling its One Mini smartphone in Britain by the end of this week following a judge’s ruling that it violated a Nokia patent.
A similar ban could have been imposed over HTC’s entire flagship range of One smartphones, which make up more than two thirds of UK sales, but in London’s High Court an injunction was stayed pending an appeal and given the extent of harm to HTC ahead of the busy Christmas sales period.
HTC has until the end of this week [6th December 2013] to make a similar appeal against a ban on the One Mini phone, which was launched only recently in Britain. Continue reading