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icrosoft has to build synergy -fogg MWC: 2014 is the year of dual SIM support

Microsoft adds dual SIM support to WP8

A day a head of the official opening of the MWC, it seems that the Redmond software giant – Microsoft, has decided to acknowledge a blazing hole in its mobile OS – lack of dual SIM support. This is a crucial requirement for developing and emerging markets particular India and Africa. In addition, the move to dual SIM support for Windows Phone (WP8) was in conjunction with its new emerging market partners partners. The list includes:- Foxconn, Gionee, JSR, Karbonn, Lava, LG, Longcheer, Micromax and ZTE. As GoMo News readers are well aware – Karbonn and Micromax are key smartphone makers in India. Nokia has, of course, just released the dual SIM X model, too. Continue reading

mobile_pay_juniper Annual purchases via mobile will be 50bn + transactions says Juniper

Direct Operator Billing (DOB) will boost frequency & value

The annual number of purchases made on mobile handsets and tablets is expected to reach 53 billion by 2016, according to a new report from Juniper Research. That’s almost double the 27 billion made last year. Significantly, the majority of these purchases (around 80 per cent) would be accounted for by digital content and mobile ticketing solutions. Transaction volumes would receive a significant uplift as an increasing number of OTT [Over The Top] storefronts introduced direct carrier billing solutions to supplement credit/debit card payment facilities. Continue reading

Voda_india Vodafone pushes deeper into India, but decries the costs

Government shafting mobile operators, it suggests

Vodafone has underlined its commitment to emerging markets, with news that it has spent £1.9 billion in India to enhance mobile services there – but has moaned strongly at the cost. Last night [13th February 2014] the UK operator claimed that the price paid for India’s new telecoms licences would leave companies saddled with debts for years and harm consumers, after the government celebrated raising 610 billion rupees, more than treble initial forecasts. Continue reading

kapoor - most prominent female indie 100 indie game developers participate in the Indie Prize awards

Winners announced at Casual Connect Europe 2014

The Casual Games Association (which hosts to the Casual Connect Europe show and exhibition) has announced the winners of Casual Connect Europe showcase’s Indie Prize Awards. The games were judged by Nick Berry, Facebook; Arseny Lebedev, Signus Labs; Oscar Clark, Applifier; Ilja Goossens, Chartboost; Colin Behr, Vungle; George Bain, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe; Shailesh Prabhu, Yellow Monkey Studios; Massimo Caporale, Marmalade; and Philipp Rogmann, Gameradar. Plus a number of selected journalists but none from GoMo News. Yulia Vakhrusheva, director of Indie Prize, commented, “Indie Showcase served well to the participating developers in terms of growing their businesses and learning about the hottest trends in the industry.” Continue reading

Ronan_Cremin Guest Post: Mitigating the device explosion via data

by Ronan Cremin, CTO with dotMobi

2013 certainly didn’t disappoint in relation to mobile device news. Early in 2013 we saw the launch of Samsung’s latest and much coveted device – the Galaxy S4. Apple launched two new versions of its iPhone. Google also made a major stir with Google Glass and Samsung also jumped on the ‘wearables’ bandwagon, with the release of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It seems the scramble to reach consumers globally with a range of devices to suit every conceivable need has meant the sheer number of devices entering the marketplace has risen exponentially. Here I’ll discuss the global proliferation of Internet enabled devices and the key considerations businesses need to account for in the changing device landscape. Continue reading Indians are buying more & more low cost tablets for calling

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

The tablet PC market in India has enjoyed significant growth in 2013. It is expected that six million tablet units will have been shipped in 2013. According to TechSci Research, the tablet market in India generated around $2 billion revenue in 2013. Although Apple may be the King in worldwide tablet sales and revenue, the growth of tablets in India seems to be extremely favouring Android, mainly due to availability of low cost devices. Continue reading

simon_pomeroy Guest Post: Consumer banking is now embracing mobile

by Simon Pomeroy, head of digital for Westpac

Banking is often seen as an industry that is slow to change, but the pace has picked up dramatically with mobile. In a recent survey that Westpac was involved in , 71 per cent of people said they wanted to be able to do everything on a mobile device that they can do on their PC. Here I will try to explain why Westpac is adopting a mobile first strategy and has now come to the UK to source innovation differently. Continue reading

- Neidhoefer Netbiscuits report confirms that size does matter

Er, screen size that is

In its latest Web Trends report, Netbiscuits has confirmed that screen size really does matter. Rather than basing itself on estimated device sales numbers – as IDC does, the company works from real data on mobile web usage. The report concludes that the average screen size within the Top Ten devices has increased from 3.9 to 4.2 inches. Which gives credence to a recent Wall Street Journal report suggesting that Apple is intending to release 4.5 and 5 inch variant of the iPhone. It may also be why Apple is doing badly in Asia proper. Continue reading

dual_sim_blackberry GoMo speculates the Jakarta Blackberry may be Dual SIM

BlackBerry’s marketing does seem to be getting slicker

A chance encounter with some of Blackberry UK’s marketing efforts got us thinking here at GoMo Towers. Is BlackBerry finally awakening to the subtleties of smartphone marketing? Its new hardware – apparently code-named Jakarta, is rumoured to be set for release in late February [2014]. So it could appear at the MWC Barcelona show which would be a logical move. Unlike the Z10 which was released mere weeks after the critical Xmas sales season. So, BlackBerry could see the light and release a Dual SIM version of a BlackBerry for the important Asian markets. Continue reading

wechat_screen N73 users should be Wechatting not Whatsapping

Run chat on your Nokia N73 with no need for upgrade
Here at GoMo Towers we’re constantly flooded with requests from owners of the Nokia N73 asking for information on how they can run WhatsApp on their Symbian smartphone. You can’t. So we did a bit of lateral thinking and realised that there’s a perfectly good [...]

idate_m2m China overtakes USA in M2M terms says IDATE

M2M market will reach $54 billion in 2017 report predicts

In the sixth edition of IDATE‘s M2M Market report (covering 2013-2017), the organisation forecasts that global M2M [machine-to-machine] market volume will grow by an average of around 30 per cent annually. That corresponds to 470 million modules, whilst in comparison revenue will climb by 13 per cent a year on average, to reach €40 billion ($54 billion). The bulk of revenue was generated by software and IT developments which together accounted for two-thirds of total market value. The main areas of application were automotive; consumer electronics; and utilities. Continue reading

idate_logo Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market finally taking off

M2M is enjoying swift growth of roughly 30% in volume and over 10% in revenue, with the market to reach €40 billion in 2017

Press release

January 14th 2014. The 6th edition of IDATE‘s M2M Market report, covering 2013-2017, reveals that a healthy growth rate has finally taken hold in this promising but, up until recently, underperforming market. This performance is being spurred by increased use within the main areas of application (automotive, consumer electronics and utilities) and is expected to accelerate even further over the next five years as M2M spreads to other sectors of activity. Continue reading

nisha_pandey Guest Post: What sets the M out from other Xperia phones

Sony smartphone powered by a dual core Qualcomm processor?

by Nisha Pandey, a writer who sometimes works with Coupon Monk

Sony already has its hands full with the Z Ultra, Z, U, T, SP, S, L, J, and E’ But now it has launched the Xperia M as well. Indeed, there’s a long list of devices in the Xperia line up itself so consumers are bound to be confused about exactly which one to opt for. More importantly, how does the Xperia M fare in the face of the internal Sony competition? Below I try to set out some of the Xperia M’s better points. Continue reading

Lumia_black Lumia Black update software rollout for Nokia WP8s starts today

Starts with Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones

An OS update for Nokia’s WP8 based handsets has started globally today [December 10th 2014]. The first models to receive the ‘Black’ update will be Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones. Other updates will follow on a unspecified timeframe. Sadly, GoMo News can’t check this out because we’re stuck with our Lumia 800 which is only WP7.8. Ho-hum. Anyway, Lumia Black offers many new features for existing Nokia Lumia WP8 owners including improvements in imaging; new apps; and app updates from Microsoft as well as Nokia. Continue reading

make your n97 seem like it is running symbian belle Belle UI can be spoofed on Nokia N97

Get the look & Feel of Symbian’s latest OS on your S60v5 device

When we wrote this story ‘Claimed Nokia N97 OS upgrade to Belle creates havoc‘ back in February 2013, it caused quite a stir. GoMo News stands by its original assertion that you cannot upgrade a Nokia N97 handset to the full version of (Smybian) Belle or even Anna. That’s because it is a Series 60 v5.0 device. However, what you can do is make it look like you are running Symbian Belle on your N97 thanks to a piece of software called ‘Symbian Belle Shell’. Thanks to GoMo reader “S2dal” from Tanzania for pointing this out. Continue reading