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official bbm twitter saysbbm for iphone version available in uae Roll out of BBM for Android & iOS in total chaos

Unreleased Android version to be disabled, iPhone version paused

What a fine mess. BlackBerry has now admitted that prior to the ‘official’ launch of BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. This apparently wreaked havoc. So BlackBerry intends to disable the unreleased Android app. Astonishingly, some 1.1 million Android handsets became active users of BBM in the first eight hours with the unreleased version. Hence the company has paused “the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone.” However, BBM for iPhone had already been released in several countries worldwide before BlackBerry began pausing – one of them being India and the last being the UAE. Continue reading

Melissa_Callo Melissa Callo appointed as head of StartMeApp Philippines

New operations centre in Manila extends 24/7 global mobile advertising reach

Latin America’s leading mobile advertising firm StartMeApp has just opened a new office in Manila, to help extend its global mobile ad network and provide true 24/7 ad optimisation capabilities across all time zones. The aim is to enhance the ability of StartMeApp’s advertising clients to fully maximise their mobile ad campaigns worldwide. Melissa Callo, an experienced professional in the areas of digital and mobile advertising and e-commerce has been appointed Philippines operations manager. Continue reading

whatsapp-compatible nokia x2 - screen reads "what's happening?" New twist in N73 & support for WhatsApp long-running saga

Now WhatsApp runs on some Nokia S40 devices but not on all Indian networks

One of our most read stories ever is ‘Nokia update N73 Software‘ – despite the fact that this news item was written back in 2008. The article has created false hope for N73 owners (particularly those based in India) who are desperately hoping that an OS (system) update will enable this workhorse Symbian smartphone to run the WhatsApp messaging app. It doesn’t fix the problem. For the umpteenth time, can we repeat that the N73 cannot run WhatsApp? We’ve explained why this is in this story … ‘Nokia S60 handsets capable of running WhatsApp‘. Now we’ve had a new twist to this long running saga. One reader has discovered that WhatsApp will indeed run on certain Nokia S40 handsets. Including some that don’t have support for Wi-fi – such as the Nokia X2. Continue reading

iPhone 5c - a surprise UK top seller Apple iPhone 5c is NOT just $99 & supports TD-LTE*

Well & truly aimed at emerging markets

With a price tag of just $99 for the 16 GB  model, Apple has well and truly aimed the new iPhone 5c at emerging markets – and China in particular. We can expect to learn which Chinese mobile network operator(s) the Californian-based company has done a deal with tomorrow [September 11th 2013]. However, at just 99 bucks the 5c is well and truly positioned to attack the crucial Asian markets – India included. What puzzles GoMo News is does Tim Cook realise what he’s done? That’s a bargain price for a handset that not only can run the masses of iOS apps – it even runs the very latest version of its OS – iOS 7. Plus, in order to accommodate the Chinese, Apple has created a handset which supports more LTE bands than any other handset worldwide. Continue reading

clear indication of Apple's intention to penetrate Asia 5S & iWatch today – 5C tomorrow looks likely

Apple holding an event in Beijing sparks more rumours

Most observers like us (see here) are fully expecting Apple to announce an entry level iPhone aimed at the Chinese market. The working name for that device is 5C, it seems. Sources have revealed that Apple is, in fact, holding two events. One in the USA [September 10th 2013] and the other in China [September 11th 2013]. An updated 5S could be revealed in the USA and the budget iPhone, a 5C could be revealed in China. But there’s more to just getting the price right for the 5C. Apple needs to look hard at its m-commerce model. It desperately needs direct operator billing. Continue reading

keep an eye on connected TVs - rosewell Lumia 521 is the budget smartphone Windows Phone needed

Goes from nowhere to almost 12% per cent of web traffic in 3 months

Good old has been doing some more data mining recently. This time the company decided to have a look at Nokia mobile devices over the last 8 months and their share of global web traffic. Somewhat unexpectedly the company discovered that Nokia’s Lumia 521 is enjoying a dominant position with an almost 12 per cent share of all mobile web traffic worldwide. This finding has helped to cement the fact that Windows is now the third most popular smartphone operating system used for web browsing across emerging markets (including India). Symbian’s share has just melted away. Continue reading

Apple still very strong for mobile ads Millennial finds

Symbian isn’t quite dead in APAC, though

Millennial Media, the leading independent mobile advertising platform has just released its Mobile Mix Q2 3103 report. It shows that the top players – as you would expect, are Apple and Google. However, Apple continues to significantly dominate advertising over Millennial’s platform. For example, Apple was the leading manufacturer on the platform and had three of the top four mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Samsung was the second leading manufacturer on our platform and also had three devices in the Top Ten. Millennial didn’t stress this but in the APAC region, Symbian still refuses to die. Continue reading India gets ready for gradual 4G TD-LTE rollout

Special report from our Indian correspondent

India is becoming one of the key mobile phone markets worldwide in terms of year-on-year growth, and with the imminent arrival of 4G networks in the country, that will be even more the case more so from next year [2014] on.
The Indian government is currently auctioning 4G licenses, and it is estimated that by the end of 2013 a total of 13 cities will be covered by 4G networks. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs] awarded with the licenses will offer services on the TD-LTE (time division–long term evolution) standard over LTE band 40 (2300 MHz). The number of TD-LTE ready handsets available to Indian consumers is, however, surprisingly low. Continue reading

Redknee_logo Redknee signs new policy management customer to support operator’s network modernisation

Press release

August 28th 2013. Redknee Solutions (TSX: RKN), a leading provider of business-critical billing and charging software and solutions for communications service providers, is pleased to announce that an anonymous operator  based in the APAC region has deployed the latest release of Redknee’s Policy Management solution. Redknee’s Policy Management solution is a critical investment for the operator as it completes the modernisation of its network and prepares to launch TD-LTE services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE), multi-media and interactive games. Continue reading

direct route into emerging markets - tziokas No surprises – reaction to Microsoft buying Nokia’s handset bit

Microsoft now has Nokia’s licensing deal with Qualcomm to play with

Oh, the power of the Press! Only nine days after GoMo News wrote this, ‘Plea to Ballmer – can you take Elop back please?‘, he has obliged. Elop is now going back to Microsoft as an executive vp for Nokia Devices & Service. If you remembered what Microsoft did to Brit handset manufacturer, Sendo, you’d have known that this was on the cards. Elop has done his job of depressing the price of Nokia’s shares and Microsoft has got the former No: 1 handset maker at a bargain $7.17 billion. Probably the most important part of the deal from Microsoft’s perspective is it acquires Nokia’s existing arrangements with chip maker, Qualcomm. No more reliance on Intel. Continue reading

perhaps colao should create European MVNOs? Vodafone investors in line for huge windfall following Verizon sell-off

Vodafone investors can expect to receive one of the biggest ever payouts in corporate history following the operator’s sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless.
A massive 71 per cent of the proceeds are expected to be handed back in cash and shares, equating to around $84 billion.
“This is a very substantial return to individual shareholders and investment funds that are relied upon by savers and pensioners in the UK, US and internationally, rewarding our investors for their long-term support.” said Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao yesterday (2nd August 2013), after the deal was apparently settled with a simple handshake at a hotel.
Under the terms of the settlement, Vodafone will receive £38 billion in cash, £39 billion in Verizon stock and a further £7.1 billion made up of smaller transactions. Continue reading

Asha 501 is available from Mysmartprice Nokia takes on smartphones with the new Asha 501

But can it succeed in India against smartphones with just a featurephone?

The Asha series of featurephones recently got a facelift with the launched of the Nokia Asha 501. The Asha 501 features Nokia’s latest Asha platform which offers a UI that is similar to MeeGo from Nokia N9. Nokia has created a vibrant looking device that is quite distinct from other devices in this price segment. It comes with a lot of additional features and can accommodate two SIMs in its micro-SIM card slots. Continue reading

juniper_smartphone_futures Nokia’s Asha OS gains traction in emerging markets

Apple will also target all sectors like Samsung does says Juniper

Some extremely interesting predictions on the mobile OS front from UK based market research company, Juniper Research. It claims that whilst the dichotomy of Android and iOs will continue to dominate, Asha, Sailfish and HTML 5 based OS will gain traction. These new OS players will achieve a 13 per cent share of the mobile OS market by 2018, Juniper reckons. It also seems to know something about Apple’s forthcoming announcements. It says, “Apple expected to announce a diversification in its product portfolio shortly.” Which has to mean a cost competitive iPhone will be released. Continue reading

xolo_logo Xolo – the only Indian smartphone brand able to go international

Tie up with Intel isn’t hurting the Xolo brand either

Brands like Samsung and Apple are struggling to increase their market share even after handing out attractive financing and 0 per cent EMI options in BRIC countries. New Indian brands aren’t making their job easy either. Of all the Indian smartphone brands which have sprouted recently, Xolo, Micromax and Karbonn have risen to become the Top Three in terms of sales. These brands have grabbed a lot of attention by releasing smartphones that offer excellent value for money whilst being much cheaper than competing international brands. If you were wondering which one of these could achieve a better international status in coming years, Xolo is the brand to look out for. Continue reading Brazilians spend longer mobile banking than Indians or South Africans

Surprise findings in NetBiscuits’ People’s Web report

There are huge differences in the behaviour of mobile phone users between those in emerging countries where a mobile phone is a tool and in developed nations where it is more of an information device. That’s according to the NetBiscuits’ People’s Web report. Somewhat surprisingly, Brazilians spend longer mobile banking than Indians or South Africans. Here at GoMo News were thought that Africans were the biggest users of mobile banking. Conversely, South Africans are the least aware of new technologies whereas the Chinese is the most aware. We weren’t surprised, however, to discover that the USA is the country most fixated with faster mobile download speeds. Continue reading