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text_home SMS aggregator could find itself embroiled in racism row

Home Office’s Go Home campaign being investigated

Much as e predicted an ad campaign featuring the slogan ‘Go Home’ and asking people to ‘Text Home to 78070′ has being dragged into a racism row. The campaign is being run by the UK government’s Home Office. A Home Office spokesman is quoted by Daily Mirror here as saying, “We can confirm we are in contact with the ASA [Advertising Standards Authority] over this investigation and we will respond in due course.” The newspaper reports that the ASA has received 60 complaints so far. Continue reading

text_home Mobile industry blasé about data security issues

Could become embroiled in illegal immigrants campaign

Whilst the general news media has been focussed on data privacy issues surrounding Facebook and Twitter, the cellular/mobile industry might be sitting on a timebomb surrounding data privacy. The illegal immigrants campaign being run in London [England] by the UK government’s Home Office is a classic case in point. Not only could it embroil the UK MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], it could also drag in SMS service providers such as BCH Digital and information providers like the Mobile Interactive Group. What happens if the government actively pursues “measures” to prove that the campaign is really working? Continue reading

windows_phone_8 Switching to Android would be a better choice for Nokia

Our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik, assesses the current cituation

It’s been a tough few years for Finnish manufacturer Nokia. The rise of iOS and Android have dented Nokia’s market share to such an extent that it no longer is the Number One handset manufacturer in the world. However, with Windows Phone the manufacturer is looking to regain lost ground. While Microsoft’s mobile OS is good, it cannot hold a candle to the vast ecosystem established by the likes of iOS and Android, who are leading by a mile. Currently Nokia has a licensing deal with Microsoft, but the question remains … “Would Nokia not be better off making Android devices?” Continue reading

smaato_log_12 Leading global mobile real time bidding (RTB) exchange Smaato hits $110m annual revenue run rate

Press release

July 16th 2013. Smaato, the leading global mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) ad exchange, has announced that the mobile ad spend transacted through its global RTB platform has hit a $110 million annual run rate this month [July 2013]. This milestone underscores the massive impact of real-time bidding on the revenue growth in the mobile advertising industry. Since the second quarter of this year, Smaato’s monthly revenue transacted by RTB has doubled. Continue reading

tough sledding for chinese startups - embley Tech Trailblazers crack China with China-Axlr8r’s help

Part of million dollar pot of prizes

It appears that the Tech Trailblazers awards have achieved one of their two main goals for 2013 by forming an alliance with China-Axlr8r which claims to be China’s first mentorship-driven seed-funding startup programme. GoMo News is, of course (see here), an official media partner for the second annual Tech Trailblazers awards. One of our tasks is to promote awareness of the awards in China and India. There are eight technology categories focussed on by the Tech Trailblazers with one of them naturally being mobile. Continue reading

Sibal begged to keep telegrams going Mobile phones kill off the telegram in India

Maybe texts will replace them

Video may not have actually killed the radio star but the mobile phone appears to have killed the telegram – in India at least. According to reports, India’s last telegram went out late July 14th [2013]. This ended a means of communication which has served millions of Indians for some 163 years. The telegram’s demise has been variously attributed to land telephone lines and email but GoMo News claims it is virtually certain that the mobile phone is to blame. There were some 867 million cellular subscribers in India as of April [2013]. Many observers forget that in developing countries such as India, mobile handsets are the chief source of emails, anyway. Continue reading

Sanjay_Bhambri Sanjay Bhambri appointed as CCO with Indian VAS supplier OnMobile

Returnee rises up in the ranks of Indian VAS reseller

Seeking to bolster its global presence, OnMobile Global, a leading provider of value-added services (VAS) to the mobile sector, has announced the appointment of Sanjay Bhambri as CCO [Chief Comercial Officer]. Although a Bangalore based company,  Sanjay will lead teams in emerging markets such as LATAM [Latin America] as well as in Europe and North America. Actually, Sanjay only rejoined OnMobile one year ago as regional vp for emerging markets. Continue reading

Tablet processor price wars could benefit smartphones

Quad-core chips fallen to just $8

It appears that newer, mostly Chinese tablet processor makers are competing so vigorously that the price of chips has dropped dramatically. A quad core tablet processor can cost as little as $8, apparently. This has meant that an iPad mini copy can be sold for just $50 in India and China. The spat is also spilling over into the smartphone processor sector where even Taiwan’s MediaTek and Nvidia are being undercut. Continue reading

India's first broadband enabled high speed train Pioneering mobile comms specialist 21Net appoints new CEO

Hires industry veteran from Rohde & Schwarz & HP

It’s probably not something that mobile marketers would think of – delivering rich media adverts to travellers on high speed trains. However, pioneering specialist – 21Net, has developed the technology that provides true broadband Internet speeds to those travelling on high speed trains. And it’s not just in Europe, either. It’s already working on express trains in India between New Delhi and Calcutta. So in order to take things to the next level the company has hired an industry veteran to become its new CEO – Philippe Catherine. Continue reading

nttdocomo NTT DoCoMo regains taste for overseas expansion

Japanese MNO to copy rival Softbank

Rumours are fast circulating that Japanese MNO [Mobile Network Operator] - NTT DoCoMo is contemplating making overseas acquisitions. The trigger is almost certainly the fact that its arch rival in Japan – Softbank is close to taking control of the USA’s third largest MNO, Sprint Nextel. This time DoCoMo will be looking around much closer to home – that is in the Asia Pacific region. The company didn’t have much luck when it decided to invest in European countries over ten years ago. Observers seem to forget that this was an attempt to establish i-mode as a major alternative to WAP. Continue reading

Nokia 208 Dual SIM Nokia launches price competitive 3.5G handsets

Have ideal for emerging markets written all over them

Realising that its brand is by no means dead in emerging markets Nokia has justed launched three new 3.5G models. The Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual SIM. They are ‘virtual’ smartphones offering the major facilities that consumers in emerging markets such as India will want. For example, they are robust; support email, the Internet and a few key social apps. But without the prices tag of a regular smartphones. Plus there’s even a Dual SIM variant. Continue reading

Nokia expands portfolio of highly affordable, 3G mobile phones

Press release

July 3rd 2013. Nokia has expanded its range of classically designed mobile phones with the launch of three new, high-performing handsets. The Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual SIM combine the familiar ‘candybar’ design with Nokia’s signature bold colors and 3.5G-capable Internet speeds. Popular social apps, smarter imaging and productivity features such as Internet-sharing and Mail for Exchange support make these phones some of the most versatile at their price point; perfect for people balancing work and play. Continue reading

Louise_Osullivan Guest Post: OTT applications and the threat to SMS

by Louise O’Sullivan, CEO of Anam Technologies

It has been said on more than one occasion that SMS has had its day. According to Informa (see here), OTT applications are beginning to have a substantial impact on SMS traffic and revenue. From my experiences with Mobile Network Operators [MNOs], the feedback they have given me simply doesn’t support the argument that SMS is dying. This argument is backed up by Informa who highlight that SMS revenues will continue to increase until at least 2016. Continue reading

Asif Shaik Guest Post: Micromax & MediaTek garner success

by Asif Iqbal Shaik, a blogger working for MySmartPrice

Two companies, little known just a couple of years ago - MediaTek and Micromax, are now in limelightfor their explosive growth. MediaTek is a fabless semiconductor company which was not much known in consumer space because it made chips only for the entertainment appliances and wireless communications industries. Micromax had gained a reputation for making poor-quality but cheaply-priced feature phones. Now it is the second biggest handset brand in India. Continue reading