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xiaomi redmi 1s Ask Asif returns to answer your smartphone questions

This week Asif covers Xiaomi Redmi, Asus Zenfone, Xolo & others

Here our resident handset market expert – Asif Iqbal Shaik, from – the recommendation web site, answers readers’ questions on what is best in the Indian market.

Sukasu asks …


Is Xolo Q 700 S any good?

Asif Shaik replies …

The Xolo Q700S is a good smartphone and it recently received the Android 4.4 KitKat update. Although you might want to have a look at the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 1S which is priced at Rs 6,999 in India a superb smartphone at that price. Continue reading

whatsapp-missing-on-bada Indian N73 users still desperate for whatsApp

You’re not alone – so are Samsung bada owners

Recently, GoMo News reader, Pandurang Ghuge, asked us … “I want to know is why isn’t the developer of Whatsapp trying to develop the compatible software for running on an N73 device? And will any solution be found for this?” Short answer – No. He should have read our ‘Nokia N73 updates & WhatsApp help page‘. Despite numerous requests for the N73 to be supported, WhatsApp still hasn’t produced a version that will run on that old Nokia handset. If you don’t believe us go here on the WhatsApp support page. If it’s any consolation, you guys aren’t alone. Bada fanbois are begging for WhatsApp, too. Continue reading

former tag man patrick pruniaux Apple poaches F1 watch maker exec for iWatch

Speculation about Tag Heuer’s Patrick Pruniaux hiring

Tag Heuer which is perhaps best known for its luxury F1 (Formula One) watches and part of luxury goods group LVMH has announced that one of its execs, Patrick Pruniaux, is leaving the company today, July 7th 2014, to join Apple. This adds to rumours that the Cupertino-based company is readying itself to launch into the wearable technologies sector. With all the bets being on an iWatch smartwatch. It also fuels speculation that Apple might be pitching the iWatch right at the top of the luxury watch price bracket. Especially since it has already hired execs from Burberry, Angela Ahrendts, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Paul Deneve. Continue reading

vodafone_woman_with_phone Vodafone launches WorldTraveller roaming for USA & India

Take your UK minutes, texts and data to India for an extra £5 a day

Good news for Vodafone UK’s contract (Pay monthly) customers who want to roam with their mobile phones outside Europe – especially in the USA & India. Leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator], has just launched a new plan which enables those on contracts – including business travellers on certain business price plans, to take their existing UK minutes, texts and data with them whilst roaming abroad. Vodafone WorldTraveller is available for just £5 a day (including VAT) in the Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa as well as the USA and India. The deal is positioned as an adjunct to Vodafone EuroTraveller where Vodafone contract customers can roam Europe at a special price of £2 a day. Continue reading

Reliance to pump $11.6bn into Indian 4G

The sort of gamble which Hutchison Whampoa pulls off

Reports have emerged that India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has decided to sink a massive $11.6 bilion (INR 700 billion) into rolling out 4G in India. In 2013, Deutsche Bank has estimated that Reliance would pour some $3 billion into 4G, so this is over triple that figure. The investment will be made via the Reliance Jio venture and marks Mukesh’s first return to mobile after surrendering Reliance Communications to his brother Anil some ten years ago. It’s abold move and one which GoMo News has only ever seen be pulled off before by Hong Kong based Hutchison Whampoa (which currently own Three/3UK, for example). Continue reading

Tejas_Jasani Guest Post: 5 mobile app design blunders & ways to avoid them

by Tejas Jasani, CEO with The App Guruz

A whopping 78 per cent of Facebook users in USA primarily access the social network from mobile devices. The trend is already obvious and clear that mobile devices are steadily going to be the primary access points for diverse web needs and apps. So developing mobile apps that perfectly address the capabilities of varying mobile devices and user preferences is important. While developing mobile apps there are some common blunders to avoid. Here’s my list of the five most common design blunders when designing a mobile app. Continue reading

Marom_Ben_menachem African operator launches first real-time billing for prepaid data from Starhome Mach

Enables a new source of revenue for operators and enhances customer loyalty

Press release

June 10th 2014. Starhome Mach, the global leader in mobile inter-carrier network and clearing house services, has announced that it has implemented its Prepaid Data Roaming Enabler solution at a leading South African operator. For the first time, prepaid roamers can freely use data services – creating new revenue streams for operators and increasing customer satisfaction. Continue reading

why keep searching south? MH370 pressure group launches fund raiser

Perhaps it needs to discover direct operator billing

A dramatic new development in the hunt for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 occurred today [June 8th 2014] with the launch of a new $5 million appeal. A pressure group is hoping to raise enough money to encourage a ‘whistleblower’ to come forward to reveal details around the conspiracy theory that someone, somewhere knows something that would reveal where the missing aircraft actually is. Just like the search efforts, GoMo News firmly believes that the pressure group is looking in the wrong place. Plus they could raise money more effectively if they deployed direct operator billing. Continue reading

image courtesy of Vodafone/Mclaren We still think that Verizon might sponsor the Haas F1 team

Haas tells Forbes he wants his F1 team to be a national flagship

In an interview which NASCAR team owner Gene Haas has just given to Forbes magazine, GoMo News still detects hints that his team might be able to land sponsorship from leading US-based mobile network operator [MNO], Verizon Wireless. The US multi-millionaire revealed the plan was for the new F1 team to have aerodynamics operations in Kannapolis, North Carolina. However, he claimed that the team would actually have a European based headquarters – almost certainly in England. Sadly, Haas ruled out entering Formula One with a team in 2015 but affirmed he remains committed to being on the grid in 2016. Continue reading

stroppa - hands currently tied OnMobile to promote sport event themed RBTs

GoMo invents the British F1 ringback tone

We’ve just had a very interesting discussion with Florent Stroppa, who is a senior vp for products with OnMobile, an Indian company specialising in value-added services for the telecommunications industry. Florent is particularly keen to promote ringback tones (RBTs) and was telling us about an impending campaign the company will be running shortly to promote the forthcoming World Cup soccer tournament. Apparently, Onmobile is aiming to entice consumers to utilise ringback tones through sports based events. Naturally, GoMo News suggested Formula One (F1). Continue reading

rajiv pancholy Rajiv Pancholy joins OnMobile as CEO

Veteran who’s long served Canadian mobile sector

In the wake of the resignation of Mouli Raman as CEO back in May [2014], OnMobile Global is happy to announce the appointment of Rajiv Pancholy as Chief Executive Officer – effective June 2nd [2014]. Rajiv is a veteran in the telecommunications industry possessing over three decades of experience in a variety of roles. He has a proven track record of successfully implementing organisational transformation, conceptualising innovative product and marketing strategies, international business development and planning and policy development. He has degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Continue reading

heer NASSCOM Gaming Forum takes a 20 member delegation to Singapore for Casual Connect Asia 2014

Press release

May 11th 2014. The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) Gaming Forum of India has announced that it will facilitate the travel of a 20 member delegation to Singapore for the upcoming Casual Connect Asia 2014 scheduled from 20th-22nd May [2014]. Casual Connect is produced by the Casual Games Association and is the premiere conference for the casual gaming industry with over 5,500 professionals attending the event each year. As part of the NASSCOM Gaming Forum delegation, Indian Games Studios heads will showcase innovative Indian games developed in the last few years at the event. Continue reading

Asif Shaik Ask Asif: Trying to determine what’s the best smartphone

Here our resident handset expert, Asif Iqbal Shaik, answers readers’ questions
Asif works for the highly respected Indian mobile phone price comparison website –

Ishwar asks …

Please suggest which brand i should prefer Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, or Xolo? My friends and relatives says that I should buy a branded mobile phone like Samsung and Nokia but I don’t like the shapes of Samsung brands. With Xolo I like the A600 which is good in viewing and my budget is also under INR 10,000. Please suggest to me what I should do.

Asif Shaik replies …

Definitely, Nokia provides the best device and software quality among other brands that you’ve mentioned.

I think the Nokia Lumia 525 is the best smartphone under INR 10,000.

Also, if you can increase your budget a bit, the Motorola Moto G would be a great buy.

I suggest you to wait till May 13th [2014] as Motorola is going to announce the Moto E. It will be priced under INR 10,000 as well. Continue reading

Galaxy_S5 Five Five reasons why Samsung Galaxy S5 is experiencing poor sales in India

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February [2014] – a device which will most probably stay as its flagship smartphone for the rest of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was made available for purchase last month [April] in India and other important markets. But the sales of the Galaxy S5 haven’t been as good as Samsung had predicted it them to be. To avoid poor sales of Galaxy S5 in India. Here are the Top Five reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is experiencing poor sales in India. Continue reading

- tziokas X not enough to save Nokia in merging markets

Plus HERE Maps wasn’t part of the acquisition

Despite elation amongst the financial markets that Microsoft had finally acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division, Noka actually managed to post a year-on-year decline in handset sales by 30 per cent. Nokia also revealed an operating loss of $452 million. In Nokia’s defence, one observer suggested that Nokia’s patent licensing business pulled in roughly $119 million in profit over the last three monthsand that HERE maps brought in $13.8 million. However, Nokia admitted that “Our Smart Devices net sales were affected by competitive industry dynamics including the strong momentum of competing smartphone platforms.” According to Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager with Upstream, “Emerging markets consumers’ desire for smartphones is increasingly being met by an onslaught of cheap handsets from all corners.” Continue reading