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Hardware clinic: How to force Windows 8.1 to recognise your iPhone

Time consuming & frustrating process. Check your USB cable too

It may have something to do with the long rivalry between Apple and Microsoft (although Microsoft once saved Apple and bailed it out), but here at GoMo Towers we couldn’t believe how difficult it was for one reader to connect her iPhone to her nearly new laptop PC. The laptop was running Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8.1 and the software vendor isn’t doing itself any favours if it wants to persuade existing Windows XP users to migrate to its latest software. Because the whole process was time consuming & frustrating. We eventually fixed the problem but it took hours. Continue reading

made sense for us to bring the app to iOS - harter New computer screen sharing app is now available for iOS

PC screen sharing app for Facebook friends

deskhop, the recently released computer screen sharing Facebook application from RealVNC, is now available as a free app for iPhone and iPad. originally aunched back in September [2013], deskhop has already picked up tens of thousands of users worldwide. It is designed to be used by anyone with a Facebook account (of which there are about a billion people). The app is an effective tool for any technical guru [geek] who supports his or her friends and family with IT issues. deskhop fans are finding more uses every day, including collaboration, training, gaming and sharing information. Continue reading

Secret_screenshot Sshhh! It’s Secret Inc Secret app for iPhone

Social networking – only for those in USA

Here’s a new twist on social networking – an iPhone App called Secret which really does keep your identity secret. The idea appears to be to start wicked rumours with this app and then keep everyone guessing who actually let the cat out of the bag [started it]. The app is apparently the work of two former Google employees (calling themselves Secret Inc)– which makes it all the more puzzling that there’s currently no Android version of this app yet. There is an Android app called secret which is very similar but it isn’t the work of the same developer. The app is all the buzz in Silicon Valley but there’s a catch – at present you can only download this app if you’re based in the USA. Continue reading

apple's dominance not guaranteed - o'sullivan Apple devices dominate global web browsing while Android gains ground

New dotMobi research reveals which devices are used to browse the web across the world

Press release

March 25th 2014. Despite the growing popularity of Android devices and low-cost smartphones, Apple’s global grip on mobile device browsing remains impressive in many major global markets. New data from dotMobi reveals that Apple’s iOS is the dominant platform for web browsing on mobile devices in many countries, particularly in first world nations. The findings revealed in dotMobi’s Global Device Traffic Index, show that Apple’s iOS-based devices are most used by mobile browsers in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and many parts of Europe including France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Continue reading

FCC-Aztec_code Masabi supplies secure mTickets for FCC trains

Aztec based codes initially readable @ 3 English rail stations

As something of a breakthrough, Masabi – a specialist developer of  mobile ticketing has enabled British train operator  First Capital Connect to roll out its first mTicket capability at three English railway stations. An mTicket enables a smartphone user to purchase a ticket electronically with no need to collect it physically from a ticket office or machine. Instead the mTicket is displayed onscreen as an encrypted Aztec code. [Note: Not a QR code!]. Machines at London King’s Cross, Cambridge and King’s Lynn will initially be able to read these mTickets as will conductors’ portable ticket machines. The plan is to be able to roll it out to other locations including London’s Gatwick airport. FCC is strangely coy about the number of platforms able to run its ‘Rail Tickets’ app. There are Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia apps, for example. Continue reading

F1_14_official New F1 race app features in-app purchasing

Official app doesn’t seem to have been well promoted

Ahead of Sunday’s [March 16th] first Formula One (F1) motor race of the 2014, it appears that has done a poor job of promoting the fact that a completely new app has been released for the new season. Bad news for BlackBerry and Windows Phone (WP8) handset owners is that the app – which we believe has been developed by Soft Pauer once again, is only available for Android and iOS. The big difference over previous apps is that there’s a free ‘Lite’ version available for download. And when you notice that all of the information you really want is missing, then you can upgrade to the Premium version via an in-app purchase. Continue reading

marketers fine-tune their strategies & spending - alder 2 new indexes for game/app marketers launched

Fiksu aims to help marketers gauge the true mobile costs

In order to help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals, Fiksu has created two new indexes. These are designed to help app marketers analyse and benchmark mobile app advertising strategies, with an eye on engagement. The new Fiksu Cost per Install (CPI) index focuses on download costs, measuring the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising. The second new Fiksu index measures the Cost per App Launch. It focuses on engagement and ongoing value, tracking the cost of each repeat app launch over time. Significantly, over Xmas the price difference in reaching Android users rather than iOS users disappeared, Fiksu found. Continue reading

lead the rich communication charge - hernandez Fuze by Acision is World’s first rich communication client with WebRTC Integration

Acision’s OTT app provides messaging, sharing and beyond for superior user experience and new revenue generation opportunities

Press release

February 2014. Acision, a global leader in mobile services, has announced the launch of Fuze, its new all-in-one, telco-friendly rich communication client for messaging, sharing and beyond. Fuze combines all of today’s over-the-top (OTT) messaging capabilities such as chat, file sharing, video and VoIP, alongside integration with WebRTC, content channels and ‘See-What-I-See’, as well as a unique split screen user experience (UX) for media sharing and easy content drag & drop. Fuze is RCS compliant, so meets standards set by the GSMA, and includes SMS and MMS fall back, allowing users to interact with friends without Fuze or when a broadband data connection is unavailable. Continue reading

- ekholm Improve you brand and revenue with iPad apps

Think of it as a completely different channel

Attendees at the Publishing & Media show at Earls Court London yesterday [February 25th 2014] were more likely than many to focus on iPad rather than smartphone apps. A presentation by one of the founders of mag+, Staffan Ekholm, focussed on how you might use this particular platform to build both your revenue and your brand.He proposed that a device-specific focus could bring significant rewards. Continue reading

flood_warnings Woeful lack of flood warning apps in rainsoaked UK

No Android version & incompatible with BlackBerry 9320

England appears to be experiencing its wettest winter in 250 years and flooding is happening all over the country. So it seemed sensible to discover if the UK government was making its flood warnings readily available to mobile users. Short answer – a disaster. There appears to be only two apps to alert UK citizens. One version for iOS devices and the other for BlackBerries. Or rather – some Blackberries. Not our 9320, for example. There’s no Android version at all, although the developer – Halcrow/CH2M Hill, has been promising one on its web site for ages here. The British governmental body responsible for issuing the flood warnings, the Environment Agency, also hasn’t seen fit to make its web site mobile friendly. You have to persevere if you want any information by mobile. Continue reading

webOS - probably the easiest to close apps in How to switch off background apps

Another blinding tip from ST’s Tony Smith

There have long been concerns amongst GoMo News readers from those who want to preserve their smartphone/tablet’s battery life for longer usage times. Obviously turning off non-essential connectivity such as Bluetooth; Wi-fi and especially GPS (satellite) is always a good move. But what about all those apps running in the background? Surely you can save power. The Sunday Times‘ Tony Smith appears to agree here.* He provides instructions for closing down iOS 7; Android and WP8 apps. We’ve added BlackBerry and webOS. Continue reading

92%  of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting Top Ten things users don’t know about their iPhone

We can’t believe some fanbois don’t know about the torch function
92% of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting
Researchers for recently gave 650 Apple iPhone users a list of ten features and asked if they were aware of their existence. The results were intriguing. Topping the poll was the ability to use [...]

taxi_zum_klo Taxi app war breaks out in New York City

It’s not a game but commercial rivalry

Given how litigious US citizens are, GoMo News was surprised to receive a communication from Gett claiming categorically that it had just be the victim of a cyber attack from arch rival, Uber. The company claims that after the attack its drivers received a SMS message from Uber urging them to leave Gett and join Uber. So that’s both SMS and apps being deployed in a business spat. Which has got to be some kind of a first, GoMo News firmly believes. Continue reading

landmark occasion in mobile advertising - spilman Millennial Media launches interactive mobile experience for Toyota Entune audio system

Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA first to partner with Millennial Media on voice ads

Press release

January 9th 2014. Millennial Media (NYSE:MM) has announced the launch of a cutting-edge mobile advertising campaign for Toyota Motor Sales USA, that engages consumers with voice-activated technology. The campaign highlights the all-new 2014 Corolla, and lets consumers engage in a two-way conversation with the ad unit to mimic the experience of Entune Audio, Toyota’s innovative in-vehicle multimedia and telematics system with speech recognition. Continue reading

optimising facebook proves most lucrative - palli Snapchat, Vine among top smartphone apps of 2013

Press release

January 2nd 2014. Snapchat, Vine, and Candy Crush Saga earned coveted spots on smartphones this year, making them among the most downloaded apps of the year. There are more than a million apps on Apple Inc’s App Store and Google Inc’s Play store, the two dominant marketplaces for apps, which see billions of downloads each year. This year [2013], the most downloaded apps were new takes on communication, gaming, and entertainment, according to mobile app experts. “2013 was a really interesting year in terms of maturation, milestones and new trends,” said Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at Fiksu, a mobile marketing company based in Boston Continue reading