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Mail on Sunday calls for action over bill shock

MNOs should bring security & protection in line with banks

The leading UK national newspaper, the Mail on Sunday, has called for more protection for consumers over ‘bill shock’. This follows a complaint from a British woman, Laura Harris, over a £2,000 ($3,100) bill she managed to run up with local MNO[Mobile Network Operator], Vodafone. The worrying thing is that she managed this feat mostly by linking her Apple iPhone to a Microsoft Exchange email server. She discovered the cause by contacting a specialist firm, Forensic Mobile Services, which claimed that “Exchange email services have known technical issues that can result in high data usage when used on Apple devices.” Known by whom, GoMo News would like to know? Anyway, Ms Harris and the Daily Mail (here) have subsequently called for UK MNOs to bring security and protection in line with banks [financial institutions]. Continue reading

Vodafone’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus tariffs announced

Prices start at free for hardware – rising to £63.50 per month on 4G

All four UK MNOs will be offering the new Apple handsets but as a guide for readers, we’re publishing Vodafone typical contract tariffs. Vodafone has already [September 12th 2014] started taking pre-orders for the two latest Apple smartphones – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through its website and in stores – with Vodafone having heavily extended its own retail outlet inventory. Orders will be sent on a first come, first served basis. The iPhone 6 will be available for free on 4G Red XL and Red XXL plans on a 24 month contract. However, those tariffs offer 10GB and 20GB data and are priced at £53.50 and £58.50 respectively. Continue reading

ghosts & footprints can remain - moses Forensic expert confirms BlackBerry BB10s are ultra secure

Longmere Consultants specialise in recovery of deleted texts

Most people believe that once you press the delete button on a mobile telephone, then that text message [SMS] has gone forever . However, according to UK forensic data recovery experts, Longmere Consultants, this is not always the case. The company specialises in recovering deleted texts; photographs; call logs; chat messages; files; and phone books from mobile phones. However, John Moses md with Longmere confirmed to GoMo News that the exception that proves the rule is the Blackberry Q & Z series (BB10 devices) plus the 9320 series which are non-recoverable. So, in effect, Longmere is confirming that BlackBerry’s smartphones are about the securest devices you can have out there. By contrast, iPhone are amongst the easiest to recover from. Continue reading

don't take iPhone 6 tips from Brit comedians like Ali G iPhone 6 probable launch date of September 9th

Of course, Cupertino’s finest might call it the iPhone 5Z

A very accurate way of predicting when Apple will perform its annual handset launch (because it is a creature of great habit) is to discover when it is planning its next major media event. Which is exactly what Recode did and it has reported the next big media event is scheduled for September 9th [2014]. Naturally, everyone expects this next handset to be called the iPhone 6. GoMo News is hedging its bets, however, because we followed comedian Ali G in 2012 and predicted here that the iPhone 6 would appear in 2013. Instead we got the 5c and 5s. So we could have a 5z and a 5x in 2014. Continue reading

What to do when your iTunes library gets too big

Not all iPhone users have Macs & large capacity hard drives

Although iPhone fanbois would love to portray it as the case, not all those who have picked an iPhone as their smartphone are owners of other Apple hardware such as Macs and Macbooks with large capacity hard drives. Indeed, GoMo News knows from readers emails and comments that many keep their iTunes music (book and video) libraries on Windows based PCs. Especially ageing Windows XP based laptops. These machines are currently grinding to a halt – chiefly because they are running out of space on the hard drive. One solution? Migrate your iTunes collection to an external hard drive. Continue reading

Globetrotter-battery Powered up phones requirement at airports counter-productive

What happens if we all start carrying battery packs?

The news that various British airlines – especially those flying passengers to the USA, have started to insist that travellers’ mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets, must be powered up could well prove to be counter-productive. This GoMo News hack doesn’t believe he is unusual but if an airline wanted to confiscate either my mobile phone or my laptop, then there wouldn’t be any point me getting on that plane. Both are vital tools for performing my line of work. Normally it wouldn’t be too difficult to keep both items charged. But our recent experience flying back to Britain from Barcelona suggests otherwise. We’re all for countering terrorism but you have to be pragmatic about these things. Continue reading

the passport keyboard Promised Passport from BlackBerry could stem customer loss

Making it easier to put Android apps on BB10 too

There have been some pretty comprehensive leaks about BlackBerry’s next BB10 based device – the Passport. Michael Clewley, director of software product management at BlackBerry says it will deliver “a step change in productivity”. He was writing in an official BlackBerry log which has been removed. So, thanks to mobilesyrup, you can read his blog here. Why does it increase productivity? Because this promised BB10 smartphone has a touch-enabled keyboard. Simultaneously BlackBerry has been making it easier for Android developers to port their apps to BB10 devices (including Passport). This might stem the diminishing loyalty of BlackBerry consumers in 2014 recently discovered by British comparison site Cashforphonescomparison. Continue reading

Dixie_Somers Guest Post: Major differences between Android vs iPhone users

by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who works sometimes with Apple Shark

In my opinion, in North America Android users are far more likely to be found in lower income areas, whereas middle and upper class regions tend to favour the iPhone. This can be put down largely due to the major price differences between the two. For example, an Android handset can easily be obtained for less than half the price of an iPhone. In addition, monetisation differences make Android apps much cheaper than iPhone equivalents. The price divide also creates a separation in price. Young college students generally have less money, thus they are grouped with the lower income Android users no matter what area they live in. Continue reading

lebara_tweakker Tweakker’s web app simply switches an iPhone to MVNO data

Could save you from having to unlock the phone

A while back when we ran a story entitled ‘US MVNO Ultra Mobile connects through Tweakker‘ we spotted a reference to a special facility for Apple’s iPhones. The company claimed it can provide, “a unique solution for iPhones where the customer is guided via SMS and web-apps through an automatic setup process.” This turns out to be an extremely useful facility for MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] who know that a large number of potential subscribers want to migrate using their iPhone. The problem is that MVNOs’ APNs [Access Point Names] are not included in Apple’s own iPhone activation ‘process’ files. Without Tweakker’s solution this can prove to be a support nightmare for MVNOs. Continue reading

full english & iphone recharge in 1 - biolite Cook full English & simultaneously charge your iPhone

Good for some music festivals which hopefully includes WOMAD

The sun is shining here in Blighty [UK], so our thoughts naturally turn to hopes of a balmy [sunny] Summer of music festivals. What’s an Englishman/woman’s major challenge when camping out in the middle of nowhere – as is the case with most music festivals? Answer: – How are you going to cook a full English breakfast?* Oh, and what are you going to do about re-charging your iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter)? We came across one device which sounds like it is the answer to any English person’s prayers. The Biolite Camping stove. Basically you can burn wood to heat the frying pan and charge your smartphone simultaneously. Camp fires and barbecues are banned at most music festivals but some such as WOMAD Charlton Park allow camping stoves. Continue reading

built on offering disruptive mobile packages - kassim US MVNO Ultra Mobile connects through Tweakker

Connectivity firm to provide APN settings to fuel Ultra Mobile’s continued growth in the US market & cut customer care costs
Tweakker experiencing strong growth in North American MVNO markets

Press release

May 14th 2014. Mobile connectivity leader Tweakker has announced that it has entered into a supply agreement with USA-based mobile virtual network operator [MVNO] Ultra Mobile to deliver Access Point Name (APN) configuration to its growing domestic customer base. This is the fourth USA-based MVNO that Tweakker has entered into supply agreements with in recent months and the firm is focussed on developing similar agreements with many more US-based MVNOs. Continue reading

adblocker_facebook AdBlock comes out for Safari – but not iPhone

GoMo gets clarification that it is desktop only

Now that there’s a major shift over to mobile in terms of online advertising, here at GoMo Towers we’re still bemused that major advertising refuznik – AdBlock, has not managed to extend its reach. So when we spotted the news that a version of AdBlock Plus had come out for Safari, we thought AdBlock had at last started to make headway into the mobile ads sector. No such luck. This is what an official AdBlock spokesperson told us … “It [adBlock Plus] only works on desktop versions of Safari, not iPhones. The reason for this is that the iPhone version of Safari and the desktop version of Safari are entirely different thing. And like all phone versions of popular desktop browsers, with the exception of Firefox, phone-version Safari does not (yet) support extensions.” So there you go. Continue reading

cards exceed capacity of physical wallets - parisse Bluesource to integrate Vodafone Wallet into its app

Load all your loyalty cards straight into Vodafone’s mobile wallet

Vodafone has struck an agreement with Bluesource, an Austrian software house, to integrate the Vodafone Wallet into its ‘mobile-pocket’ app. The Bluesource app is one of the most popular customer cards and shopping apps in Europe. The integrated app will be progressively rolled out in countries where Vodafone has already launched its mobile wallet. So it will start in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain in June [2014] with other countries including the UK expected to follow later. But will it work on the iPhone? Continue reading

can prove very costly - boyd Flaw in iPhone email encryption causes stir

Germany’s NESO Security Labs spots potential email security flaw

The news site are alight with the news that a researcher working for the NESO Security Labs in Germany, Andreas Kurtz, has spotted a potential vulnerability in the security of email attachments for those using the latest Apple iOS software. He apparently managed to prove the bug worked even with an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4. Apple has acknowledged the bug’s existence but it’s still not clear what will happen next. Continue reading

iPhone owners more risqué - Spencer Skewed survey says iPhone users send more sexts

We’re not quite sure how these figures were put together

The practice of sending explicit, sexual text messages to other people is known as ‘sexting’. Last month [April 2014] GoMo News reported on a survey carried out by which claimed that Samsung handsets knocked Apple’s iconic iPhone into second place when it comes to sexting here. Now a new survey carried out on behalf of UK based we site, insurance2go, found that more than 30 per cent of iPhone users had sent an explicit message. Even those with a BlackBerry (21 per cent) sent more sexts than the 17 per cent who used a Samsung device. GoMo News wonders why all the leading brands of Android handsets aren’t grouped together – why just Samsung? Continue reading