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Hardware clinic: How to force Windows 8.1 to recognise your iPhone

Time consuming & frustrating process. Check your USB cable too

It may have something to do with the long rivalry between Apple and Microsoft (although Microsoft once saved Apple and bailed it out), but here at GoMo Towers we couldn’t believe how difficult it was for one reader to connect her iPhone to her nearly new laptop PC. The laptop was running Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8.1 and the software vendor isn’t doing itself any favours if it wants to persuade existing Windows XP users to migrate to its latest software. Because the whole process was time consuming & frustrating. We eventually fixed the problem but it took hours. Continue reading

Juned.-Ghanchi Tools that aid in iPhone app development

by Juned Ahmed, a mobile business consultant at Indian App Developers

The iPhone’s success has taken the world of mobile apps to the next level altogether. More and more mobile app developers are participating in iPhone app development. They want to enhance the user experience with these apps. Most of the apps have been introduced based on the customer feedback provided. However, there are instances where most people have indulged in experience based apps such as an ebook reader or an entertainment schedulers. Well, users may be a developer for mobile apps, but not necessarily for iPhone based apps. This is why users need help of tools that will ease the whole process out for users. All users need to do is purchase or download these tools and use them to create the necessary mobile apps for users’ iPhone. Here’s my list of useful apps that will aid in the iPhone app development process. Continue reading

Secret_screenshot Sshhh! It’s Secret Inc Secret app for iPhone

Social networking – only for those in USA

Here’s a new twist on social networking – an iPhone App called Secret which really does keep your identity secret. The idea appears to be to start wicked rumours with this app and then keep everyone guessing who actually let the cat out of the bag [started it]. The app is apparently the work of two former Google employees (calling themselves Secret Inc)– which makes it all the more puzzling that there’s currently no Android version of this app yet. There is an Android app called secret which is very similar but it isn’t the work of the same developer. The app is all the buzz in Silicon Valley but there’s a catch – at present you can only download this app if you’re based in the USA. Continue reading

apply could swap to wireless chargers like the gear 4 Apple could be forced to add micro-USB port by EU

Modernised radio equipment directive could enforce common phone charger

Iconic smartphone manufacturer, Apple, could find itself forced to add a micro-USB port to its iPhone mobile handsets by a European MEPs. They have just amended the draft law to stipulate that the ability to work with common chargers will be an essential requirement for radio equipment. They’ve definitely got mobile phones in mind here. The logical outcome would be a one-charger-fits-all for handsets – and a micro-USB port is the only viable option. Hence, if Apple is going to sell smartphones within the EU (and therefore Europe) it could be forced to add a micro-USB port to its devices. Continue reading

jane_miller Guest Post: A bite of the Apple in 2014

What should we expect from Apple?

by Jane Miller, a freelance writer & contributor

It appears that Apple has a knack of coming out with the hottest gadgets. Apparently, according to CNBC’s All-America economic survey, half of North American households agree with this. Over 55 million families owned at least one Apple product in 2012. What’s more, 10 per cent of households without Apple products planned to join the ‘in crowd’ in 2013. I predict that this trend isn’t about to end any time soon (not shortly). To discover what else you can expect from Apple in 2014, read on. I believe we’ll see an iPhone 6; the iWatch; and an iPad Pro. Continue reading

joe_fortunato Guest Post: How mobile money services are changing how people use cash

by Joe Fortunato, a freelance writer

More than 60 per cent of North Americans believe that (according to Harris Interactive) smartphones will replace credit cards and cash, and 43 per cent believe it will take less than 10 years. While the timeframe is debatable, it’s clear that our future lies in mobile payments. Several major US businesses have been investing in mobile money and customers are responding positively. Let’s look at four ways mobile money services are changing the way people shop. Continue reading

dixie's photo is in the post Guest Post: Great gift ideas for the Nerd in your life

by Rianne Hunter, an independent blogger who sometimes works with

Finding great gifts for technology nerds is a tough task. New tech devices make interesting gifts, but with so many new gadgets out there, it’s sometimes hard to decide which gift to get for the technology lover in your life. Below are five great ideas to give to that someone special who enjoys the latest and greatest in gadgetry. Continue reading

- reith Smartphone shipments crash through the one billion barrier

But demand for ever cheaper handsets threatens Apple and Samsung margins

Smartphone shipments topped the one billion mark globally for the first time in 2013, climbing 38.4 per cent from the previous year, latest figures from IDC reveal. It means that smartphones now account for more than half of all mobiles shipped, though the emergence of low cost versions now threatens the profits margins of the two biggest manufacturers – Apple and Samsung. IDC’s figures suggest an even more gloomy future for Apple whose market share fell from 18.7 per cent to 15.3 percent year-on-year, trailing Samsung whose share edged up 1 per cent to 31.3 per cent – making it the world’s biggest smartphone vendor. Continue reading

92%  of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting Top Ten things users don’t know about their iPhone

We can’t believe some fanbois don’t know about the torch function
92% of Apple fanbois send themselves a birthday greeting
Researchers for recently gave 650 Apple iPhone users a list of ten features and asked if they were aware of their existence. The results were intriguing. Topping the poll was the ability to use [...]

foxconn reallyname hon hai Apple contractor Hon Hai gets jumpy about ‘bumper fourth quarter’

What’s it so worried about?

Predictions that Apple contractor Hon Hai had bumper fourth quarter profits prompted a rush statement from the Taiwanese maker early today [December 13th 2014], seemingly down-playing the reports. Hon Hai, whose trading name is Foxconn, quickly rebutted the reports in Chinese tabloid Apple Daily which claimed that the Q4 profit margins would hit 8 per cent, with net margins of up to Taiwanese $40 billion, compared to 7 per cent in the third quarter. Continue reading

Samsung issues profit warning as rival Apple muscles in on China

Investors fast ditching stock in Korean manufacturer

Slowing demand for its high end smartphones has forced electronics giant Samsung to warn that Q4 profits will probably be less than expected, with sales in China hit by Apple’s new incursion into the region. As originally anticipated by GoMo News here last October [2013], Apple has since forged a pact with China Mobile – the world’s largest carrier with 750 million subscribers – to market its iPhones from this year [2014], denting the prospects for arch rival Samsung. But adding to Samsung’s woes is a stronger domestic currency which could mean the cost of its smartphones abroad rising steeply at a time when average selling prices are declining. Continue reading

quality budget phone can disrupt a market - Sunnebo Nearly a fifth of Europeans now own an iPhone

Sales of iPhones continue to increase month-on-month, latest figures for the quarter to November 2013 show, with the Apple handsets now accounting for 18.1 per cent of smartphones sold in Europe’s five biggest markets. During October Apple’s share was 15.8 per cent, but the following month increased sharply. According to researchers at Kantar Worldpanel, this was because of high levels of customer satisfaction with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, despite the fact that some analysts thought the cheaper 5C handset might prove to be a flop. Continue reading

could eu put end to apple's lightning? EU law spells an end to proprietary phone chargers

Bad news for firms like Apple

Standard battery chargers for all mobile phones will have to be provided by manufacturers in future, once EU draft proposals become law. Yesterday [19th December 2013], European legislators were putting the final touches to the proposals which, if adopted by the parliament and member states, will be implemented around 2017. It means mobile phone makers will have to provide a standard battery charger that can fit any device, including smartphones, though just how firms such as Apple will react – and whose latest Lightning iPhone connectors incorporate a tiny chip to combat copying – remains to be seen. Continue reading

3rd largest smartphone player in China - Shah Surge in iPhone 5S sales take Apple to No.3 slot in China

Flagship Apple smartphone big hit in People’s Republic

Chinese smartphone buyers are turning to Apple’s iPhones in the their droves, latest figures suggest, with the device comprising 12 per cent of sales there during October 2013. According to market research company Counterpoint, the sales in China also propelled the top-end 5S – which has a built-in fingerprint reader – to becoming the best-selling phone worldwide that same month. Said Counterpoint’s Neil Shah, “Apple’s smartphone market share climbed to the 12 per cent mark in China in October [2013], instantly making it the third largest smartphone player in the [Chinese] market – up from a modest three per cent share in September.” Continue reading

merkel hack - how was it done? Obama’s iPhone ban connected to Merkel hack

Has US President accidentally let the cat slip out of the bag

It appears that an off-the-cuff comment from the US President, Barack Obama, that he can’t use a US designed mobile handset might have revealed more than he intended. He claimed that he couldn’t actually use an Apple iPhone for ‘security reasons’. On the surface of this, it could be a reference to the fact the the US authorities have always regarded Canadian designed BlackBerries as being more secure. GoMo News‘ love of conspiracy theories, however, would cause us to speculate that the real reason is that US agents have found the means to hack iPhones but not handsets originating from other countries. Continue reading