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BPO - damaging the Virgin brand Virgin leaps ahead with free Wi-fi in Bradford and Leeds

Lampost network requires no subsidies or licensing

Britain’s Virgin Media is to be the first to offer city wide Wi-fi outside London, providing free mobile internet access to 1.2 million people in Bradford and Leeds via small cell transmitters. Though operated by the group’s corporate business arm, the service will be open to the public and is being ushered in under government plans to create a series of ‘super connected’ urban hubs. Earlier this month Virgin Media struck a deal to provide Wi-fi services to the London Underground, although it was beaten by O2 for the rights to equip Westminster with a similar network last year. Continue reading

Velti Launches mGage Exchange

Velti has launched mGage Exchange a new boutique or cherry picking style mobile advertising exchange.

Velti has created a middle man with the mGage exchange. Instead of having publishers sell and brands buy – with the exchange publishers can pick their suppliers. This is a win-win as in many exchanges ad-fill techniques are used that sometimes don’t benefit the publishers. With the exchange the inventory and those supplying the ads can be vetted or accepted via the exchange. Continue reading

@MMA London Christopher Golier VP Mobile Marketing Strategy National Hockey League

Now, I have to say I found Christopher to be an extremely passionate guy – he might have been a rock star or something in the past but he loves hockey.

He is well placed to give a great presentation of the National Hockey Leagues digital strategy. In short the key for NHL is the video. The video is the content and this what is pushed on every application. The applications go on in great detail but they are all an avenue to getting users to watch the video of the game.

So here are the biggest stats from the presentation:

During a game following a mobile campaign mobile page views increase by up to 55% during 7 to 11pm.
Weekly app downloads after launch can reach up to 180K a day.
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China mobile marking is getting hotter and Madhouse and D2C Shanghai are ready

China is an amazing mobile marketing opportunity. But there is something you need to know. Getting your foot in the door is not easy and like the nearby Japanese market, third parties often act as negotiators. Continue reading

New Kids Closer to Nature iPhone app from mobile agency Outside Line hits the sweet spot, a little bit

OK. OK. It’s no joke. GoMo News loves educational apps and especially green ones. This one hits all our sweet spots as it targets, kids, food, nature and the environment.

What is it?
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Velti wants to acquire CASEE – Chinas largest mobile advertising exchange

Velti (NASDAQ: VELT), a leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, today announced that it intends to acquire the remaining equity ownership of CASEE, the largest mobile ad exchange and mobile ad network in China.
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248, 938, 972 mobile ad impressions served in five months says DSNR Media Group

I was sent an interesting mobile advertising case study today. It’s by a new company on my radar – DMG part of the DSNR Media Group. Apart from the mandatory boasting of click through rates there is some interesting stuff on the Dutch market.
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Better late than never AT&T mobile commerce solutions

AT&T annouces a new Digby Mobile Commerce service. This is created for retailers to help them design and manage mobile commerce web sites and apps.

From the press release
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dotmobi_logo Mobile web ramping faster than desktops in dotcom era

Rating: 2,000 per cent growth compared to 1,333 per cent

A study carried out by dotMobi has found that in the two years between 2008 and 2010 the number of mobile aware sites on the Net grew from 150,000 to approximately 3.01 million sites. That represents an impressive growth of over 2,000 per cent. The figure compares to the early desktop growth during the dotcom era (1996 and 1998) of only 1,333 per cent. It’s lead to speculation that the mobile web will get much bigger than most people think. dotMobi’s ‘Mobile Web Progress’ study did, of course, examine websites using top-level Internet domains such as .com; .net; .org; and .info as well as .mobi. Continue reading

mobile_web Property comparer offers non-iPhone web site

Rating: Rightmove finds iPhone owners are fair weather users
Extremely chuffed that its award-winning iPhone app which has reached circa 800,000 downloads, online property comparison site – Rightmove – has launched a new mobile internet website. It claims the new mobile site [which incidentally isn't a .mobi] will enable Rightmove “to capitalise on the growing non-iPhone segment of the smartphone market.” The UK web operation has also noticed that iPhone usage climbs dramaticly on sunny days. Continue reading

There’re other mobile app download sites besides just iTunes

Rating: We know who No.1 is but who is No.6? Patrick McGoohan?

Whilst researching GetJar’s place in the mobile apps market, this GoMo News hack discovered there’s no really comprehensive guide to online sites which offer mobile phone app downloads. This is a swift fix for that omission. Continue reading

Top Mobile News: Phonevalley gets USD 1 million Bank of America retainer for mobile advertising

I was thinking about writing an article on the back of the iAds Google Admob saga, so I did a bit of reading. But then I came across this. It is a great article from Blooomberg that sums up the saga really well. Continue reading

Mobile Web application discovery with Chomp

Great article on Read Write Web about Chomp a new mobile search and discovery application for iPhone apps. Continue reading

Poll: Which mobile service drives your customer acquisition?

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