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Camille_Dupré Camille Dupré joins Qriously from YOC

Also expands its team in London & USA

Camille Dupré has joined Qriously from YOC where she was Sales Director, having previously held a similar role with US online advertising provider, Tribal Fusion. Oriously has opened a new French office in Paris, France and she’s now as head of sales in the region. Her task will be to drive Qriously’s growth in France – particularly around Qriously’s consumer channel – ‘Opinion Targeting’. Continue reading

at7t sponsored data Sponspored data plans are a good thing survey discovers

Antidote to bill shock for starters says Citrix

Best known for its IT specialism, Citrix has just shared some of the findings from a survey of US smartphone users conducted on their behalf by Wakefield Research . Now the survey covers mobile device etiquette and the mobile user experience. But in particular it covers ‘sponsored data plans’. Strangely, Citrix didn’t really bother to explain what the ‘sponsored’ bit means. However, we suspect the firm helped US mobile network operator – AT&T, with offering its own ‘Sponsored Data’ service. (See here). Anyway, the survey finds that consumers are dead scared of over-spending on their data plans (bill shock). Surprise, surprise. It also found that they’d be receptive to sponsored data plans. Ditto. Continue reading

shah - from buzzd to darcher Deepen Shah reinvents himself as digital advertising platform CEO

Bye-bye Buzzd – hello Darcher Media

When GoMo News last caught up with Deepen Shah back in 2010, it was as the co-creator of a mobile social networks and location app called Buzzd. The company of the same name has disappeared and the app is no longer available in iTunes. However, Deepen is now the CEO of a new company – Darcher Media which he claims is ranked third as an ad network in the entire USA by Quantcast – here. What’s more Shah says that Darcher Media serves over 6 billion ad impressions monthly across the globe which you can check with Screencast here. Seems that the boy has done well. Continue reading

optimising facebook proves most lucrative - palli Fiksu boosts success for SimplePrints app via/on Facebook

SimplePrints experiences 70% growth in first five months

Press release

April 3, 2014 – Fiksu, developer of award-winning app marketing technologies, has shared its success with SimplePrints, an app that provides a fast and easy way to turn your photos into a printed photo book. By using Fiksu’s programmatic technology and Facebook’s mobile app install ads, SimplePrints saw significant growth, acquiring large volumes of high quality users during the busy holiday periods. Continue reading

Nathan_warner_mapp Guest Post: Monetising mobile by finding the right partner

by Nathan Warner, director with Mapp Media

As a developer of an amazing new app or a webmaster just about to launch a new mobile version of a site or content. You’ve almost certainly factored in advertising as one of the key revenue streams. Possibly advertising is even the only revenue stream planned. The problem is how to make sure that advertising is maximised in order to make it work in the best way possible for the business? Here are my three simple rules to follow … Continue reading

adblocker_facebook Adblock Plus now has a manifesto for acceptable ads

Still no sign of an iOS app or add-in for iPhone Safari browser

The folks at AdBlock Plus just don’t give up. The latest ploy by the organisation is a ‘manifesto’ which outlines their demands for “acceptable ads.” Now GoMo News has nothing against those who campaign heavily against ‘intrusive advertising’. In fact, we aim to be a source for the latest info on how to make targeting of mobile ads more effective. What we don’t agree with is the methods used by AdBlock Plus. Especially since its ‘Whitelist’ of acceptable ads is nothing short of a joke. Continue reading

Anthony_rushton Google is bad, totally bad says top UK tech entrepreneur Rushton

Whilst Sorrell says Google is the most powerful company on the planet

Hmm. Has the Google bashing season just started or something? Ah, no – apparently Advertising Week Europe has just got into full swing. Hence, top Brit tech entrepreneur Anthony Rushton has decided to take a few swipes at global search Goliath, Google. He’s just declared that Goggle is “bad, totally bad for online advertisers.” Hence Telemetry boss is calling for Google’s dominance to be limited. Rushton also appears to have taken a swipe at the UK government whilst he’s about it. Continue reading

- malachard Adfonic rebrands to byyd to emphasise its mobile DSP

Announces 12 customer wins including Weve

Leading mobile advertising company, Adfonic, has rebranded itself as byyd. The move is designed to reflect the company’s evolution to a mobile Demand-side Platform (DSP). The aim therefore is to focus exclusively on the buy side. At the same time, the new company byyd has unveile 12 customer contracts based on its technology platform, called Madison. As part of the rebrand, the company has structured its areas of business around two offerings: – byyd pro and byyd media. Strangely there’s no sign of the byyd logo as yet. And the URL for byyd points at a Chinese web site. Continue reading

jon_banks2 Guest Post: MWC retrospective on NFC & mobile wallet

by Jon Banks, director of payments solutions, The Logic Group

Of all the conversations I had at MWC [Mobile World Congress] 2014, the topic of ‘mobile wallet’ generated by far the most interest and excitement. The GSMA’s High Street of the Future exhibition provided a tangible demonstration of how services such as mobile wallets could realise future customer experiences and shape the connected high-street of the future. These real time enabled-demonstrations showed that – with the correct ecosystem of customer interaction vendors, retailers can develop a targeted and interactive shopping experience that evokes brand advocacy with the customer. Continue reading

Juan_Taboada Webmoblink launches its RTB exchange for mobile & online ads

Webmoblink’s RTB Exchange allows its customers to benefit from programmatic advertising

Press release

February 27th 2014. Webmoblink, a leading global, independent and privately owned mobile ad network with a solid expertise in the LATAM and US Hispanic markets, has entered the programmatic exchange fray. Being the first mobile ad network to launch its own real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace for both mobile and online ad campaigns on top of its existing ad-serving platform. The company promises that Webmoblink’s RTB Exchange will allow its customers – on both the supply and demand sides – to benefit , as advertisers bid easily on individual impressions across both mobile and online ad campaigns and publishers tap into more real-time demand, leading to increased fill rates. Continue reading

consumers are always mobile - taylor EE targets retailers with omni-channel approach inc Wi-fi

Can be combined with heat maps

EE has introduced a new managed service, Connected Retail, that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. The aim is to let retailers send customers personalised offers and promotions to their smartphone while they are in-store. It can be combined with heat mapping technology to anticipate queues at the checkout before they arrive. Continue reading

shopping_trolley British retailers face £1bn in lost sales every year due to long queues says EE

EE’s latest survey marks the launch of Total Enterprise Mobility, a new approach to help businesses become more genuinely mobile

Connected Retail from EE enables retailers to use in-store mobile connectivity to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams

Asda store managers save seven hours a week with EE’s Connected Retail solution

Press release

March 17th 2014. British retailers stand to lose £1.04 billion a year because of long queues at the check-out, according to a new survey by EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company. 73 per cent of shoppers will abandon purchases if they have to wait longer than five minutes to make that purchase, the survey found 1. To help retailers address such operational challenges, EE has introduced Connected Retail, a new managed service that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. Connected Retail is the first proposition in EE’s new Total Enterprise Mobility approach for business, designed to help corporate and public sector organisations become truly mobile in every way. Continue reading

- ash Brits stare at 2 screens for 2 hours a day

Interesting stats from Millward Brown AdReaction study

Despite having the highest smartphone penetration of any other country surveyed, UK multiscreen users still favour the TV according to a newly released study. Millward Brown AdReaction 2014 found that Brits spend more time daily than any other country watching television – an average of two and a half hours a day or 36 per cent of their screen time. That’s in contrast to other countries where smartphones are used more often than the television, laptop or tablet. Millward Brown claims AdReaction 2014 is the first global study to reveal the use, behaviour and receptivity to advertising of multiscreen users in 30 countries around the world, including the UK. Continue reading

Adreaction UK lags in smartphone domination whilst TV reigns as primary screen

Millward Brown AdReaction 2014 study outlines multiscreen journey & potential for advertising

Press release

March 17th 2014. In contrast to other countries where smartphones are used more often than the television, laptop or tablet, UK multiscreen users still favour the television, despite having the highest smartphone penetration of any other country surveyed. They spend more time daily than any other country watching TV – an average of two and a half hours a day or 36 per cent of their screen time – according to the AdReaction 2014 study, conducted by Millward Brown, the global brand, media and communications research agency. It’s the first study in the world to reveal the use, behaviour and receptivity to advertising of multiscreen users in 30 countries globally, including the UK. Continue reading

no black-box or managed-service - davies Adbrain gets the dosh to turbo-charge expansion

Mobile programmatic mobile ad specialist can fund more R&D

Adbrain – a company which claims it has developed the world’s first “truly transparent, customisable and intelligent” platform for programmatic mobile and multiscreen audience buying, has just received a major cash injection for European and US expansion. The money will be used to recruit “world-class talent to its accomplished engineering, big data and artificial intelligence teams.” That should help put it at the top of companies offering ‘programmatic mobile audience buying’ which – as GoMo News understands it, is an extremely useful adjunct to real-time bidding (RTB). Continue reading