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audience-first strategies- naggar Sky Italia chooses Turn’s data management platform to serve tailored advertising to customers programmatically

Press release

November 10th 2014. Sky Italia has selected Turn as its data management platform (DMP) to deliver more personalised advertising experiences to customers and meet a range of digital marketing needs including real-time bidding (RTB). The partnership with Turn is part of a wider move towards programmatic advertising for Sky -70 per cent of the company’s brand advertising now runs programmatically through the Turn platform. Turn has developed 22 consumer audience profiles for the broadcaster, which can be leveraged to deliver personalised content and experiences. The partnership is facilitated by Simple Agency (AMNET), Sky Italia’s agency of record. Continue reading

video ads to increase dramatically - yong Citrix’ latest report show mobile video’s importance

Those meerkat people 1st in UK with Facebook video ads

In its bi-annual analysis of mobile usage and experience worldwide, the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report shows a significant increase in the use of mobile video over 2013. This applies to advertising as well as entertainment, which is trending towards video ads away from banner ads, indicative of the power of video ads to engage an audience. For example, [not – Ed.] became the first UK brand to run Facebook Premium Video ads. Additionally, Twitter has introduced promoted video, and Instagram launched video ads. The latest report also finds that mobile subscribers on LTE networks are 1.5 times more likely to watch video than subscribers on 3G networks. Continue reading

Mark_davis_citrix Citrix data shows new trends in mobile subscriber data usage

Latest Citrix Mobile Analytics Report reveals subscriber preferences and the impact of video on mobile networks

Press release

September 3rd 2014. Citrix has released the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report for Q3-Q4 2014. The Mobile Analytics Report provides insight into subscriber behaviour and related factors that determine quality of experience (QoE) for mobile data services. The latest report finds that mobile subscribers on LTE networks are 1.5 times more likely to watch video than subscribers on 3G networks. Continue reading

ad - henschel adjust announces deal with Deutsche Telekom to provide global app tracking and analytics

adjust, formerly known as adeven, is now Deutsche Telekom’s official mobile app tracking and attribution partner

adjust is ePrivacy certified, meets stringent EU privacy laws and uses SSL encryption for data transfer

May 14th 2014. adjust, a leading international app analytics and attribution firm has announced a significant partnership with Deutsche Telekom, seeing them placed as official mobile app tracking and attribution partner. adjust is already implemented in several Telekom apps such as Das Oertliche, TopApps, Gelbe Seiten and TankenApp available on Android and iOS. Continue reading

mobile_analytics Netbiscuits moves to make its key software free to mobile marketers

Covers mobile analytics & device detection

In 2013, research showed that over 1.2 billion people accessed the web from a mobile device, but 70 per cent abandoned a mobile site because of its poor performance. However, responsive design is becoming less effective in mobile web design as the number of devices mushrooms. In response to this, Netbiscuits has decided to make both mobile-analytics and its device-detection software available for free. The aim is to encourage smaller brands to make use of device analytics, and compete on a level playing field with large enterprises. It should providing marketers and developers with the technology to better profile customer engagement. Continue reading

- Neidhoefer Netbiscuits arms marketers with free mobile analytics tools to win in the new age of mobile marketing

Businesses of all sizes handed enterprise grade tools to rebuild lost customer connections
Consumers take control with 70 per cent abandoning a mobile site for poor performance
Understanding consumer behaviour and preferences is key to successful mobile marketing

Press release

April 9th 2014. Netbiscuits, are now encouraging marketers in businesses of all sizes to reconnect with consumers, by opening up its award-winning mobile analytics tools for free use. In a move which promises to demystify the mobile landscape, Netbiscuits has announced free enterprise-grade versions of its mobile analytics and device detection software, providing marketers and developers with the technology to better profile customer engagement and deliver exceptional mobile web experiences for users on every device. Continue reading

consumers are always mobile - taylor EE targets retailers with omni-channel approach inc Wi-fi

Can be combined with heat maps

EE has introduced a new managed service, Connected Retail, that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. The aim is to let retailers send customers personalised offers and promotions to their smartphone while they are in-store. It can be combined with heat mapping technology to anticipate queues at the checkout before they arrive. Continue reading

shopping_trolley British retailers face £1bn in lost sales every year due to long queues says EE

EE’s latest survey marks the launch of Total Enterprise Mobility, a new approach to help businesses become more genuinely mobile

Connected Retail from EE enables retailers to use in-store mobile connectivity to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams

Asda store managers save seven hours a week with EE’s Connected Retail solution

Press release

March 17th 2014. British retailers stand to lose £1.04 billion a year because of long queues at the check-out, according to a new survey by EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company. 73 per cent of shoppers will abandon purchases if they have to wait longer than five minutes to make that purchase, the survey found 1. To help retailers address such operational challenges, EE has introduced Connected Retail, a new managed service that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. Connected Retail is the first proposition in EE’s new Total Enterprise Mobility approach for business, designed to help corporate and public sector organisations become truly mobile in every way. Continue reading

Koch_Analytics Kochava unveils best-in-class mobile app attribution platform

Kochava allows mobile advertisers to understand user acquisition campaign in context and precision using a single platform for attribution, visualization and optimisation

Press release

February 18th 2014. Kochava, the mobile attribution analytics and optimisation company, has announced the immediate availability of the 2.0 version of its platform for attribution analytics. The Kochava platform is a singular, holistic tool that requires minimal integration yet offers maximum real-time reconciliation of clicks, installs and post-install events providing mobile advertisers all the necessary data to optimize campaigns and understand the lifetime value (LTV) of each end user. Continue reading

tibco TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Metrics – your key business metrics anytime

On any mobile device

Press release

February 7th 2014. TIBCO Software (NASDAQ: TIBX) has introduced TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Metrics,enabling business users to instantly track the health of the business from any mobile device. Users of Spotfire Mobile Metrics gain immediate access to the operational metrics they find most critical.Through simple, engaging and intuitive views, Spotfire Mobile Metrics delivers business insights via personalised key performance indicators (KPIs) that empower users with the intelligence needed to understand the current state of their businesses. Now, everyday business users can always have their fingers on the pulse of the business, regardless of where they are. Continue reading

- reith Smartphone shipments crash through the one billion barrier

But demand for ever cheaper handsets threatens Apple and Samsung margins

Smartphone shipments topped the one billion mark globally for the first time in 2013, climbing 38.4 per cent from the previous year, latest figures from IDC reveal. It means that smartphones now account for more than half of all mobiles shipped, though the emergence of low cost versions now threatens the profits margins of the two biggest manufacturers – Apple and Samsung. IDC’s figures suggest an even more gloomy future for Apple whose market share fell from 18.7 per cent to 15.3 percent year-on-year, trailing Samsung whose share edged up 1 per cent to 31.3 per cent – making it the world’s biggest smartphone vendor. Continue reading

schneyder - Guest Post: Moving from user acquisition to retention in 2014

by Len Shneyder, senior marketing & Evangelism manager with OtherLevels

All signs are pointing towards one thing – the cost of user acquisition is skyrocketing. Plus there’s no apparent ceiling, according to industry experts. With user acquisition costs nearing $3.00 in the mobile games space according to SuperData, a New York-based market research firm, although less perhaps in other sectors, the focus has to shift to keeping new users and monetising them. Continue reading

CoTW - desktop vs mobile traffic in USA Mobile helped contribute to Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

Mobile is growing but it hasn’t taken over quite yet

Just like us Brits have started observing Halloween when we ignored it pretty much for hundreds of years, all of a sudden we have ‘Black Friday’ and ‘ Cyber Monday’. Both have become crucial days for retails as they attempt to shift stock on the run up to Xmas. So our old friends have looked into how much mobile devices have influenced both mega-shopping days. The short answer is that – Yes, mobile devices have helped to bolster sales. But that haven’t taken over quite yet. What we do have, however, is some amazing stats from the likes of Amazon which reported sales for 2013′s Black Friday surging by some 43 per cent compared to 2012. It all makes for a pretty interesting CoTW (Chart ofThe Week). Continue reading

Daniel Weisbeck Industry-first analytics puts customer experience at the heart of mobile strategy

New Netbiscuits Analytics provides unique insight into users mobile device and context when connecting to a site

Intuitive dashboards deliver previously unavailable data such as device versions, operating systems, bandwidth quality and battery levels

The launch reinforces Netbiscuits’ commitment to delivering the best possible experiences on mobile

Press release

October 17th 2013. Netbiscuits, the global leader in software solutions for mobile web experiences, has taken another major step towards helping brands design faster and more adaptive mobile web experiences with the launch of Netbiscuits Analytics. The breakthrough product allows companies to analyse detailed device and contextual information of mobile visitors to their website in order to serve faster and more relevant web page content. The result is an industry-first solution that guarantees better user experience and mobile marketing strategies. Continue reading

each generation adds 40% more network traffic - coleman Guest Post: Why lots of new iPhones is not universally good news for MNOs

by Neil Coleman, director of global marketing with Actix

You could be forgiven for thinking that mobile operators must be rubbing their hands in joy with the news that Apple sold nine million new iPhones in the first weekend of availability. But it is also worth considering the impact on the mobile networks of huge numbers of new devices being connected in a short period of time. Of course, the networks will have thoroughly tested the new devices in advance of launch. But how can any organization effectively replicate and realistically test the impact of hundreds of thousands of new devices connecting over a short period? Continue reading