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industry pioneer and innovator in the QR space - Marriott NeoMedia releases details of IP programme with participation from major gobal brands

Mobile barcode pioneer and innovator expands use of its technology through IP licensing initiatives

Press release

October 16th 2013. NeoMedia Technologies (OTC BB: NEOM), the pioneer in global mobile barcode management solutions ,has announced details of its IP licensing initiatives around the mobile barcode ecosystem. NeoMedia has now enabled many of the world’s most prominent brands to use advanced QR codes through internal development or third parties that are not licensed to NeoMedia’s patents. Continue reading

audio is the new wireless for barcodes GoMo News fails to attend audio barcodes launch

We miss a winner of Discovering Start-Ups 2013 – Chirp

Somewhat disappointingly, GoMo News failed to make the promotional event which highlighted the winners of this year’s [2013's] – ‘Discovering Start-Ups competition’. The competition is in many ways similar to the Tech TrailBlazers awards – an event where GoMo News is a major media partner (See here). Incidentally, if you haven’t got your entry into Tech Trailblazers by now – you’re probably too late because entries officially closed on September 26th [2013]. But we digress. What we’d really like to have seen was a demo of ‘audio’ barcodes from Chirp. Continue reading

janet_lee Guest Post: Visual QR codes – freshening up your mobile campaign

by Janet Lee, an avid technology writer

We live in a fast-paced, dynamic world and all the information in the globe is within the reach of our fingertips. We see hundreds, perhaps thousands, of commercials a day and we learn to blur them out and ignore them unless their usefulness is made immediately apparent. Successful advertisements are often the ones that aren’t perceived as interrupting the customer’s online or offline browsing but rather the ones that manage to merge naturally into everyday articles and offer something special that the customer is intrigued into pursuing. Continue reading

just try finding the barcode function UK shopping app harnessed to provide retail data

Flash smartphone survey new weapon in Shopitize’s armoury

It appears that Shopitize has discovered that it is now sitting on a potential gold mine of information about UK shoppers’ habits. It has just carried out a flash smartphone survey asking its app users which supermarket should we be visiting for the best price and quality? It is based on 1,076 responses. Shopitize’s latest stats also show that the smartphone has become an integral part of the shopping experience. Over 70 per cent of Brits now use their smartphones whilst in the supermarket, with comparing prices the most commonly given reason. Continue reading

Juniper_mticketing 2D barcode m-ticketing solutions will prevail says Juniper

Although apparently SMS ticketing is big in Sweden

The market for mobile ticketing (m-ticketing) is set to surge, according to a new report out from Juniper Research. It reckons that over 16 billion transport and events tickets will be delivered annually to mobile handsets by 2018. That’s three times the volume expected this year [2013]. The overall winner will be 2D barcode m-ticketing solutions Juniper believes. The loser will be SMS based ticketing solutions although curiously such systems are big in Sweden. Juniper is also predicting that companies will explore cross-selling opportunities presented by m-ticketing – especially in the air travel sector. Continue reading

industry pioneer and innovator in the QR space - Marriott NeoMedia licenses mobile barcode patents to Tyson Foods

Press release

July 11th 2013. NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM), pioneers in the mobile barcode industry, today announced that it has granted Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia’s patents related to mobile barcode scanning technology. Continue reading

NeoMedia_Logo2 NeoMedia gets revoked patent reinstated in Europe

Doubles all round, we suspect

The folk at NeoMedia (OTC BB:NEOM) must be jumping up and down with delight. The European Patent Office (EPO) has overturned on appeal the earlier revocation of its European Patent No. 0832453. The EP patent is registered in UK, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. NeoMedia is a 2D barcode/QR code King. As well all know, NeoMedia’s fortunes are now very heavily linked to how successfully it can enforce its patents and this is nothing short of a major victory. Continue reading

AHG_promocard AHG’s promoCard utilises Apple Passbook tech to help merchants reach iOS devices

QR codes can be used on goods shipped via Amazon

A new Apple Passbook based platform that allows businesses to communicate with their clients through mobile promoCard has been launched by AHG – a mobile appls and web software development company. The promoCard is aimed at encouraging repeat orders and customer loyalty. The company claims that unlike many rival services that let their clients create individual Apple Passbook coupons or other types of passes, promoCard focuses on creation of special promotional cards. These are targeted to specific customer interests and aim to establish a continuous flow of information between the business and the customers. Continue reading

damme the QR code doesn't work Weekend QR code roundup – Coors Light

Basically the URL didn’t work

This is probably going to be one of the shortest QR barcode roundups that GoMo News has ever done. We have always maintained that here in the UK at least, the drinks industry is one of the most prolific users of QR code technology in their promotional campaigns. So when we spotted another beer mat with an enticing QR code on it, we enthusiastically scanned it in. That’s as far as we got. Continue reading

Walmart already offering app in USA UK’s Asda planning to introduce barcode shopping scanning app

Will create Big Customer Data in place of loyalty card

A recent report in The Times [UK] has revealed that UK shopping giant, Asda,is planning to roll out an app to its shoppers that will enable them to scan their groceries . The app that will help customers to cut their costs and whilst providing the retailer with valuable customer data. And we all know that ‘Big Data’ is the buzzword of the day. The app has been developed in the USA by Asda’s parent company – Wal-Mart. It will help Britain’s second-largest supermarket group get around the fact that it doesn’t offer a customer loyalty card. Continue reading

BBM on BlackBerry BlackBerry opens up BBM to Android & iOS

No mention of WP8 version, though

In a typical if-you-cant-beat-em-join-em approach, BlackBerry has just announced plans to make its IMS facility BlackBerry Messenger BBM available to iOS and Android users. That is, of course, if Apple and Google allow BlackBerry to upload the apps to their resxpecitive app stores. There’s no mention of a Windows Phone 8 (WP8) client, of course. One UK publication described BBM as the “rioters’ texting toool” because BBM proved to be the IMS of choice amongst London rioters. Other observers take the view that WhatsApp is likely to have the most to lose. However, GoMo News believes that it’s the mobile operators who are most in danger as a universal BBM could seriously dent their SMS revenues. Continue reading

Appgyver logo AppGyver helps to put HTML5 apps on Steroids

Rating: AppGyver claims Toolbelt will narrow gap twixt HTML5 & native apps

When Adobe acquired Nitobi, there were high hopes for the rapid development of PhoneGap-based apps. Just like the current situation over Adobe’s lack of interest in continuing Flash for mobile, things haven’t improved much for PhoneGap lovers after Adobe’s acquisition. Until now, perhaps? A San Francisco based startup app company, AppGyver, hopes to outsmart the Adobe powerhouse with the release of its own offering in this sector – Toolbelt. This SDK toolkit is currently in private beta but should be open to the public by June [2013]. Continue reading

Laurent dazzles me with a pre-launch example at MWC mobiLead to help develop key NFC web standards

Rating: French firm brings expertise in NFC, QR+ and QR Code cloud-based tags

A veteran contributor to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Laurent Tonnelier, has been involved in multiple key W3C initiatives which have enhanced the mobile space. Those initiatives have included XML, VoiceXML, Mobile Web, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which is a key element of HTML5. Currently CEO of mobiLead, which is a specialist in NFC and QR Code information tag generation and management, Tonnelier has once again announced his involved in the W3C, this time through mobiLead. Continue reading

Bhavesh_Naik Guest Post: The potential dangers of QR Codes

by Bhavesh Naik , a security researcher with InfoSec Institute

Two (2D) dimensional barcodes, or the better-known, QR codes are beloved by marketers. The original Quick Response (QR) codes were designed for automotive industry in Japan. Now, QR codes have become popular thanks to greater reliability and greater data storage space. Originally intended for industrial purposes, QR codes has gained particular popularity with advertising industry. QR codes can be used in conjunction with iOS or Android devices as well as the third party applications like Google ‘Goggles’. But there are hidden dangers. Continue reading

imagine_logo Inspired platform combines high tech and premium content

Rating: Incorporates QR codes, Wi-fi, and AR

You may have blinked and missed it but at MWC Barcelona 2023 Imagine launched a new platform called Inspired which it claims is a global first. That’s because it claims to have merged emerging technology solutions – such as QR codes, Wi-fi, and augmented reality (AR) and premium publisher inventory into a single platform. The company claims the platform has been designed to simplify the process of running mobile campaigns. Plus it should help address a fragmented ecosystem by offering an open and self-service tool which focuses on end user experience. Continue reading