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More mobile direct mail marketing with shady mobile searcher Getfugu

getfuguThis is second time within a month I’ve seen a story about combining the power of mobile with direct mail marketing. This practice allows a marketing letter to connect immediately to the advertiser through mobile data. The earlier story dealt with printing mobile barcodes on letters – but this one is a little more interesting. Mainly because scandal-magnet Getfugu is involved. Continue reading

PR SMS provider, 6336, launches TV ads

Rating: It’s no about Illumimati, it’s for pub quiz cheats

In the UK, it is quite common to have a SMS service built into a TV ad campaign. It’s highly unusual to have a Premium rate SMS service as the central message of the TV ad campaign. But that’s what 63336 has decided to do with its “I am one of the 63336″ TV adverts. Continue reading

Telmap responses positively to criticism

Rating: GoMo News stands corrected

It’s always heartening to receive positive feedback, so Ronen Soffer’s (CTO with Telmap) response to GoMo News’ story about partnering with operators (here) definitely merits publication. Continue reading

Babelgum scores film start video content

Rating: Reverse Shot to provide its [ahem] curate content

Fast becoming a giant in the provision of video content for the mobile sector, Babelgum has scored another impressive tie up – this time with online film criticism site – Reverse Shot. These gys are so trendy that the verb they use for creation – ‘curated’ – isn’t even in the dictionary yet. Continue reading

iPhone app social network goes international

Rating: Some users of Chorus actually spend their money

With the estimated number of iPhone apps being anywhere between 130,000-150,000, envIO Networks reckons it has found the answer with its Chorus service.

An iPhone apps social network with a difference. This one claims its users have spent over $1 million on paid apps to date, with the average user recommending 75 friends to join the community. Continue reading

Phones4U to offer b@TV’s streamed music

Rating: Will it put a big strain on mobile broadband?

In what is believed to be its first commercial agreement, b@T, has signed an agreement to provide its streamed content services for the Nokia X6. The deal will be exclusive to Phones4u customers. Interestingly, independent UK handset retailer, Phones4U, hasn’t said which networks it will offer [...]

Apple culls risqué content from Store

Rating: No boobies and bikinis for Cupertino

Apple, which resides in the same US state that hosts Baywatch and the porn industry, has decided that boobs and bikinis are far too risqué for its iTunes app store. It has been quietly culling them. Continue reading

One year of Business Confidence Indexes from the Mobile Entertainment Forum – the South is the place to be!

mef-bciThe Business Confidence Index is a bold experiment that the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) began at Mobile World Congress last year. The BCI is compiled from a survey that is sent out every quarter, anonymously answered by Executives at the top levels of member companies of the MEF. And so at MWC this year, I sat down for a juice and miniature doughnut with Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director of the MEF, to talk about what the BCI has revealed over the last year. Continue reading

Updated data zapping for Windows Mobile

Rating: Delete that sensitive data via SMS

Given the bad publicity stemming from the accidental loss of sensitive data, British software developer, Aiko Solutions, has released a new version of its SecuWipe app. The app is aimed at Windows phones and Windows CE terminals. Continue reading

The open application store industry is where iPhone will see competition. PocketGear has bought out Handango

bigstockphoto_fire_ants_170281 Mobile applications are often the subject of some seriously ostentatious advertising and promotion. Apple regularly quotes its most recent “billion” landmark, and the Wholesale Application Community announcement at MWC last week was the very definition of grandstanding. But in the older market of platform agnostic app stores, things are quickly getting very interesting. Todays announcement that PocketGear has bought out competitor Handango is only the most recent of several interesting developments.
Continue reading

Nokia reinvents NFC with Explore and Share mobile content service

picture-23Here’s a quickie on a “new” service from Nokia that it has released an official video for today. Explore and Share is a way for people who buy their phones in a Nokia retail store to get content from the Ovi store onto their phones incredibly quickly. Continue reading

You know what? Novarra’s “OneWeb” mobile app program is actually pretty good.

picture-4How many times have you heard “develop once, publish anywhere”? It’s a phrase that actually makes me stop listening these days. It has been promised so many times by so many different companies that it has lost all meaning. So when OneWeb came up in my interview with Randy Cavaiani, VP Marketing for Novarra, I almost shook my head in despair. But as I talked to Randy, I realised that Novarra might actually be on to something here. Might be. Continue reading

DeviceAnywhere taps into Latin America

Rating: 3G networks making virtual Lab viable

It seems that remote testing specialist, DeviceAnywhere has spotted the opportunity that Latin America offers as one of the world’s largest cellular markets. Hence it has partnered with local specialist, Certified, to offer its Virtual Developer Lab (VDL) through Vivo. Continue reading

Evolving avatars – the next phone craze

Rating: Charge the phone or the fish gets it

Forget ringtones and wallpapers, the latest fad for mobile phone is evolving avatars. Or so Bluestreak Technology and Cellfish Media would have us believe. The first two avatars are Pilou the Hamster and Surimi the Fish. Continue reading

Cloud development the key says FeedHenry

Rating: Write all your mobile apps in one cloud

mygomoRating: Write all your mobile apps in one cloud

A ‘Hosted Development Environment’ is developers’ Heaven says FeedHenry. Its cloud-based platform allows them to build and run apps across multiple mobile platform including, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Blackberry. Plus they can also run across social media sites such as Facebook or MySpace. Continue reading