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Enterprise-apps-world Enterprise Apps World

[ June 17, 2014 8:00 am to June 18, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Sixdegrees
Venue: Olympia National
Location: London, UK

Register: For a free exhibition or hackathon pass here.
Other Expo and workshop passes available here.

A two day show, co-hosted with the Cloud World Forum, this will look at all the implications of going mobile in the workplace and how enterprise apps can help. Continue reading

empowered by mobile apps & responsive design - weiss Pepsi &Mitsubishi Electric discuss “Are Enterprise Apps Worth the Dirty Work?”

Press release

April 9th 2014. Open Mobile Media is hosting complimentary webinar – “Are Enterprise Apps Worth the Dirty Work?”, on April 30th [2014] from 10am -11am PST. It will feature interactive marketing and mobile enterprise experts from Fortune 500′s sharing their experiences and advice on building apps for the enterprise. Continue reading Free webinar – Are enterprise apps worth the dirty work

[ April 30, 2014; 10:00 am to 11:00 am. ] Oranisers: Open Mobile Media
Location: on the web
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT (see web site for local time zone)

Register (for free) here

The number of large enterprises launching their own mobile app stores is on pace to grow at double-digit rates through 2018. But with the high-cost of developing in-house, it is important to know how to make bespoke app deliver ROI to the enterprise’s business processes. Continue reading

Juned.-Ghanchi Tools that aid in iPhone app development

by Juned Ahmed, a mobile business consultant at Indian App Developers

The iPhone’s success has taken the world of mobile apps to the next level altogether. More and more mobile app developers are participating in iPhone app development. They want to enhance the user experience with these apps. Most of the apps have been introduced based on the customer feedback provided. However, there are instances where most people have indulged in experience based apps such as an ebook reader or an entertainment schedulers. Well, users may be a developer for mobile apps, but not necessarily for iPhone based apps. This is why users need help of tools that will ease the whole process out for users. All users need to do is purchase or download these tools and use them to create the necessary mobile apps for users’ iPhone. Here’s my list of useful apps that will aid in the iPhone app development process. Continue reading

provides retailers with real-time roi impact - settini MobPartner launches tool for tracking mobile influence in-store

MobRetail helps increase mobile’s influence on in-store sales

The MobRetail tracking platform – just launched by MobPartner, a Performance-based mobile advertising platform, aims to enable retailers to accurately measure how mobile influences in-store sales and traffic. The company claims that MobRetail measures from mobile app download to in-store purchase and gives retailers complete ROI attribution to mobile investments. MobRetail communicates with the retail app and mobile device utilising in-store beacon technologies,to report ROI on mobile ad spend. Continue reading

developers can break out from the competition -rees Intrinsyc launches MDP/T app testing kit

Aimed at apps running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor

Intrinsyc Software has released its Mobile Development Platform Tablet (MDP/T) – based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. Intrinsyc’s MDP/T is designed to provide application developers and device manufacturers with early access to a high-performance mobile platform, for developing, testing, optimising and showcasing next-generation apps and games. Continue reading

intrinsyc_logo Intrinsyc announces availability of mobile development platform based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Ultra HD processor

Provides early access to Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor featuring the 400-series Adreno GPU and hardware-based HEVC (H.265) video decoding

Press release

March 31st 2014. Intrinsyc Software International , a leading developer of mobile and embedded devices, has announced general availability of its Mobile Development Platform Tablet (MDP/T), based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor from Qualcomm Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. Intrinsyc’s MDP/T is designed to provide application developers and device manufacturers with early access to a high-performance mobile platform, for developing, testing, optimising and showcasing next-generation apps and games. Continue reading

believers in app ecosystem - segerstrale Mobile app development platform AppGyver receives $2.5m in ‘Super Angel’ funding

More capital investment for the company that helps developers create native app demos for iOS and Android

Press release

March 27th 2014. AppGyver, a provider of innovative tools for rapid mobile app development, has announced an extended seed super – angel investment of $2.5 million. AppGyver’s take on making mobile app development a fun experience for novice and seasoned developers alike attracted multiple investors, led by Initial Capital and Open Ocean Capital. The new funds will be deployed for sales and marketing, as well as new development efforts and R&D to develop new integration with cloud services. Continue reading

alfred_bailey Guest Post: Essential tips for launching a successful mobile app

by Alfred Beiley, an app developer and blogger who works with 360 Degree Technosoft

Mobile applications have become a common thing nowadays. And thanks to cut-throat competition between various operators at different tiers, mobile apps are used by most people across the globe. But building a successful mobile application is not that easy task as it is to use use one. At every juncture of development process, there are various hindrances that exist. Mobile application development includes many pre and post procedures that are needed to be followed in order to get successful results on their respective app stores. Continue reading

offical_f1_app New official Formula One app wins plaudits

Still really being developed by Softpauer

Being big Formula One (F1) fans here at GoMo Towers (our tickets for the British Grand Prix are in the post), we were delighted to see that a review of 2014′s version of the F1 timing app became a tweet of the week. Now some blogs suggested that the app is no longer the work of app developer, Softpauer. However, that’s untrue. There’s just been a subtle realignment of branding. Oh, and there’s an F1 game for those who like such things from Red Bull Media House
and Bongfish. Continue reading

our ray tracing IP is here - yassaie Imagination boasts new chip design will bring ‘cinematic realism’ to mobile devices

But will breakthrough be enough to counter slowdown in smartphone market?

UK chip designer, Imagination Technologies, claims to have raised the bar in ray traced graphics with its new Wizard architecture said to offer “cinematic realism” for mobile level devices upwards. The Wizard cores are said to provide immersive games and apps with more real-life dynamic lighting models allowing advanced lighting effects, dynamic soft shadows, and life-like reflections and transparencies, previously unachievable in a mobile form factor. PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing IP is also said to be highly scalable, making it appealing to many other markets beyond mobile. Commented Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie, “Our PowerVR GPUs have played a key role in driving the creation of entirely new categories of mobile devices and now we are changing the game again by bringing the next level of realism to mobile and consumer devices.” Continue reading

Ehsan_mahmood Guest Post: My 5 best mobile app promotional videos producers

by Ehsan Mahmood, co-founder of TheAppMedia

These days, a very large number of software developers are developing all kinds of different apps to help mobile device users. Unfortunately, when there are countless apps available online, trying to get them noticed is a big concern for all the developers. Luckily, in order to help app developers who want to make their apps noticed, numerous mobile app promotional videos producers are available nowadays. My Five best mobile app promotional videos producers are detailed below. Funnily enough, my own company – Theappmedia, is one of them. Continue reading

zacconi - overnight multi millionaire Candy Crush flotation set to make founders overnight multi millionaires

IPO could mark a record for British mobile app makers

King, the London games studio behind the mobile hit Candy Crush, could soon make history after revealing it hopes to raise $7.6 billion (£4.5 billion) when it floats in New York later this month [March 2014]. The IPO figure, if achieved, could set a record for British mobile app firms and would make overnight multi millionaires of its founders CEO Riccardo Zacconi, whose 10 per cent stake alone could be worth as much as $745 million, while chairman Melvyn Morris, who owns a 12 per cent interest, could be in for even more of a windfall. Zacconi and Morris, a former director of Derby football club, first worked together at the Midlands-based matchmaking site uDate, which they sold for $150 million to Interactive Corporation in 2002. Continue reading

heavy footprint in telecoms - cockett Acision forges communications for enterprise and developer community

One API delivers powerful, rich communication services for mobile devices, browsers and applications

February 24th 2014. Acision, a global leader in mobile services, has announced the launch of Forge by Acision, a rich application programming interface (API) that gives operators, enterprises and developers the power to create advanced communication features in their applications, all from the cloud. As a flexible communications framework, Forge enables accelerated application development with SMS, IP Messaging and Voice connectivity, intelligent routing as well as both mobile and web coverage, allowing enterprises to actively build new innovative services to grow and manage engagement opportunities. Continue reading

nokia x range is aosp based Full tech specs – Nokia X AOSP smartphone

Nokia’s first Android based handset

Given that Nokia has finally caved in and produced a handset which is Android based – but not using the full Google suite of apps, there is a great deal of interest in the full technical specifications of this handset. So we’ve published the full details below. Note: This is a dual SIM handset.

Full tech specs: Nokia X

Continue reading