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dixie's photo is in the post Guest Post: Finding the right case for a smartphone

by Dixie Somers, a writer who sometimes works with

These days smartphones have become an essential tool for most people. However, they are still relatively expensive. After spending hard-earned money on a new phone, all it takes is one drop, crack, spill, or accident to render the phone completely unusable, and thus money down the drain. Obviously, many people use phone cases to protect a handset from wear and tear. However some cases are better at it than others. Depending on the type of phone, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to cases, What’s really required is something that’s really going to fully protect the phone, not just cover it. If you want a case that is truly going to keep the phone from getting dirty, cracked, or damaged by water, read on for my ideas. Continue reading

Wireless_charging Wireless Charging 2014

[ June 24, 2014 8:00 am to June 25, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Organisers: Informa
Venue: RAI
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Register: here

The Wireless Charging conference will showcase the latest deployments in wireless charging technologies from around the world. The industry is set to go through a period of exponential growth over the next 18 months and there will be no better place to see these concepts come to life. Continue reading

Hardware clinic: How to force Windows 8.1 to recognise your iPhone

Time consuming & frustrating process. Check your USB cable too

It may have something to do with the long rivalry between Apple and Microsoft (although Microsoft once saved Apple and bailed it out), but here at GoMo Towers we couldn’t believe how difficult it was for one reader to connect her iPhone to her nearly new laptop PC. The laptop was running Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8.1 and the software vendor isn’t doing itself any favours if it wants to persuade existing Windows XP users to migrate to its latest software. Because the whole process was time consuming & frustrating. We eventually fixed the problem but it took hours. Continue reading

Skype on the Nokia XL Nokia’s bet on Android smartphones is working with Nokia X in India

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Many were sceptical about the success of Nokia X series of Android smartphones when they were officially announced because those devices don’t use Google’s version of Android. They use AOSP [Android Open Special Project] instead. According to internal rumours, even Microsoft was trying to put an end on Nokia’s Android plans. Nokia X might also be the reason for Microsoft’s hurried acquisition of Nokia. Continue reading

20bn device industry by 2020 - poulsen Tweakker saves MNOs/MVNOs $1.5bn in customer care costs

All set for connecting 20bn IoT devices by 2020

Based on feedback from its own MNO [Mobile Network Operator]/MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] customer base, Tweakker reckons that two in three calls to network support centres today concern connectivity settings. In terms of cost, this represents an estimated $15 per call to get a subscriber online. Having passed its 100 million device connectivity milestone in March 2014, Tweakker therefore believes it has saved its MNOs/MVNOs around $1.5 billion in customer care costs. Continue reading

use your Goodspeed witha PlayBookPlayBook Uros adds key Asia Pacific countries to its roaming solution

Goodspeed low-cost data roaming device adds 11 across Asia Pacific destinations

One of GoMo News‘ favourite roaming solutions – the Goodspeed from Uros has got even netter by adding in 11 new destinations across Asia Pacific. The device offers a transparent daily flat rate spells the end to data roaming bill shock for businesses worldwide. Essentially, the Goodspeed is a Wi-fi hotspot in your pocket. It’s an idea way of adding a mobile web connextion to your tablet or smartphone. Continue reading

expanding at a  phenomenal rate -uhari Goodspeed delivers low cost international data roaming in Asia and Australia

Low-cost data roaming coverage now available in 11 new destinations across Asia
Goodspeed now covers 56 countries including USA, Canada, Latin America, Russia, China and Europe
A transparent daily flat rate spells the end to data roaming bill shock for businesses worldwide

Press release

April 1st 2014. Uros has announced that it now provides low cost, high speed, secure mobile internet connectivity through its mobile Wi-fi hotspot Goodspeed , in 11 new destinations across Asia. These new regions include Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The Goodspeed service is now available in 56 key business destinations across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Latin America, Russia, China and Europe. Continue reading

maplin had probably just sold out - macnamara Getting your hands on a Prestigio in the UK

Having recommended Prestigio for dual SIM a reader asks …

It was our own fault really. Having just recommended Prestigio handsets for their dual SIM capabilities in ‘Dual SIM handsets need instant online’, we received a plea from a regular GoMo News reader in the UK. Candelaria Rodriguez Bento asks, “I want to get a Prestigo mobile phone but I can not finding any shop in London that sells Prestigio mobiles. I’ve tried Maplins in London. They have the tablets but they no have Prestigio phones.” This just helps to illustrate the difficulty of breaking into a developed market as a new entrant handset supplier. Consumers often want to touch & feel before they buy. Continue reading

mistake to push the touch only Z3 Chen says BlackBerry will go keyboard centric

So why is Indonesia being given the touch Z3?

Here at GoMo Towers, we have long argued that BlackBerry’s USP [Unique Selling Point] is the fact that its handsets traditionally sport a very useable keypad. In fact, as long ago as January [2014] we wrote a story saying that ‘BlackBerry is waking up to its Qwerty USP at last‘. So naturally we were delighted to read the reports quoting BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, saying, “The focus is going to be very keyboard-centric.” The smartphone vendor, however, is on course to debut its latest BB10 handset in Indonesia – a key market. Yet the Z3 aka the Jakarta is a touch model with no keypad. We’re also waiting for BlackBerry to wake up to the fact that in emerging markets it needs a dual SIM model. Continue reading

EE-S5 EE goes with exclusively online deal for pre-order Galaxy S5

Unusually there’s a free return flight bundled in

It seems that the main UK MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] & MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] have picked today [March 28th 2014] to announce their deals for the forthcoming S5 handset. For those GoMo News readers living as hermits, the Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship handset offering from the world’s Number One handset vendor – Korea’s Samsung. Naturally, the operators will be competing very heavily to attract potential customers for this iconic handset (which already looks like being a much more successful follow-up to the classic S3 than the S4 ever was). Significantly, EE has decided to offer a very interesting package to potential S5 owners – which involves a free flight bundled in. Continue reading

dual SIM 4500 Duo prime candidate for instant online Dual SIM handsets need instant online

GoMo News reckons Prestigio is prime candidate

Regular GoMo News readers will know that this publication has already named 2014 as ‘The Year of the dual SIM support‘. Our prediction has already come true with Nokia not just launching a handset capable of running Android apps but it is also dual SIM too. What’s happening is that handset manufacturers are now selling dual SIM handsets into developed as well as emerging markets. The HTC One is a case in point. However, if vendors really want to promote dual SIM, the handsets must work first time. Which is where ‘instant online’ comes in. Continue reading

if you can get it to work - nokia store on android Nokia Store can be accessed by regular Android & Sailfish handsets

Not all Nokia’s AOSP apps will run on them, though

GoMo News has been attempting to discover what apps are available for the Nokia X now that it has been officially released in multiple global markets. For example, the handset sold out in the UAE within a day of going on sale. The ‘X’ is, of course, the first Nokia handset to run Android Open Source Project (AOSP). However, whilst visiting the Nokia app store ( formerly Ovi) via the web, we still aren’t able to set the ‘X’ as our default handset. This in turn has led GoMo to discover that it is theoretically possible to access Nokia’s Android apps stash by downloading an Nokia Store app to your Android – or even Sailfish – handset. If you can get it to work that is. Continue reading

apply could swap to wireless chargers like the gear 4 Apple could be forced to add micro-USB port by EU

Modernised radio equipment directive could enforce common phone charger

Iconic smartphone manufacturer, Apple, could find itself forced to add a micro-USB port to its iPhone mobile handsets by a European MEPs. They have just amended the draft law to stipulate that the ability to work with common chargers will be an essential requirement for radio equipment. They’ve definitely got mobile phones in mind here. The logical outcome would be a one-charger-fits-all for handsets – and a micro-USB port is the only viable option. Hence, if Apple is going to sell smartphones within the EU (and therefore Europe) it could be forced to add a micro-USB port to its devices. Continue reading

cat b100 only waterproof to depth of 1 metre Mobile phones might provide clue to missing flight MH370

No reports they’ve been traced though

According to multiple Press reports, as many as 19 families have managed to call the mobile phones of their relatives/friends missing on a Malaysia Airlines flight. What’s more, it has even been suggested that Malaysian Airlines itself has got through to some of the crew’s handsets from flight MH370. If this is true, then the authorities would know, for example, what country the aircraft is in or near to. Plus from triangulation, they should also be able to guess roughly where the aircraft is located. The fact that authorities are continuing to search the seas indicates that there’s something seriously wrong with the theory that these phones are ringing onboard the plane. Continue reading

dixie's photo is in the post Guest Post: My highlights from MWC 2014 Barcelona

by Greg Beck, a tech writer who works with Hyperoptic

Each and every year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) offers us the possibility of taking a good look at some of the latest and most exciting smartphones available on the market, but also allows us to discover new and ground-breaking devices and applications before anybody else. This year’s edition of the MWC took place between February 24th-27th [2014] in the city of Barcelona, where leading figures such as WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, joined the audience in order to share their vision about what to expect in the near future. Continue reading