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Mobile Industry Reports Sony moving in the right direction with focus on mid-range smartphones

by our Indian correspondent – Asif Shaik

About a year ago, we reported that ‘Sony’s smartphone growth plan in India looked promising‘. And here we are to proudly report that we were just about right. According to a latest {April 2014] report by IDC, Sony now stands second largest smartphone brand in India (in terms of value sales) demoting Apple into third place. This growth has come from Sony’s continued efforts in improving its smartphones and a renewed focus on mid-range priced devices. Continue reading

Kaz Hirai’s One Sony motto is really working

by our Indian correspondent

Once one of the largest mobile phone brand in the mid 2000s, Sony fell to negligible market share in 2010. But starting in 2013, Sony is turning out to be a strong competitor again. This turnaround happened right after Kazou Hirai was named at Sony’s CEO in 2012. Kazou Hirai is famously known as the father of PlayStation. As soon as he was named as the CEO of Sony, he said, “We need to be a more focussed company.” he also coined the slogan – One Sony. Continue reading

Galaxy S Duos enjoys great success despite poor performance Dual-SIM mobiles phones are wildly popular in India

by our Indian correspondent – Asif Shaik

If you are not acquainted with the wild popularity of dual SIM mobile phones in India, please let me explain. Recently, in India HTC completely discontinued its ultra-popular flagship HTC One (single SIM version) and replaced it with HTC One Dual SIM in collaboration with MNO [Mobile Network Operator] Tata Docomo. The Indian mobile phone market is very similar to Chinese market where consumers prefer value more than anything else. There are almost 481 smartphones on sale in India (including colour variations), out of which, 243 models have dual SIM feature. Almost every popular Android smartphone in the mid-range price segment in India has the dual SIM feature. Continue reading

Samsung tops European sales league

But much of demand is in low-end phones

Korean manufacturer Samsung has emerged as Europe’s dominant mobile phone player, grabbing almost half of sales in the last three months according to market analysts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Smartphone sales were driven by Samsung’s release of its flagship Galaxy S3 phone plus the growing popularity of Google’s Android operating system which runs on its phones and which accounted for two thirds of its European sales. Continue reading

BuzzCity-logo BuzzCity finds BlackBerry still dominates ad impressions in UK

Rating: Women and mature users dominate m-commerce

A somewhat startling finding from the latest quarterly report on the mobile advertising industry from BuzzCity is that in the UK, ad impressions are still dominated by BlackBerry (with 69 per cent). The company admits that this is declining with growing interest in Apple devices. The report’s main conclusion is that m-commerce adoption will be driven by women and mature users. In terms of what types of transaction users are making with their mobile phones, BuzzCity has found that services to stay connected; lifestyle and leisure; plus travel are the main categories. BuzzCity served more than 126 billion ads in 2011 which compares to 52 billion in 2010. Continue reading

mobile-marketing Mobile Marketing Roundup: Ad impressions, Global Growth and more…

Here’s your Monday round-up of the hottest mobile marketing stories from across the globe.

Today’s optimistic edition looks at mobile ad impressions growth in both South Africa and South Korea, the Australian government of New South Wales looking for growth in mobile tech and more… Continue reading

analysis-mason-logo Analysys Mason highlights importance of data in tariffs

Rating: We’ll spend 40 more minutes using our handset

The latest study from Analysys Mason – ‘ A day in the life: profiling consumer telecoms and media usage and value’ has highlighted the importance of data as an element in consumers’ mobile phone tariffs. The study found that by 2016, only about half of consumers’ usage of mobile handsets will be dedicated to voice or text-based communication. That’s down from two thirds in 2011. So instead of texting or speaking over their mobile phones, these consumers will be employing the handset’s data facilities instead. Written by Martin Scott and Tom Rebbeck, the full report costs €3,300 and can be purchased from here. Continue reading

What a load of sausage! Motorola leads Harris Poll as best Mobile Phone Brand

Harris Interactive has announced their Technology Brands of the Year. The categories: Operators (Verizon) Mobile Phones (Motorola), Consumer Electronics (Sony), Computer Hardware (HP), and Gaming (Nintendo).

From the press release
Continue reading

Health Image mHealth and the impact of new mobile technologies

As mobile technology becomes more sophisticated, so too does mobile healthcare. Many consumers now carry extremely advanced devices in their pocket as a matter of course. They now do far more than just communications – thanks to location technology, bluetooth, NFC, cameras and other “sensor” technology, the devices can be used for more than just sending information.

The Telecommunications Software and Systems Group are exploring how new technology can be used to further mobile healthcare. This is part of their ongoing work in the EU FP7 PERIMETER project where a novel and innovative user-centric paradigm for mobile device usage is being explored. In this project, network selection is based on the users’ preferences with regard to the cost, security, quality, etc. of their selected network. Continue reading

twitter might go big on mobile ads Do advertisers need mobile marketing agencies in a digital world?

Mobile advertising and marketing becomes more sophisticated with each passing day. The tools available for those who wish to advertise on mobile allow incredible self-sufficiency. So what place do traditional agencies have in this new DIY world? Patrick Lord, Founder of mobile advertising company Adremixer, interviewed sixteen significant players in the mobile and agency worlds to provide an in-depth report into this question, in association with GoMo News. Continue reading

How to migrate an Android handset to Froyo

And how 2.1/Eclair from v 1.5 was reached

The whole quest to upgrade an existing Motorola MB220 Dext/Cliq Android handset (which was stuck at version 1.5) was triggered by a reader’s scathing comment on GoMo News here. How could I hold my head high as ‘Tonethefone’, if I couldn’t ‘root’ an Android handset like the rest? How could I ever reach the Mecca of upgrading to Froyo (v 2.2) on an Android device without the ability to ‘flash’ a ROM? Continue reading

application warehouse report feature Mobile app warehouses could be the future of application retail

Today GoMo News is releasing its in-depth report into the emerging app channel called the “warehouse” model. This model saw its first significant launches in Q1 2010, and represents a new way to shift application units to smartphone owners. It is a far less expensive entry point into the application sellers market to create or run as stores like Apples’ iTunes Store or Googles’ Android Market. Continue reading

GoMo news expands into in-depth mobile reports

Today, GoMo News is announcing a major new expansion of its offering. Over four years of reporting on mobile strategy, GoMo News has built up a strong industry following and insight into the mobile arena. Starting this week, we’ll be offering in-depth reports into various aspects of the mobile world, alongside our daily news, features and interviews. Continue reading