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plouffe- uber's latest hiring What London cabbies need is better apps

As Uber hires yet another political heavyweight to back its cause

Here at GoMo Towers, we can’t help but think that what London cabbies really need in their fight against the fast-growing Uber mobile app is better technology. Rather than legal victories or greater political protection. In a sign of the way things are going, the folks at Uber have hired another political heavyweight in the shape of David Plouffe. An American, he is widely accredited with helping Barack Obama being elected US President not once but twice. Uber is, of course, fighting a global battle and what happens in the USA will undoubtedly affect Europe, for example. We can’t help but think that what London cabbies [taxi drivers] really need, however, is better technology in their apps. Continue reading

opportunity to deliver personalisation - tunstall Brainstorm powers Telefónica’s global mobile marketing strategy

Press release

July 8th 2014. Brainstorm Mobile Solutions Limited has announced its signing of a new three year contract with Telefónica for the global roll-out and support of its mobile marketing platform which delivers highly personalised location-based marketing campaigns. Brainstorm’s platform has already been successfully deployed into seven of Telefónica’s territories and this contract will see it being deployed across Telefónica’s operating business in Europe and Latin America. The platform has facilitated Telefónica’s mobile marketing and advertising strategy by delivering tailored campaigns for global and local brands, contributing towards Telefónica’s ‘Best Global Operator’ win at the MMA Global Smarties 2013 Awards. Continue reading

850% increase in sign-ups - betram London cabbies spark 850% rise in Uber downloads

Instead of blocking Trafalgar Sq cabbies should promote Hailo

In an ironic twist, Brit black cab drivers in London probably wish that Brussels had intervened in the UK for once. As we reported back in April [2014] – ‘Brussels court rules Google-backed Uber taxi app illegal‘ the Belgians made Uber illegal in their own capital. The Uber app, backed by Google and Goldman Sachs, links up customers with private cabs whose owners don’t comply with strict licensing rules. Unlike London’s black cab taxi drivers. So cabbies protested against the app in Trafalgar Square this week. The net result? According to Uber UK’s general manager, Jo Betram, “We’ve seen an 850 per cent increase in sign-ups week-on- week.” Own goal for black cabbies, then. Continue reading

Guest Post: Without location advertisers will lose their way

by Zac Pinkham, EMEA md with Millennial Media

People move – between screens, places and moments. What’s relevant to a consumer changes as they move throughout the month, the day, even the minute. For advertisers, this can make for a daunting task as they seek to capture consumer attention. As personalisation and relevance become increasingly important to consumers before they let a brand into their personal space, mobile technology is helping to bring these moments together. The thing that connects all of these moments? Location. But ultimately, many advertisers are still missing a trick when it comes to leveraging mobile location in their campaigns. Continue reading

unique network of partners amongst brands - geissendoerfer YOOSE to attack Middle East hyperlocal mobile advertising space through alliance with ICONICTION

Mobile advertising is driving online advertising in the UAE

Having recently established a strategic partnership with OTM Russia with a campaign around the Sochi Olympic Games 2014, YOOSE is to attack the significant Middle Eastern market through ICONICTION, the Dubai-based digital innovation & acceleration hub. With an initial focus on the Gulf region, the partnership will spread across Middle East and Africa to bring the benefits of hyper-local and rich media mobile advertising to brands and agencies across this booming smartphone GPS aware region. Continue reading

Yoose_icon YOOSE & ICONICTION bring latest hyperlocal mobile advertising to Middle East through sales alliance

New mobile advertising partnership offers brands better and more relevant consumer targeting

May 6th 2014. YOOSE, the global and leading hyperlocal mobile ad network, has announced its sales & distribution partnership with ICONICTION, the Dubai-based digital innovation & acceleration hub for Middle East and African markets. The move is aimed to penetrate the EMEA market with its diverse MNC giants across various verticals, through the thriving cosmopolitan city of Dubai. ICONICTION is partnering YOOSE, the global hyperlocal mobile ad-network, to bring the benefits of precision mobile consumer targeting to leading brands and agencies locally. Continue reading

ibeacon Asia-Pacific will be the largest LBA market in 2018 says Berg Insight

Our old friends NeoMedia are in on location based ads game too

Analysing the latest developments on the location-targeted advertising market worldwide, Berg Insight has just released the third edition of its ‘Location-Based Advertising and Marketing’ report. Targeting by location in combination with other contextual and behavioural segmentation greatly enhances the relevance of mobile advertising. It has been demonstrated that location-targeted ads generate considerably higher returns than conventional mobile advertising. The associated eCPM and CTR levels are several times higher. Asia-Pacific is estimated to be the largest LBA market in 2018, followed by North America and Europe. Continue reading

bluetooth marketing reinvigorated - andersson Mobile location-based ads will be worth €10.7 bn in 2018

Press release

April 25th 2014. According to a new research report from the analyst firm Berg Insight, the total value of the global real-time mobile location-based advertising and marketing (LBA) market will grow from €1.2 billion in 2013 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54 percent to € 10.7 billion in 2018. This will then correspond to 38.6 per cent of all mobile advertising and marketing. Location-based advertising and marketing will thus represent around 7 per cent of digital advertising, or 2 per cent of the total global ad spend for all media. Continue reading

Snow+Rock, Runners Need & Cycle Surgery join Udozi

In time for the Spring shopping season

Stores will list all of their stock on Udozi so people can quickly and easily find lifestyle and outdoor gear in shops near them, available to buy today

Press release

April 23rd 2014. Udozi has announced that Snow+Rock, Cycle Surgery and Runners Need are the latest high street retailers to come on board the local shopping platform’s ever growing database of reputable retailers. Hot off the heels of brands like Maplin and Evans Cycles, the latest additions to the Udozi portfolio have arrived in time to coincide with the official start of British Summer Time, helping outdoor fans find the perfect gear with which to enjoy the longer, lighter evenings. Continue reading

Kabbee_lovelanes Minicab app appeals to London’s lovelorn

Get a free ride to where the singletons live

In order to boost its image as the location based app for booking a minicab in London [UK], Kabbee is attempting to play cupid. It’s done a bit of research and found six hot spots. These are where the highest concentrations of the UK capital’s single people live. Now in order to entice these lonely hearts to book cabs, the service is offering one free cab ride – worth £10, between one hotspot and another. Sadly, the company doesn’t make it very clear here exactly how these three ‘Love Lanes’ work but it certainly did the trick on the curiousity front. We immediately downloaded the app to our BlackBerry Q5. It also works on Android and iOS, too. Continue reading

unique network of partners amongst brands - geissendoerfer OTM partners with YOOSE to provide brands in Russia the latest in hyper-local mobile technology

Press release

February 24th 2014. YOOSE, the global hyper-local mobile ad network, has established a partnership agreement with OTM, a digital sales house in Russia, to bring YOOSE’s core services to major brand advertisers in Russia. Marketers will now have the opportunity to leverage YOOSE’s expertise in running hyper-local mobile display ad campaigns right from campaign planning, creative and message consultation to execution and post-campaign location insights. Continue reading

lbs driving new opportunities for mnos - lo Ruckus introduces SPoT Wi-fi based indoor LBS

Utilises patented algorithm gained from YFind acquisition

Though today’s cellular technologies support outdoor location based services [LBS], they don’t always work well or sometimes even at all indoors. That’s due to the inability of cellular signals to extend far into buildings. Ruckus Wireless reckons it has one answer – using its Smart Wi-fi instead. Ruckus calls it its Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) service. Given that the majority of smart mobile devices now support advanced Wi-fi capabilities. This is a viable option. Ruckus has just introduced advanced LBS technology using a patented Indoor Positioning algorithm gained from the company’s recent acquisition of YFind Technologies.The snag? It only works over Ruckus’ own access points. Continue reading

ruckus-spot Ruckus hits the SPoT with the industry’s 1st cloud-sased smart positioning Wi-fi LBS

New Ruckus SPoT service delivers footfall client analytics and real time location tracking to help increase customer profitability while transforming the user experience

Press release

February 11 th 2014 Ruckus Wireless, (NYSE: RKUS) has unveiled the Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) service, the industry’s first cloud-based Smart positioning location-based service (LBS) that gives carriers/service providers and enterprises the ability to deliver a wide-range of value added services over Ruckus Smart Wi-fi networks to help increase their profitability while enhancing their users’ online experience. Continue reading

true native advertising campaign - warner Mazda launches UK’s First location based dealership finder

Campaign devised by Mapp Media and Mindshare UK to promote latest Mazda

Press release

November 18th 2013. A new series of geo-targeted mobile ads, promoting Mazda’s latest range of cars (New Mazda 6 and CX-5), will be running on a popular community based navigation app. The first in the UK to use this type of location based advertising so that they are delivered only when the user is in the vicinity of a car dealership. The deal, devised by Mapp Media and Mindshare UK, the media buying agency for Mazda, is a first for this kind of mobile, geo-targeted ad in the UK. The sophistication of mobile advertising means that Mazda can now target drivers using mobiles to direct them straight to their dealerships, and in some cases, away from the competition. Continue reading

only found us when we turned on wi-fi Restaurant discovery app fails to impress GoMo

Maybe it’s because we are Londoners that …

Here at GoMo Towers we were invited to test out a new app called Ruffl from the company of the same name although a mob called Anqa seemed to have developed the actual Android app. Basically it is a restaurant discovery app for Londoners. Ruffl claims the app offers diners to access real-time availability plus the ability to special offers from local restaurants. A very powerful combination. Except we were far from impressed. Here’s a clue. The company named 11 famous London restaurants as participating but we’d only heard of one of them – Royal Horse Guards. And it’s location capability was poor. Continue reading