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ceasefire_gaza GoMo story from 2009 accidentally goes mega

shows depth of feeling over crisis in Gaza

As a result of an unfortunate bug in our content publishing system, stories posted on GoMo News don’t actually display the year when they were published. Consequently, a story we first published five years ago in 2009 – ‘Mobile SMS petition gains over 100,000 texts for Gaza appeal’ has gone mega. As far as we can tell, therefore, texting the word “Ceasefire” to the text shortcode 81819 won’t help ease current [2014] tensions in the Middle East. Continue reading

leap forward for mobile payments - howe Blackhawk helps Barclays add e-gifting to Pingit

Should help brands via increased customer data capture

It’s a logical progression, really. If you have a fully operational mobile payments service why not add a digital gift card service to it. That’s exactly what has happened with leading UK bank, Barclays, which has entered a partnership with Blackhawk Network to offer what it calls an eGift service. It works in conjunction with Barclays’ Pingit mobile banking service which is open to both Barclays and non-Barclays customers. BlackHawk has enabled Barclays to tap into a range of eGifts from entertainment, dining, gaming, fashion, health & beauty and leisure brands. The launch on Android and iOS devices is scheduled for later in August [2014]. Continue reading

Splicky_promo The GoMo News Advertising Directory (MADS) gets an update

New directory sponsor is Splicky and latest addition is Ripple

The team here at GoMo Towers is in the process of updating the GoMo News Advertising Directory which currently covers 193 mobile marketing companies. We’d also like the opportunity to welcome our new sponsor - Splicky. The GoMo Ads Directory is currently ranked second by Google amongst the independent company guides – but we’re mow working hard to get our Top ranking back! If your company isn’t included please gt in touch with our team as soon as possible (details below). Continue reading

schneyder - How brands can utilise the best mobile messaging analytics

OtherLevels says they can help improve customer engagement strategies

In an effort to keep up with consumers’ growing appetite for smartphones and mobile experiences, 91 per cent of UK brands have developed their own mobile app marketing analytics firm, OtherLevels claims. Indeed, the demand in the UK is so great that according to research conducted by comScore for Expedia Media Solutions, the UK mobile market is now outperforming the USA. 57 per cent of the UK now owns a smartphone which is slightly more than in the USA where that figure is 51 per cent. Meanwhile Savvy Marketing reports that 64 per cent of mobile users in the UK are embracing targeted offers via their mobile devices – up from just 24 per cent two years ago [2012]. Continue reading

lumia arc of wonder with 1020s in NYC Nokia & Microsoft pull Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder stunt

Anything to promote Lumia 1020′s 41 mp camera

It’s not the first time that Nokia’s Creative Labs has pulled a stunt to publicise the fact that buried inside Lumia smartphones is a powerful 41 megapixel camera. Now – with a little help from Microsoft, the smartphone vendor has produced the ‘Multi Lumia Arc of Wonder’ in co-operation with filmmaker Paul Trillo. He created the Arc from 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones controlled by a Microsoft Surface tablet using a special app which was designed for the Windows 8 mobile platform. The venue? NYC (New York City, USA), of course. Continue reading

Daniel Weisbeck iOS has its largest share of traffic in Canada – the home of BlackBerry

Plus other surprising mobile web traffic stats from Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits has just released its quarterly web trends report analysing user behaviour on the mobile web across 242 countries. The company has discovered over 4,000 unique devices, across more than 200 vendors and 26 operating systems, an increase of 8 per cent unique mobile handsets and 30 per cent more tablets compared to three months ago. Using the data, Netbiscuits was able to group together factors – such as screen size and speed of connectivity against the proportion of web traffic, to build up a picture of how these characteristics impact user engagement globally. Continue reading

here - payne Marketers push mobile to No. 1 priority for 2014 – Netbiscuits study

Less than half of brands exploring customer mobile behaviour through desktop web analytics
Over three quarters of respondents planning mobile-focused websites in the next 12 months
Visitor personas and device awareness key to understanding mobile behaviour and engagement

Press release

May 12th 2014. Netbiscuits has released the results from a study of UK marketers which found that 70.9 per cent are using mobile as an integral part of their multichannel brand experience, with 52 per cent using it to increase overall web traffic numbers. While these numbers may not be surprising, the research also found that marketers are struggling to analyse and measure customer behaviour on mobile, with over 50 per cent still deploying traditional desktop web analytics to try and understand user engagement on mobile devices. Continue reading

- pemberton UK travel industry missing good app store optimisation

Yodel Mobile discovers typos & spelling mistakes in Apple apps

Research carried out by Yodel Mobile, has found that app discovery in the travel industry is stalling. This is due to simple things such as spelling mistakes (typos); omitting obvious keywords plus using only 30 per cent of available keyword capacity. These results come from Yodel’s analysis of the top UK travel brands and their efforts at discoverability within the Apple App Store. Continue reading

yodel-mobile Top UK travel brands missing app store optimisation opportunity

Yodel Mobile research finds app discovery in the travel industry stalling due to spelling mistakes and omitting obvious keywords and only 30 per cent of available keyword capacity being used

Press release

April 22 2014. Integrated mobile marketing agency, Yodel Mobile, has released the results of its analysis of the top UK travel brands (according to ranking criteria) and their efforts at discoverability within the Apple App Store. In particular the use of keywords was analysed against three criteria: – capacity (how many of the permitted total keywords were used?); relevancy (how successful were each of the brands at connecting the app with relevant, travel-related keywords?); and typos (how many keywords were misspelt?). Continue reading

wima-monaco_2014 Hurry or you will miss WIMA in Monaco

Principality doesn’t just host the best F1 race

Of course the principality of Monaco (in Europe) is regarded as hosting probably the best and most exciting race in the whole of the Formula One [F1] motor racing calendar. But it also happens to host Europe’s version of the WIMA event. This the the leading event for anyone connected with NFC [Near Field Communication] or other similar proximity technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The only trouble is that online registration for this event will close today [Monday 21 April] at 18.00 CET. Find more details about the show location here and register from only €25. Continue reading

Pieter_Streicher Guest Post: Text messaging – it’s so last century

by Pieter Streicher, md with

What’s the hot new messaging app that all the kids are using? Can WhatsApp keep its credibility after its multi-billion dollar acquisition by Facebook? Has Snapchat reached its popularity peak? What’s the buzz on Telegram? If you’re over the age of twenty-five, you can be forgiven for feeling lost and adrift on a sea of instant messaging platforms. With so many competing services to choose from – each with their own functionalities, communities, etiquettes and more – how can businesses choose the right messaging platform for their needs? Continue reading

mobile_analytics Netbiscuits moves to make its key software free to mobile marketers

Covers mobile analytics & device detection

In 2013, research showed that over 1.2 billion people accessed the web from a mobile device, but 70 per cent abandoned a mobile site because of its poor performance. However, responsive design is becoming less effective in mobile web design as the number of devices mushrooms. In response to this, Netbiscuits has decided to make both mobile-analytics and its device-detection software available for free. The aim is to encourage smaller brands to make use of device analytics, and compete on a level playing field with large enterprises. It should providing marketers and developers with the technology to better profile customer engagement. Continue reading

- Neidhoefer Netbiscuits arms marketers with free mobile analytics tools to win in the new age of mobile marketing

Businesses of all sizes handed enterprise grade tools to rebuild lost customer connections
Consumers take control with 70 per cent abandoning a mobile site for poor performance
Understanding consumer behaviour and preferences is key to successful mobile marketing

Press release

April 9th 2014. Netbiscuits, are now encouraging marketers in businesses of all sizes to reconnect with consumers, by opening up its award-winning mobile analytics tools for free use. In a move which promises to demystify the mobile landscape, Netbiscuits has announced free enterprise-grade versions of its mobile analytics and device detection software, providing marketers and developers with the technology to better profile customer engagement and deliver exceptional mobile web experiences for users on every device. Continue reading

vodafone_old_logo Vodafone name 30 years old today

You’re luck it was nearly spelt with a ph not f

UK based MNO [Mobile Network Operator] is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its name today [March 22nd 2014]. And to celebrate the company has revealed the origin of the actual name. Plus the fact that it was was conceived of by one of the company’s original directors and the advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. The agency’s proposal to spell ‘phone’ as ‘fone’ caused the name to be initially rejected by the then CEO, Sir Gerry Whent. However, he relented – reputedly saying “in for a penny, in for a pound – you can have your flipping ‘f’ as well.” Afterwards he came to regard the name as something of a masterstroke. Continue reading

Adreaction UK lags in smartphone domination whilst TV reigns as primary screen

Millward Brown AdReaction 2014 study outlines multiscreen journey & potential for advertising

Press release

March 17th 2014. In contrast to other countries where smartphones are used more often than the television, laptop or tablet, UK multiscreen users still favour the television, despite having the highest smartphone penetration of any other country surveyed. They spend more time daily than any other country watching TV – an average of two and a half hours a day or 36 per cent of their screen time – according to the AdReaction 2014 study, conducted by Millward Brown, the global brand, media and communications research agency. It’s the first study in the world to reveal the use, behaviour and receptivity to advertising of multiscreen users in 30 countries globally, including the UK. Continue reading