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GetJar admits app recommendation doesn’t really work [UPDATED]

GetJar is one of the biggest app stores in the world – and it’s the very largest that allows any phone to download apps. No matter your device, you’ll find something that will work on it at GetJar. Today it has announced that it is building social features into the GetJar portal using Facebook. Continue reading

mobile location feature NAVTEQ examines how mobile advertising and navigation can best work together

Navigation and mapping company NAVTEQ has been doing great work in mobile navigation over the past years – mostly thanks to the fact that it was completely acquired by Nokia in 2008. Today it has released a big look into the best ways to incorporate mobile advertising into navigation; based on how consumers react to it.
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iPhone love feature Your mobile device: phone, web browser… secret lover?

After I got my Samsung Galaxy S, I was remorselessly mocked here in the office for several weeks. “How’s the new girlfriend working out?” people would ask “are you two still happy together?” As it turns out, I’m not the only person in the world who feels an intimate connection with their mobile… Microsoft Ads has just release research that claims the mobile phone is the “lover” of the communications world. Continue reading

twitter might go big on mobile ads Persistence and experimentation are key to mobile advertising

I’m so focused on mobile advertising that I sometimes miss digital marketing techniques – unless they’re actually in use by a mobile marketer, they tend to swing into my field of view. Well, today an ad technology company called TapAd, which is focused on mobile, introduced me to something I hadn’t encountered in mobile before: retargeting. Continue reading

tapjoy TapJoy will PAY YOU to port your app to Android

Thinking about porting your app to Android? You should go and talk to TapJoy, then, as they’ve just announced a $5 million fund to help developers transition their apps to the Google-owned platform. Continue reading

mma mobile marketing association feature MMA tackles critical skill shortage in mobile marketing

There’s a big problem in mobile marketing, but it’s not one you hear very often – you really need to get in and talk to the people doing the hiring. And that problem is what you might call a “skill shortage”. Mobile marketing is a relatively extremely young discipline, it is growing with incredible speed. That means that there are a lot of people hiring out there, but there is a definite lack of people with the relevant experience to fill those positions. But now the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has decided to tackle that problem. Continue reading

mobile-marketing Mobile marketing and advertising top news: Android, on-line and Poynt

Welcome to the Thursday round-up of mobile advertising and marketing stories from GoMo News! We’ve got Blackberry moves from Poynt; a new mobile affiliate network for Android; more moves from on-line to mobile; and more! Continue reading

mobile shopping iphone feature Mobiles becoming pivotal for weekend shopping

Massive on-line movie community Flixster has released some interesting stats about mobile shopping – seems like an odd match, doesn’t it? Why is a movie site researching mobile shopping? Because Flixster was looking at the way that people plan their weekend trips to the cinema, and it found that mobile devices are becoming far more central to that process. Continue reading

apple-tablet-flurry-ipad Apple losing market share on both devices and advertising

The most recent Millennial Media Mobile Mix report has just arrived – and it shows a fairly steep drop in Apple’s dominance of both the overall device market and the amount of mobile advertising served. Continue reading

Love fashion? Love mobile? Sign-up for Teez Me

If you love mobile and work in fashion you need to sign up for Teez.Me now! Its a simple and elegant mobile marketing platform. It is tailored for the fashion industry and the company is just starting out. I got a brief last week and it struck a cord.
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mobile-marketing Mobile advertising and marketing top news: apps, barcodes and augmented reality

Welcome to the Monday round-up of the best in mobile marketing and advertising stories from GoMo News! Today we take a look at whether apps are better at mobile advertising than mobile ads are; a new augmented reality company in India; and much more! Continue reading

iphone mobile music feature Smaato and Aupeo! join forces for mobile radio advertising

Berlin-based Aupeo! is pretty clear on what it wants to be – a personal, digital radio service. It’s not bound to computers, tablets or mobiles; Aupeo! wants to stream audio to any Internet capable device. With users in over 40 countries, Aupeo! is looking at ways to start making revenue from the scale it has achieved, and has just announced a deal with mobile advertising company Smaato. Continue reading

mobile-marketing Mobile advertising and marketing top stories: SMS, analytics and boom time

Welcome the round-up of the top stories from mobile marketing and advertising, delivered to your screen by GoMo News! We’ve got mobile analytics from iLoop; SMS spam from Nigera; rich media from Phluant, and more… Continue reading

buzzcity “White-box” mobile phones drive advertising boom for BuzzCity

BuzzCity is a mobile content, media and advertising company that we love to follow here on GoMo. The company targets lower-end devices around the world, and has been having huge success feeding advanced content to non-smartphones. May 2011 was it’s most successful month ever in terms of mobile advertising – serving 10.5 billion ads. And the company claims that white-box devices are one of the biggest drivers. Continue reading

Mobile Acuity selected by Mocom for Image Search

* Mocom partners with leading Image Search technology provider, Mobile Acuity, to provide Image Search services initially in Australia and other countries to follow.

* Mocom enables marketing and retail mobile applications and services into the Australian and other markets

* Mobile Acuity was selected after evaluating all of the available Image Search providers
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