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underlying appcosts still rising - alder 2 new indexes for game/app marketers launched

Fiksu aims to help marketers gauge the true mobile costs

In order to help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals, Fiksu has created two new indexes. These are designed to help app marketers analyse and benchmark mobile app advertising strategies, with an eye on engagement. The new Fiksu Cost per Install (CPI) index focuses on download costs, measuring the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising. The second new Fiksu index measures the Cost per App Launch. It focuses on engagement and ongoing value, tracking the cost of each repeat app launch over time. Significantly, over Xmas the price difference in reaching Android users rather than iOS users disappeared, Fiksu found. Continue reading

LINE_mark WhatApp’s rival claims benefits from Facebook linkup

LINE added 2m extra users last weekend

Two events appear to have conspired together to boost interest in the LINE IM [Instant Messaging] system which originally sprung up in Japan. The LINE service added two million extra users during the weekend [February 21-22 2014] during WhatApp’s outage. With Facebook very definitely losing its popularity – especially amongst younger users, WhatsApp might definitely feel the fallout from its linkup with the social networking giant. Continue reading

Sean_casto Guest Post: Attracting users with an app demo video

by Sean Casto, CEO of

People tend to rely heavily on visual cues when looking for new and exciting things -especially amongst the latest mobile apps. For app developers who have started a marketing campaign which has successfully driven traffic to their app, the next step is to demonstrate to the user exactly what makes the app great. This is best done with a demo video. A demo video is the first glimpse users will have of an app, and it isn’t something that should be created hastily. It goes above and beyond an app store description and gives users a visual representation of what the app has to offer plus what they should expect from it. An app demo video (which my company can build for you)  gives users the opportunity to experience an app before they decide to buy the app, and it’s a make-or-break component for successful apps. Continue reading

jonathan_raveh Guest Post: Mobile tracking – it’s not only about installs

by Jonathan Raveh, director of publishers with appnext

The mobile world keeps evolving. As the number of downloads grows and market penetration level increase, tracking methods become easier and more accurate. However, the vast majority of these methods are duplicated from the online/desktop world. This can cause advertisers to concentrate on wrong parameters in search of boosting their business in the mobile arena. Continue reading

Elizabeth_Phillips Guest Post: Tools for making life easier for busy mobile marketers

by Elizabeth Phillips, a freelance writer

The great thing about my work as a mobile marketer is that I can do my job anywhere, anytime, with my smartphone. The bad thing about my work as a mobile marketer is that I can do my job anywhere, anytime, with my smartphone. It’s incredible. The pace is nonstop, 24/7. And the tools … there are so many out there. So many great ones! There are a few not-so-great ones, too. However, mobile marketers don’t have time to mess with an app or other tool that isn’t intuitive, comprehensive and dependable. Many are free or low-cost, too. Here are four I consider keepers: – Continue reading

makes sensefor Bluewater but not SMEs - townsend Location based SMS marketing just for Big Boys says Textlocal

That’s if you want to do it properly, of course

Here at GoMo News we were pretty impressed with ‘The Mobile Customer Experience Report’ put out recently by Textlocal. So we leapt at the chance to chat with Rob Townsend, Textlocal’s marketing director, who was down in the Big Smoke [London] the other day. Somehow we got onto the subject of location based SMS marketing and Townsend revealed that the only organisations really making a go of the technology were major players. He claimed it made sense for the likes of massive shopping malls – like the UK’s Bluewater but not really for SMEs. Townsend also had some interesting things to say about combining SMS marketing with mobile apps. Continue reading

veremis - facebook news local content Guest Post: Exposing global attitudes to mobile marketing

by Marco Veremis, CEO with Upstream

As smartphone usage continues to grow at an exponential rate, reaching global consumers via their devices is becoming increasingly important for major brands and businesses. While this is somewhat commonplace in the West & North America, sights are now set on the emerging markets, where the number of mobile connexions is expected to make a significant leap over the next few years. In fact, by 2017 Ovum expects China, India, and Indonesia, to have 3 billion mobile connexions between them. here i’m going to discuss why I think that mobile is such an integral marketing channel in developing regions. Continue reading

banned-iphone- ad Apple’s draconian guidelines for new iPhone 5s/c leaked

Oops! We shouldn’t have even used the word new – sorry Tim Cook

This is priceless. Somebody has leaked a 12 page or so document to Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald here which spells out Apple’s Draconian guidelines for the new Apple iPhone 5s models. By which we mean the ‘s’ and the ‘c’ of course. Not that calling one model 5s is confusing, of course. What tickled us here most at GoMo News is that Apple has a list of words which they ban distributors from using. The story also illustrates how much Apple dislikes YouTube – apparently because it is owned by Google! Continue reading

Darren_Daws New tool helps brands send out surveys over SMS

Textlocal says opening & response rates from SMS are fantastic

Following recent market research (see here), Textlocal has found that Brits are wide open to two-way communications with brands. One of those turns out to be leading insurance supplier, Admiral. Of course, if you want to improve customer relations and get real feedback, then the content has to be good. Which is why Textlocal has developed its Messenger Surveys tool. Its aim is to optimise mobile surveys and forms to send directly to customers’; employee’s; or members’ mobile phones. Continue reading

NFC_World_congress NFC World Congress 2013

[ September 24, 2013 8:00 am to September 26, 2013 3:00 pm. ] Organisers: Strategies Telecoms & Multimedia
Venue: Acropolis Convention Centre
Location: Nice, France

Registration: here

Now in its third year, NFC World Congress gathers the full value chain of NFC services and beyond the whole ‘mobile proximity services’ community. This all-in-one event combines a high level conference and an international exhibition. Continue reading

Efrat Nakibly (1) Guest Post: How segment of one marketing can help dumb pipes become smart marketers

Rating: Founder also takes a pop at PrimeLocation’s mobile site, put together a very interesting chart last week. This chart which shows web traffic usage for the Blackberry Z10 in comparison to the traffic for the Sony Xperia Z during March 2013. They are two of the main contenders for ‘also-ran’ or Tier Two smartphones so it is intriguing to see how ell they are doing. below are some of the findings. Continue reading

Upstream_india Samsung & Nokia stronger brands than Apple in India

Rating: Upstreams data mines its report for GoMo News

With a large percentage of GoMo News‘ readers being based in India, we asked marketing technology company Upstream to mine the data in its recent report - The 2013 Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report, purely to reflect the Indian market. The results show that whilst Nokia has lost popularity in the West (it was never that popular in the USA), the same doesn’t apply to India. More Indians aspire to owning a Nokia than those who would prefer to have an Apple smartphone. Continue reading

Update: BlackBerry’s new OS doesn’t fail crucial security test in Britain

UPDATE: The Guardian’s article on which this story was based has since been amended to retract the allegation that BB10 has been failed over security worries

See our latest story here. Read our original story ….

Government agencies could turn their back on new smartphones

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry could lose millions in potential revenue after British government experts ruled that its latest Z10 and Q10 smartphones are not secure enough. According to The Guardian newspaper, the UK’s Computer Experts Security Group (CESG) has refused to endorse BlackBerry’s new BB10 platform, despite the fact that BlackBerry phones have traditionally been the preferred devices for government workers because of their high security thresholds. Continue reading

Cruickshank replaced as CEO at Weve after just three months

Nancy Cruickshank, the entrepreneur tasked with rolling out Vodafone’s joint mobile money venture with rivals O2 and EE, is to be replaced as CEO just three months after her formal appointment, it was revealed today [5th February 2013].
Though Cruickshank was always described as launch editor, she had been working behind the scenes since last May as the venture – known as Weve – struggled to get the green light from EU financial regulators. Continue reading

marin_logo Mobile ads worth ‘less than half’ desktop ones, says new study

But pay-per-click is still a soaring business

New research from San Francisco startup Marin Software suggests search advertising is proving less profitable as people increasingly use smartphones and tablets to browse the web. Marin’s data indicates the price firms like Google can charge companies in the UK for mobile promotions is less than half that for a desktop ad. On average a desktop click commands 32 pence but on a mobile it falls to around 15 pence. Tablet ads are worth roughly 28 pence per click. Continue reading