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Efrat Nakibly (1) Guest Post: How segment of one marketing can help dumb pipes become smart marketers

Rating: Founder also takes a pop at PrimeLocation’s mobile site, put together a very interesting chart last week. This chart which shows web traffic usage for the Blackberry Z10 in comparison to the traffic for the Sony Xperia Z during March 2013. They are two of the main contenders for ‘also-ran’ or Tier Two smartphones so it is intriguing to see how ell they are doing. below are some of the findings. Continue reading

Upstream_india Samsung & Nokia stronger brands than Apple in India

Rating: Upstreams data mines its report for GoMo News

With a large percentage of GoMo News‘ readers being based in India, we asked marketing technology company Upstream to mine the data in its recent report - The 2013 Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report, purely to reflect the Indian market. The results show that whilst Nokia has lost popularity in the West (it was never that popular in the USA), the same doesn’t apply to India. More Indians aspire to owning a Nokia than those who would prefer to have an Apple smartphone. Continue reading

Update: BlackBerry’s new OS doesn’t fail crucial security test in Britain

UPDATE: The Guardian’s article on which this story was based has since been amended to retract the allegation that BB10 has been failed over security worries

See our latest story here. Read our original story ….

Government agencies could turn their back on new smartphones

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry could lose millions in potential revenue after British government experts ruled that its latest Z10 and Q10 smartphones are not secure enough. According to The Guardian newspaper, the UK’s Computer Experts Security Group (CESG) has refused to endorse BlackBerry’s new BB10 platform, despite the fact that BlackBerry phones have traditionally been the preferred devices for government workers because of their high security thresholds. Continue reading

Cruickshank replaced as CEO at Weve after just three months

Nancy Cruickshank, the entrepreneur tasked with rolling out Vodafone’s joint mobile money venture with rivals O2 and EE, is to be replaced as CEO just three months after her formal appointment, it was revealed today [5th February 2013].
Though Cruickshank was always described as launch editor, she had been working behind the scenes since last May as the venture – known as Weve – struggled to get the green light from EU financial regulators. Continue reading

marin_logo Mobile ads worth ‘less than half’ desktop ones, says new study

But pay-per-click is still a soaring business

New research from San Francisco startup Marin Software suggests search advertising is proving less profitable as people increasingly use smartphones and tablets to browse the web. Marin’s data indicates the price firms like Google can charge companies in the UK for mobile promotions is less than half that for a desktop ad. On average a desktop click commands 32 pence but on a mobile it falls to around 15 pence. Tablet ads are worth roughly 28 pence per click. Continue reading

Bluetential-logo John Boyle absolutely slams allegations against Blutential

Rating: Did not use/steal/recreate from anyone

Following a piece which GoMobile News recently carried under the headline ‘Blutential stole my ideas says Blumore’s Devanney’ here. This was a follow-up from ’A BluPod from might help with proximity marketing’ here,  in which we published a comment from Keith Devanney claiming the Blupod had been developed by his company – Blumore. This he alleged had been “stolen by John Boyle.” Below Blutential’s John Boyle adamantly denies the allegations made by Keith Devanney. Continue reading

ScanLife-trends12 ScanLife report shows how marketeers are using QR codes

Rating: Biggest barcode readers are currently Germans not Americans

Barcode scanning specialist, ScanLife, has just released its latest [Q1 2012] report on mobile barcode trends. What’s interesting is that out of all the barcodes processed by Scanlife, Apple iPhone users have started to scan more. The traffic generated by iPhones grew 6 per cent from Q4 2011 and represented 45 per cent of all traffic. That’s almost equal to Android OS users with 48 per cent. BlackBerry OS only just managed to pip Symbian (4 per cent vs 3 per cent). Of course, there are other firms handling barcode traffic but this report gives a clue as to the size of the market. Total scans processed by ScanLife rose to 13 million scans which represent a 157 per cent increase from Q 2011. There was also an interesting change in which countries had the top number of scanning users. The USA dropped out of the Top Five whilst the UK entered it. Continue reading

mma mobile marketing association feature Consumer claims brewery stole his MISDN for marketing

Rating: We’re still waiting for Greene King to comment

An Epsom (UK) man, who refuses to be named, has claimed that the Greene King brewery has stolen his mobile telephone number (MISDN). He has started to receive marketing text messages from his local public house but insists he has never given out the telephone number. The reason he’s so positive is that the Vodafone PAYG number in question is only used for communication with his mistress. So how did the number fall into the brewer’s hands, then? The only explanation he can think of is that he leant the handset to his girlfriend to put records onto the pub jukebox. GoMobile News has been in constant communication with the brewery but they’ve yet to confirm or deny the allegation. Continue reading

rebrief-coke Mobile Marketing is key to Coca Cola’s expansion plans

Rating: Levi Shapiro explains how in Jerusalem Post blog

Writing in a blog for the Jerusalem Post, Levi Shapiro, Professor in the Media Innovation Lab at IDC, explains how soft drinks giant – Coca-Cola, plans to double its revenues by 2020. Naturally, mobile marketing is going to be a core part of that strategy. The drinks company has realised, of course, that if it wants to achieve its goal, then growth has to come from emerging markets and mobile is the ideal media for reaching such potential customers. Besides targeting markets in the likes of China and Latin America, the global brand is also investigation how it can utilise technological advances such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Holographic 3D to achieve its plans. Continue reading

Somo claims questionable victory for Paddy Power iOs app

Rating: Since when has coming fourth been such a big deal?

There’s exaggerating; there’s bending the truth; and, apparently, there’s Somo. The company has just used the phrase (in several missives to GoMobile News) that its client “raced to victory in their bid to win over the crowds at Cheltenham racecourse.” The trouble is we’re talking horse racing here. And the ‘horse’ which Somo was backing turns out to be the iOS app it has promoted for bookmakers, Paddy Power. Unfortunately, the app came in fourth place during Cheltenham week. It is our understanding that unless the race has a huge number of runners, coming fourth in a horse race doesn’t even secure you a ‘place’, let alone a victory. A bit of a hollow ‘victory, then? Continue reading

clickylogo Guest Post from Arthur Tegetmeier, SEO Accounts Manager with Clicky Media – Top Mobile Marketing Tips

This week’s Guest Post author is Arthur Tegetmeier from Clicky Media. We all pretend to know everything about Mobile Marketing but Arthur actually spells it all out.

The first thing to understand when looking at mobile as a marketing platform is that it is fundamentally a different medium to traditional marketing platforms (desktop and tablet included). Irrespective of what those differences are, it should follow that a particular platform demands a specific strategy. Surprisingly, this is a measure that many large and established brands are yet to adopt. Below is an outline of what some of these differences are, what they mean for marketing and how they can be approached. Continue reading

adfonic-mobile-advertising Adfonic takes over the world! Well nearly….

I missed a great opportunity in my last post to highlight that the fabulous mobile advertising company Adfonic have done a creative and enlightening interview with GoMo News. In a huge twist on typical advertising (and idea you would expect from the up and coming self-service marketplace leader) we are not offering banner space but a first video interview ad. Continue reading

Sprout mobile design certification

Sprout, the rich ad creative ad company that InMobi purchased is launching an international network of Sprout certified design resources.
Basically this is a new Mobile Design Certification Program that will offer free training to large and independent designers and further develop its existing Design Partner Program. Continue reading

Amobee launches user generated mobile ads for Windows Phones

Mobile Advertising company Amobee, has launched a new ad unit for the Windows Phone OS. These ad units are called User Generated Ad (UGA).

The UGA is an ad that will allow consumers to enable consumer to determine which ads they want to receive on their Windows Phones. This will be determined by their personal preferences and user patterns.

From the press release
Continue reading

3 things you should know about mobile advertising for MWC

50 % of mobile traffic is done after 5pm

Average CTR on standard mobile banner is 0,4% (no scripts)// iPad average CTR is 0,77% (standard banners) // Android CTR is 0,31% (standard banner) // WP7 : 0,15% (standard banner) // iPhone: 0,44% [...]