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Pieter_Streicher Guest Post: Text messaging – it’s so last century

by Pieter Streicher, md with

What’s the hot new messaging app that all the kids are using? Can WhatsApp keep its credibility after its multi-billion dollar acquisition by Facebook? Has Snapchat reached its popularity peak? What’s the buzz on Telegram? If you’re over the age of twenty-five, you can be forgiven for feeling lost and adrift on a sea of instant messaging platforms. With so many competing services to choose from – each with their own functionalities, communities, etiquettes and more – how can businesses choose the right messaging platform for their needs? Continue reading

bbm on an android phone BlackBerry updates BBM for Android

Positioning BBM to rival Line, Facebook & even Snapchat

Another sign that BlackBerry really is learning how to monetise its software assets – not just its smartphones, is provided by the latest update to BBM for Android. A key feature is the addition of ‘stickers’ and the fact that there is now a BBM shop where you can actually purchase stickers to send to other BBM users. That’s taking rival social media sites such as Facebook and Line head on. Plus there’s now an improved picture (photo) sharing facility. GoMo reckons this is a reaction to analysts who claim Facebook is losing traffic to photo sharing apps such as Snapchat. Continue reading

onedrive for bb10 BBM for Windows Phone app may be imminent

BlackBerry might also sell a personalised BBM ID

We’re a little slow off the mark here at GoMo Towers because we’ve only just noticed that there’s now a OneDrive cloud storage option available for BlackBerry BB10 users. We spotted this when an ad for OneDrive (which had to be recent because the SkyDrive name has been dropped) appeared as an ad when downloading from BlackBerry World. Given that Microsoft only made the app available a few days ago [March 2014], we think that BlackBerry will reciprocate. And what better way to do it than making a BBM for Windows Phone app available? Particularly since it looks like BlackBerry is considering monetising BBM by selling personalised BBM IDs. Continue reading

mercedes_bbm BBM Channels confuses ageing GoMo hack

Doesn’t help if you get the wrong team either

Well, here at GoMo Towers we believe in doing things for real rather than merely reproducing snippets sent out across the wires. So we jumped at the chance to try out BlackBerry’s showcasing of its latest BBM Channels facility. Today [March 6th 2014], Mercedes AMG Petronas has ‘fixed it’ for their leading F1 [Formula One] driver – Nico Rosberg to go live on the MAP Channel. Being keen petrol heads, we signed in to see what was going on and ask Nico a question. Firstly we found the whole experience confusing. Secondly we got the wrong F1 team. Continue reading

nico rosberg F1′s Rosberg to get second bite of the Berry Channel

Rescheduled attempt to promote BBM’s Channel feature

OK all you Formula One [F1] fanatics, BlackBerry in conjunction with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team have contrived to make their leading motor racing driver – Germany’s Nico Rosberg, available for chats with their fans. GoMo News readers with long memories will recall that Rosberg was originally scheduled to appear on BBM Channels on December 16th last year [2013]. However, it was cancelled at the last minute. The big difference this time is that all BBM users can potentially tune in – not just those with BlackBerry hardware as was the case in 2013. so put Thursday 6th March [2014] @ 14.15 GMT in your smartphone’s diary. Continue reading

heavy footprint in telecoms - cockett Acision forges communications for enterprise and developer community

One API delivers powerful, rich communication services for mobile devices, browsers and applications

February 24th 2014. Acision, a global leader in mobile services, has announced the launch of Forge by Acision, a rich application programming interface (API) that gives operators, enterprises and developers the power to create advanced communication features in their applications, all from the cloud. As a flexible communications framework, Forge enables accelerated application development with SMS, IP Messaging and Voice connectivity, intelligent routing as well as both mobile and web coverage, allowing enterprises to actively build new innovative services to grow and manage engagement opportunities. Continue reading

lead the rich communication charge - hernandez Fuze by Acision is World’s first rich communication client with WebRTC Integration

Acision’s OTT app provides messaging, sharing and beyond for superior user experience and new revenue generation opportunities

Press release

February 2014. Acision, a global leader in mobile services, has announced the launch of Fuze, its new all-in-one, telco-friendly rich communication client for messaging, sharing and beyond. Fuze combines all of today’s over-the-top (OTT) messaging capabilities such as chat, file sharing, video and VoIP, alongside integration with WebRTC, content channels and ‘See-What-I-See’, as well as a unique split screen user experience (UX) for media sharing and easy content drag & drop. Fuze is RCS compliant, so meets standards set by the GSMA, and includes SMS and MMS fall back, allowing users to interact with friends without Fuze or when a broadband data connection is unavailable. Continue reading

BBM-new_logo MWC: BlackBerry leaps into bed with Nokia over BBM

Not only does it run on Nokia X but Windows Phone 8 (WP8)

Showing just how the newly-confident BlackBerry views its software services (rather than its proprietary hardware) as key to its survival, the Canadian smartphone pioneer has jumped straight into bed with Nokia. And therefore, Microsoft. So it is hardly surprising to discover that besides announcing that whilst BBM is already installed on the latest Nokia X (Android Project) handset, it will soon run on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handsets, too. And not just a subset of BBM, it seems. Continue reading

saddly bbm won't run on touchpad No BBM for Android TouchPad users

Hardware clinic: Sorry BBM doesn’t want to run on it

GoMo News recently received this appeal from reader, Tanko Dada … “Please. I’ve just installed Android on my HP TouchPad previously running the webOS. Is it possible to have BBM* on this device? Every time Google Play shows me it isn’t compatible with this device. Do I need to find an update? Or just forget about it?” Well, unfortunately, Tanko, we think that you’ll just have to forget about it. Unless someone finds another version of Android for the TouchPad which can run it. Continue reading

len-Shneyder2 Guest Post: Moving from user acquisition to retention in 2014

by Len Shneyder, senior marketing & Evangelism manager with OtherLevels

All signs are pointing towards one thing – the cost of user acquisition is skyrocketing. Plus there’s no apparent ceiling, according to industry experts. With user acquisition costs nearing $3.00 in the mobile games space according to SuperData, a New York-based market research firm, although less perhaps in other sectors, the focus has to shift to keeping new users and monetising them. Continue reading

50x total revenues from all IM - shedd Rise of instant messaging spells the end of text, predicts Deloitte

But for now, SMS still account for lion’s share of revenues

Only a third of Britain’s 1.2 billion phone messages will be sent this year [2014] by traditional SMS as mobile apps become the preferred means of staying in touch. That’s the conclusion of a Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) survey, which says that a seachange in consumer behaviour towards instant messaging (IM) is sounding the death knell for text. Continue reading

perry gibson malhotra Guest post: Text Monitoring software – justifying its usage

by Perry Malhotra, a mobile product lmanager & sometime blogger for Trackshore

To put it simply – Texting Rocks! It is easy to do. It is a cheaper way to convey the messages. Finally, it is faster and suits many situations where voice calls are not possible. But it isn’t so cool a thing if you think how much time and energy it uses up uselessly plus how people make ill use of this otherwise technologically remarkable way of communication. If your kids, family and employees are always busy texting, as a responsible parent, elder sibling or employer you need to monitor those tiny bits of messages hitting the phone in every few seconds. Why monitoring? It’s needed because texting can sometimes have damaging results, check out what they can be below. Continue reading

adblocker_facebook Debate over what data can be mined hots up for Facebook

Latest move is a class action in California

The battle between pragmatic mobile advertisers and the Internet libertarians has taken a new twist. Those who feel that the web must be ‘free’ have taken steps against social media giant, Facebook, over what they view as a case of “intercepting communications for profit.” What Facebook is trying to do is being a highly accurate profile of its readership, of course. So any information it can glean is highly prized. However, Matthew Campbell of Arkansas and Michael Hurley of Oregon have filed suit against Facebook in a Northern District Court of California seeking damages. Whilst this is currently a US based spat, its implication do, of course, have global implications. Continue reading

Xiaomi 's Lei Jun China Mobile is China’s Top Brand says WPP’s Sorrell

He bigs up smartphone maker Xiaomi which didn’t list coz it’s private

It’s taken us a couple of weeks to notice because WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell was writing on LinkedIn – rather than a blog or on Twitter. Anyway, GoMo News has just noticed that Millward Brown, the global research firm, has published its definitive annual BrandZ list of China’s Top Brands. And right there at Number One is the world’s largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] – China Mobile.  Significantly, Sorrell highlights smartphone maker Xiaomi which didn’t make the list. That’s because it is a private company and is therefore ineligible for this survey. He describes its CEO, Lei Jun, as the Steve Jobs of China – a moniker which he apparently dislikes. Continue reading

JF Sullivan Acision predicts massive spike in MMS over Xmas

Popularity of ‘selfies’ and video sharing will add to traditional occasions

Thanks to the increasing popularity of ‘selfies’  (self-portrait by cameraphone) and video sharing, there will be a tremendous spike in MMS traffic over Xmas, global messaging specialist, Acision predicts. The company saw such spikes in MMS traffic, of up to 424 per cent, over the Xmas/New Year period in 2012 and 2013 will probably be worse.  Acision is therefore urging MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] to find ways of taking advantage of such increased activity.  For example, Acision’s research shows that 44 per cent  of respondents in the UK avoid sending MMS due to the high price compared to 19 per cent of US users. Continue reading