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Music streaming sites hit digital music sales

Figures from Nielsen Music suggest Spotify-style sites are to blame

Market watcher, Nielsen Music has just released figures showing how how music publishers fared in 2014. It seems that music streaming sites – such as Spotify, have impacted the growth of digital music sales.  Indeed, after a decade of strong growth, in the UK download sales fell during 2014. Nielsen says that digital album sales fell by nine per cent to 106.5 million albums in the USA. By complete contrast, audio and video streaming increased in the USA by 50 per cent. Continue reading

New Brit gig app has multiple flaws

App’s authors new another roll of the Dice

Here @ GoMo News, we’d argue that carefully picking an app name is essential for success. Sadly, a new UK gig booking site neglected this cardinal rule by picking the name -Dice. There are already a multitude of Android apps on Google Play with the same or similar name – thanks to the popularity of gaming/gambling apps. If the app’s co-creator, Phil Hutcheon, thinks the old adage – KISS [Keep It Simple Stupid] still applies then he’s very much mistaken. This app is no more than a highly selective gig list with a booking feature bolted on. Big Deal. Compare Dice’s app to Lemonrock’s Android app. Continue reading

radioplayer to the rescue Beeb surprise backer of updated Radioplayer app

Finally helps GoMo tFinally helps GoMo tune in to Chill radio again

Here at GoMo News we are big fans of a music station which is called ‘Chill‘ for obvious reasons because that’s the kind of music it offers. Now in the past, we’ve been able to access this station by various means. But lately, it has proved nearly impossible to listen to this Internet radio station via an ordinary browser. We’re not entirely sure why. In our search for a solution we came across an app named Radioplayer – which is designed to enable users to listen to a wide range of digital stations across the UK. The big surprise for us was the fact that the BBC [Beeb] is a backer/benefactor of this app.une in to Chill radio again

Here at GoMo News we are big fans of a music station which is called ‘Chill’ for obvious reasons because that’s the kind of music it offers. Now in the past, we’ve been able to access this station by various means. But lately, it has proved nearly impossible to listen to this Internet radio station via an ordinary browser. We’re not entirely sure why. In our search for a solution we came across an app naked Radioplayer – which is designed to enable users to listen to a wide range of digital stations across the UK. The big surprise for us was the fact that the BBC [Beeb] is a surprise backer/benefactor of this app. Continue reading

use the chant, luke Marley Chant speaker is cool alternative to festival going

If you can’t join ‘em beatbox ‘em

This weekend GoMo News should really have been in Charlton Park, England attending the WOMAD world music festival. But it just didn’t happen. Luckily the House of Marley decided to come to our rescue and cheer us up by loaning us the Chant – a Bluetooth compatible portable speaker. Let’s face it – this device looks totally cool right down from its ‘REWIND’ fabric cover to the little Ethiopian (rasta) flag label. It’s the perfect accessory for creating your own mini music festival using a smartphone/tablet and/or MP3/music player [Think iPod]. The main reason we’re giving this product a rave review is that the sound it produces is really unbelievably good for a device so small, light and portable. It also happens to be genuinely easy to use. Continue reading

tstia app screenshot GoMo News gets frustrated with Channel 4 app

Trying to vote with The Winner Takes It All app

There’s good ideas for creating brilliant marketing plans and there’s the harsh reality which the implementation of an app presents to real people. GoMo News was all fired up to participate in an online music contestant voting system. Then we discovered how many hoops we had to jump through. This whole exercise in mobile marketing has been created by the British TV station, Channel 4, in conjunction with content producers Endemol ( most famous for Big Brother). The pair has produced an app which enables the UK public to vote for wannabe superstars. It’s called The Singer Takes It All (TSTIA). Instead of hours of fun, it seems to offer hours of frustration. Continue reading Omnifone to help power Neil Young’s PonoMusic

& 4G could well make Pono a viable music service

It seems that a British specialist music firm, Omnifone, is going to provide a helping hand to a new service being fronted by veteran rock star, Neil Young. Young has recently become the CEO of an outfit calling itself PonoMusic. You’d have thought that the market for digital music was already saturated but – No, the company has just managed to raise a truly impressive $6.2 million (£3.6 million) via the crowdfunding web site, Kickstarter. Let’s hope that PonoMusic fares a bit better than another service that Omnifone helped operate – BBM Music. BlackBerry stopped operating BBM Music back in June 2013. The best bit is that PonoMusic agrees with GoMo News’ resident music guru, Mac Maclaren, who’s previously declared that FLAC really is the best digital music format there is. Continue reading

curated - scott Dr Dre may add fizz to Apple’s music brand

HTC must be kicking itself

It’s looking good for music supremo, Dr Dre, who is behind Beats Electronics which Apple looks set to buy for around £1.9 billion ($3.2 billion). Whilst the general populace associates the Beats brand most closely with its range of high-end stereo headphones, the mobile industry is paying much closer interest in its music streaming service. Analysys Mason believes that Apple will take some of the best aspects of the Beats Music streaming service, such as the curated recommendation system, and put them into its own iTunes music services. Indeed, GoMo News reckons that the headphones aren’t sufficiently cutting edge enough for Apple so they could actually damage its brand. Divest yourself of that bit, Mr Cook. Continue reading

untapped opportunity for music services - hughes Omnifone reports 600% increase in platform streams from non-Western and emerging markets during 2013

Press release

February 19th 2014. Omnifone the leading global cloud music platform provider, has announced that streams from end-users in non-Western and emerging markets grew six-fold on its cloud music platform since January 2013. Non-western and developing countries account for 20 per cent of total global streams compared to just 14 per cent in 2012, a significant increase when taken into account the speed with which the emerging markets are growing. Continue reading

now an advertising platform - hoberman Shazam claims our story on “boss” Fisher is inaccurate

Rewriting history is always good clean fun

It seems that GoMo News has ruffled a few feathers chez Shazam with our recent story on Shazam’s Fisher here. He’s described as “boss” by the Sunday Times, when he’s not actually the CEO – Rich Riley is. Shazam PR lass, Rica Squires, has taken umbrage at our criticism and described our piece as containing “a couple of things that weren’t quite accurate.” Oh, really? See our piece below republished from WAP Insight. We’d also dispute her claim that our story was neither fair nor an accurate representation. Continue reading

moving into tv ads big time - fisher Shazam boss moving heavily into advertising

TV advertising that is, not necessarily mobile ads

A really intriguing interview with Andrew Fisher who is currently executive chairman with Shazam in the UK publication, Sunday Times.* GoMo News regards Shazam as a pioneer amongst mobile apps because (the company of the same name) achieved something which nothing else had before. Rather than being merely the mobile version of a desktop app, it was unique and groundbreaking. The Sunday Times interview reveals that Fisher is taking the company in a direction which nobody could have predicted – TV ads. Yup, this British techno success story is moving from being purely a mobile into a multi-channel player. In fact, it has embraced TV advertising big time. Continue reading

last_chill GoMo discovers how to Chill again on a WP7.8 handset

We also have a close encounter with’s ‘scrobbling’ app

We’re not sure how the UK’s Global Radio has done it, but we can now listen to Chill FM on our favourite mobile devices again. Even on a Windows Phone 7.8 device like the Nokia Lumia 800. [It seems to be thanks to UK radio Player] Regular readers might remember that GoMo News complained that thanks to Adobe dropping support for Flash in the mobile arena, we could get a music player to load. (See ‘Major hole in Windows Phone 7 still exists’. Now, obviously thanks to a new app of some kind, clicking on ‘Listen Live’ plays the radio station live through the Lumia 800′s browser. Continue reading

AutoRip_amazon Apple’s possible uncompetitive behaviour towards Amazon over AutoRip

We’re no EU lawyers or iOS programmers but ….

Here at GoMo Towers we’re constantly reminded by Apple fanbois that the main reason why the Cupertino-based company can charge a premium for its products is that they are intuitive and easy to use. So when an Apple fan was demonstrating his latest discovery to us – Amazon’s AutoRip, we were more than a little astonished. AutoRip downloads MP3 music files from the Amazon store directly to your iPhone once you have made a purchase of any qualifying ‘AutoRiP’ CDs. When, GoMo News asked to see which tracks had arrived, our iPhone user immediately opened the AutoRip app. But why? There is a perfectly good icon on the iPhone’s home screen marked ‘Music’. Continue reading

Rocket_Music_screenshot ALAC audio file format CAN be read by Android devices

GoMo News answers reader’s question on Apple’s file format

As we get closer to Xmas, Here at GoMo Towers, we’ve always noticed an increased interest amongst readers in music. And in particular audio formats. Hence, we published ‘The best audio file format for your smartphone’  back in 2011. The feature was written by myself – Mac MacLaren – in my capacity as head honcho of the UK’s leading live music listing site, Lemonrock. In the article, I recommended ALAC as my favourite audio format. This prompted one reader to ask us, “Can android smartphones read ALAC?”. The short answer is YES! Continue reading

making its way to china? Nokia mutates its MixRadio music service

Now there’s a feature called Play Me, apparently

Without much of a fanfare, in 31 countries globally Nokia has just launched  a new function of Nokia MixRadio called ‘Play Me’. This free music streaming service learns from listening habits to deliver people a personalised radio station, Nokia claims. Apparently it’s all at the single touch of a button. Continue reading

itunes_radio Nokia responds to iTunes Radio announcements

Yeah, bit Apple’s answer to Nokia Mix Radio works on iPod; IPad, iPhone & Apple TV

We suspect that with a large degree of sarcasm (which Europeans do so well) Jyrki Rosenberg, a vp with Nokia Entertainment, has welcomed the arrival of iTunes Radio from Apple. Apple has revealed that the service will soon go live in the USA. The exact phrase Apople used was “iTunes Radio will be available with the launch of iOS 7 in the USA.” Now Rosenberg immediately made a dig at this by mentioning the fact that Nokia has already launched in 28 countries as diverse as China, India and the USA, and claimed consumer reaction has been very positive. Where Nokia can’t compete is the fact that iTunes Radio will work on tablets (iPad); music players (iPod); and Apple TV as well as the iPhone. (And PC & Mac, of course). Plus users store their music/playlists in the cloud (icloud) so they can switch easily between devices. Continue reading