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MVSCs becoming numbers of choice - kitcher RTX launches inbound services and mobile voice short codes

RTX expands its product portfolio to include inbound voice services & mobile voice short codes for cost-effective, flexible C2B calling

Press release

April 15th 2014. RTX, the global carrier exchange for telecoms operators, has announced the launch of inbound voice services and mobile voice short codes (MVSC) to expand its growing portfolio. The new services enable convenient, cost-effective and flexible inbound consumer to business calls from fixed line and mobile numbers. Continue reading

Paym-hsbc GoMo discovers HSBC bank Paym service by accident

Through update to old app announcement sent by letter

How quaint! We’ve become accustomed to receiving mostly junk mail through the traditional postal service. So it was a bit of a surprise to discover that GoMo News‘ existing bank – HSBC [UK], had decided to communicate with us about its latest banking app through a non-digital media. A letter. Anyway, it turned out to be good news because we also learnt about HSBC’s Paym service by mistake. It will be launching live in the UK on April 29th [2014]. Those who pre-register get the chance to win an HTC One. Continue reading

sends anti-tech message about Brussels - kroes Brussels court rules Google-backed Uber taxi app illegal

Stiff fines for any cabbies who use it to pick up fares

A Belgium court has delivered another blow to the smartphone taxi app Uber, ruling that any cab drivers using it to pick passengers could face a €10,000 (£8,260) fine each time. At the heart of the row is how the app, backed by Google and Goldman Sachs, links up customers with private cabs whose owners may not comply with the strict licensing rules that exist in many EU countries. Regulated taxi unions in France and Italy have already bitterly opposed moves to open up the cab business to more competition, launching a series of mass protests to paralyse local traffic. Continue reading

mobile_analytics Netbiscuits moves to make its key software free to mobile marketers

Covers mobile analytics & device detection

In 2013, research showed that over 1.2 billion people accessed the web from a mobile device, but 70 per cent abandoned a mobile site because of its poor performance. However, responsive design is becoming less effective in mobile web design as the number of devices mushrooms. In response to this, Netbiscuits has decided to make both mobile-analytics and its device-detection software available for free. The aim is to encourage smaller brands to make use of device analytics, and compete on a level playing field with large enterprises. It should providing marketers and developers with the technology to better profile customer engagement. Continue reading

Fuji_Xerox Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) wins best mobile app award

Shows how it is still delivering innovative document solutions after 50 yrs

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is giving itself a well-deserved pat on the back for managing to win the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association’s Best Mobile Apps (Mobile Enterprise Solution) Certificate of Merit in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014. The award was for its QuickaForm mobile solution. It illustrates how Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) continues to deliver innovative document consultancy solutions to its customers in Hong Kong throughout its 50 years in business. Continue reading

HTC One Once mighty HTC sees losses grow as phone sales lose traction

Next quarter will be better, it insists

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has suffered a deeper-than-expected first quarter loss, as its market share continues to slide – with it now standing at around 2 per cent. Despite rave reviews for its flagship smartphones, HTC sales remain modest and in the three months to April 2014 it posted a 22.6 per cent drop in revenues to 33.12 billion Taiwanese dollars (£659 million). But it insists it is likely to return to profit in Q2 following the late-March release of its upgraded flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8. In recent months it has also slashed costs dramatically in a bid to bolster its share price which has lost nearly 90 per cent since its April 2011 peak. Continue reading

shah - from buzzd to darcher Deepen Shah reinvents himself as digital advertising platform CEO

Bye-bye Buzzd – hello Darcher Media

When GoMo News last caught up with Deepen Shah back in 2010, it was as the co-creator of a mobile social networks and location app called Buzzd. The company of the same name has disappeared and the app is no longer available in iTunes. However, Deepen is now the CEO of a new company – Darcher Media which he claims is ranked third as an ad network in the entire USA by Quantcast – here. What’s more Shah says that Darcher Media serves over 6 billion ad impressions monthly across the globe which you can check with Screencast here. Seems that the boy has done well. Continue reading

source: Brit police force cracking down on phone theft

We think it needs more than just a few T-shirts, though

In a laudable effort to cut down on mobile phone theft in Kingston-upon-Thames (close to London, England), the local police force has been encouraging staff in a select number of pubs (bars) and night clubs to wear special T-shirts. The shirts are emblazoned with the slogan “Love Your Phone” in an effort to encourage revellers to take more care of their prized smartphones when out and about. The campaign is the brainchild of Kingston’s current Chief Inspector, Gary Taylor, who is already something of a local legend. Continue reading

vodafone_storefront Vodafone splashes the cash on expanding high street outlets

1,400 more jobs on the way, too

Britain’s second biggest mobile operator Vodafone, cash rich after the sale of its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless, is to splash some of that windfall by opening 150 new retail stores over the next 12 months. In what is clearly an attempt to catch up with arch rival EE which has 600 stores and is already planning to add a further 1,000 staff to its payroll, Vodafone will expand the number of its outlets to more than 500, simultaneously creating some 1,400 new jobs. “This year we’ll invest more than ever before to provide our customers with the strongest network and best services in the UK,” explained Vodafone’s new UK chief executive Jeroen Hoencamp. Continue reading

adblocker_facebook Adblock Plus now has a manifesto for acceptable ads

Still no sign of an iOS app or add-in for iPhone Safari browser

The folks at AdBlock Plus just don’t give up. The latest ploy by the organisation is a ‘manifesto’ which outlines their demands for “acceptable ads.” Now GoMo News has nothing against those who campaign heavily against ‘intrusive advertising’. In fact, we aim to be a source for the latest info on how to make targeting of mobile ads more effective. What we don’t agree with is the methods used by AdBlock Plus. Especially since its ‘Whitelist’ of acceptable ads is nothing short of a joke. Continue reading

jasper's CRO cindy patterson says Telefónica’s pan-European deal for connected cars with Telsa

Apparently it’s all to do with the power of the M2M World Alliance

It’s nice to see some-one still using the good old terminology M2M (machine-to-machine communications) when discussing the ‘connected car’ rather than the woolly ‘Internet of Things [IoT]. Well, Spain’s Telefónica has announced an agreement with Tesla (which claims to be the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer) to provide M2M connectivity for its Tesla Model S in Europe. Telefonica is able to supply the service through its M2M World Alliance partners across Europe. The list include Telefonica’s O2 network in the UK; in Spain through Movistar, and on KPN in the Netherlands. Significantly the M2M services are described as being”powered by Jasper.” Continue reading

Anthony_rushton Google is bad, totally bad says top UK tech entrepreneur Rushton

Whilst Sorrell says Google is the most powerful company on the planet

Hmm. Has the Google bashing season just started or something? Ah, no – apparently Advertising Week Europe has just got into full swing. Hence, top Brit tech entrepreneur Anthony Rushton has decided to take a few swipes at global search Goliath, Google. He’s just declared that Goggle is “bad, totally bad for online advertisers.” Hence Telemetry boss is calling for Google’s dominance to be limited. Rushton also appears to have taken a swipe at the UK government whilst he’s about it. Continue reading

BlackBerry_playbook BlackBerry issues an new Playbook OS update for PlayBook

Users will need it to continue using BlackBerry World

Although most observers are doing a very good job of trying to write off Blackberry’s tablet offering – the PlayBook, the brave little device won’t lie down and die. Today [April 1st 2014] BlackBerry has issued an OTA [Over-The-Air] update which takes webOS to We had previously. The whole point about this upgrade is it modifies the payment processing system. So those PlayBook owners who want to continue purchasing apps and agmes or making in-app purchases will have to install the upgrade by April 3rd [2014]. Is this a sign that BlackBerry might do more in the tablet space, GoMo wonders? Continue reading

artist's impression And this year’s April Fool award goes to LoveSpace

Are you guys taking yourselves too seriously?

Here at GoMo Towers, we’re not quite sure what went wrong this year [2014] but it seems that creatives in the mobile advertising world have become far too serious. This publication didn’t receive one good hoax of a mobile nature. Shame on you guys! So instead, we’ve awarded this year’s prize for the silliest April Fool* to Lovespace. Continue reading

- joseph Vodafone’s brings disruptive mobile money to Europe

Leading MNO launches M-Pesa into Romania

Leading global MNO [Mobile Network Operator], Vodafone, has brought M-Pesa – its disruptive mobile money transfer and payment service into Europe for the first time. The addition of Romania continues the expansion of M-Pesa, following the launches in Egypt, India, Lesotho and Mozambique in the last 12 year. M-Pesa is the classic model for supporting micro-payments in geographies where the majority of the population are unbanked. Approximately seven million Romanians transact mainly in cash. M-Pesa could provide Vodafone with a useful revenue stream as voice traffic declines generally. Continue reading