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BlackBerry_playbook BlackBerry issues an new Playbook OS update for PlayBook

Users will need it to continue using BlackBerry World

Although most observers are doing a very good job of trying to write off Blackberry’s tablet offering – the PlayBook, the brave little device won’t lie down and die. Today [April 1st 2014] BlackBerry has issued an OTA [Over-The-Air] update which takes webOS to We had previously. The whole point about this upgrade is it modifies the payment processing system. So those PlayBook owners who want to continue purchasing apps and agmes or making in-app purchases will have to install the upgrade by April 3rd [2014]. Is this a sign that BlackBerry might do more in the tablet space, GoMo wonders? Continue reading

We’re not giving up on handsets, insists BlackBerry’s CEO

But customers will insist on buying old BB7 devices

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen has again insisted that the ailing Toronto manufacturer is not abandoning the handset business, despite the fact that the bulk customers appear to be shunning the latest BB10 models. Reporting its fiscal fourth quarter, BlackBerry revealed end users purchased 3.4 million smartphones during the three months, but admitted the majority of these were handsets that had already been sold to telecom operators and other “channel partners”. It acknowledged a truer sale of just 1.3 million handsets during the period, lower than Wall Street forecasts of 1.8 million. Continue reading

lumia 1520 costs $700 Microsoft trying to catch up on Dual SIM market with Windows Phone 8.1

Lava & Karbonn to launch dual-boot Windows/Android phones

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

According to latest (Q4 2013) IDC numbers, Android had a majority 78.1 per cent share of smartphone shipments worldwide, while iOS stood still on 15.2 per cent whilst Windows Phone stood at a distant 3 per cent. Hence Microsoft is doing everything possible to push its market share towards double digit numbers and eat into its more successful competitors namely iOS and Android. In its latest attempt, the company is trying to target the lower end of the smartphone market, especially in the developing BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Continue reading

netflix2_q5 GoMo loads Android version of Netflix onto BlackBerry Q5

Running Android apps under BB10 10.2.1 is easy

Having read that Nokia claims that around 75 per cent of Android apps will run straight ‘out-of-the-box’ on its AOSP [Android Open Source Project] based X platform reminded GoMo News, that we haven’t tried the same trick with BlackBerry 10. So we tried to identify an iconic Android app that appears to be missing from the BlackBerry World app store and came up with Netflix. Given that it requires video streaming, we consider this a suitable challenge. We loaded the Android app onto a Q5 and it worked without modifications. Continue reading

we think this is a photoshop job MWC: Unbelievable rumour that Nokia will embrace Android

Nokia X or Normandy will run Android KitKat

Now we’ve come across some unbelievable rumours in our time but never one as astonishing as the fact that the Finish based handset supplier will finally release a handset that runs the Android mobile OS. [Update: It has]. In fact, the speculation says it will be running KitKat (version 4.2). Microsoft has all but acquired the handset vendor and after seeing its share price nosedive because of its stubborn resistance to Google’s OS, has now suddenly changed its mind? GoMo News simply can’t believe it. Continue reading

Mobiwire_logo MobiWire will attempt to establish itself as entryphone brand

Rises out of Sagem Mobiles’ ashes

French mobile manufacturer MobiWire - formerly Sagem Mobiles, will attempt to establish itself in the entry-level segment of the handset market during MWC week [February 2014] in Barcelona. To date, the company has concentrated on being an ODM [Original Design Manufacturer] supplying white label products to MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and resellers. In 2013, it delivered one million devices across Europe. GoMo News is particularly intrigued by a remark made by MobiWire’s CEO, Bruno Mortreux, about “the latest operating systems.” Could this mean MobiWire could produce a white label Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handset, we wonder? Continue reading

Motorola-moto-x A look @ specs & pricing for Moto X

What you get and don’t get for the money

Now that we’ve had the chance to read and digest the tech specs for Motorola’s latest smartphone – the Moto X, we can see what you get and don’t get for your money. What struck us immediately is that the two key features missing from lower spec models: – support for NFC and Wi-fi 802.11ac, are actually there. We have details of availability, too. Plus, of course, we actually got our hands on an actual Moto X handset which was very definitely running the latest version of the Android mobile OS – 4.4.2 (KitKat). Continue reading

GoMo seeks ‘insufficient storage available’ solution

Our loan Android handset runs out of space for new apps

It’s an infuriating experience. On your sparkling new Android handset, you’ve only downloaded a dozen or so apps and then the handset keeps reporting “Insufficient Storage Available”. We’re running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) so it’s not as if this is a problem Google is unaware of. What’s happening is that the OS is insisting on installing apps into the handset’s internal memory. And if you’ve only got 0.5 GB of memory as standard, this can soon fill up. GoMo News has even head of UK retailer, the Carphone Warehouse, warning customers off a particular Samsung model which suffers from this drawback. We reckon, however, that some-one out there knows a viable antidote without having to ‘root’ the Android handset. So contact us please. Continue reading

Lumia_black Lumia Black update software rollout for Nokia WP8s starts today

Starts with Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones

An OS update for Nokia’s WP8 based handsets has started globally today [December 10th 2014]. The first models to receive the ‘Black’ update will be Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 smartphones. Other updates will follow on a unspecified timeframe. Sadly, GoMo News can’t check this out because we’re stuck with our Lumia 800 which is only WP7.8. Ho-hum. Anyway, Lumia Black offers many new features for existing Nokia Lumia WP8 owners including improvements in imaging; new apps; and app updates from Microsoft as well as Nokia. Continue reading

Eugene_Rudenko Guest Post: The what, when and how of developing app

by Eugene Rudenko, a senior online marketing manager with Apptraction

Business people really need smartphones or tablets because they help them to solve a lot of problems on the go and out of office. That’s why almost one third out of ten incoming requests for the mobile app development repeat the same old story: – “I want to get a working mobile app in a week.” After that a lot of time is spent in order to find out what type of mobile app the customer wants and how long will it take to develop it. In this article, I’ll try to give you the overview of the development process that is required for building a mobile app. Continue reading

should be possible to put bbm on tecno d3 African Android users want BBM on their phones

Owners of the Tecno Android range seem particularly keen

Here at GoMo Towers, we have been in deep conversation with one of our African readers who is dead keen to install BlackBerry’s BBM messaging client on his Tecno D3 Android handset. Only problem? The D3 seems to be stuck on Android 2.2 (Froyo) whereas the recently released BBM app for Android requires 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  Not 4.2 (KitKat) as our reader presumed. In an ideal world, you’d simply upgrade the handset’s Android OS version. Not with Techno, it seems. So the answer is to ‘root’ the handset. Whilst we were researching this topic, we also spotted how to put Whatsapp on Android handset which appear unsupported. But not on the Nokia N73, of course. Continue reading

cydia allegedly working on jailbroken iOS7 Jailbreak for iOS 7 getting closer apparently

Shame our reader can’t get his Facebook page working

Well, it’s inevitable really. Somebody somewhere is eventually going to crack (jailbreak) Apple’s latest iOS7 and let users escape from Apple’s close confines. Here at GoMo Towers we received a message from somebody calling himself Derek Badgett and pointing towards a Facebook here called iOS 7 Jailbreak. Sadly, the requisite page that you all want to view is locked and unviewable – presumably because of an error the author has made. Anyway, that’s no matter because there are plenty of other pages on the Net to visit which do have useful information. And they all indicate that a viable jailbreak is just around the corner. Continue reading

iOS7 upgrade turns on cellular voicemail shock

What to do if this happens to you on T-Mobile UK

It started off as a simple and rather innocuous request for advice. A regular GoMo News reader found that not only was voicemail suddenly switched on for his cellular service but even worse, most calls were then going straight to voicemail. To rectify the problem, he was calling into the mobile network operator’s [MNO's] voicemail system, but nowhere from the menu options he could hear was there the ability to switch voicemail off again. The MNO in question was T-Mobile UK. What made us sit up and take note about this was the fact that the unwanted change was triggered by an upgrade to Apple’s latest OS (iOS7) offering. Details of how he eventually escaped are provided below. Continue reading

Tim Cook defies critics and sells loads of iPhone 5s in just 3 days

Complaints about iOS 7 still pour in

Despite his fierce critics, Apple’s CEO’s Tim Cook (he whose name cannot be mentioned) seems to have down well. GoMo News should have realised this for the high number of activations recorded by Localytics (see previous story here). However, Apple has just officially announced that it sold an impressive nine millions handsets in just three days after their appearance in the shops. BlackBerry’s Thorsten Heins must be feeling sick because he couldn’t even sell 7 million Z10s. Anyway, it appears that Apple has genuinely run out of stock (although we strongly suspect that it is just the 5s that consumers can’t buy in stores. Continue reading

justapengion confirms you're stuck with iOS 7 if you've upgraded Over a third of all Apple fanbois upset with iOS 7

There’s no jailbreak so there’s no going back, either

A chance conversation with a former ardent supporter of Apple’s products has astonished GoMo News. The man owns three Apple products: – an iPad, a MacBook and an iPhone 4S. However, after downloading iOS 7 onto the iPhone, he is not a happy bunny [displeased]. He’s even gone so far as threatening to get a Samsung Android when his handset contract runs out in November [2013]. Continue reading