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Paym-hsbc GoMo discovers HSBC bank Paym service by accident

Through update to old app announcement sent by letter

How quaint! We’ve become accustomed to receiving mostly junk mail through the traditional postal service. So it was a bit of a surprise to discover that GoMo News‘ existing bank – HSBC [UK], had decided to communicate with us about its latest banking app through a non-digital media. A letter. Anyway, it turned out to be good news because we also learnt about HSBC’s Paym service by mistake. It will be launching live in the UK on April 29th [2014]. Those who pre-register get the chance to win an HTC One. Continue reading

FCC-Aztec_code Masabi supplies secure mTickets for FCC trains

Aztec based codes initially readable @ 3 English rail stations

As something of a breakthrough, Masabi – a specialist developer of  mobile ticketing has enabled British train operator  First Capital Connect to roll out its first mTicket capability at three English railway stations. An mTicket enables a smartphone user to purchase a ticket electronically with no need to collect it physically from a ticket office or machine. Instead the mTicket is displayed onscreen as an encrypted Aztec code. [Note: Not a QR code!]. Machines at London King’s Cross, Cambridge and King’s Lynn will initially be able to read these mTickets as will conductors’ portable ticket machines. The plan is to be able to roll it out to other locations including London’s Gatwick airport. FCC is strangely coy about the number of platforms able to run its ‘Rail Tickets’ app. There are Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia apps, for example. Continue reading

a fantastic hub of culture, history and education - whitaker First Capital Connect launches queue-busting mobile ticketing app

Press release

March 24th 2014. First Capital Connect has announced the launch of its new queue-busting mobile ticketing app, allowing passengers to use their mobile phone or tablet as a ticket machine. Developed by Masabi, the leader in transport mobile ticketing, customers can download the app to their phone and instantly purchase peak and certain off-peak tickets for immediate use. Mobile tickets (mTickets) are displayed on the phone’s screen as an encrypted barcode to be scanned by gate line scanners or revenue staff – turning the phone into a personalised ticket machine. Continue reading

bango building on base of 120+ MNO integrations - anderson Bango upbeat despite posting £4.9m loss

User spending up 150% as app store activity grows

British mobile payments firm, Bango, suffered pre-tax losses of £4.9 million in 2013, latest figures reveal, after ramping up its workforce and data centres in line with a rise in customers. The loss compares to £2.6 million for the nine months of 2012, when it had a shorter accounting period. But on the positive side Bango says end user spending via its platform increased to £15.6 million from £6.2 million the year before, an increase of 150 per cent with growth largely driven by app store activity. Continue reading

Tomorrows_transactions Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum 2014

[ March 19, 2014 8:00 am to March 20, 2014 6:00 pm. ] Consult Hyperion’s 17th Annual Forum

Organisers: Consult Hyperion
Venue: One America Square
Location: London, UK
Twitter: #ttforum

Register here.

Now in its17th year, Consult Hyperion Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum promises the combination of discussion and debate, learning and fun, that has earned it the reputation as the place to be for people interested in the future of retail electronic payments. Continue reading

mnos don't really need the banks - birch MWC: Secure transactions themes from the 2014 event

Consult Hyperion on Host Card Emulation & other topics

Consult Hyperion, a consultancy that specialises in electronic transactions, has identified five key technology trends in digital commerce which featured at the recent MWC show in Barcelona. These include host-card emulation (HCE), tokenisation, wallets, MPOS and the fate of IDAP. GoMo News reckons that one of the sector’s major problems is that it is immersed in its own obscure TLAs [Three Letter Acronyms]. Continue reading

joe_fortunato Guest Post: How mobile money services are changing how people use cash

by Joe Fortunato, a freelance writer

More than 60 per cent of North Americans believe that (according to Harris Interactive) smartphones will replace credit cards and cash, and 43 per cent believe it will take less than 10 years. While the timeframe is debatable, it’s clear that our future lies in mobile payments. Several major US businesses have been investing in mobile money and customers are responding positively. Let’s look at four ways mobile money services are changing the way people shop. Continue reading

- trapp tyntec launches OTP SMS product with real-time mobile number validation to accurately verify users & increase conversion rates

Enhanced two-factor authentication process accurately delivers OTPs, leaves end-user with better verification experience

Press release

February 18th 2014. Mobile interaction expert tyntec has announced the launch of a new product which accurately delivers One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to end-users mobile devices. Named OTP SMS, this product enhances the SMS-based two-factor authentication two-factor authentication (2FA) process by validating mobile numbers in advance and reporting potential errors in real-time. This allows for an upfront notification to the end-user and gives them opportunity to correct faulty numbers-but most importantly-to receive the accurate SMS delivery of the OTP necessary to finalize the transaction. Continue reading

pozitron reinforces our leading position - lukies Monitise to acquire Middle East access through Pozitron

Turkey important financial market in both Europe & Mid East

The growing importance of Turkey as a financial market – and in particular as a gateway to payments made in the Middle East has been recognised by mobile money specialist, Monitise. It has just struck a deal to acquire Turkey’s Pozitron Yazilim. [See here). Pozitron’s brand swap over to Monitise if the deal succeeds. Not a lot of people know this – but Turkey represents a significant electronic payments market. It has the second largest credit card base in Europe, the third highest debit card base, and the largest number of POS terminals in Europe. Continue reading

fatih işbecer with US president barack obama Monitise acquires Turkey’s mobile money innovator Pozitron

Deal accelerates Monitise’s mobile money capabilities in Europe and the Middle East

Press release

Feb 3rd 2014. Monitise (LSE: MONI.L) has announced the acquisition of Pozitron Yazilim, a privately-owned mobile technology company based in Turkey. It delivers mobile banking, payments and commerce solutions to businesses in its home market, the Middle East and internationally. “This acquisition of Pozitron further reinforces our leading position as a global technology enabler at the heart of the Mobile Money ecosystem,” said Monitise Group CEO, Alastair Lukies. Continue reading

source: re/code Twitter online commerce offering exposed by Re/code

But will it take a mobile first approach to accepting payments?

A blog on specialist news site, Re/code – written by Mike Issac and Jason Del Ray, appears to have revealed Twitter’s plans to start advertising and selling goods. The post says that the authors stumbled upon documents openly display on the web site which have subsequently been removed. The report here says that Twitter appears to have already been working with an online commerce site – More importantly, its payment processing fulfillment will be handled by a company called Stripe which supports both web and mobile payments. Continue reading

one good experience - prins Retailers are leading the way in mobile payments

Retail sector migrating rapidly to mobile optimised web says Adyen

An extremely interesting insight into how the online transactions industry is progressing was provided when GoMo News met with Roelant Prins, Chief Commerce Officer, with Adyen. Prins joined the company when it was just a Dutch company but now Adyen is truly global. Although Adyen supports no fewer than 250 payment methods, Prins was sharing his company’s knowledge of what is happening in the mobile sector with us. Data from the just released third Adyen Mobile Payments Index showed that mobile contributed an average of 18.5 per cent to global transactions over the four months of September to December [2013]. Continue reading

Adyen_payments-index Adyen Mobile Payment Index reveals mobile payments climb to 19.5% of transactions globally

Adyen sees total mobile growth of 55% year-over-year with tablet use soaring, up 36% in transaction volume for the retail sector & overall the preferred device for high value payments

Press release

January 30th 2014 Adyen, the global provider of international and multichannel payment solutions, has announced findings from the third Adyen Mobile Payments Index covering the period September to December 2013. The Index shows mobile payments accounted for almost 20 per cent of all transactions worldwide in December, growth of 55 per cent in a year, up from 12.6 per cent the previous December. Continue reading

helping auto finance companies to transform - ulis BillingTree to deliver mobile payment and customer communications solutions to auto finance industry

Press release

January 22nd 2014. BillingTree, the leader in on-demand payment processing technology, has announced a suite of new solutions that allow auto finance companies to expand mobile payment options to consumers, and to manage and extend customer relationships beyond their initial purchase through digital marketing promotions and value-added customer service. BillingTree’s mobile payment and lifecycle management solution enables customers to view and pay their bills by scanning a QR code from their smartphone and instantly access their account information and payment options. Continue reading

txtNation txtNation launches Direct Carrier Billing in Russia

Press release

txtNation has now launched its Direct Operator Billing solution for the Russian market, allowing businesses to accept mobile payments in this European country. Russia has experienced a lot of growth in mobile internet usage in recent years, with 31.4 per cent of the population accessing the web on their handsets in 2013, compared to 21.9 per cent in 2012 and 17.8 per cent in 2011. Continue reading