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schmidt - forced to unbundle apps from android? Android could be under threat from EU bureaucrats

Europe gunning for search engine giant – Google

The European Union (EU) has a history of taking on high tech giants (almost inevitably US based) and – after long and protracted battles – winning. It’s happened to the likes of Microsoft and Intel before. And now, it seems, it is the turn of Google – best known as a search engine giant. However, in the mobile world the company holds great sway thanks to its leading mobile OS – Android. Which is where the European Commission is now focusing to see if Google is breaking European anti-competitive laws. Interestingly, in his time at Novell, current Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, would have been more than happy to see the EU intervene and Novell’s arch enemy – Microsoft. So he’s well aware of the dangers. Continue reading

li & kalanick Uber taxi app won’t find Chinese market easy

Chinese tech giants Tencent & Alibaba offer rival products

It seems that everything isn’t going Uber’s way in the Chinese market, which is despite the fact that Chinese search giant Baidu confirmed that it is Uber’s latest investor last week [December 17th 2014]. The reason is that Uber is up against the Kuaidi Dache app which is backed by Alibaba and against the Didi Dache app from Tencent. Regular GoMo News readers will already be familiar with Tencent’s WeChat product from articles such as ‘N73 users should be Wechatting not Whatsapping‘. As we previously reported here, tencent is China Top Three best recognised brand. Meanwhile Alibaba is China’s answer to eBay and reported almost $300 billion worth of online sales in its year to June 30th [2014].  So Uber has a real fight on its hands. Continue reading

VidiXplore’s new video tool for storytellers

Free online video tool disrupts the traditional take on search engine optimisation (SEO)

Press Release

December 9th 2014. VidiXplore, a free online video tool that redefines videoSEO and team collaboration has launched its first version. Designed for professional and private users it finds and organises video content on desktops and in the cloud. VidiXplore automatically indexes speech, subtitles, manual tags, logos and faces. The patented video data management technology behind VidiXplore is first of its kind and will considerably change how video content is found and distributed on the Internet. Continue reading

Rummage touts itself as ripe for Nokiasoft acquisition

We think that Google might be more interested

A UK-based software company called Computer ConQuest reckons that its software is ripe for acquisition from the new behemoth which is Nokiasoft – a term which it reckons has been coined by former Nokia chief, Stephen Elop. Apparently the company claims that Elop has suggested that neither ‘Microsoft Mobile’ nor Nokia will be the long-term brand names that consumers can expect to hear. Which is, of course, interesting. The company also maintains that the emergence of smartphones as devices utilised by millions of people o na daily has made information accessible with just a few clicks of the finger. So what has Computer ConQuest done to combat this situation. Launched a program – Rummage that only runs on Windows 7 (for PCs). Eh? Continue reading

lei jun - more like gates than jobs China Mobile is China’s Top Brand says WPP’s Sorrell

He bigs up smartphone maker Xiaomi which didn’t list coz it’s private

It’s taken us a couple of weeks to notice because WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell was writing on LinkedIn – rather than a blog or on Twitter. Anyway, GoMo News has just noticed that Millward Brown, the global research firm, has published its definitive annual BrandZ list of China’s Top Brands. And right there at Number One is the world’s largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] – China Mobile.  Significantly, Sorrell highlights smartphone maker Xiaomi which didn’t make the list. That’s because it is a private company and is therefore ineligible for this survey. He describes its CEO, Lei Jun, as the Steve Jobs of China – a moniker which he apparently dislikes. Continue reading

Zomato even has WP8 & BB10 apps UK’s Vince Cable to highlight Indian search engine – Zomato

Indian firm intends to make the UK its European HQ

On his four day tour of India starting today [December 9th 2013], the UK’s Business Secretary, Vince Cable is expected to announce a £612,000 ( $1 million) investment by Zomato, the mobile and online search company in the UK. Initially, the money will be spent in Scotland but Zomato intends to set up teams across key UK cities and make the UK the headquarters of its European operations. Zomato boasts an impressive range of mobile apps which not only cover Apple’s iOS and Google Play but BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone (WP8) too. The company is actually hiring globally. Continue reading

alcatel onetouch open fire Firefox OS arrives in Latin America

Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open Firefox OS smartphones go on sale through Movistar in Colombia and Venezuela on 1 August

Firefox OS to launch in Brazil during Q4

Press release

August 1st 2013. Telefónica has announced the next wave of Firefox OS launches with the Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open devices going on sale in Colombia and Venezuela. This follows the launch of the ZTE Open through Movistar in Spain on July 2nd. In Colombia, both devices are now available through Movistar stores and priced at COP 199.900 on prepay or COP 99.900 on a 12 month contract at COP 39.900 per month. Continue reading

EU-google EU losing its patience with Google over biased search

Google could find itself on wrong en of law suits in EU

It appears that the EU’s competition commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, is getting very close to putting the boot in over claims of favouritism in the results of Google searches. It’s quite obvious that if Google has its own offering in a specific area, its own services get promoted to the top. Aluminia has been looking at the proposals put forward by Google to rectify this situation in Europe. he’s not happy. Continue reading

Marin's Momberg to speak How mobile devices are changing search marketing

[ May 29, 2013; 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. ] Webinar from Market Finder

Here’s a topic which could well interest many of our readers – the impact of mobile on search advertising. A webinar from Market Finder aiming to outline how mobile devices have dramatically changed the dynamics of online search. Speakers will include Rebecca Momberg  director of client solutions and strategy with Marin Software which just so happens to be sponsoring the event. The other speaker is Andrew Gerrard who is head of social business with Like Minds. Continue reading

search_xxx May is month to get your adult web domain

We didn’t even know there was an adult search engine

It’s been brought to GoMo News‘ attention by ICM Registry, the registry operator for the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) for online adult entertainment, that new .XXX domain registrations created during May 2013 will be available at discount prices. So, if you were intending to launch an adult mobile web site, now is obviously the time. ICM kindly alerted us to the fact that there is even an adult search engine which we’ve never encountered before. and point to it. Continue reading

witch_is_dead UK goes mad over Ding Dong! Witch is Dead

Rating: Don’t bother trying to download dedicated ringtone

In good old Blighty we always try to things in style. And the death of a ‘wartime’ Prime Minister is no exception. There are plenty of Brits who don’t agree that Margaret Thatcher was a good thing for the country. So they are voting against her. By purchasing the track – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, sung by Judy Garland as a protest. The consequence is that this track will become Number One in the Official UK singles chart on Sunday [April 14th 2013]. But if you want the Witch is Dead as your ringtone, it isn’t going to be that easy. Continue reading

Paid search for smart mobile devices to end desk-top dominance in the UK

Smartphones and tablets are transforming paid search advertising; conversion rates on smart mobile set to match those of desk-tops

Press Release

February 12th 2013. Smartphones and tablets are rapidly transforming the paid search advertising industry. According to a report released by Marin Software, provider of a leading revenue acquisition management platform for advertisers and agencies, in January 2012 smart mobile (tablets and smartphones combined) accounted for 14.8 per cent of UK paid search and by December had risen to 24.4 per cent of all paid clicks. This surge was fuelled by consumers’ increasing use of smartphones and tablets to conduct research and shop online. Continue reading

mobilewebco Brands ignoring mobile search at their peril says Mobileweb

Rating: A cross device mobile strategy is also key, apparently

According to the Mobileweb Company, mobile websites that it operates typically see uplift in mobile site traffic of more than 90 per cent. That’s because they are fully optimised for mobile search discovery, the company claims. Whilst Mobileweb’s own recently announced research shows that iPhone users grab the lion’s share of mobile web access (55.7 per cent), the company still urges brands to adopt a cross device mobile strategy. Less than 10 per cent of potential customers have an iPhone. Continue reading

mobilenetmarketshare Google under threat from EU over search

Rating: Even more dominance over mobile search

Recent reports are suggesting that Joaquin Almunia, the EU’s commissioner for competition, is only weeks away from launching legal action against internet search giant, Google. Almunia will have to decide whether the company has breached the European Union’s anti-trust laws. In Europe, nine out of ten internet searches is carried out via Google as opposed to two out of three in North America. This brings Google some very nice profits. Last year [2011], it made around £6 billion which provides it with a nice little war chest for fighting such actions. These monster corporation versus government battles can drag on for years – witness the EU’s battle with Microsoft over browsers. But Microsoft was fined £1.4 million in the end. In theory, this means that Google could be fined around ten per cent of its annual revenues – which could come in as high as 3.1 billion. In the mobile world, however, Google’s dominance is even higher. Continue reading

yapf_screen Switching from Bing to Google with a W7 Mango phone

Rating: It’s possible but not very elegant
yapf screenshot
We’re strong believers in using the right tool for the job here at GoMobile Towers. One of the niggling problems with using a W7 Mango handset such as the Nokia Lumia 800, is that the Bing search engine is integrated heavily into the mobile OS. There doesn’t [...]