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End of XP is great news for Android & iOS

Why exactly do you need a desktop PC instead of a tablet or smartphone?

A great deal is being written about Microsoft ending ‘Extended Support’ for Windows XP today [April 8th 2014]. A great deal of it is mere scaremongering and reminiscent of the Millennium bug which never actually wreaked havoc. The software giant might have shot itself in the foot, however. If you look carefully at what the analysts are saying, they are actually advocating going mobile without truly appreciating it. For example, take this quote from Richard Edwards, principal analyst for enterprise mobility & productivity software at Ovum, “Compared to smartphones and tablet devices, PC operating system upgrades are an ugly affair.” Exactly. It’s not actually time to think about upgrading from XP, it’s time to ask yourself, “Why exactly do I have a desktop again?” Continue reading

source: Brit police force cracking down on phone theft

We think it needs more than just a few T-shirts, though

In a laudable effort to cut down on mobile phone theft in Kingston-upon-Thames (close to London, England), the local police force has been encouraging staff in a select number of pubs (bars) and night clubs to wear special T-shirts. The shirts are emblazoned with the slogan “Love Your Phone” in an effort to encourage revellers to take more care of their prized smartphones when out and about. The campaign is the brainchild of Kingston’s current Chief Inspector, Gary Taylor, who is already something of a local legend. Continue reading

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium launches to proactively protect home PCs from advanced stealthy malware

New version of anti-malware software which fixed 208m PCs last year, combines five powerful new tools into a single download and commits to lifetime XP support

Press release

March 24th 2014. Malwarebytes has announced the launch of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, a new tool designed to proactively protect home PCs against advanced criminal software which traditional anti-virus cannot detect. In development for over 18 months, Premium is the first completely new version of the company’s flagship security software for six years, and is designed to work alongside traditional anti-virus to provide additional protection. Continue reading

mnos don't really need the banks - birch MWC: Secure transactions themes from the 2014 event

Consult Hyperion on Host Card Emulation & other topics

Consult Hyperion, a consultancy that specialises in electronic transactions, has identified five key technology trends in digital commerce which featured at the recent MWC show in Barcelona. These include host-card emulation (HCE), tokenisation, wallets, MPOS and the fate of IDAP. GoMo News reckons that one of the sector’s major problems is that it is immersed in its own obscure TLAs [Three Letter Acronyms]. Continue reading

- kleczynski Malwarebytes moves to protect Android users from aggressive adware & sneaky apps

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile adds protection from apps which exploit users for ad revenues and in app purchases, worsen performance and collect unnecessary data

Press release

March 5th 2013. Anti-malware provider Malwarebytes has announced it has updated its free mobile security app to protect people from the growing number of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) targeting Android users. Such applications are often offered through legitimate channels, but mislead people with the aim of making money from aggressive advertising and in-app purchases, as well as taking unnecessary amounts of personal data. They also regularly impact phone performance. Continue reading

chen- 2 new handsets @ MWC BlackBerry shares surge again on news of super encrypted messaging platform

Up by nearly a fifth in just a week

BlackBerry’s, CEO John Chen, has given the firm’s investors further cheer after revealing its messaging system would be made more bullet-proof for corporate customers. The news, coming in the wake of Facebook’s $19 billion (£11.4 billion) planned purchase of WhatsApp – which alone made analysts reappraise the value of BlackBerry’s messaging system, sent shares in the Toronto phone maker up another 8 per cent at close last night [25th February 2014]. This resulted in an overall 18 per cent leap in the manufacturer’s stock in less than a week. It ended the day at $10.60 on Nasdaq. Continue reading

parents must remain vigilant -emm 27% of parents fear their children have been exposed to cyber threats in past year

1:5 parents fail to monitor their child’s online activity

Press release

February 11th 2014. More than a quarter (27 per cent) of parents believe their children have been exposed to online risks, such as accessing inappropriate content or cyber bullying in the past 12 months, according to a Kaspersky Lab study.1 Despite this, research to mark Safer Internet Day taking place on 11th February, has found that one in five parents (22 per cent) takes no action to govern their children’s online activity – whether on the home computer or mobile devices. Continue reading

dual SIM 4500 Duo prime candidate for instant online Prestigio users can now enjoy 200GB free storage

SurDoc allies with Prestigio to offer ultra-secure cloud storage

Mobile devices manufacturer Prestigio and SurDoc, the secure, cloud-based storage specialist, have teamed up to launch MultiCloud. The pair claim this is the most secure cloud storage offering yet. Powered by SurDoc, Prestigio MultiCloud will be available to existing Prestigio users today [February 10th 2014] via Prestigio Installer. Later this month, the app will be preloaded on all Prestigio MultiPhones and MultiPads. Users will enjoy 200GB of storage for free with the chance to earn extra by Tweeting or sharing files. Continue reading

maplin had probably just sold out - macnamara Prestigio announces new ultra-secure free cloud storage solution

200GB Free storage for users and 100% cloud data security for the first time

Press release

Prestigio, an international manufacturer of mobile devices, consumer electronics and accessories, and SurDoc, the technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage, have announced the launch of MultiCloud, the most secure cloud storage solution. Powered by SurDoc, from February 2014, Prestigio MultiCloud will be preloaded on all Prestigio MultiPhones and MultiPads and is also available in Prestigio Installer. Continue reading

- dearsley GCHQ can determine your sexuality from Angry birds

Or so a Guardian article claims – while mobile ads get the blame

According to a report in the UK’s Guardian, here, the USA’s National Security Agency and its UK counterpart – GCHQ, have been developing capabilities to take advantage of what it described as “leaky” smartphone apps. In the frame was the popular Angry Birds game. Guess who is taking the blame for smartphone personal information leaking out? That’s right, the mobile advertising industry which provides SDKs to app developers. That way they can at least make some money out of their ‘free’ software. Below, Kroll Ontrack and Zscaler comment on the revelations. Continue reading

source: jason samuels Mysterious Android malware puzzles GoMo

And it’s hosted by Amazon

Here at GoMo Towers we’ve been puzzled by the mysterious appearance of an Android malware attempted installation scam. The puzzle is that we (and it appears we’re not alone), can’t figure out where the fake warning message has come from. We’re particularly indebted to Jason Samuels, IT Director with the National Council on Family Relations for documenting his encounter with this piece of malware on his Tech Thoughts blog here. Continue reading

- anema Tweakker helps Dutch group set up private GSM networks

Allies with appropriately name Private Mobility

An interesting new development from the Dutch company, Private Mobility, which is effectively a virtual network enabler (MVNE) in the Netherlands. Thanks to a hook up with mobile connectivity firm, Tweakker Private Mobility can now offer secure managed services to MVNOs and government customers. In essence, this means that Private Mobility can now offer a truly private GSM network which means that corporate traffic safely remains on private paths. This has been achieved by deploying Tweakker’s enterprise-grade access point name (APN) solution. Continue reading

John Murtagh Guest Post: SMS firewall & security gateways market set to grow

by John Murtagh, CTO with Anam Technologies

Recently, Infonetics Research released excerpts from its latest SMS/MMS Security Gateways market report in which it is projecting such products will grow to €51 million ($69 million), an increase of 70 per cent over 2012. One of the key drivers for this growth is the success of Enterprise Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS which includes uses such as Marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Mobile network operators [MNOs] are beginning to see the benefits of firewalling their existing messaging networks using transparent techniques, as it can help protect revenues and improve customer experience. Continue reading

perry gibson malhotra Guest post: Text Monitoring software – justifying its usage

by Perry Malhotra, a mobile product lmanager & sometime blogger for Trackshore

To put it simply – Texting Rocks! It is easy to do. It is a cheaper way to convey the messages. Finally, it is faster and suits many situations where voice calls are not possible. But it isn’t so cool a thing if you think how much time and energy it uses up uselessly plus how people make ill use of this otherwise technologically remarkable way of communication. If your kids, family and employees are always busy texting, as a responsible parent, elder sibling or employer you need to monitor those tiny bits of messages hitting the phone in every few seconds. Why monitoring? It’s needed because texting can sometimes have damaging results, check out what they can be below. Continue reading

Intel_McAfee CES: Intel to phase out the McAfee brand

Retains the red shield for new Intel Security brand

In a pre-show speech at CES 2014, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, revealed the Intel Security brand and disclosed his company’s plans to transition McAfee products to the new brand whilst still retaining the familiar red shield. As new products are introduced, the McAfee brand name will be phased out and branded Intel Security. The re-branding will begin immediately, but the transition may take up to a year before it is complete. Continue reading