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there had to be an easy way - watkins Forget the footie – put a Ferrari in your video

Coull finds video completion rates amongst viewers are highest for sports videos

A new study by Coull has found that – despite the hype surrounding the World Cup (soccer/footie) tournament, videos featuring cars are most likely to engage UK online video audiences. The research found that 61 per cent of viewers watched sport related videos to the end. Coull is a provider of video monetisation technology and it has recently analysed 12 million videos plays. Irfon Watkins, Coull’s CEO, cobserved, “The most lucrative event in sports advertising – the football World Cup – has now kicked off. With millions of pounds being allocated to TV advertising during coverage. Online sports publishers should be looking at ways to give brands new opportunities to augment their TV ad spend online.” Continue reading

ZenithOptimedia Mobile is the main driver of adspend growth says ZenithOptimedia

Mobile will grow @ 49% p.a. vs desktop @ 9% p.a.

According to ZenithOptimedia‘s latest Advertising Expenditure Forecasts mobile advertising  is now the main driver of adspend growth and is growing 5.5 times faster than desktop internet. Zenith defines mobile advertising as all internet ads delivered to smartphones and tablets- whether display, classified or search, and including in-app ads. Meanwhile digital recruitment advertising is also booming, growing over 25 per cent in 2014. Again this is led by soaring smartphone and tablet usage, according to a separate report from the Association of Online Publishers and consulting firm Deloitte. Continue reading

IDATE Yearbook is fountain of useful mobile stats

Shame that Ed Vaizey didn’t make it to London event

Weren’t not sure why what must be the ‘Bible’ of statistics for the mobile industry was launched in London at the Royal College of Nursing but it was. The 2014 edition of the Digiworld Yearbook is the product of a thinktank called IDATE . It contains so much useful information that it is difficult to know where to start. Literally, the only disappointment was the fact that the UK’s present minister for Culture, Ed Vaizey had to cry off at the last moment for an important cabinet meeting. What GoMo News is uneasy about, however, is the suggestion that the US market is faring better because it has fewer MNOs [Mobile Network Operators]. We don’t believe it. Continue reading

stuff - veremis Emerging market consumers call for new Samsung Tizen handsets to provide improved payment and content solutions

Emerging market consumers want better access to health, finance and education services via their mobile

Press release

June 2nd 2014. Following Samsung’s launch of its first Tizen smartphone (Samsung Z), which many have speculated will be targeted squarely at emerging markets, new research from mobile marketing specialists Upstream has found that consumers in developing markets are calling for the handset to more readily provide relevant, localised content and services as well as more appropriate payment mechanics and pricing models. Upstream’s new research, which polled the views of a representative sample of 4,504 consumers in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam in conjunction with analyst house Ovum, features in its latest report entitled The Next Mobile Frontier. Continue reading

smartphone landscape changing rapidly - maitre Orange aims to repeat success of Alcatel Pixi in AMEA region

Pixi 2 will retail from $60 with data, voice and SMS offers

Orange has launched a new smartphone which is specifically targeted at consumers across its Middle East and African markets. The new smartphone – the Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 2 aims to repeat the success of its predecessor, the original Pixi. Nearly 250,000 of these handsets were sold in six months as it rapidly became the most popular smartphone in Orange shops in Africa and the Middle East. Presently one out of every five smartphones sold by Orange in the AMEA region is now an Alcatel smartphone. It will retail from $60 with data, voice and SMS offers. Continue reading

successfully compete with OTT brands - windle Hope for MNOs in the battle with OTT providers on video-calling

OpenCloud commissioned survey has some big surprises

A new multi-national survey from YouGov commissioned by OpenCloud somewhat surprisingly reveals that consumers believe mobile network operator [MNO] video-calling services would be superior to existing OTT services. It seems that consumers perceive that video-calling offered by operators would outperform OTT apps. Despite the growing adoption of OTT apps – such as WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat, capable of providing video-calling, it would appear that consumers believe their mobile service provider is capable of delivering a video-calling service that better meets their needs. Continue reading

OpenCloudlogo2 Consumers opt for mobile operators for video calling

OpenCloud commissioned survey reveals consumers perceive operators’ video-calling would outperform OTT apps

Press release

May 22nd 2014. A multi-national study reveals that consumers think mobile operator video-calling services could be superior to those provided by OTT players. Despite the growing adoption of OTT apps capable of providing video-calling, it would appear that consumers believe their mobile service provider is capable of delivering a video-calling service that better meets their needs. A YouGov survey commissioned by OpenCloud, the telecoms software innovator, canvassed network customers across the UK, USA, Germany and France. Continue reading

showrooming isn't going away - laight Brits regularly practicing showrooming says EE

But retailers can turn this to their advantage with connected retail

According to new research by EE, almost half of British consumers are regularly practicing ‘showrooming,’ That’s when people use a mobile device – such as a smartphone or a tablet, to check for the best prices whilst in-store. The research shows over 20 million consumers (equivalent to 44 per cent of total shoppers) now visit physical stores to browse products while using mobile devices to find the best deals online. To help retailers turn showrooming to their advantage, EE now provides a fully managed branded public Wi-fi service in-store as part of its ‘Connected Retail’ proposition. Continue reading

Tubemogul1 Mobile video ad inventory up 340% in Q1 2014

Strong viewability but not on open exchanges says TubeMogul

Recent research from TubeMogul indicates that video ads in Canada have a higher likelihood of being seen than in any other world market. That’s only if they’re bought straight from publishers, rather than through open exchanges or networks. According to TubeMogul’s quarterly update, Canadian programmatic direct video viewability was 10 per cent above the global average in Q1 2014. At 65 per cent, it beat out the USA at 55 per cent. Continue reading

Blue-jeans_contest Blue Jeans finds 59% text whilst web conferencing

Win Dr Dre headphones in its competition

In order to highlight recent improvements to its cloud based video conferencing solution, Blue Jeans Network recently conducted a survey which highlights the increasing demand for video-centric meetings. Basically, respondents said they wanted a unified service for all remote and online meetings rather than separate tools for audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing. There’s also a chance to win $1,000 in the company’s ‘The Meeting Moment’ video contest but you have to live in the UK, USA or Canada to enter. Third prize is beats by Dre headphones (now owned by Apple, of course). Continue reading

Daniel Weisbeck iOS has its largest share of traffic in Canada – the home of BlackBerry

Plus other surprising mobile web traffic stats from Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits has just released its quarterly web trends report analysing user behaviour on the mobile web across 242 countries. The company has discovered over 4,000 unique devices, across more than 200 vendors and 26 operating systems, an increase of 8 per cent unique mobile handsets and 30 per cent more tablets compared to three months ago. Using the data, Netbiscuits was able to group together factors – such as screen size and speed of connectivity against the proportion of web traffic, to build up a picture of how these characteristics impact user engagement globally. Continue reading

here - payne Marketers push mobile to No. 1 priority for 2014 – Netbiscuits study

Less than half of brands exploring customer mobile behaviour through desktop web analytics
Over three quarters of respondents planning mobile-focused websites in the next 12 months
Visitor personas and device awareness key to understanding mobile behaviour and engagement

Press release

May 12th 2014. Netbiscuits has released the results from a study of UK marketers which found that 70.9 per cent are using mobile as an integral part of their multichannel brand experience, with 52 per cent using it to increase overall web traffic numbers. While these numbers may not be surprising, the research also found that marketers are struggling to analyse and measure customer behaviour on mobile, with over 50 per cent still deploying traditional desktop web analytics to try and understand user engagement on mobile devices. Continue reading

Brand loyalty flagging amongst iPhone & Galaxy owners

But does this provide opportunity for other handset vendors?

Well, GoMo News has just some very intriguing stats produced by Qriously which queried the sentiments of UK iPhone and Samsung users towards to their existing brands. Surprisingly the research found that the majority of both Samsung and iPhone users across the UK are unlikely to upgrade to their existing brand’s next or existing flagship device. Despite this however, Samsung and iPhone users alike are very unlikely to directly switch over to their major brand rival. So what’s not clear is whether this provide an opportunity for other handset vendors such as Huawei which recently announced the Ascend P7. Continue reading

affiliate_window_april iPad owners buy more and spend more says Affiliate Window

Monthly UK mobile tracker shows £1 in every £4 comes from mobile

A comprehensive picture of the UK mobile landscape has been provided by Affiliate Window with its Monthly Mobile Tracker mobile statistics for April [2014]. The company is able to obtain these stats because it works with major retailers and web site owners such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sky, British Telecom and Here at GoMo News we were particularly interested by the figures for online sales broken out by mobile OS. For example, Android smartphones accounted for 25.12 per cent of smartphone traffic and 25.61 per cent of sales. However, an iPad typically converts at 3 per cent above Android tablets. Plus iPad users not only convert at a much higher rate than their Android counterparts, but also spend significantly more when they do. Continue reading

Pierre_naggar UK ad spend to top £20bn for 1st time in 2015

Success will hinge on digital ad campaigns which deliver relevant ads

According to the Advertising Association/Warc, the UK’s ad spend is set to top £20 billion for first time in 2015. It concludes that mobile will remain the fastest growing ad medium through 2015. However, the rate of growth will slow to a mere 45.5 per cent [wow! - Ed] in two years’ time. Total internet ad spend growth is also expected to slow, falling to 12.2 per cent in 2015, from 15.6 per cent in 2013. With these figures pointing towards an explosion in mobile, Turn‘s md for EMEA, Pierre Naggar explains how there will be increased competition to deliver a more personalised advertising experience on this channel for consumers. Continue reading