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tv_butler Launch of TVButler allows you to watch TV anywhere in the home or on the go

dvblogic announces the launch of its branded tuner and software solution, TVButler

Press release

July 15th 2015. The TVButler from dvblogic turns your NAS [network attached storage], PC or Raspberry Pi into a personal video recorder, recording your favourite TV programmes in original quality. With a central storage unit, recordings can be programmed or scheduled from any client device or screen connected to TVButler, and then watched on a variety of home or mobile devices, using a mobile internet connection or Wi-fi hotspot. Watch TV and recordings on your TVs, phablets and smartphones on your home network and via the Internet. Continue reading

gets round Beeb's restriction - barvinko View the Beeb’s F1 TV on Android & iOS using TVButler -anywhere

Apparently beats the BBC’s [Beeb's] restriction on IP addresses

Here in sunny London at the George Tavern, GoMoNews believes it has just seen a solution which would allow Formula One fans to watch the Beeb’s F1 TV coverage on Android & iOS devices using the TVButler solution. The product comes from Eindhoven based dvblogic but the main advantage is that you can view live or recorded TV programes from absolutely anywhere. According to Pavlo Barvink, CTO with dvblogic, his company’s solution overcomes “the BBC’s [Beeb's] restriction on IP addresses.” So normally, you couldn’t view content in Spain, for example, because you’d have a non-UK IP address. The only catch? TVButler requires you to have utilises local, network attached storage [NAS] from suppliers such as Synology, Netgear, QNAP, ASUSTOR and Western Digital. Eventually it might be possible to just use MAC OS 10 version but that version is coming soon. Continue reading

search for Get This Corp in iTunes Get★This finds way to monetise mobile TV watching

Could be a boon for MNOs getting a return on their 4G networks

It describes itself as the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, and GoMo News strongly suspects that Get★This is very heavily geared towards US audiences. The company points out that Google says 75 per cent of the US TV- watching population is now watching from a second screen. Significantly, the company argues that in addtion to TV, its technology can be applied to blogs and social media networks from YouTube to Facebook. In effect, Get★This has invented a web video widget ( it calls a gidget) that provides brands with a new way to enhance revenues and native advertising. Continue reading

1st phase of social TV shopping integration - farris Get★This unveils first real-time web video shopping platform

Get★This’ web video shopping widget seamlessly connects audiences with brands they love

Press release

October 3rd 2013. Get★This , the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, has announced the launch of a web video shopping widget, the first real-time method for viewers to shop items featured on screen and in-sync with web videos. The Get★This widget enables audiences to shop their favourite shows by delivering a seamless user experience and single-cart checkout within the media player. Additionally, Get★This offers fans expanded editorial coverage of trends, style and entertainment at Continue reading

Now_TV GoMo finds a cheaper way to watch F1 via mobile in UK

Without having to pay BSkyB a small fortune

Non-Brits would probably be perplexed to discover that a media organisation which regularly overpays bonuses and severance payments to its employees, thought it necessary to ditch some of the TV rights for Formula One motor racing coverage. To save money. But that’s exactly what the BBC has done. Leaving Brits unable to watch around half the races on free TV. The other races are only shown live by paid-for TV specialist, BSkyB. Now, finding a way out of this situation is tortuous but GoMo News has finally found the answer. It’s a service called Now TV. Continue reading

Jerome_rota Guest Post: Better connected at home

by Jerome Rota, an svp for consumer products and services with Twonky

Recent findings from Deloitte revealed that there are now more than on billion smartphones and, as you would expect, this has completely changed the way that we consume our media content. Due to the ready availability of Wi-fi services, old favourites like the TV remote are becoming an endangered species as users look to discover content on their smartphones or tablet and enjoy content on the go. Mobile devices play a huge role in the content discovery process and the lines between mobile and TV screen have become blurred as a result. Here I’ll look at the concept of the ‘connected home’ and exactly where mobile devices fit in. Continue reading

Nokia N73 2012′s Top Stories: Nokia N73 Software Update

Rating: Hundreds of responses from the Indian sub-continent

Although the original story was posted as long ago as May 23rd 2008, the story ‘Nokia update N73 Software‘ continues to haunt us here at GoMobile News Towers. That story merely reported that in Europe, Nokia has released a newer version of the OS for the N73. The benefits of the upgrade included support for mobile TV (but only when used with the Nokia SU-33W receiver) and plus an Express Mail client. That story has now generated an astonishing 103 responses. Most of these comments are simply a plea for help but not one of the readers we have written back to via email have ever replied. So the saga continues. Continue reading

jayanta Singha Guest Post: Enjoy live TV streaming with mobile apps

by Jayanta Singha, blogger and SEO analyst

It’s television live on your mobile device! With action, entertainment and information, the fun is unlimited. Television and mobile phones are converging giving rise to a new entertainment area – the mobile television. You can now take a break in between your day’s work to watch your favourite TV show or movie right on your mobile phone. So, if you are on wheels or taking rest in a café – you are free to have the pleasure of watching television. Continue reading

BSkyB updates its Sky Sports for iPad app for more F1 action

Rating: GoMo discovers the best way to watch Sky F1 via iOS

BSkyB offers a number of apps to iOS owners. However, just in time for the Santander formula 1 British Grand prix 2012 on July 8th, the satellite TV broadcaster has updated its Sky Sports of iPad app which can be found here. The new ‘F1 companion experience’ features split-screen technology – allowing users to simultaneously follow action from two different cameras angles. The updated Sky Sports for iPad app is available for free from Apple’s iTunes App Store but it is also available to non-Sky customers on a standalone basis for £4.99 per month through in-app purchase. Don’t be fooled by this last option, though. Non-Sky customers still won’t have access to the F1 channel through the paid-for app. You want the Sky Sports TV app for that. Continue reading

vuclip_logo_final_bigger Mobile Indians prefer Pepsi to Coke

Ahead of ad:tech New Delhi 2012, a digital marketing event, independent mobile video service, Vuclip, has revealed the findings of its mobile survey on favorite cola brands in India and globally. Continue reading

Guest Post from Martin Hayward, Director of Marketing of Mirror Image Internet – Making the Most of Today’s Connected World

About Martin Hayward, Director of Marketing of Mirror Image Internet

Martin Hayward has over 20 years of marketing experience in key areas including product marketing and management, market strategy, marketing communications and market analysis. Hayward has worked directly with mobile marketers within organizations to find the best content delivery methods for their marketing strategies. Continue reading

Sky's David Gibbs BSkyB reveals Mintel research on mobile

Rating: While launching another app for the Apple iPad

It seems that leading media company, News International, has definitely been bitten with the iPad app bug. Hot on the heels of our story (here) about a new iOS-centric division, Project Two22, another arm of the company has just annouced a new iPad app. This time it is BSkyB which has released Sky Sports News for iPad. It offers live and on-demand video; rich interactive graphics; and up-to-the-minute data. In a blog on the official Sky site here, the company’s director of mobile, David Gibbs, revealed that it had specially commissioned research from Mintel looking at the popularity of mobile tablets and smartphones. This makes very interesting reading indeed. Continue reading

Hans-Eriksson-bambuser Swedish chairman to broadcast 24 hours from mobile

Rating: Just another cruddy attempt to get the Bambuser app mentioned

It took us a little while to figure out what was behind this particular publicity stunt, then we realised the aim was to promote the existence of a really neat mobile broadcasting app. The event will be known as the ‘Bambuser Challenge‘ and will kick off in Central London at noon on Friday September 9th [2001] and finish 24 hours later. What it involves is Bambuser‘s executive chairman, Hans Eriksson, coming over from Stockholm and trotting around the parts of London that most tourists don’t see. All the time broadcasting using a mobile phone and communicating with his audience. GoMo News tried to find out which mobile phone he intends to use as we can’t imagine anything exists with a battery life that long. He’s obviously going to have to switch handsets. Frequently. Continue reading Norway get immersive 2-screen experience thru

Rating: TV station uses it to enhance Tour de France

No way? TV 2 Norway has announced that it used the world’s first live synchronised companion app for iOS and Android devices during its live coverage of the Tour de France. The number of app downloads increased by 267 per cent from 2010, while the number of paid VoD (video on demand) users increased by a massive 533 percent. To do this, TV2 employed the Synchronized Companion App Framework which is part of the Interactivity Suite (IS) from The company claims it enables a completely complementary and immersive two-screen experience. Continue reading

body-in-balance Kama Sutra Android app from Lovers’ Guide

Rating: Your first position absolutely free

Talk about teasers. In an effort to promote its TV program, Body in Balance is launching, a free ‘Lovers’ Guide‘  app. This app will be available from the Android Market and the first position is free. GoMo News guesses that it’ll probably be the reverse cowgirl.  Always is. Anyway, the Lovers’ Guide app – the Kama Sutra of Sex Positions- uses video footage from the TV series to illustrate different sexual positions and then gives advice on how to have great sex. If you don’t have an Android handset, don’t panic. The TV company says, “The App will also soon be available to download for BlackBerry, followed by iPhone and the new Windows enabled Nokia phones.” So not only does the company know more about sex than us, it apparently knows more about Nokia’s plans, too. Continue reading