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appeal sto indie developers - goossens Spil Games launches new ad revenue platform

Spil games platform – a way for game developers to make substantial revenue through free-to-play

Press release

February 11th 2014. Spil Games has unveiled the Spil Games Platform, a new solution to help indie game developers drive revenue and engagement. The Spil Games Platform will share revenue generated from mid-roll video ads. These ads, capitalising on the global surge in 30-second video advertisements, are strategically placed at ‘cliffhanger moments’ within games to drive optimum engagement. Continue reading

james_wickes Cloudview seeks to replace analogue CCTV with VSaaS

Solution ideally suited to mobile sector resellers

Generally speaking, CCTV users remain stubbornly attached to their analogue systems. By contrast, digital IP systems still accounting for just over a fifth of new installations. Yet the global CCTV market has been expanding at a CAGR of around 20 per cent since 2012 and is expected to reach almost $23.5 billion by the end of 20141. However, Cloudview reckons it has the answer in the shape of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service. Significantly, the system is ideally suited to mobile resellers.Not only does it support traditional wired, but Wi-fi and 3G/4G connectivity, too. Continue reading

cloudview_logo Cloudview announces cost-effective and easy to deploy solution, designed to bring analogue CCTV systems into the digital age

Innovative Cloudview VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution adds remote monitoring, wireless connectivity and other digital benefits to analogue CCTV without the need for additional skills or infrastructure investment

Press release

Jan 28th 2014. Cloudview has announced the launch of the world’s first corporate-grade surveillance solution designed to deliver the benefits of IP and cloud-based technology without the associated costs or complexity. The global CCTV market has been expanding at a CAGR of around 20 per cent since 2012 and is expected to reach almost $23.5 billion by the end of 20141. Continue reading

use a handset to join a conference from the beach Mobile now play major part in video conferencing

Blue Jeans reckons that 1 in 3 of all video confers have 1 mobile

The latest edition of its ‘The State of the Modern Meeting’ report Blue Jeans has revealed that a third of all meeting now include a participant on a mobile device. This is particularly significant since incidences of video conferencing have themselves increased by 400 per cent over the last 12 months. Interestingly,London is the most connected city for business meetings in Europe. It ousts rival hubs such as Munich, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, and Berlin for inter-European collaboration. Continue reading

there had to be an easy way - watkins Guest Post: 2014 will be the year that changes everything for mobile video advertising

by Irfon Watkins, CEO with Coull

Back in early 2013, Deloitte’s Consumer Review found that 72 per cent of people in the UK owned a smartphone, growing by 14 per cent in less than a year. Ownership was the highest in those aged 25-30 at 89 per cent, with those aged 16-24 (otherwise known as ‘Generation Z’) closely following on 85 per cent ownership. Perhaps most interestingly, more than half (54 per cent) of the baby boomer generation of 54 to 65-year-olds now own a smartphone too. I think it is fair to say we’ve long passed the tipping point in smartphone adoption. Continue reading

Mark_davis_citrix Guest Post: Video advertisements will drive data growth in previously bandwidth-light apps in 2014

by Mark Davis, senior director of product marketing, Citrix

Mobile Advertising has already seen significant growth with three out of ten mobile subscribers served ads. However, whilst to date users have typically been twenty times more likely to be served an image-based ad compared to a video ad, the impact of these video ads is ten times that of its image-based counterpart. As video advertising becomes more commonplace on social networks, so the volume of video traffic will be driven up. I predict that in 2014 video ads streamed to mobile subscribers will double the volume of data produced through mobile advertising. Plus the launch of video ads on Instagram and Facebook will transform the mobile advertising market and its impact of the mobile network. Here are the rest of my predictions for 2014. Continue reading

there had to be an easy way - watkins There is gold in them there video mobile ads

A chat with Coull’s founder Irfon Watkins convinces us

There’s has got to be a way to crack making money out of video based advertising in the mobile arena and a quick chat with Irfon Watkins – who is CEO and founder of Coull, convinced  GoMo News that he’s definitely found a way. We agreed entirely with Watkins when he argued that in reality ‘pre-roll’ (showing an advert before the actual video starts) is not the way. So what Coull has come up with is a simple bit of scripting for content owners to insert into their web sites. The clever bit is the way in which Coull is able to use this to still highly target mobile users with ads. Continue reading

blue jeans taking on big boys - campanini Blue Jeans taking strides into the UK

New EMEA GM and channel partners announced

Press release

November 13th 2013. Blue Jeans Network, the leader in interoperable video collaboration services, representing over 30 per cent of the worldwide video conferencing services market, has officially launched in the UK. This move capitalizes on a rapidly growing presence in the market. The UK already boasts nearly 700 businesses consuming approximately 10 million minutes a year on the Blue Jeans service, making it the second largest market for Blue Jeans behind the USA. Continue reading

search for Get This Corp in iTunes Get★This finds way to monetise mobile TV watching

Could be a boon for MNOs getting a return on their 4G networks

It describes itself as the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, and GoMo News strongly suspects that Get★This is very heavily geared towards US audiences. The company points out that Google says 75 per cent of the US TV- watching population is now watching from a second screen. Significantly, the company argues that in addtion to TV, its technology can be applied to blogs and social media networks from YouTube to Facebook. In effect, Get★This has invented a web video widget ( it calls a gidget) that provides brands with a new way to enhance revenues and native advertising. Continue reading

1st phase of social TV shopping integration - farris Get★This unveils first real-time web video shopping platform

Get★This’ web video shopping widget seamlessly connects audiences with brands they love

Press release

October 3rd 2013. Get★This , the first social shopping experience for TV and video audiences, has announced the launch of a web video shopping widget, the first real-time method for viewers to shop items featured on screen and in-sync with web videos. The Get★This widget enables audiences to shop their favourite shows by delivering a seamless user experience and single-cart checkout within the media player. Additionally, Get★This offers fans expanded editorial coverage of trends, style and entertainment at Continue reading

Vidcheck software could easily benefit mobile advertising

Checks and corrects video files for multiple screens including mobile

We’ve just come across a neat British company called Vidchecker whose product should interest our readers. Especially those in mobile advertising. GoMo News has been networking at an event hosted by The Digital TV Group (DTG) in Vauxhall, London. It was held in association with the ICT KTN, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the IET in the run up to the IBC Exhibition to be held in Amsterdam next week [13-17th September 2013]. [Enough acronyms, thanks. Ed.]In a nutshell, VidChecker’s software checks that video and audio has been formatted correctly so that it will run on a device’s screen properly. Continue reading

muirhead - rightster Video content distributor Rightster eyes London flotation

Seeks around £15m to develop operations in fast growing market

A surge in the number of people viewing video on the web has prompted UK start-up Rightster to seek a £50 million stock market listing. The company, which employs about 200 people and helps content owners distribute and market online video, believes the time is right for flotation after two years of proving its worth to the likes of ITN, the Guardian and the British Fashion Council, who use it to promote their content. Rightster, which also recently purchased Preview Networks – Europe’s leading distributor of film trailers – was started by serial entrepreneur Charlie Muirhead, whose other launches include software firms Orchestream and Nexagent. Continue reading

cloudview Recycle your smartphone as CCTV camera

We need to lean on Jabbakam to produce a suitable app

We all know how many old mobile phones are just sitting in draws gathering dust. The obvious thing to do with them is to recycle but this has its drawbacks. Firstly, you might want to retain a handset as a backup should your existing smartphone become lost, stolen or damaged. Secondly, you might not get a good price for the handset secondhand if it isn’t a desirable model. So why not turn it into an IP webcam? You can effectively convert an old smartphone into your own personal CCTV camera. And discover, for example, who exactly keeps vandalising your van on the driveway overnight. Continue reading

Patrick-Monaghan Guest Post: Great Expectations from mobile networks

by Patrick Monaghan, product manager, The Now Factory

Patience has never been my strong point. When it comes to browsing and watching videos on my mobile, I’m much less forgiving of having to hang around for videos to start or web pages to load. The simple reason for this is, along with the majority of mobile data users, my expectations are really high. Delivery speeds may well be better as mobile operators roll out greater network capacity but the question remains – is it fast enough? Continue reading

Vungle comes clean on $1m incentive scheme

Rating: Just stick an in-app video trailer into your mobile app or game

Around six weeks ago, the mobile video ad-network, Vungle came out of stealth with the announcement of its $2 million seed capital from investors. The good news is that the company has announced that half of the funds raised ($1 million) is going towards a fund designed to attract mobile app developers to its platform. To date, the Vungle mobile app video trailer network was in closed beta but from today [June 12th 2012], the network will be going self-serve. Since Vungle has come up with an entirely new ad-unit for mobile, the company needs to sign up as many publishers as they can to meet their advertising demand. Hence the S1 million incentive programme. Continue reading