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nothing to see here Heathrow needs a new mobile web site – not runway

Even falling behind Gatwick in mobile friendliness

A few days ago [July 2015], the GoMo News team experienced a definite case of deja vu when we logged onto the official Heathrow Airport  (LHR) site for London, England. We’ve grown completely accustomed to checking up on the status of incoming flights. Being GoMo News, naturally, we access the site via a mobile phone’s browser – in this case our loan Motorola Moto G. With a 4G cellular connexion, access times are as good if not better than a Wi-fi connexion. Imagine our disappointment, therefore, when we encountered a redesigned web site which instead of being more mobile friendly – bucked the trend by becoming even less usable. A while back [August 2013], the GoMo News team heavily criticised the web site for rival London airport Gatwick (GAT) in ‘Gatwick Airport site suddenly becomes user unfriendly‘. This latest development has made Gatwick’s site seem positively mobile friendly by contrast. Heathrow doesn’t need a new runway – it needs world class web designers. Continue reading

digitally savvy retailer - wade-gery Marks & Sparks admits to Net blunders

Then claims it is UK’s most digital-savvy retailer

In a somewhat revealing interview with the UK newspaper – The Sunday Telegraph, Marks & Sparks’ [Marks & Spencer's] director for multichannel, Laura Wade-Gery, made some startling admissions about the leading retailer’s online performance. For example, after spending £150 million rebuilding the Marks & Spencer web site, the company experienced a 8.1 per cent decline in online sales in the first quarter after the relaunch. One good reason was probably that the relaunch forced its six million existing to regegister. But GoMo News wonders whether enough emphasis was place on mobile and tablet compatibility. That said, M&S did reveal that it is planning a cooking app for the Apple iWatch [Watch]. Continue reading

tim-berners-lee See www-guru Sir Tim this month in Paris

Inventor of World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners-Lee to speak @ LeWeb’14

As something of a scoop, the organisers (Reed MIDEM) of the LeWeb’14 conference in Paris have just announced that Sir Tim Berners-Lee will address the audience on December 10th. Sir Tim, of course, is the inventor of the World Wide Web (www) which gave a visual appearance to the Internet. Le Web is taking place on December 9th -11th in Paris [France] and has built up a reputation of being an international conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media converge to explore today’s hottest trends. “We are honoured that Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web is able to join us at LeWeb,” said Loic Le Meur, co-founder of LeWeb conference. Continue reading

LeWeb-logo LeWeb ’14 Paris

[ December 9, 2014 11:00 am to December 11, 2014 7:00 pm. ] Organisers: Reed MIDEM
Venue: Eurosites Les Docks
Location: Paris, France
Register: here

Founded in 2004 by French entrepreneurs Loïc and Geraldine Le Meur, LeWeb is an internationally-renowned conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media converge to explore today’s hottest trends and define the future of internet-driven business. Continue reading

David_Jones_Frontline Guest Post: How mobiles phones are used today

by David Jones md with the Frontline Communications Group

These days, the chances are a mobile phone it isn’t mainly used to place a voice call or to send a text message (SMS). That’s because access to the web via a mobile device is now the most popular mobile activity, doubling from 24 per cent in 2010 to 53 per cent in 2013.1 Young people aged 16-24 are most likely to use their mobiles ‘on the go’. However, even 41 per cent of 55-64 year olds are likely to check the web whilst on the move. Continue reading

ceo neidhoefer on netbiscuits vault (see below) Netbiscuits launches three-step device routing tool for mobile web sites

  • Netbiscuits Device Routing: Simple, straightforward, enterprise-grade solution for companies of all sizes to route web traffic, based on device type
  • Beyond Responsive Web Design: Powerful tool focuses beyond just layout and screen size components to help brands develop bespoke mobile sites for the multi-device world
  • The Netbiscuits Vault: The industry’s fastest, most accurate device library ensures users are served the right experience for their mobile device

Press release

August 19th 2014. Netbiscuits has launched its cloud-based Device Routing tool, a simple solution which allows businesses of all sizes to route web traffic to the right online experience based on their device type. Netbiscuits Device Routing is an enterprise-grade tool with built-in device classification that organizes device traffic in to one of four ‘themes’ for the rapid and accurate routing of connecting devices. Continue reading

a bmw with just 2 wheels Forget feet first, BMW goes mobile first

Rebuilds its web presence with Netbiscuits’ help

BMW Motorrad, the high end motorcycle provider, has been working on a long-term project to give mobile visitors the perfect experience when they visit the organisation’s global website, regardless of the device they use. Companies like BMW take note of the fact that market watchers such as IDC here have recently predicted here that sales of smartphone devices will reach 1.4 billion units in 2015. Also IDC says tablet shipments will surpass total PC shipments on an annual basis by the end of the same period. So this all points to the adoption of a ‘mobile first’ policy. Continue reading

about providing a personalised journey - robins Silverstone motor circuit web site gets all responsive

Celebrating 50 years of hosting British F1 Grand Prix

Here at GoMo Towers, we’re big fans of Formula One motor racing so we got pretty excited when the folks at Advanced Ticketing got in touch to say they put in a mobile friendly site for the guys at Silverstone. The venue is celebrating holding its 50th British Grand Prix this year (3rd-6th July) [2014]. Part of its goal to offer a world class customer experience, Silverstone introduced a new commerce platform, TALENT Sport from Advanced Ticketing. For the first time customers can now purchase anything from Silverstone from any mobile device as it now has a fully responsive website. To date, some 49 per cent of the purchases it has received via the new system are from mobile, Michaela Robins, head of IT at Silverstone Circuits, has claimed. We think that figure could be much higher. Continue reading

key benefit of the cloud - wickes View your IP camera anywhere, anytime with Cloudview

Video surveillance system now supports IP as well as analogue cameras

A cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution, Cloudview has been extended so that it can support IP as well as analogue cameras. The Cloudview dashboard can be viewed from anywhere in the world from a browser on a tablet or smartphone – no need for any apps. Previously, customers with analogue cameras uploaded footage simply by connecting a small Visual Network Adapter (VNA) to the analogue video feed. This update allows digital video from IP-based cameras to also be captured and uploaded to the cloud and in exactly the same manner, using the same VNA hardware. All without impacting existing local monitoring and recording arrangements. Continue reading

apple's dominance not guaranteed - o'sullivan Apple devices dominate global web browsing while Android gains ground

New dotMobi research reveals which devices are used to browse the web across the world

Press release

March 25th 2014. Despite the growing popularity of Android devices and low-cost smartphones, Apple’s global grip on mobile device browsing remains impressive in many major global markets. New data from dotMobi reveals that Apple’s iOS is the dominant platform for web browsing on mobile devices in many countries, particularly in first world nations. The findings revealed in dotMobi’s Global Device Traffic Index, show that Apple’s iOS-based devices are most used by mobile browsers in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and many parts of Europe including France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Continue reading

groundbreaking contract in Asia - poulsen Tweakker adds new string – instant Internet

Making life easier for mobile operator call centre staff

Tweakker which specialises in mobile connectivity has added another string to its bow in the shape of instant internet access. This makes it easy for MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] and MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] to add a data services for their connected customerbases. The first operator to benefit from this facility is Lebara – a leading MVNO. Tweakker has been able to extend its traditional business services from turnkey cross-channel access point name (APN) device set up to supplying solutions for instant internet access settings for all phone models, thanks to Tweakker’s automatic device configuration software. Continue reading

lebara_logo Tweakker and Lebara Enter into international supply agreement

Press release

March 10th 2013. Mobile connectivity leader, Tweakker, and award-winning MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator], Lebara, have announced that they have entered into an international supply agreement which will enable Lebara’s mobile customers to instantly be connected to the mobile Internet using Tweakker’s market leading mobile expertise and patented connectivity software. Continue reading

- Neidhoefer Netbiscuits report confirms that size does matter

Er, screen size that is

In its latest Web Trends report, Netbiscuits has confirmed that screen size really does matter. Rather than basing itself on estimated device sales numbers – as IDC does, the company works from real data on mobile web usage. The report concludes that the average screen size within the Top Ten devices has increased from 3.9 to 4.2 inches. Which gives credence to a recent Wall Street Journal report suggesting that Apple is intending to release 4.5 and 5 inch variant of the iPhone. It may also be why Apple is doing badly in Asia proper. Continue reading

Rajveer_Singh_Rathore 7 effective mobile SEO tips to maintain your ranking in mobile search

by Rajveer Singh Rathore, who works with SEO First Page

Mobile SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] is currently the hot topic in the online marketing world. According to mobile marketer, more than 30 per cent searches for brands come through mobile devices. This clearly indicates why brands are paying heed to mobile SEO. In addition, Google has made several changes to its search algorithms, with the aim of improving web surfing in mobile devices. Mobile-ready sites will be rewarded with good rankings while sites which make mobile browsing difficult will be penalised. So it is time that website owners start working on optimising their site for mobile users. Here are my Top Seven handy tips for succeeding with mobile SEO. Continue reading

we tried asking Santa what a 10 yrs old wants GoMo recommends Xmas handsets for 10 yr old Brits

GoMo also thanks for its Charts of The Week (CoTW)

Normally, GoMo News would run a the Chart of The Week (CoTW) regularly produced by which helps businesses and organisations to optimise their websites for mobile performance. But the company’s elves are busy helping Sanat Claus this week. We were hoping to talk the company into producing a table which showed that specific handsets are popular with youngsters (think ten years old) in the UK. Our own instincts suggest that the Nokia Lumia 520 is very popular with this age group because it is inexpensive and runs WP8 (Windows Phone). Apparently, it’s much easier to personalise you handset completely by changing WP8′s tiles than it is to do something similar with an iPhone or Android handset. Continue reading