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delivering compelling live music - soane Orange pumps up its music content through LoveLive alliance

Music data streaming to mobile devices at no extra charge

Orange Music Live service will offer live video streaming of major international artists and video-on-demand from the popular music Orange Warsaw Festival (June 13th-15th 2014) in Poland. The MNO [Mobile Network Operator] has struck a deal with music media company, LoveLive, to live stream selected highlights from the festival. Orange Music Live will be available across eight European countries including: – France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Armenia and Moldova. Sadly not the UK, it seems. But then it does sponsor Glastonbury through EE. Continue reading

constantly striving to deliver unique experiences - marigny Orange partners with LoveLive to provide pan-European live video streaming of the Orange Warsaw Festival

Orange Music Live to offer live video streaming of major international artists and video-on-demand from the popular music festival in Poland

Available to Orange customers in eight European countries with additional benefits including discounted tickets and data streaming to mobile devices at no extra charge

Press release

May 27th 2014. Orange has announced its partnership with music media company, LoveLive, to live stream selected highlights from the Orange Warsaw Festival (June 13th-15th 2014), a major European music event that Orange has sponsored since 2008. Orange is the first operator to partner with LoveLive to provide live music streaming across Europe. Orange Music Live will be available across eight European countries including France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Armenia and Moldova providing selected live video streaming of performances by major international artists, to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Charlene_Sampilo Guest Post: 8 guitar apps for an iPad worth considering

by Charlene Sampilo, a writer for

Nowadays, it’s possible for guitarists to play tunes; record their music; and experiment with various chords with the help of iPad apps. So below are my eight favourite iPad apps which budding guitarists might want to consider. The list includes: – Guitarist’s Reference, AmpliTube, TabToolkit, Capo, ChordMate, Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox, Guitar Tuner, and AmpKit+.

1. Guitarist’s Reference

Guitarist’s Reference is an intelligent guitar application will teach people the right scale on which to play a certain root chord. Continue reading

spotify_logo Spotify might be the next to float

Music to somebody’s ears at least

Spotify – the international music streaming company based in Sweden, maybe making plans float on the UK stock market Q3 2014, it is widely rumoured. The reports centre around a story in the Financial Times (FT) earlier this month [March 2014] which said that Spotify had secured a new $200 million line of credit from Morgan Stanley – amongst others. That’s normally interpreted as a move that indicates anIPO is an imminent. Continue reading

digital music sales might be hit OTT players hit by change in UK VAT loophole

Amazon & Apple may raise prices on digital music sales

In a move which will at least bring some satisfaction to Blighty’s [UK's] MNOs [Mobile Network Operators], the UK Chancellor has moved to close a tax loophole. The major OTT players such Amazon, Apple & Skype, take advantage of the tax system to pay their VAT bills in an EU country where charges are low. For example, in Luxembourg the VAT rate is a mere 3 per cent whereas in Britain it is currently 20 per cent. New rules will mean that Brits Revenues & Customs will be able to levy 20 per cent VAT on downloads executed in the UK. OTT players could respond by raising prices. Continue reading

making its way to china? Nokia to launch MixRadio in China

Linked to Bill Gates’ return to Microsoft

According to a report in today’s [March 23rd 2014] Sunday Times, Nokia is on the verge on launching a version of its MixRadio streaming service into China. Like other observers, GoMo News would question the wisdom of such a move. As a country its inhabitants aren’t known for much respect for digital copyrights. Which could prove a flaw in Nokia’s business plan. We especially like the newspaper’s suggestion that Bill Gates is somehow behind the move. Continue reading

music_fest Use your mobile to stage your own mini music festival

Ultimate Ears’ MINI BOOM Bluetooth speaker works up to 50 feet away

It appears that Ultimate Ears – a Logitech brand, has introduced a powerful new portable speaker which it is calling the UE MINI BOOM. It’s so powerful that it can receive a streamed music feed from any Bluetooth-enabled device located up to 50 feet away. So your mini festival goers won’t notice where the source is. The supplier claims the Bluetooth speaker offers “clear highs and deep bass, giving you great stereo sound.” Continue reading

making its way to china? Nokia mutates its MixRadio music service

Now there’s a feature called Play Me, apparently

Without much of a fanfare, in 31 countries globally Nokia has just launched  a new function of Nokia MixRadio called ‘Play Me’. This free music streaming service learns from listening habits to deliver people a personalised radio station, Nokia claims. Apparently it’s all at the single touch of a button. Continue reading

wolfson now found inside audio hubs Bluetooth based device will enhance music quality

igbloo is going to make a big difference says MacLaren

Stage One Technology recently launched a bid for funding on Kickstarter (here) for a device known as the igbloo. (See our previous story here). We asked our resident digital music guru, Mac MacLaren of Lemonrock to put this product in context. Mac writes … igbloo is a cross between a docking station and a Bluetooth speaker, but it doesn’t have a dock, and it doesn’t have its own speakers. It’s a valiant attempt to improve the quality of our listening pleasure from our mobile devices. Continue reading

see those audio out options and weep Bluetooth streaming device connects to your hi-fi

igbloo uses technology from CSR and Wolfson

A new Bluetooth music-streaming receiver, the curiously-named igbloo has been launched by Stage One Technology. Well, actually, the company is going for funding on Kickstarter here and currently has reached just under one third of its target. Basically, the igbloo is a device which allows music to be streamed via Bluetooth to your existing sound system from a mobile phone, iPod (MP3 player), iPad (tablet), laptop PC or any other suitable Bluetooth equipped device. The makers claim the igbloo can produce astonishingly high quality music. And, of course, it is wire free! Continue reading

womad_logo3 WOMAD Charlton Park, UK 2014

[ July 24, 2014 8:00 am to July 27, 2014 11:30 pm. ] Organisers: WOMAD
Venue: Charlton Park
Location: Malmesbury, UK

Tickets available from here.

The Festival of WOrld Music Arts and Dance. Probably the best world music festival in the world.

Line-up includes artist from around the world such as India. Continue reading

itunes_radio Nokia responds to iTunes Radio announcements

Yeah, bit Apple’s answer to Nokia Mix Radio works on iPod; IPad, iPhone & Apple TV

We suspect that with a large degree of sarcasm (which Europeans do so well) Jyrki Rosenberg, a vp with Nokia Entertainment, has welcomed the arrival of iTunes Radio from Apple. Apple has revealed that the service will soon go live in the USA. The exact phrase Apople used was “iTunes Radio will be available with the launch of iOS 7 in the USA.” Now Rosenberg immediately made a dig at this by mentioning the fact that Nokia has already launched in 28 countries as diverse as China, India and the USA, and claimed consumer reaction has been very positive. Where Nokia can’t compete is the fact that iTunes Radio will work on tablets (iPad); music players (iPod); and Apple TV as well as the iPhone. (And PC & Mac, of course). Plus users store their music/playlists in the cloud (icloud) so they can switch easily between devices. Continue reading

micromax canvas Specialised music mobiles are rapidly becoming irrelevant

It’s all about cloud music and streaming

Do you remember back when there used to be mobile phone that specialised or  which were bragged about their music capabilities? These were times when there were the Sony Ericsson Walkman and Nokia XpressMusic series phones. But the times have changed, and there is less attention paid to the music capabilities of a phone when a consumer makes a buying decision. It’s more about cloud music. experience. Continue reading

we have your mobile no. - rapino Music promoters could open new mobile ad niche

They know your musical tastes & have your mobile number

Regular readers will know that GoMo News is an avid supporter of live music and the WOMAD - world music – festival in particular. However, remarks made by Live Nation’s CEO, Michael Rapino, struck a cord over the w/e. Whilst Live Nation is more heavily associated with venues like the O2 rather than an alternative music festival in the wilds of Malmesbury, it illustrates how diverse technological trends are rapidly converging. Big data and prime content meet mobile advertising. Continue reading

shazam_wp8 Shazam releases WP8 app with links to Nokia Music

Purchasing recognised tracks made easier on Lumias

The latest music recognition app, Shazam for Windows Phone 8 (WP8) is not only free to download, it also includes popular Shazam features such as unlimited tagging (unlike some versions where users have to pay). It means that Windows Phone users can tag all the music, TV shows and ads they like. Better still, anyone with a Nokia Lumia (WP8) smartphone can go directly to Nokia Music and purchase a track that they’ve just identified. Continue reading