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WIMA_USA Last chance to win a free NFC developer day pass

Rating: Excellent excuse for visiting San Francisco, too

This is very definitely a case of get your skates on for any North American app developers (or those who just would like to visit San Francisco to learn all about Near Field Communication (NFC).
The organisers (WIMA) are offering ten free workshop passes in a free draw but you have to fill out a short form online here by today [Tuesday November 13th 2012]. If you don’t feel lucky then there’s a way of getting the day passes cheaper. GoMobile News is not sure if everyone has received this but if you use the discount code WIMAUS12, you should get a 20 per cent discount off the normal ticket cost. Continue reading

Redbull_nokia Big scoop for Nokia with Red Bull app

Rating: Forget iOS and Android, it runs on Series 40

Here’s a complete scoop for Nokia The struggling handset maker has done an exclusive deal with Red Bull Media House to launch a ‘World of Red Bull’ phone app for its Lumia (W7 Mango) and Asha handsets. The app provides users with access to all of Red Bull’s music, sporting and cultural based content. For Formula One fans this is something of a scoop because red Bull doesn’t just have one team it has two [Red Bull & Toro Rosso]. The application aggregates the latest news, interviews, interactive maps (based on the Nokia’s Maps platform), localised events – along with real time access to athletes, videos and still images. And it’s free. Continue reading

Samsung Logo Samsung’s Galaxy S3 pips Apple to the top slot

Court injunctions fail to dent rise of Korean manufacturer

One in ten smartphones now sold globally is Samsung’s Galaxy S III, overtaking even Apple’s iPhone. Latest figures from Strategic Analytics show the Korean manufacturer shipped 18.0 million units worldwide during Q3 2012, compared to an estimated 16.2 million iPhone 4s. Though the impact of Apple’s newest iPhone 5 has yet to show up fully in trading figures, news that Samsung has overtaken the Californian giant is disturbing enough. Continue reading

foxconn reallyname hon hai Shares in Taiwanese phone maker rocket amid iPhone 5 rumours

Contract switch could cost troubled sister firm dearly

Shares in Taiwanese phone manufacturer Foxconn International Holdings (FIH) shot up by more than a third last night [November 5th 2012] following rumours it is about to be handed a contract to make Apple’s iPhone 5. Ironically, the win – if true – will come at the expense of sister firm Hon Hai, currently the world’s largest maker of electronic components. Both firms are subsidiaries of Foxconn Technology Group but Hon Hai is thought to have fallen out of favour with Apple after thousands of workers went on strike last month citing “overly strict demands” by both management and the US phone giant, its biggest customer. Continue reading

Microsoft ‘to build own smartphone’ if Nokia and HTC don’t deliver on WP8

Microsoft is secretly planning to make its own smartphone and is already testing one design, according to those in the know at its parts suppliers.
It’s claimed the phone would effectively serve as ‘Plan B’ if key partners such as Finland’s Nokia and Taiwain’s HTC fail to shift sufficient handsets using the Seattle software giant’s new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) OS. Continue reading

Android shipments pass record 100 million mark in Q3

Google’s Android OS has become the first to surpass 100 million quarterly shipments in a single quarter, according to new figures from research firm IDC.
More than 136 million Android handsets were sold during the period, giving the platform a 75 per cent market share of all shipments.
IDC says that Android also saw its shipments rise by 91.5 per cent over the same quarter for 2011, a growth rate roughly double that of the smartphone market generally. Continue reading

Lumia 920 heavily discounted Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 now shipping

Focused ramp-up of first Windows Phone 8 smartphones over coming weeks

Press release

October 29th 2012. Nokia has announced that the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 will reach the first operators and retail outlets in select countries this week. Both phones will appear in stores in France and the UK this week, then Russia, Germany and further select markets throughout the rest of November.1 In the USA, AT&T will introduce the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, Verizon Wireless will sell the newly announced Nokia Lumia 822, and T-Mobile will offer the Nokia Lumia 810. All three will have phones in stores in November. Continue reading

windows_phone_8 Microsoft fights back with Windows Phone 8

Rating: Kid’s Corner could be the dark horse here

Microsoft finally introduced the much-heralded Windows Phone 8 (WP8) yesterday [October 29th 2012] – waiting three days after the official launch of Windows 8 itself. We’re not quite sure why. After all, the new versions of Windows all boast a similar look and feel, the same technology core, plus the same built-in SkyDrive cloud service. Microsoft says Windows Phone 8 is built to work seamlessly with Windows 8 PCs, Microsoft Surface devices and the Xbox 360 console. It didn’t say which version of the Surface, though. At the Press conference in San Francisco (a place usually more associated with Apple), Microsoft showcased WP8 handsets from Nokia, Samsung and HTC. In terms of what WP8 offers, we’d say the latest version of this mobile OS seems to have three main new features: – Live Apps; Rooms; and Kid’s Corner. It also pumped up the Windows Phone Store. Continue reading

Lumia 920 heavily discounted W7 Mango owners told to wait for Windows Phone 7.8

Rating: Availability of Nokia Lumia 920 clear as mud

Well, yesterday [October 29th 2012] Microsoft finally introduced the long-awaited Windows Phone 8 (WP8) – a mere three days after the official launch of Windows 8 itself. However, it has left existing Windows Phone 7.5 (W7 Mango) owners hanging – having previously admitted that such smartphones won’t be upgradeable to WP8. Instead, we’re being told that, “WP7.8 will be announced soon. Hang in there,” by Nokia News on Google Plus of all mediums. Another source claimed to have got a similar reply from Microsoft itself. The availability of Nokia flagship WP8 phone – the Lumia 920 is also clear as mud. Continue reading

various Nokia WP8 phones Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8

Latest smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC go on sale in November

Press release (US Version)

Microsoft has debuted Windows Phone 8, the latest version of the company’s smartphone operating system. Windows Phone 8 offers a truly personal phone experience, connecting you to the people and things that matter most. As part of the announcement, Microsoft revealed new features, including Kid’s Corner and Rooms, along with details and pricing for a range of beautiful new smartphones from Nokia, Samsung and HTC, each with their own differentiated designs, colours and features. Windows Phone 8 devices will go on sale in November at in the USA as well as at carriers and retailers around the world. Continue reading

Nokia-logo-naff Nokia out of top five league of smartphone vendors

Overtaken by Blackberry manufacturer RIM

Finnish manufacturer Nokia has dropped off the world’s top five list of smartphone makers for the first time, latest figures from research firm IDC indicate. It says that while the overall phone market grew 2.4 per cent in Q3 compared to the same period in 2011, it was Korea’s Samsung taking the lion’s share of sales closely followed by Apple. Handset makers shipped 444.5 million mobile phones during the three months with, perhaps surprisingly, Canada’s Research in Motion beating Nokia to the No.5 slot with the rest of the leading vendors made up of Taiwan’s HTC and China’s ZTE. Continue reading

Samsung storms ahead of Apple in smartphone sales

Rating: Even RIM, LG and ZTE sell more smartphones than Nokia says Juniper

Samsung increased its lead in terms of smartphone shipments as Juniper Research estimates that the total number of smartphone shipments exceeded 157 million in Q3 2012. The Korean company shipped a record 56.3 million which was almost double the number of iPhones shipped by Apple (26.9 million). The Galaxy S III played a key role for Samsung with estimated sales of 18 million in the third quarter. Things are getting so dire for RIM and Nokia that ZTE has got ahead of them. LG did well amongst the Tier 2 players compared to rivals like Huawei, Motorola and HTC. Continue reading

Gosh the PC now looks like my Windows Phone! Windows 8 may be one step too far

Rating: Biggest loser will be Nokia

As Microsoft prepares to launch yet another version of its mobile OS, GoMobile News wonders whether this is one step too far. It certainly is ambitious. Windows 8 has been designed for use on mobile phones, tablets and PCs with the purpose of providing a common look and feel. A noble goal but what happens if the one-size-fits-all approach fails? Well, obviously the biggest loser is going to be Nokia which has more than bet its future on Microsoft’s mobile OS – when it could have stayed with Symbian; moved to MeeGo; or caved in and offered Android based smartphones. Continue reading

Nokia-logo-naff Nokia to shore up finances with €750 million bond offer

Finnish phone maker Nokia is seeking to raise €750 million ($979 million) through convertible bonds in a desperate bid to prop up its rapidly sinking cash pile. Due in 2017, the bonds will be offered to international investors with the conversion price calculated as between 28 per cent and 33 per cent above the average price of the firm’s shares on the NASDAQ and Helsinki exchanges when the bonds go on offer in three days’ time [26th October 2012]. Continue reading

lumia_800_nokia Tense time for Nokia as all hangs on Windows 8 launch

Investors in troubled Finnish mobile maker Nokia have an anxious few days ahead as they await the launch of Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco.
The debut of Microsoft’s new OS on Monday week [29th October 2012] could prove even more crucial to Nokia than the Seattle software giant itself, given the phone maker’s continued slide and the fact it is pinning its hopes on Windows Phone 8 to revive its fortunes. Continue reading