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China ‘to overtake US’ as world’s biggest market for smartphones, says Apple CEO

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has flown to China for the second time in a year in a bid to forge new alliances and allay fears it could be losing ground to Nokia in what could soon be the world’s biggest phone market.
A month ago Apple saw $35 billion off its value as it was revealed how Nokia had agreed a deal with China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless operator with 700 million subscribers. Continue reading

Nokia shares rocket as Lumia sales yield Q4 profit

Nokia’s shares closed nearly a fifth higher in New York last night [10th January 2012] after Q4 results revealed how sales of its Lumia smartphones were selling much better than expected.
The high margin handsets, running Windows Phone software, represent an act of faith for Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop who has effectively waged the future of the Finnish manufacturer on backing Microsoft’s mobile platform. Continue reading

Smartphones have killed Jessops not online retailing

Rating: Smartphones kill the High Street camera star

In the UK we have just seen the demise of a high profile retailer in the form of Jessops. The company can best be described as having the best name on the UK High Street for selling cameras. Pundits have, of course, been repeating the same mantra – namely that the internet – be it fixed or mobile, is killing bricks & mortar retailing chains like Jessops. However, GoMobile News believes we are uniquely positioned to say that this is definitely not the case with Jessops. The company had a sound multi-channel retail strategy in place. What we firmly believe has undermined Jessops business model is the inclusion of high quality camera facilities as part of the standard specifications of any high end smartphones. Sony and Nokia are classic examples here. Continue reading

Now Nokia falls foul of India’s taxman as it’s slapped with surprise £340m bill

Nokia looks set to be the latest phone company to fall foul of India’s tax authorities amid reports it’s being asked to cough up £340 million to cover past “irregularities.”
The Finnish manufacturer, whose shares closed more than 4 per cent lower in New York last night, is already up against the ropes as it struggles to regain market share with its Lumia handsets running Windows Phone 8. Continue reading

Lumia 920 heavily discounted Nokia Lumia phones discounted in US as critical Q4 results loom

Phones offered cheap just a month after launch

Nokia‘s Lumia WP8 smartphones were being sold at a discount in the USA immediately after Xmas, it has emerged, placing a question over whether the Finnish manufacturer’s Q4 results due to be released later this month [January 2013] needed a last minute bolster. The results, due out on January 24th, should show if the strategy by Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop to adopt Microsoft’s WP8 operating system is paying off, all the more so as the quarterly earnings report will cover the crucial run-up to Xmas. Continue reading

Nokia N73 2012′s Top Stories: Nokia N73 Software Update

Rating: Hundreds of responses from the Indian sub-continent

Although the original story was posted as long ago as May 23rd 2008, the story ‘Nokia update N73 Software‘ continues to haunt us here at GoMobile News Towers. That story merely reported that in Europe, Nokia has released a newer version of the OS for the N73. The benefits of the upgrade included support for mobile TV (but only when used with the Nokia SU-33W receiver) and plus an Express Mail client. That story has now generated an astonishing 103 responses. Most of these comments are simply a plea for help but not one of the readers we have written back to via email have ever replied. So the saga continues. Continue reading

Jolla_xmas Two new mobile OS – Tizen and Sailfish might showcase @MWC 2013

Rating: Tizen could even be found inside the Samsung Galaxy S4

Following up on our Samsung Tizen announcement story here here, we noticed a massive rumour about the next version of Samsung’s highly successful Galaxy S range. According to a report in the Daily Bhaskar here, Samsung its readying the Galaxy S4 for a February 2013 release. Now we all know what takes place in February each year – yes, the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) show. And MWC is the favourite place for the shakers and movers in the cellular world (sorry CTIA Las Vegas) to launch new products. Continue reading

tizen logo Tizen mobile OS 101: Understanding Tizen’s origins

Rating: Yet another mobile OS – this one backed by Samsung and intel

Whilst Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS continue to dominate the mobile OS scene, there are still a number of alternatives vying for attention in the mobile sector. One of these is Tizen which – like Google’s Chrome and H-P’s webOS all use Webkit and a Linux kernel. By contrast, Mozilla’s Firefox (see here) has its own runtime environment in terms of Geko not Webkit. Where has Tizen sprung from? Well it’s really a joint effort by Intel and Samsung which spearhead the Technical Steering Group (TSG) which leads the Tizen Project. To give Tizen a bit of marketing clout there is also a Tizen Association which can be found here. UPDATED June 2014. Continue reading

W7 mango owners left to pine for WP7.8 over Xmas

Rating: Unless you’re a phone geek who can handle Navifirm +

As long ago as October [2012], we reported that Nokia was saying, “WP7.8 will be announced soon. Hang in there,” in a post by Nokia News on Google Plus. Well, it’s been a long wait and WP7.8 still isn’t with us in time for Xmas 2012. As regular GoMobile News readers will know, Nokia’s earlier Lumia models such as the Lumia 800 were running Windows Phone 7.5 (W7 Mango). Sadly, such handsets won’t be upgradeable to the very latest version of Windows Phone – WP8. Instead existing loyal Nokia users will have to wait for the final upgrade to WP7 known as WP7.8. Microsoft has officially said in won’t become available until “early 2013″. However, it’s already been spotted in the wild but it seems that the operators haven’t been able to work their magic and brand WP7.8 in time for Xmas. Continue reading

GoMo's patented dinghy phone Amazon apparently patents the handset airbag

Rating: We think a dinghy variant could prevent loo water damage

In another illustration of the way the US Patents system works, Jeff Bezos – a muti-millionaire as a result of founding Amazon, has supposedly filed a truly daft patent. It is an air bag that will trigger as you drop your handset to prevent it from damaging the device – particularly the screen. The patent is clearly aimed at iPhone users. At around £50 a pop to replace a cracked screen, it’s widely estimated that Apple fanboys have wasted millions keeping their smartphones alive. GoMobile News cannot see the point of this invention since – amongst other things, the air bag would be redundant if Apple simply had used Gorilla glass on its smartphones like Nokia does. Continue reading

US professor slams ‘dangerous’ failures in Android malware vetting

Research by a US professor has revealed that an astonishing 85 per cent of malware fails to be discovered by Google’s new app verification service.
Though Google’s Bouncer service scans for viruses and malevolent programs in featured Play Store apps, users often opt to “sideload” applications so bypassing any protection. To overcome this Google recently introduced its application verification service in Android 4.2, letting users send information about any app back to the search giant to check if it is safe. Continue reading

Nokia’s Chinese win helps wipe $35bn off Apple

Finnish manufacturer triumphs in major tie-up with China Mobile

All eyes will return to Nasdaq today [6th December 2012] to see what happens to Apple after its shares fell 6.4 per cent last night, wiping $35 billion off its value. The fall came as analysts raised fears that it was losing ground to Nokia in China where the latter has just clinched a deal with the world’s biggest mobile operator, China Mobile. Though China Mobile has more than 700 million subscribers, it has no contract to sell iPhones – leaving the field open to the Finnish maker to supply a version of its flagship Lumia 920 smartphone. Continue reading

Nokia HQ in Espoo Nokia offloads Finnish HQ as economic noose tightens

Deal to be completed in just four weeks

Struggling Finnish phone maker, Nokia, is selling off its head office in Espoo for $222 million in a bid to shore up its ailing finances. The company has operated out of the 48,000 square metre building since 1997 but is now selling it off to software consultancy firm Exilion which will then lease it back to Nokia. The move underlines Nokia’s dire financial situation as it continues to lose out to rivals Samsung and Apple and as hedge fund managers bet heavily against the success of its make-or-break Windows Phone 8 (WP8) strategy. Continue reading

candidate for gates' job - elop Nokia’s job posting fuels rumours it might be planning Android phone

Nokia’s posting of a job vacancy on a social networking site has sparked rumours it might be thinking of easing its dependency on Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS and hitching its bandwagon to Android after all.
Continue reading

OpenCloud_logo OpenCloud helps put operators back in driving seat

Rating: especially when it comes to developing premium voice services

The ‘cloud’ is helping to “put mobile operators back in control” – especially when it comes to voice based services, according to Mark Windle, head of marketing at OpenCloud, Until very recently, mobile operators were severely limited on the scope of ‘innovative’ new services which they could launch because they were almost entirely dependent on their infrastructure suppliers – the likes of Ericsson, Nokia Siemens and Alcatel- Lucent, to implement such services. Typical IN (Intelligent Network) back-ends were effectively proprietary but Windle claims the solutions his company’s software can provide are truly ‘Open’. Consequently, operators can utilise OpenCloud’s ‘Open’ platform to launch services which directly compete against OTT (Over-The-Top) providers – like Skype (and Apple with Facetime). Continue reading