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Orange_money Orange celebrates the 10 millionth Orange Money customer

Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange, gave a bonus to the 10 millionth customer of Orange Money in Dakar, Senegal

Ms Kanny G, who had gone to an Orange Money outlet to open an account, was surprised to learn that she had won a smartphone with an Orange Money credit of 100,000 FCFA (€152)

Press release

April 17th 2014. “Orange Money is a revolution in terms of customer experience, and the appeal of this service is the best proof that we made the right choice when we decided to offer mobile payment services in 2008. I am very proud to be in Dakar today to meet our 10 millionth Orange Money customer. While making a strong contribution to economic and social development, mobile financial services also represent a major growth engine in Africa and the Middle East as well as in Europe for Orange,” said Stéphane Richard. Continue reading

more needs to be done -gurrola New research identifies increasing trust tension among European consumers in how organisations use their personal data

New study by Orange – Future of Digital Trust – shows lack of trust is undermining opportunities for more personalised and useful services

78% of consumers think it is hard to trust companies when it comes to use of their data, and 70% think there are few or no trusted ways to find out about personal data use

Better transparency, consumer control, and education required in order to address imbalance

Press release

Orange has released the findings of new research into consumer concerns about how companies use their personal data – research which clearly demonstrates that all businesses need to work together to rebuild consumer trust. Continue reading

Clone_phone EE’s Clone Phone – nice idea when it works

Hardware clinic: Free phone backup service has issues

On paper, the Clone Phone service from UK MNO EE is a ready great idea. All you need to do is download the Clone Phone app – and there are version for Apple’s iOS; Google’s Android and BlackBerry. Once you run the app, in effect you are storing all of you handset’s data in the cloud so if you do have the misfortune to lose your handset or have it stolen, then you can get all of your handset’s data back. Even better news as GoMo News just discovered, if you migrate from the old orange or T-Mobile brands over to EE and take up a 4GEE plan, you get the Clone Phone Lite service for free. So what can possibly go wrong? Answer – the app doesn’t work with all Android & BlackBerry phones for starters. Continue reading

orange reyo MWC: Orange strengthens and broadens its successful own-brand device portfolio

Introduces its new Orange Gova and Reyo smartphones

Press release

Orange has delivered two new high-quality smartphones into the hands of more people with the launch of the Orange Gova and the Orange Reyo. Orange’s established and successful range of own-brand smartphones continues to perform favourably against leading smartphone brands as Orange combines ease-of-use and affordability with the latest technological advancements to deliver an experience that resonates with customers. Continue reading

mclaren_car_2014 McLaren’s 2014 F1 car isn’t Orange at all

Still no sign of a replacement sponsor for Vodafone

So much for speculation that Orange/France Telecom might have stepped into the shoes of global MNO [Mobile Network operator], Vodafone. New Year’s day [January 1st 2014], we ran a story based on an Omnicorse report that McLaren was going to be painting its Formula One [F1] car for the 2014 – Orange. Well, it hasn’t. The MP-29 is silver. Plus, it seems that no-one is going to directly replace Vodafone at present. Although, GoMo News holds out the feint hope that Verizon Wireless might sponsor the car for the US Grand Prix. Continue reading

EE-Logo EE’s £10bn flotation put on hold sparking rumours of outright sale

Joint owners claim they want to expand 4G roll-out first

Britain’s biggest phone operator, EE, has had its partial flotation put on hold by owners France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, in a surprise postponement that comes more than a year after IPO plans were first unveiled. Earlier this month [January 2014] EE, which embraces the T-Mobile and Orange brands, revealed how its number of 4G customers had passed the two million mark. But EE’s joint owners now say they want the operator’s high speed service to become even more entrenched so that, as and when a flotation does go ahead, EE will attract a higher valuation. So far only 7 per cent of EE’s customers are on 4G tariffs. Continue reading

we might see more orange on 2014 mclaren cars Orange might take over from Vodafone at McLaren F1

Totally unfounded specualtion from GoMo – again

As keen F1 fans will know that the McLaren Formula One team’s the key sponsor – Vodafone has pulled out of its deal with the British racing squad as of the 2014 season. Obviously the team is on the lookout for a new title sponsor. Theoretically, McLaren should have made an announcement concerning its sponsors on December 2nd [2013]. But nothing happened. That led to GoMo News speculating that Verizon Wireless might step into the breach now that its ties with Vodafone have virtually been severed. But here’s a new one. Orange (France Telecom) might be interested. Here at GoMo Towers we think that web site,, might be sitting on a much bigger story than it realises. Continue reading

Win this superb Nokia Lumia 625 with EE Special Xmas GoMo News reader competition from EE

Win a Nokia Lumia 625 with EE Xmas 2013
Win this superb Nokia Lumia 625 with EE
EE says, “Here at EE we’re already looking forward to Xmas. We’ve switched on the EE Xmas lights and have a brilliant pay-as-you-go (PAYG) offer to celebrate the festive season. It’s 2014 [...]

Nicholas_Levi Orange France clarifies its Mobicarte offering

Orange’s Levi takes the time to explain advantages for travellers

Here at GoMo News we are always glad to receive feedback from our readers. As a result of writing this story ‘Orange invents complex answer to bill shock for Brits ‘ Nicolas Levi, director of prepaid marketing with Orange France – who is responsible for the Mobicarte service,  got in touch. He was able to clarify a great deal of the confusion over exactly what the mobicarte offering was. In our eyes, the most important clarification was over the pricing which GoMo had considered to be high. We’ve changed our minds entirely now because the included minutes are truly ‘global’. Continue reading

unhappy-face Orange UK’s customer care causes mirth @ GoMo Towers

We’re not entirely sure they have thought this one through properly

It’s entirely our own fault. Here at GoMo Towers we have a constant battle with the bank which – for reasons best known to itself, keeps failing to pay the direct debit for our post paid contract. We have our suspicions as to why this is but let’s ignore that right now. Anyway, Orange cut both our mobile phones off for non-payment, so we had to make a call to the customer care department to get ourselves re-instated. That’s where the fun started. Because after our conversation, Orange sent us an SMS asking what we thought of the service. Eight hours later we were eventually able to reply. Continue reading

is it a SIM or a scratchcard? Orange invents complex answer to bill shock for Brits

Loads of unanswered questions about the Orange Mobicarte Holiday

Orange/France Telecom has just come up with what is possibly the most complex answer to bill shock ever. The product is called Orange Mobicarte Holiday and is aimed at tourists (particularly us Brits) who are visiting the country for around two weeks (14 days). One of the very definite advantages which isn’t highlighted is that it provides free navigation for driving and walking whilst in mainland France. Jolly handy. You also get an unlimited Orange connection to Wi-Fi hotspots (in mainland France). Ditto. But the offer is incredibly expensive at €39.99. Continue reading

they got it right - we didn't How NOT to prove your Cat B15 phone is waterproof

A cautionary tale from the GoMo news team

Over time, here at GoMo Towers we’ve discovered that many consumers simply cannot believe that it is genuinely possible to build a mobile phone that is truly waterproof. And iPhone users in particular feature heavily in this group. Their thinking is simply along the lines of … “If it is possible to build a waterproof phone then why aren’t all smartphones waterproff?” Why indeed? Well, the stark truth is that handsets such as the Cat B15 and the Sony Xperia Z can be immersed in water and will continue to work afterwards. So goaded into proving that the B15 was waterproof we plunged it into a pint of water. Continue reading

evidence that faster speeds have shaken up mobile - culpin Orange Exposure research points to significant shift in consumer usage patterns with advent of 4G

Early insight that faster 4G networks are igniting uptake in m-commerce and encouraging broader mobile use
Mobile now central to how people shop, with ‘showrooming’ on the rise as people use their mobile to search for best deals
Mobile apps increasingly used to access internet over browser
Android’s dominance over iOS continues for second year running, with leap in tablet market share

Press release

November 29th 2013. Orange has announced the results of Orange Exposure 2013/2014 – an annual independent study by TNS into media habits across UK, France and Spain. This year’s study takes an early look at the impact of 4G networks on consumer behaviour – exploring how this has already significantly shifted usage patterns. The report also explores the role of mobile alongside other devices and touch-points in consumers’ shopping habits. In addition, it reveals how apps are increasingly becoming the de facto route to the internet, over the browser. Finally, Orange Exposure finds that Android’s dominance is now evident in the tablet market. Continue reading

vodacom_logo Orange eyes Vodafone’s African assets

Joins AT&T in sniffing around

French-owned operator Orange is planning to give Vodafone a helping hand to further shred itself, according to Bloomberg, by buying its Vodacom assets in Africa once the Verizon sell-off is complete. Vodafone’s sale of its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless is due to be completed next year [2014], but in the interim rivals are taking it as a signal that the UK operator is willing to offload other parts of its business empire. AT&T has already expressed an interest in acquiring Vodafone’s European operators and now, according to the news agency, Orange is eyeing up Vodacom. Focused on Africa, Vodacom is 65 per cent owned by Vodafone with operations in in South Africa, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique and Lesotho. If a deal did go through it could prove a good fit for Orange, which – compared to Vodacom’s coverage – currently only has an overlap in the Congo. Continue reading

best smartphone experience for money - maitre Orange builds on own branded smartphone range

The new Hiro – manufactured by Alcatel & 4G Yumo by Huawei

On the back of its highly successful own branded competitively priced smartphone, France Telecom/Orange has launched two new models: the Orange Yumo (made by Huawei) and the Orange Hiro manufactured by Alcatel (TCL). orange revealed that its own branded Daytona smartphone (also made by Huawei) sold 50 per cent more than all other phones sold by Orange in Spain- whether featurephones or smartphones. In fact, the handset outsold all other mobile brands. Similarly, the Orange Nivo (made by Gigabyte) was the best-selling smartphone in Romania. The Yumo is, in effect, Orange’s latest entry level 4G handset. Continue reading