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BT to chose between EE & O2 this week

GoMo has always said that O2 is the obvious choice

A report in the Sunday Times here, claims that former entrenched UK telecoms operator, BT [British Telecommunication] will decide in the next few days to show its hand. The company wants to buy a UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator] and GoMo News has always maintained that BT has long regretted its decision to float off its mobile arm – eventually acquired as O2 by Telefonica. Back in December 2013, GoMo News wrote, “We’ve long known that BT (formerly British Telecommunications) has rued the day it decided to sell off its mobile phone network.” So the chances of BT picking EE instead appear extremely thin. Continue reading

new breed of MVNO services - white Mobilise Consulting moves into MVNO big time

MVNO operation in Ireland for Dixons Carphone is 1st major job

A specialist comms consultancy, Mobilise Consulting has made its first move in the competitive arena of supplying services to of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services. It couldn’t have made a better start in the UK as the UK’s leading mobile retailer, Dixons Carphone, has become the first customer. Mobilise Consulting says it won the contact in the face of fierce competition from some of the biggest consulting firms in the global industry. The one-year contract is to help launch Dixon Carphone’s mobile virtual network operation (MVNO) in Ireland in Q3 2015. Continue reading

shara force india made @ silverstone GoMo goes all analogue @ British F1 Grand Prix

Lucky we’d brought out BlackBerry Q5 with us

This weekend [July 6th 2014), GoMo News found itself standing in fields in England’s Northamptonshire to watch the British Formula One (F1) Grand Prix motor race. Given there were around 120,000 other there, needless to say there little or no cellular or Wi-fi coverage. So we had to resort to analogue. Knowing about Silverstone Radio (which broadcasts on 87.7 FM) and how it makes it easy to follow races from the trackside, we took along our little Nokia N73 to utilise its built-in FM radio. We’d also packed our Nokia supplied waterproof jacket (which came in very useful) and which has an inside pocket to keep the handset dry in. We’d forgotten our Nokia connector ear-buds, however, Luckily we remembered our BlackBerry Q5 BB10 device has recently acquired an FM radio capability. Continue reading

5G lifeblood of digital economy - kroes EU plotting to catch up with research into 5G

Signs a deal with South Korea over 5G frequencies

Although the EU effectively gave the world world 2G thanks to the GSM standard, it’s been quite apparent for quite some time that Europe is lagging way behind in the 4G stakes. So it’s started a number of initiatives to put itself at the front of 5G. Especially since no-one really knows what 5G will offer than a faster version of 4G can’t. In 2013, the EU said it would spend €700 million (£560 million) on 5G technology research by 2021. On Monday [June 16th 2014], the EU got one step faster to achieving its goal by signing a deal with South Korea. As EU comms commissioner put it, “5G will become the new lifeblood of the digital economy and digital society.” Continue reading

ola_onmobile World cup fever hits ringback tones

Sadly for us Brits it will only work in Spain

It seems everyone in the UK has gone World Cup (soccer) mad. Even the Barley Mow in Shepperton has an ale called Maracana from Windsor & Eton for the occasion. So it was no surprise to learn that ringback tone [RBT] specialist, OnMobile, has created a special mobile app (Android only) for the World Cup. It’s purpose? To enable users to show support for their favourite team with a footie style ringback tone. Only problem is that this app only sets an RBT in Spain at present. OnMobile is hoping to get it going in Brazil soon, too. Continue reading

carphone_store Dixons-Carphone deal under threat from EE

UK’s largest MNO in threat to drop UK disties

The proposed merger between the white goods specialist – the Dixons Group (which includes PC World) and UK High Street mobile phone distributor, Carphone Warehouse, could be under threat from EE. Not a good prospect given that EE is the UK’s largest MNO [Mobile Network Operator] – made up as it is from Orange and T-Mobile. A story in the Sunday Telegraph here, claims the MNO might be considering cutting ties with the Carphone Warehouse or with its arch rival distie [distributor] Phones4U – or cutting ties with both. Continue reading

pathetic_orange Orange UK centre agent in SMS gaffe

Um, don’t call a subscriber “pathetic” by text

It’s the sort of gaffe [social error] which all mobile network operators [MNOs] must dread. A call centre agent who was blatantly fed up with an existing customer told her exactly what he/she felt. Via SMS (text). The agent allegedly sent UK customer, Emma Townsend, a text which read, “You are sooo PATHETIC.” Now, GoMo News feels for call centre agents who constantly have to deal with irate customers who can become very rude and abusive indeed. It’s one thing to be frustrated but an entirely different thing to commit your feelings to the digital world by send the customer a furious text (SMS). Continue reading

smartphone landscape changing rapidly - maitre Orange aims to repeat success of Alcatel Pixi in AMEA region

Pixi 2 will retail from $60 with data, voice and SMS offers

Orange has launched a new smartphone which is specifically targeted at consumers across its Middle East and African markets. The new smartphone – the Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 2 aims to repeat the success of its predecessor, the original Pixi. Nearly 250,000 of these handsets were sold in six months as it rapidly became the most popular smartphone in Orange shops in Africa and the Middle East. Presently one out of every five smartphones sold by Orange in the AMEA region is now an Alcatel smartphone. It will retail from $60 with data, voice and SMS offers. Continue reading

delivering compelling live music - soane Orange pumps up its music content through LoveLive alliance

Music data streaming to mobile devices at no extra charge

Orange Music Live service will offer live video streaming of major international artists and video-on-demand from the popular music Orange Warsaw Festival (June 13th-15th 2014) in Poland. The MNO [Mobile Network Operator] has struck a deal with music media company, LoveLive, to live stream selected highlights from the festival. Orange Music Live will be available across eight European countries including: – France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Armenia and Moldova. Sadly not the UK, it seems. But then it does sponsor Glastonbury through EE. Continue reading

constantly striving to deliver unique experiences - marigny Orange partners with LoveLive to provide pan-European live video streaming of the Orange Warsaw Festival

Orange Music Live to offer live video streaming of major international artists and video-on-demand from the popular music festival in Poland

Available to Orange customers in eight European countries with additional benefits including discounted tickets and data streaming to mobile devices at no extra charge

Press release

May 27th 2014. Orange has announced its partnership with music media company, LoveLive, to live stream selected highlights from the Orange Warsaw Festival (June 13th-15th 2014), a major European music event that Orange has sponsored since 2008. Orange is the first operator to partner with LoveLive to provide live music streaming across Europe. Orange Music Live will be available across eight European countries including France, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Armenia and Moldova providing selected live video streaming of performances by major international artists, to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Continue reading

EE/Orange confuses subscribers with Glaswegian call centre

Problem could get worse as it pushes 4G to existing subscribers

UK mobile operator, EE (which owns the T-Mobile and Orange brands) is at risk of confusing its existing clientelle as it seeks to encourage them to take up its highly successful 4G offering. Earlier, EE had revealed that almost a million (900,000) subscribers had signed up to its 4G offering in Q1 2014. EE said that this was the strongest quarterly take-up for 4G that it had experinced to date. It means that almost three million (2.9m) customers now enjoy its 4G service. However, some of the tactics the UK mobile network operator [MNO] is employing have very definitely perplexed existing customers. Its all thanks to a deal EE has done with Glasgow, Scotland based 1Call Direct. Continue reading How to avoid bill shock when visiting South Africa

Try using a Goodspeed with a B4IGO SIM card
katie – source: Birmingham Mail
A while back a story hit the headlines here in the UK when a holidaymaker, Katie Bryan, managed to run up a bill of £2,609.31 whilst data roaming in South Africa. It had taken her 20 minutes to download 326 megabytes in the [...]

Orange_money Orange celebrates the 10 millionth Orange Money customer

Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange, gave a bonus to the 10 millionth customer of Orange Money in Dakar, Senegal

Ms Kanny G, who had gone to an Orange Money outlet to open an account, was surprised to learn that she had won a smartphone with an Orange Money credit of 100,000 FCFA (€152)

Press release

April 17th 2014. “Orange Money is a revolution in terms of customer experience, and the appeal of this service is the best proof that we made the right choice when we decided to offer mobile payment services in 2008. I am very proud to be in Dakar today to meet our 10 millionth Orange Money customer. While making a strong contribution to economic and social development, mobile financial services also represent a major growth engine in Africa and the Middle East as well as in Europe for Orange,” said Stéphane Richard. Continue reading

more needs to be done -gurrola New research identifies increasing trust tension among European consumers in how organisations use their personal data

New study by Orange – Future of Digital Trust – shows lack of trust is undermining opportunities for more personalised and useful services

78% of consumers think it is hard to trust companies when it comes to use of their data, and 70% think there are few or no trusted ways to find out about personal data use

Better transparency, consumer control, and education required in order to address imbalance

Press release

Orange has released the findings of new research into consumer concerns about how companies use their personal data – research which clearly demonstrates that all businesses need to work together to rebuild consumer trust. Continue reading

Clone_phone EE’s Clone Phone – nice idea when it works

Hardware clinic: Free phone backup service has issues

On paper, the Clone Phone service from UK MNO EE is a ready great idea. All you need to do is download the Clone Phone app – and there are version for Apple’s iOS; Google’s Android and BlackBerry. Once you run the app, in effect you are storing all of you handset’s data in the cloud so if you do have the misfortune to lose your handset or have it stolen, then you can get all of your handset’s data back. Even better news as GoMo News just discovered, if you migrate from the old orange or T-Mobile brands over to EE and take up a 4GEE plan, you get the Clone Phone Lite service for free. So what can possibly go wrong? Answer – the app doesn’t work with all Android & BlackBerry phones for starters. Continue reading