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Google stops print ads and the curtain closes for the mobile barcode initiative too

I read about Google rethinking its print ad and mobile barcode print advertising services with great interest. Other commentary suggested that mobile barcodes were “toast” and this showed that mobile barcodes would never happen etc. Etc.

After considerable deliberation, I have taken a look at Google Print ads and the whole mobile barcode initiative and am [...]

GoMo News Blender 2009 Mobile World Congress

You are invited to the Mobile World Congress GoMo News Blender!
Please sign up on Facebook! GoMo News Group here and Party Invitation here.
Our amazing generous event sponsors are:

Smaato is also sponsoring a shot at the event – banner to follow! 
We have (for the first time ever nearly run out of our inventory!) Email for [...]

Microsoft HCCB tags – step by step

I decided to have a look at the Microsoft HCCB tags. It’s incredibly easy to generate QR codes, and I wanted to see if that experience was replicated here.
After logging onto the Tag Reader page, the entire process took about two minutes. Step One was to specify the tag type, address and how long it [...]

Mobile barcode reader another Microsoft app for iPhone… do they know something we don’t?

CES saw Microsoft revealing it’s second iPhone app in the last month. Tag Reader is a free app that reads Microsoft’s HCCB tags.
The app is also available for Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
From Microsoft:
“Make your offline media more effective, more measurable, more immersive, and more fun. Turn your advertisements, media, signage, packaging or storefronts [...]

Price wars looming globally as India and Middle East slash prepaid rates – but opportunity for mobile barcodes and mobile advertising exists

A price war is looming in India with Rcom slashing prepaid rates and a new all time low.  The same is similar in Qatar -but could this be opportunity knocking?

The Reliance Mobile GSM plan offers Rs 900-minutes of talktime on local calls and SMS to any network that can be accrued by Reliance mobile GSM [...]

2008 wasn’t the year for mobile advertising and 2009 won’t be either

Companies might have joined the MMA in droves in 2008 (including my own business) – but that doesn’t mean that 2008 was the year or mobile advertising – far from it.

The mobile advertising industry continues to underperform as brands continue to use traditional online marketing before mobile. Few companies that have used mobile have eaten [...]

Mobile Barcodes 2008: The way we were and three predictions for 2009

2008 has shown companies tightening the gloves in a fight for mobile barcode supremacy.  The fight is warming up –but we will wait until 2009 for an all out war.

2008 has cemented the foundations for a steady and connected mobile barcode industry. Standards bodies and industry associations have finally caught up. Some mistakes have been [...]

Masabi Mobile Barcode Tickets -but why use another standard?

We wrote about this earlier this week Masabi Train tickets:
I slightly disagree with this particular barcodes article as I read in dread that Masabi is actually talking about creating a “NEW” standard.

Now, GoMo News has made its position on standards clear. Only one is needed for the whole mobile code industry. So why create [...]

AdMob G1 (HTC Dream) generated 15 million mobile ad requests in November – 7% of all T-Mobile Traffic

Some great stats from AdMob for its Mobile Metrics Report (see below)

· In the US, 8 percent of total requests in November were on WiFi networks, up from 3 percent in August. 42 percent of iPhone requests are made from WiFi, notably higher than most other WiFi capable phones which average between 10-20 percent.
· In [...]

In-game advertiser Greystripe gets high response for Jeep campaign

Rating: Metrics report from InsightExpress provides in-depth look at mobile campaign

Mobile advertiser Greystripe specialises in-game advertising for mobile games – placing ads in games during actual gameplay.  When it signed up to provide a campaign for Jeep, it got digital marketing researcher InsightExpress to keep a close eye on the effects of the campaign.

What are [...]

Stella McCartney’s fashion empire marches onto mobile with Millennial Media

Rating: Fashion house and mobile advertising network launch campaign for Christmas

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has joined forces with Millenial Media, Inc. for two reasons. The first is to get her company in place on the mobile web. The second is to start showing off her Spring and Summer 2009 collections.
The campaign will be a simple [...]

Yahoo! Responds to Virgin Media Mobile Search Deal – GoMo News article

At the start of the month I wrote an article about  Virgin Media and Yahoo! see here:
I asked Yahoo! a few questions in the article and yesterday I received a response to specific questions that I highlighted.

Will Yahoo! provide search for on and off portal for Virgin Media?
Yahoo! Answer: Yahoo! oneSeach will be the on [...]

Top Mobile Barcode Providers

This is my stab at Top Mobile Barcode Providers - Download with pictures here! Top Mobile Barcode Providers






2D Sense Platform

Formerly iMatrix, is a user-oriented reader that handles QR, Datamatrix and Shotcode




A huge player in the mobile barcode industry in Japan, provides access to QR codes over a huge variety of platforms, and helps clients [...]

DotMobi stabs mobile site creation providers in the back with Mobilizer

I am speechless. I read this press release from dotmobi called Mobilizer and felt sorry for everyone involved in the MAG (dotMobi Advisory Group) and companies like Zinadoo – who have supported dotmobi – but have now been pushed aside and even Winksite.

What am I raving on about?
Well. Should dotMobi be creating mobile sites? It is already [...]

Top 51 Mobile Advertising firms plus top 9 Mobile Advertising and Search providers

Top 51 Mobile Ads Top 9 Mobile Ad and Search   (click link for PDF version with pictures and category explanations or view here: )


Mobile Advertising Companies  
Feedback has continued to be excellent to this list. We’ve added ten new sites this morning, and I’d like to have ten more before long! We want this [...]