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provides retailers with real-time roi impact - settini MobPartner launches tool for tracking mobile influence in-store

MobRetail helps increase mobile’s influence on in-store sales

The MobRetail tracking platform – just launched by MobPartner, a Performance-based mobile advertising platform, aims to enable retailers to accurately measure how mobile influences in-store sales and traffic. The company claims that MobRetail measures from mobile app download to in-store purchase and gives retailers complete ROI attribution to mobile investments. MobRetail communicates with the retail app and mobile device utilising in-store beacon technologies,to report ROI on mobile ad spend. Continue reading

maplin had probably just sold out - macnamara Getting your hands on a Prestigio in the UK

Having recommended Prestigio for dual SIM a reader asks …

It was our own fault really. Having just recommended Prestigio handsets for their dual SIM capabilities in ‘Dual SIM handsets need instant online’, we received a plea from a regular GoMo News reader in the UK. Candelaria Rodriguez Bento asks, “I want to get a Prestigo mobile phone but I can not finding any shop in London that sells Prestigio mobiles. I’ve tried Maplins in London. They have the tablets but they no have Prestigio phones.” This just helps to illustrate the difficulty of breaking into a developed market as a new entrant handset supplier. Consumers often want to touch & feel before they buy. Continue reading

jon_banks2 Guest Post: MWC retrospective on NFC & mobile wallet

by Jon Banks, director of payments solutions, The Logic Group

Of all the conversations I had at MWC [Mobile World Congress] 2014, the topic of ‘mobile wallet’ generated by far the most interest and excitement. The GSMA’s High Street of the Future exhibition provided a tangible demonstration of how services such as mobile wallets could realise future customer experiences and shape the connected high-street of the future. These real time enabled-demonstrations showed that – with the correct ecosystem of customer interaction vendors, retailers can develop a targeted and interactive shopping experience that evokes brand advocacy with the customer. Continue reading

consumers are always mobile - taylor EE targets retailers with omni-channel approach inc Wi-fi

Can be combined with heat maps

EE has introduced a new managed service, Connected Retail, that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. The aim is to let retailers send customers personalised offers and promotions to their smartphone while they are in-store. It can be combined with heat mapping technology to anticipate queues at the checkout before they arrive. Continue reading

shopping_trolley British retailers face £1bn in lost sales every year due to long queues says EE

EE’s latest survey marks the launch of Total Enterprise Mobility, a new approach to help businesses become more genuinely mobile

Connected Retail from EE enables retailers to use in-store mobile connectivity to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams

Asda store managers save seven hours a week with EE’s Connected Retail solution

Press release

March 17th 2014. British retailers stand to lose £1.04 billion a year because of long queues at the check-out, according to a new survey by EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company. 73 per cent of shoppers will abandon purchases if they have to wait longer than five minutes to make that purchase, the survey found 1. To help retailers address such operational challenges, EE has introduced Connected Retail, a new managed service that uses mobile connectivity in-store to improve the customer experience and open new revenue streams. Connected Retail is the first proposition in EE’s new Total Enterprise Mobility approach for business, designed to help corporate and public sector organisations become truly mobile in every way. Continue reading

mnos don't really need the banks - birch MWC: Secure transactions themes from the 2014 event

Consult Hyperion on Host Card Emulation & other topics

Consult Hyperion, a consultancy that specialises in electronic transactions, has identified five key technology trends in digital commerce which featured at the recent MWC show in Barcelona. These include host-card emulation (HCE), tokenisation, wallets, MPOS and the fate of IDAP. GoMo News reckons that one of the sector’s major problems is that it is immersed in its own obscure TLAs [Three Letter Acronyms]. Continue reading

nokia's clare izhaky Talk social with McDonald’s, Sony, Walt Disney, British Airways @ SMWF

Premier event for social & digital marketing professionals now days away

The Social and Digital Marketing Conference Europe 2014 [#SMWF] – the premier event for social and digital marketing professionals, is taking place in London’s Brewery March 31st to April 1st [2014]. This event is fast approaching and the speaker line-up is building up fast with more than 20 high profile speakers from across industry now confirmed for the event. Continue reading

jon_banks2 Guest Post: High Street of future isn’t really that far away

by Jon Banks, director of payments solutions, The Logic Group

What will the High Street look like in the future? This question is often found in retail conversations, following the rocky ride retailers have faced over the past few years. A ‘High Street of the future’ is often viewed as the Holy Grail of success, where retailers find welcome relief from the recent economic twists and turns, and can finally stand up to the threatening shadow cast by online shopping giants. But is this future High Street an over simplified vision of what our High Streets could look like, glossing over the journey that needs to happen before reaching this Nirvana? Continue reading

Oxford_street-shop Oxford St leads world in Wi-fi says Devicescape

Outdoes 5th Avenue NYC & Champs Elysees Paris

The UK is home to the most ‘connected’ shopping street in the world, according to Devicescape. The company recently discovered that London’s Oxford Street has a greater Wi-fi amenity density than comparable shopping streets. 32 per cent of establishments on Oxford Street offer Wi-fi connectivity to customers compared to 26 per cent on Fifth Avenue New York and 24 per cent on Paris’ Champs Elysees. The news emerged as Devicescape announced that Virgin Media has signed a contract with itfor the supply of its Wi-fi service platform. Virgin Media subscribers will benefit from greater connectivity to Wi-fi hotspots when they’re out shopping on the High Street. Continue reading

Dan_wagner High Street retailers will fight back against online

Prediction from Powa Technologies’ Dan Wagner

The Xmas [2013] retail sales figures really highlight how fragile the retail industry is at the moment. We’ve seen a huge shift in consumer buying patterns as the retailers trading statements showed this years distinct ‘winners’ and ‘losers’’with a clear shift from the physical stores to the online forum. But Dan Wagner, CEO with Powa Technologies, is predicting a fight back from the traditional High Street retailers. Continue reading

Jon_Worley Guest Post: The High Street needs a tech revolution

by Jon Worley, director of customer loyalty, The Logic Group

The future of the High Street is hotly debated. Industry experts, politicians and retailers constantly argue about what could or should be done to preserve our High Streets and town centres against a growing attack from online retailers. As consumers increasingly embrace technology including smartphone and tablet devices to browse on the go, they are in turn becoming savvier and more demanding in their expectations of a retailer. Thus forcing a perceived battle between physical shops and the ‘cyber warehouse’ for the customer’s money. However, as Bill Grimsey’s review of the High Street here, suggests it does not have to be an all or nothing affair. Instead, retailers should look to take full advantage of the retail benefits these new shopping channels can offer and create an integrated multichannel strategy to appeal to shoppers whether they are online, in-store or on mobile. Continue reading

go-to app for fashion lovers - gaveau Get your top fashion fixes on yer Android from Shopcade

It was already on the iPhone but the iOS app’s been updated, too

This is really one for the ladies – although when Hans installed the Shopcade app on his Prestigio 5430,  it immediately offered him deals from Top Man [UK]. So men can use it. Anyway, just in time for Xmas, Shopcade has released its new Android app and produced an update of its iPhone app. The aim with the Shopcade is to make it easier for young ‘fashionistas’ to keep up with top trends and deals. Shopcade intends to become daily source of fashion trends and deals and introduce a one-stop shop for time and cost-conscious young fashionistas. Continue reading

CoTW - desktop vs mobile traffic in USA Mobile helped contribute to Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

Mobile is growing but it hasn’t taken over quite yet

Just like us Brits have started observing Halloween when we ignored it pretty much for hundreds of years, all of a sudden we have ‘Black Friday’ and ‘ Cyber Monday’. Both have become crucial days for retails as they attempt to shift stock on the run up to Xmas. So our old friends have looked into how much mobile devices have influenced both mega-shopping days. The short answer is that – Yes, mobile devices have helped to bolster sales. But that haven’t taken over quite yet. What we do have, however, is some amazing stats from the likes of Amazon which reported sales for 2013′s Black Friday surging by some 43 per cent compared to 2012. It all makes for a pretty interesting CoTW (Chart ofThe Week). Continue reading

evidence that faster speeds have shaken up mobile - culpin Orange Exposure research points to significant shift in consumer usage patterns with advent of 4G

Early insight that faster 4G networks are igniting uptake in m-commerce and encouraging broader mobile use
Mobile now central to how people shop, with ‘showrooming’ on the rise as people use their mobile to search for best deals
Mobile apps increasingly used to access internet over browser
Android’s dominance over iOS continues for second year running, with leap in tablet market share

Press release

November 29th 2013. Orange has announced the results of Orange Exposure 2013/2014 – an annual independent study by TNS into media habits across UK, France and Spain. This year’s study takes an early look at the impact of 4G networks on consumer behaviour – exploring how this has already significantly shifted usage patterns. The report also explores the role of mobile alongside other devices and touch-points in consumers’ shopping habits. In addition, it reveals how apps are increasingly becoming the de facto route to the internet, over the browser. Finally, Orange Exposure finds that Android’s dominance is now evident in the tablet market. Continue reading

Asda_tfl Shop on the Tube & collect from the Tube Station

Deal between Asda & TfL makes life easier for lazy Brits

You really couldn’t much lazier than this as a shopper. It’s now possible to show on London’s Underground [Metro] railway service and then pick up your goods on the return to your home station. Provided you’re lucky enough to live in one of six locations, of course. It’s all thanks to a deal which has been struck in the UK between Brit supermarket chain, Asda & TfL (Transport for London). The objective, naturally, is to boost the number of Brits using Asda’s ‘click & collect’ service. Shoppers who bother to download the Asda App could even create their order whilst travelling into work in the mornings. Continue reading