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Samsung Sony moving in the right direction with focus on mid-range smartphones

by our Indian correspondent – Asif Shaik

About a year ago, we reported that ‘Sony’s smartphone growth plan in India looked promising‘. And here we are to proudly report that we were just about right. According to a latest {April 2014] report by IDC, Sony now stands second largest smartphone brand in India (in terms of value sales) demoting Apple into third place. This growth has come from Sony’s continued efforts in improving its smartphones and a renewed focus on mid-range priced devices. Continue reading

HTC One Once mighty HTC sees losses grow as phone sales lose traction

Next quarter will be better, it insists

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has suffered a deeper-than-expected first quarter loss, as its market share continues to slide – with it now standing at around 2 per cent. Despite rave reviews for its flagship smartphones, HTC sales remain modest and in the three months to April 2014 it posted a 22.6 per cent drop in revenues to 33.12 billion Taiwanese dollars (£659 million). But it insists it is likely to return to profit in Q2 following the late-March release of its upgraded flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8. In recent months it has also slashed costs dramatically in a bid to bolster its share price which has lost nearly 90 per cent since its April 2011 peak. Continue reading

quality budget phone can disrupt a market - Sunnebo Motorola sees surge in UK sales thanks to low cost Moto G handset

Questions wisdom of Google to sell division to Lenovo

Motorola’s launch of its budget smartphone Moto G has led to a six-fold growth in UK sales, according to figures from Kantar Worldpanel. The surprise surge in sales lends credibility to the decision by Chinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo to buy Motorola for a bargain $2.91 billion (£1.74 billion) from search giant Google – vastly less than the $12.5 billion Google paid to buy the business in May 2012 when the smartphone patent battles were at their height. But while Google hasn’t succeeded in making money out of its handset division – it lost $645 million in the first nine months of 2013 – Lenovo looks as though it could be on a firmer ground, if and when the acquisition goes through. Continue reading

EE-S5 EE goes with exclusively online deal for pre-order Galaxy S5

Unusually there’s a free return flight bundled in

It seems that the main UK MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] & MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] have picked today [March 28th 2014] to announce their deals for the forthcoming S5 handset. For those GoMo News readers living as hermits, the Galaxy S5 is the latest flagship handset offering from the world’s Number One handset vendor – Korea’s Samsung. Naturally, the operators will be competing very heavily to attract potential customers for this iconic handset (which already looks like being a much more successful follow-up to the classic S3 than the S4 ever was). Significantly, EE has decided to offer a very interesting package to potential S5 owners – which involves a free flight bundled in. Continue reading

apple's dominance not guaranteed - o'sullivan Apple devices dominate global web browsing while Android gains ground

New dotMobi research reveals which devices are used to browse the web across the world

Press release

March 25th 2014. Despite the growing popularity of Android devices and low-cost smartphones, Apple’s global grip on mobile device browsing remains impressive in many major global markets. New data from dotMobi reveals that Apple’s iOS is the dominant platform for web browsing on mobile devices in many countries, particularly in first world nations. The findings revealed in dotMobi’s Global Device Traffic Index, show that Apple’s iOS-based devices are most used by mobile browsers in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and many parts of Europe including France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Continue reading

dixie's photo is in the post Guest Post: My highlights from MWC 2014 Barcelona

by Greg Beck, a tech writer who works with Hyperoptic

Each and every year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) offers us the possibility of taking a good look at some of the latest and most exciting smartphones available on the market, but also allows us to discover new and ground-breaking devices and applications before anybody else. This year’s edition of the MWC took place between February 24th-27th [2014] in the city of Barcelona, where leading figures such as WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, joined the audience in order to share their vision about what to expect in the near future. Continue reading

Nancy Griffin Guest Post: 8 Things you didn’t know an Android phone can do

by Nancy Griffin, a tech writer who occasionally works with Xicom Technologies

In my opinion, Android is probably the best mobile OS available on the market. Many GoMo News readers already own at least one Android device. The trouble is that being busy with the regular features (such as voice calling and texting), we can easily forget about the not-so-common features. Well, my article is for those guys & gals who want to know how to take full advantage of their Android device. So, here is my list of 8 things you didn’t know an Android phone can do (and were afraid to admit so)! Continue reading

dual Sim coming to WP8 picture source:@evleaks Dual SIM smartphone usage on the rise in India

As International vendors weigh, local producers redouble their efforts

Even just a year ago, dual SIM devices were exclusively manufactured by relatively unknown manufacturers seeking to gain a foothold in their home markets. That isn’t the case any longer. With a decline in the growth of the high-end market, it is the entry-level and mid-tier segments that handset manufacturers are now targeting. And they’re getting into dual SIM handsets big time as we saw during MWC week. Continue reading

Apple & Samsung vs The Rest

Apple boasts 76 per cent brand retention and Samsung attracts 34 per cent of all consumers switching device brands.

New data from WDS, a Xerox company, finds that breaking the smartphone duopoly won’t be easy.

Press release

February 24th 2014. Despite ground-breaking features and super-slick marketing, smartphones launching at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 have a difficult task ahead if they are to break the Apple and Samsung duopoly. Analysis into brand retention across smartphone manufacturers by WDS, a Xerox company, shows that 76 per cent of Apple customers replace their iPhone with another iPhone, while 34 per cent of all consumers switching device brands choose Samsung. Continue reading

SellMyMobile Apple fanbois dumping their iPhones for Galaxy S5

Tenuous claims of our time from SellMyMobile

During MWC Barcelona 2014 week with all of the industry announcements being made – especially for new smartphones, it seems that Apple fanbois might at last be breaking under the strain. Well, that seems to be what mobile phone recycling site – appears to believe. The site has contacted us here at GoMo Towers, to inform us that there has been an enormous increase in the number of iPhone handset owners trading in their beloved, Apple-crafted iPhones. In fact, there has been an 87 per cent increase in the number of iPhone trade-ins on the first day of the MWC Barcelona show. Why? Continue reading

- Renduchintala MWC: Latest Snapdragon has Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) for China

Qualcomm 801 processor buried inside new Samsung Galaxy S5

Showing how it can still lead the cellular market, Qualcomm was able to announce that its very latest smartphone chip – the 801, is powering Samsung’s new flagship handset – the Galaxy S5. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor offers fully integrated connectivity with 4G LTE Advanced carrier aggregation for download speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s. Crucially it also boasts dedicated hardware for Dual SIM Dual Active (DSDA) services in China. Furthermore, its Snapdragon 400 is enabling the first LTE smartphone launch in volume with the with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Continue reading

Gear2_neo MWC: 1st Tizen powered wearable devices launched by Samsung

The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo watches run an OS you thought was dead

Just ahead of the official opening of MWC Barcelona 2014, Samsung has released details of two new smartwatches – the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Samsung claims it continues to lead in the wearable technology market with innovative, creative devices. An obvious dig at the lack of any iWatch from Apple. Significantly, however, these new devices are are the first wearable devices powered by a Tizen based wearable platform. Those with long memories will recall that Tizen is the result of co-operating with Intel. The watches work with a “wider range of devices” but still only Samsung’s own hardware. Continue reading

matt_cross MWC: The most talked about brands in MWC 2014 run-up

Are punters expecting some big Nokia announcement @ MWC?

It seems that Hotwire and 33 Digital have been running a little analysis of the #MWC14 hashtag in the run up to MWC Barcelona 2014. They’ve worked out the Top Five brands being talked about and in @ No.1 is none other than Nokia with 7,584 mentions. Which is very interesting. We’re far less surprised that Samsung is second 5,869 mentions. In at third with 5,036 mentions is LG (which we wouldn’t have anticpiated whilst at four is Blackberry with 1,072 mentions. Facebook is fifth with 905 mentions. Continue reading

donagemma Samsung appoints Giuseppe Donagemma as the head of SNE

Probably to push its LTE RAN equipment

Samsung Electronics has announced the appointment of Giuseppe (Beppe) Donagemma as the head of Samsung Networks Europe (SNE). He was previously responsible for Nokia Solutions and Networks (formerly Nokia Siemens Networks) in Europe and ensured healthy profitability for the company at a time of global economic crisis. Giuseppe will be in charge with expanding Samsung’s mobile network business in the European region. The company failed to mention what products SNE will be pushing. We think it is LTE RAN. Continue reading

samsung &htc aren't bothered - hanna Nokia is only real player in WP8 market

HTC & Samsung’s WP8 phones account for >5% of sales says Tamoggemon

Microsoft’s buy-up of Nokia turned quite a few heads in the mobile industry. Consequently, pundits expected rival manufacturers Samsung and HTC to both be ired by this announcement. This can not be father from the truth because their Windows Phones simply don’t sell in meaningful numbers, according to Tamoggemon Holding‘s CEO, Tam Hanna. So they aren’t bothered. These shocking stats were obtained by analysing the purchasers of Tamoggemon’s scientific calculator -TouchCalc. Even more reason for Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, to ditch the manufacturing bits of Nokia like Google has done with Motorola Mobility. Continue reading