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sure-shot mood booster - brecht Doodle app makes organising social meet-ups effortless

Free app puts a stop to the endless & painful game of planning ping pong

Press release

April 15th 2015. Doodle, the world’s most popular social planning tool, has launched its new iOS app for the iPhone. The free app spells the end of organisational chaos amongst friends, lovers or family members to ensure users always get a date in the diary for those unforgettable social occasions. Trying to get a group of friends, relatives or, even worse, stags and hens to agree on date and time for a social event is a stressful and painful task. In fact, research shows that 61 per cent1 of Brits have axed group events after the agonising and drawn-out planning process of sorting out a date. Continue reading

garena's forrest li Links between Canada & Asean continue to grow

Smartphone maker BlackBerry started it, of course

There seems to be an increasing bond between Canada and the South East Asian[Asean] region. Here’s an interesting example: -the Ontario Teachers’ pension Plan has just decided to invest in a Singapore-based company called Garena. What does it do? Well, it provides a heady mix of gaming, social media and – increasingly more importantly, m-commerce. The Canadians at least have recognised the potential of the SEAN market which has two key benefits: – a large population (620 million) and a reliance on cellular technology to access the Net. And Blackberry led the way with the introduction of its Z3 Jakarta model – aimed specifically at the Indonesian market. Continue reading

veremis - facebook news local content Facebook turning to developing markets with Lite app

Social network usage in Asia increasing 26% year on year

Facebook has just soft-launched a new app for Android – ‘Facebook Lite’ , which on the face of it is aimed at emerging markets. The move to largely unexplored regions is logical, given that in developed markets social media sites have probably reached saturation levels. However, it might well not be quite enough to simply make a lighter version of the standard app to contend with the myriad of devices out there plus slower connexion speeds. According to Marco Veremis, CEO with Upstream in order to succeed in developing markets, Facebook will also need to have local understanding. Continue reading

jury is still out - petosa Ads on social media are inevitable but not yet successful

Rational Interaction’s Petosa questions Snapchat’s first foray

The monetisation of social apps and platforms appears inevitable. Given Snapchat’s recent foray into advertising with its video ad unit for the film Ouiji and its warning to US based users about pending advertising (see our previous story here), it seems only a matter of time before other currently free platforms build partnerships with brands. While the producers of Ouiji are shamelessly touting the campaign’s unprecedented “success”, it leaves some observers  wondering just how effective it actually was. One of those is Selina Petosa,  chief creative strategist the integrated digital agency Rational Interaction. She believes that  there is a struggle between how brands balance content of the ads with the needs of their users. Which  is why Snapchat has been unsuccessful in matching the medium with the message. Continue reading

Anything goes social network could displace Facebook

Ello, ello, ello – what do we have here?

Here at GoMo Towers, we thought that the most famous thing to come out of Burlington, Vermont [USA] was Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Now it seems that the Green Mountain State could have given birth to a Facebook-killer in the shape of the Ello social network. The social network’s motto is “Simple, beautiful and ad-free”. And it could pose a big threat to the likes of Facebook if Net surfers genuinely get fed up with feeding their personal data to the likes of Google and Facebook so that advertisers can target them more effectively. The only snag is that to get onto Ello currently is best achieved by being recommended by a friend. Bizarrely that a model which Gmail originally adopted. Continue reading

nike fuelband leak revealed 1st on secret Secret social app comes out for Android

Not sure when the original Apple iOS app went global, tho

Good news for social media fans is that the Android app for the trendy Secret network has just become available. Secret’s USP [Unique Selling Point] really does keep your identity secret. Which is great because people can use it to publish stuff which normally they daren’t put on Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp. GoMo News has actually installed this app and discovered a really neat rumour about Nike’s wearables division firing staff which had been first leaked via Secret. Continue reading

janrain_social Google’s single logon pays off in social logins share

Google continues to steal market share from Facebook

Google has increased its share of social logins according to a new report from Janrain. The company says this is likely the result of unifying all of services under a single Google login identity. Now that there’s a a single login for Gmail, Android, and the Play Store, this is helping Google+, YouTube and Drive. Curiously, Yahoo! has moved to stop consumers logging into its services using a Google (or Facebook) identity. Continue reading

Secret_screenshot Sshhh! It’s Secret Inc Secret app for iPhone

Social networking – only for those in USA

Here’s a new twist on social networking – an iPhone App called Secret which really does keep your identity secret. The idea appears to be to start wicked rumours with this app and then keep everyone guessing who actually let the cat out of the bag [started it]. The app is apparently the work of two former Google employees (calling themselves Secret Inc)– which makes it all the more puzzling that there’s currently no Android version of this app yet. There is an Android app called secret which is very similar but it isn’t the work of the same developer. The app is all the buzz in Silicon Valley but there’s a catch – at present you can only download this app if you’re based in the USA. Continue reading

mercedes_bbm BBM Channels confuses ageing GoMo hack

Doesn’t help if you get the wrong team either

Well, here at GoMo Towers we believe in doing things for real rather than merely reproducing snippets sent out across the wires. So we jumped at the chance to try out BlackBerry’s showcasing of its latest BBM Channels facility. Today [March 6th 2014], Mercedes AMG Petronas has ‘fixed it’ for their leading F1 [Formula One] driver – Nico Rosberg to go live on the MAP Channel. Being keen petrol heads, we signed in to see what was going on and ask Nico a question. Firstly we found the whole experience confusing. Secondly we got the wrong F1 team. Continue reading

mikel_steadman Guest Post: Customer support & the speed of now

by Mikel Steadman, manager of sales engineering & implementation services with Dyn

Currently, we are in the era of user experience and it is imperative that businesses understand that the experience does not end with their products or services. It also includes the post-sale support they provide. The way in which companies are providing that support is changing rapidly and should they fail to keep up, their business could be left behind, too. Of course, throughout history customers have received those experiences differently. Before the advent of telephone support (1890-1960), consumers would purchase from their local supplier/vendor/shop in a face-to-face engagement. Why? Because that was the best way to assure to know your supplier, product, and support team. People walked away with an expectation that they knew their path of support and new purchasing opportunities. Continue reading

adblocker_facebook Debate over what data can be mined hots up for Facebook

Latest move is a class action in California

The battle between pragmatic mobile advertisers and the Internet libertarians has taken a new twist. Those who feel that the web must be ‘free’ have taken steps against social media giant, Facebook, over what they view as a case of “intercepting communications for profit.” What Facebook is trying to do is being a highly accurate profile of its readership, of course. So any information it can glean is highly prized. However, Matthew Campbell of Arkansas and Michael Hurley of Oregon have filed suit against Facebook in a Northern District Court of California seeking damages. Whilst this is currently a US based spat, its implication do, of course, have global implications. Continue reading

snapchat_photo Fear of advertising could be behind the Snapchat attack

Gibson Security’s exploits behind 4.6m Snapchat user exposée

The perils of failing to heed warnings from mobile security experts have been brought home to Snapchat – the popular photo sharing service. An Australian based operation, Gibson Security, published details for the company’s private API on December 24th [2013]. According to reports on the BBC, a hacker group calling itself SnapchatDB promptly published 4.6 million names and phone numbers with the last two digits obscured to prove the point. The group told TechCrunch here, “We used a modified version of gibsonsec’s exploit/method.” When GoMo News saw Gibson Security’s Press release here, we realised that fears that Snapchat was on the verge of introducing advertising could have motivated the revelations. Continue reading

incredible launch for BBM - bocking An Open letter to BlackBerry’s Bocking

Please hurry up and launch the iOS & Android BBM clients

As GoMo News has pointed out several times in the past, it is very difficult to communicate directly with BlackBerry and its execs in particular. The company seriously upset the UK’s Sunday Times here, for example. Equally, BlackBerry seems equally frustrated with the media and Press in particular. Which is why it placed an ‘Open letter’ in multiple printed publications. The full text is here. The latter says, “And speaking of those dramatic headlines, it’s important that we set the record straight on a few things.” Well, we have a suggestion – try a dialogue. So GoMo News decided to publish this Open letter to BlackBerry’s Andrew Bocking. Continue reading

christer_holloman Author says social media in business shouldn’t be restricted

New book from Holloman provides case studies for a social media strategy

As Chairman of First Tuesday, the London-based professional networking forum for technology entrepreneurs, Christer Holloman believes that companies who confine social media usage to just one department have missed a trick. He reckons that it should be leveraged by every department in the whole organisation.  Holloman regularly consults for major companies and tech start-ups on digital projects. Hence his book is packed with case studies. For his second book on the subject, ‘The Social Media MBA in Practice’, he’s based his guidance on case studies – 25 in total, much-requested by readers of the first book. Continue reading

miappi-gomo-new Brit social media aggregator miappi responds to criticism

Oh the power of the press!

Taking on board what some might regard as pretty harsh criticism from GoMo News (OK and points made by others, too), Brit firm miappi has made some changes to the Miappi UI. Okay, the actual service was still very much in beta when we wrote about it but originally users were greeted by a wall with just 12 tiles. Those displayed a summary of recent posts but not in strict chronological order. If you know your own content (and obviously most do) that would be confusing because there wouldn’t appear to be any logic to why certain things were being displayed. Which is why GoMo News described the results as “jumbled” in our original story – ‘Social media aggregator miappi disappoints‘. Miappi now looks different. Continue reading