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Governments join mobile apps development frenzy

There’s little doubt that Apple and it’s iPhone app store have stirred the world in to an app development frenzy. Even Governments are now wading in to create their own mobile apps, according to a report on the BBC’s online news site. Continue reading

russian-mobile Facebook is the root of all that is the Mobile Internet

Mobile operators are increasingly using social networking as a platform for generating new revenue streams: attracting new subscribers and increasing the penetration of the mobile Internet, especially in emerging markets, where prepay customers far exceed postpay, and local services often trump foreign ones. Continue reading

India’s MTNL Drastically Cuts International Long Distance Fees

Review: MTNL gambles one of the industry’s last high-margin services on shifting international calls from to high-volume low-margin Continue reading

Appoke: brand new service combines social networking and Android app store

appoke Appoke is a new idea for an app store that has just entered private beta. The idea behind the site is this: when you’re looking for a good app, who knows what kind of thing you like better than your friends? Continue reading

Mobile India: Airtel Introduces Voice-Blogs

Review: “Twitter with voices” another example of India’s competitive advantage in creating voice-based VAS for the developing world and its own enormous customer base Continue reading

World Cup Mobile: iPundit iPhone app from Thomson Sport

football Thomson Sport has released a new iPhone app for the World Cup that combines footie, social networking and gaming. The iPundit app lets you predict the results for all upcoming matches, and score points depending on how accurate you are. The gaming and social networking comes in when you can compare scores with your friends, and share opinions with any iPundit user. Continue reading

Vodafone 360 for Android still missing

Rating: Frustration for those who want to join in

At the original launch of Vodafone’s 360 service, the UK based multi-national network operator promised that 360 would be made available on a wide range of handsets. When GoMo News decided to load it onto an Android handset, we discovered that the Android client is currently still missing. Continue reading