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travelsim_logo Free calls to World Cup soccer in Brazil next Summer from TravelSim

Estonian technology firms Skype and TravelSim in unique link-up meaning families from all over the world can keep in touch for free with football fans at the World Cup in Summer 2014

Press release

Mobile travel expert, TravelSim has teamed up with fellow Estonian based company Skype making it free for Skype users to call all TravelSim mobile users. This first of its kind agreement means families can stay in touch for free with football fans in Brazil for the World Cup soccer next Summer [2014]. Continue reading

webinos_logo webinos consortium creates spec for cross platform web apps

Rating: Yes, but will it fly? Ah, but GSM did

It sounds like a great idea. Why not create a single platform for developing web applications that will run across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car environments. Next come up with a name for it. They’ve picked webinos which apparently means a – Secure Web Operating System Application Environment. Not a brilliant name but the next bit makes a load of sense. Launch your first set of specifications. That exactly what the EU webinos consortium has just done. The million dollar question is … will anybody actually take webinos up? Continue reading

Telecom Italia 4G LTE makes its debut

Telecom Italia has begun the world’s first pre-commercial LTE (Long Term Evolution) new technology trial as part of its ongoing development of a fourth-generation mobile ultra-broadband network. Continue reading

Mobile operator TIM Brasil blitzes mobile prices… kind of

Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) Brasil has announced two different price cutting endeavors to attract new customers today. The first is a massive bonus for people transferring their phones to the TIM Brasil network during May. The second is a bundle aimed at small businesses, that combines fixed and mobile telephony and mobile Internet.

New subscribers:

New subscribers [...]

New laws in the EU will slash mobile roaming rates for voice, SMS and data

European telecoms operators will soon have stricter limits on the amount they can charge their customers for using mobile services while abroad. MEPs and EU government representatives have finished negotiating a set of new laws governing mobile roaming costs. Following a final rubber-stamp in April, prices will begin to drop across the board from the [...]

NeuStar app puts presence info into mobile phones contact lists

NeuStar today announced that it has launched a new service with Telecom Italia. TIM I’M is an app that interacts directly with your contact list, and displays presence information alongside your contacts.
Users can now see which of their contacts are available. They can display how they would like to be contacted, via Instant Messaging, [...]

Telecom Italia Mobile deploys Novarra Vision for mobile browsing

Novarra today announced that TIM, the mobile branch of Telecom Italia, is using its Vision platform for its mobile Internet browsing services. Using Vision, TIM customers can browse on-line internet sites from mobile phones. All of Telecom Italia’s 35+ million subscribers can access Vision without changes to existing handsets.
The Vision platform will perform real-time optimisation [...]

Single global data charge for mobile Internet with Melita and Telecom Italia

Melita Mobile has teamed with Telecom Italia to offer full worldwide mobile roaming services to all customers from February 1st. Through Telecom Italia, Melita has access to 600 third party mobile operators in more than 200 countries.
Melita Mobile will break international roaming into 8 different regions for voice calls, each with a different rate. But [...]