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What GoMo News wants for Xmas

Rating: Lots and lots of good stories and leaks
GoMo News has been looking back at the big stories we ran in 2009 and wishes that 2010 will bring far more of them. Hence this particular GoMo hack has decided to create a Xmas wish list in the hope that Santa might come down the chimney [...]

Two desirable handsets, two very different strategies

Rating: Motorola Android vs Apple iPhone
GoMo News can’t help but notice the glaring difference between the opportunities grasped and missed in the run up to Xmas. Expansys had new stock of the Motorola Milestone (aka Droid in the USA) in time for Xmas. Vodafone decides to wait until January 14th 2010 to release its [...]

Strand blames USA and Press for smartphone distortion

Rating: Other 2010 predictions include nice Nokia UI
Ever since Strand Consult accused iPhone users of being deluded (see GoMo News passim), GoMo has been impressed by the analyst firm’s bravery. Now it is accusing the USA and journalists of distorting views on the smartphone market. And predicts a nice UI from Nokia.
Thumbing through [...]

GoMo grapples with social networking apps

Rating: Not much luck with Ovi/Facebook and Zbang
GoMo News isn’t having much luck this week with social networking apps for mobile phones. For starters, Zbang‘s claims to have a mobile element turned out to be exaggerated. Then Facebook for Nokia wouldn’t work.
Having seen a teaser on Facebook for apps aimed at the mobile phone owning [...]

Handset’s UI so simple a child of 4 could use it

Rating: Perhaps he’d test some others
A British boy aged four, Jason Buckle, used a mobile phone to summon aid for his stricken mother. Despite having never used the handset before he managed to call his Mum’s friend to get help.
Significantly, in addition to knowing how to dial and use the mobile phone, young Jason scrolled [...]

Orange App Shop client officially launched

Rating: Maybe they’ll get the shop client in time for Xmas
Perhaps just in time for Xmas, the new Orange App Shop has been launched. A special shop client has just been introduced and the company claims, ” ‘One-click’ access to useful services, information and entertainment across a wide range of mobile devices and platforms – [...]

Qualcomm says it ain’t taking sides

Rating: Gets all defensive about support for Android
Obviously responding to perceived criticism, Qualcomm has decided to re-affirm its support for the whole gamut of mobile OS including Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux-based platforms. GoMo News suspects this has something to do with Android.The press blurb says, “Qualcomm has been involved with the development [...]

Nokia is the new IBM

Rating: It’s all about software and services
GoMo News snuck along to Nokia UK’s Xmas celebration at the Music Room in London’s Mayfair and had a very interesting chin-wag with some of Nokia’s top executives. As Dylan said, “The times they are a-changin’.”
The world’s leading vendor of mobile phones has been gradually mutating over the past [...]

China will develop huge appetite for Java apps

Rating: Imitation handsets lead the way

A friend recently returned to the UK with a cloned Apple iPhone which he had bought for a pittance in a Chinese electronics mall. He was desperate to get all the applications working and, as GoMo News subsequently discovered, this requires expertise with Java. Continue reading

Taptu: Realtimer in your hand…

Have you ever had thousands of people’s voices in your pocket or in the palm of your hand?  For those of us who are not criminally insane, this is now possible thanks to this announcement just made on the Taptu blog. The mobile search company have just teamed up with real-time social search company OneRiot [...]

No Needles please: Drug Free America Mobile Education Campaign


The Partnership for a Drug-Free America has launched its first audio-visual SMS mobile campaign. Continue reading

Poll: Do You Sleep With Your Phone?

Below are a few fun questions about mobile advertising, mobile behaviour and mobile barcodes. Please vote! The first one is on if you sleep with your mobile phone.

Continue reading

Retail QR Code picture of the day

The above link was shared on Facebook (click picture) and it sums up the best potential of retail in the mobile market. Its is a Japanese supermarket and the mobile QR code is well placed, highly visible and easy to interact with.
Trying not to sound cheesy – this is our future!

Movidilo multi-modal servcies explained

After I wrote a lengthy piece on Movidilo I had two competitors and three mobile operators come back to me with questions and feedback.
The question that came back was that following my article on Movidilo it was unclear what was “multi-modal” in the article and where did voice or visual meet.
So, I got on the [...]

Windows Live ID, windows live ID.. wherefore art thou?

Last week I was singing Bing’s praises but this week I am confused. Where has my Windows Live ID gone?
I signed up as – all was super for 72 hours and then today when I tried to log in…
(see image)

I no longer exist? So I try and find the “help” and am lead to [...]